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Kylie Pentelow and Dominic Heale. Our top story tonight: Jail for a


paedophile who attacked a ten-year- old boy. Shaun Tudor had been


allowed out of a secure unit near the boy's home. Tonight, an MP


demands action. The practices that go on within it as something that


need to be as tight as a drum to make sure that these mistakes


cannot happen again. In other news: 111 - the number


that could ease the pressure on A&E. Also tonight, they are honouring


some very special athletes here in Leicester, they call them the Fab


Four and the magnificent seven, you can find out why a bit later on in


the sport. Plus find out why these reindeer


are the must-have party guests this Good evening and welcome to


Tuesday's programme. Our main story tonight, health bosses have


defended their decision to allow a known paedophile to go out alone


into the community even though he tried to rape a young boy. Shaun


Tudor sexually assaulted the ten- year-old in woodland while being


treated at a mental healthcare unit in Rainworth in Nottinghamshire.


Today a judge jailed Tudor indefinitely. He said he was a


danger to the public and would probably spend the rest of his life


The he was a known sex offender who it spent 24 years in secure


hospitals after assaulting young boys in the 1980s. When Sean to do


was allowed out unsupervised, he attacked another child -- when


Shaun Tudor was allowed out. He had become a patient here at St


Andrew's. The charity run centre had only opened at the end of last


year, providing services for men with learning disabilities and


autistic disorders in Secure Units. But Tudor, has Asperger's syndrome,


had been allowed out eight times and the last time he the third in


10-year-old boy to these woods. -- he persuaded a 10-year-old boy.


circumstances surrounding this crime understandably caused his


victim and their family and the local community to share a sense of


outrage and deep concern. We share those concerns and we are working


on a daily basis with the management at St Andrew's to ensure


that there will be no repetition of such a terrible incident. Much of


Rainworth is in Mark Spencer's constituency. He asked how this


could have happened. Internal inquiries were carried out by a St


Andrew's and they said they had found the decision was appropriate


at the time but it is now looking at what can be done differently.


There was emotion in court as tears were shed among the boy's family.


In a statement, they said they were devastated by what had happened and


had been forced to leave the area. They feel let down by a system that


would ever have let such a man walk and checked in their community.


As we mentioned there, Mark Spencer is one of the local MPs covering


Rainworth and has taken a close interest in this case, and he's


recently visited the St Andrew's healthcare unit. I asked him what


he'd been told about why Shaun Tudor was allowed out.


I think there's an acknowledgement that that was clearly a mistake and


should not have happened and that is where we are but you cannot turn


the clock back now, we must make sure it never happens again. What


were your impressions of the unit when he went there? I have to say,


it did seem quite professional -- when you went there. They had


genuine concerns about the mistakes that were made. Ice feel a little


bit more reassured, -- I feel. We need to do more work around the


community about the levels of risk and trust. Is it just a case of


better communication to put people's mind at ease? I think the


unit have looked at what happened and they have assured me that those


mistakes have been tidied up and that it won't happen again. But it


is one thing to say it, we now have to be reassured that it will


definitely be the case. You think this could happen again than?


truth is I don't really know. We just need to keep the pressure on


them and make sure they can keep us a short that it will not happen


again. -- keep us reassured that it will not happen again. I do not


know how these things are operated on a day to day basis and may have


got high rates of data protection and confidentiality and things like


that. I am still fairly concerned but I think things have improved a


little bit. His St Andrew's just in the wrong place? -- es que St -- es


St Andrew's in the wrong place? need to make sure these mistakes


cannot happen again. I am sure you will agree that this must have


caused huge concern to your constituents.


Indeed and my heart goes out to the victim and the family that have


gone through this. It is terrifying to farmers around base that things


like this can happen. -- to families around this. We must


ensure that things must improve and that it cannot happen again.


Still to come on the programme, 82 reasons to support Children In Need.


It's the number of projects in the East Midlands which have benefited


from your generosity in raising funds last year. We'll tell you


more about this one, later in the The Independent Police Complaints


Commission is to investigate a car crash in which a 26-year-old man


died. It happened at around 11pm last night in Calverton near


Nottingham. The man had been driving a stolen car and was being


followed by police. He suffered serious injuries and died later in


hospital. More than 100 knives have been


handed into police during the first two weeks of an amnesty. The knives


and several swords were surrendered at police stations in Derby and


will now be destroyed. Officers hope it has stopped them falling


into the wrong hands. Police in Leicester have issued a


warning after a man claiming to be from the council tried to con five


pensioners into giving him money. The Thurnby Lodge residents, some


of whom were in their nineties, were all approached by a man who


told them their boilers needed fixing. He's described as being


white with short brown hair and with a number of teeth missing. The


council says its workers will always ring people first to arrange


a visit. Next tonight, we hear a lot about


pay cuts and pay freezes these days. But for one group of workers,


there's news tonight of a pre- Christmas pay rise. Leicester's De


Montfort University has announced it's to pay some of its staff a so-


called "living wage". From Leicester, here's our political


David Miliband congratulates demand for's Vice Chancellor, the former


Foreign Secretary was talking to staff about a living wage.


ideas are that without recourse to a living wage, you are able to buy


a everything to support your family. This person is one of several staff


to benefit from the University's commitment to the living wage


campaign. To be told I am getting the basic pay rise straight away


his great just before Christmas. �7.20 per hour, this wage is higher


than the statutory minimum wage and takes into account other living


costs. Prices are increasing every day. With the cost of rent and


petrol, it is not good enough really. David Miliband says other


employers should follow the University's lead. The have got


Joshi's to make about the distribution of rewards. How much


goes to there is blessed -- they have got choices to make.


Government is not keen and one business organisation,


Leicestershire's Chamber of Commerce, said it is up to


individual employers whether it wants to top up the national


minimum wage to A-level David Miliband would regard as a living


A catchy little number for you now, one that's supposed to be easy to


remember. It's 111, and 1.5 million people in the East Midlands can now


use it. It's the number of a free NHS helpline designed to provide


the right care for patients from the moment they make the call. It's


not available to everyone yet, but by 2013 it will be. Our health


correspondent Rob Sissons reports. Call 111 when it is less urgent


than 999. From minor injuries unit to walk-in centres and GPs and A&E.


Never have there been so many ways to access health care services. But


not everybody is ending up at the right place the first time. 111 is


vital to help people get navigated through the system. We don't want


people unnecessarily being dispatched for ambulances. Nurses


are on call it through the 111 service to get them in the right


place. It is being rolled out right across the East Midlands.


Callers will be able to use the 111 service to navigate round the


system by next year in Derby and Derbyshire. Nottinghamshire will be


last aboard in 2013. John in Derbyshire knows his


numbers including 111. His family, one of the first to use it, after


he fainted. Much better than the old way of ringing up and somebody


ringing you back and it would be in an indeterminate time before a


doctor Rinsey. It is the idea to ease pressure off A&E. It can help


a St the more poorly people who we can help properly.


These adverts recreate the strange stories that have happened, from


the dog that has had too much to eat. What has happened? He has


swallowed a golf ball. He swallowed a Rubik's cube a few months back.


To the women in casualty worried about their image. What are you in


for? I could not go on the board with these!


Certainly where you have severe chest pains and other severe


medical complaints, most people understand that you ring 999.


world of passwords, PIN numbers and personal data, it is another number


to remember that when the NHS wants A Derbyshire woman is about to


embark on the trip of a lifetime, skiing to the South Pole. Tomorrow,


Bryony Baylen flies out to start the 700-mile trek in temperatures


of 40 degrees below freezing. Along with months of training, she's also


had to put on three stone to help her body cope. Quentin Rayner has


Over months of training, Bryony Baylen has built herself up.


Tomorrow she flies out to start a 700 mile trek to the South Pole.


She skiing across ice and snow with five others and has a strict


schedule. If you're not constantly on your guard about things like


your clothing and make sure you stay hydrated, it is easy to make


mistakes. This is a very difficult expedition. Somebody who's record


Bryony's trying to break knows it is such a challenge. If you have


got blitzes planning, you have got wiped out conditions, you can get


easily lost so you have to be careful with navigation --


blizzards blowing. You got to make sure you're going in the right


direction all the Times. She will be away for two months and the


family had their Christmas mail on Sunday. A lot of technical items


were on her wish list. Possibly because I am the youngest on the


trip, I have got lots of electricals. I have got satellite


phones, the G Ps unit, a camcorder, a compact camera, a kindle because


I like reading. Nobody else is prepared for this more than her and


the team she is going with. We are confident she will get there and I


will be counting the days until she is back. She is one of only too --


two women in the group. We have all got the common goal and I am told


that I will gain an extra four dads and it looks like they are looking


out for me! They hope to reach the South Pole on January 17th. If they


do, Bryony will be the youngest We will let you know how she gets


People with disabilities in Derby may have to pay for their blue


parking badges. The city council is considering charging �10 to issue a


permit. Earlier this year, the Government introduced reforms to


the blue badge scheme. That included a new design to prevent


fraud. The council is deciding if they should charge money to cover


their costs. The number of people applying


online for secondary school places in Leicester has risen to 96%. Last


year just over half of applications were made on the internet. The


county council says not having to post as many letters this year has


saved them �2,500. Parents will also be able to find out online if


their application has been Best of luck with that.


Children In Need is just three days away and currently it's supporting


82 projects right here in the East Midlands. One of them is at the


Lenton Centre in Nottingham where the money is used to find after-


school and holiday activities for children living in an inner city


area. The aim is keep the children safe, off the streets and also to


inspire them to achieve more in their lives. Karen Winchester went


along to a half-term playscheme and was shown around by two of the


Welcome to the Lenton Centre in Nottingham. And this week we are at


this place again. I and nine years old and I come here every day when


it is on. Hello, I am 12 and this This is my school here and This Is


My playground where I can play a lot of basketball and other sports


A lot of young people in this area are in single parent families or


broken up families and we try to keep a nice balance of male and


female staff so they can see role- models and try to raise aspirations


for young people, to look beyond the confines of the area. There's


loads of different things to do and it changes so it never gets boring.


If they were not here, they would be out on the street and nowadays


it is that little bit more dangerous. There is a local drug


gang and they are trying to recruit young people so we try to keep them


away from that. It gives young people somewhere in formal and


different from school where they can relax. We like to have a lot of


volunteers and a good relationship with all the adults. It is


important because people can learn stuff here and you can make lots of


stuff and people can do things they have never done before. I am making


On a scale of 1 to 10, I think Children In Need coming here... It


has to be 10! The power of Pudsey And now our reporter for the sport


is in Leicester. I am here for a special reason, not


a new Leicester City manager, that the saga will drive on a bit longer


by the looks of it. We are here because the city is honouring its


special Olympians. They take part in the Special Olympics. Leicester


has got a link, it posted it a couple of years ago and now it


athletes have come back with a host of medals from the Special Olympics


in Athens and the global games, they happened in Italy. Let's talk


to some of the key players. The host, it is being held at De


Montfort University, the deputy vice chancellor is David Wilson.


Why are you honouring these athletes here? The Special Olympics


have been a pivotal event in the light of the city in recent years


and it is a pleasure to be part of a process here at school might to


celebrate success. Success in terms of the huge tremendous profile that


the athletes have given the City and their tremendous achievements.


These are people who have got themselves out and flourished and


it is great to be part of a celebration. Absolutely, let's talk


to one of those athletes, Christina Lewis is here. Show us your medals.


What are they for? Swimming. How do you feel when you are Liverpool?


Good. What does it do for you? -- when you are in the swimming pool?


You got two bronzes and a silver? Rebecca Adlington watch out! Yeah!


What a sharp is one of the coaches and coaches basketball. What do the


young people get out of this? get self-esteem, and coaching in a


sport. Who would believe that some of them can achieve the result they


are achieving? They gain the skill that they are achieving also. Like


every sport. Very well done to you for coaching these people through


it. You are welcome. Back here in just a second, we have got another


young when to speak about. A couple of other bits of sports news as


well. Derby County have signed Mansfield


defender Tom Naylor on loan until the end of the year. The 20-year-


old could move permanently if things work out, he had a trial


with the Rams back in September. And also here in Leicester, Tigers


head coach Richard Cockerill has said that he's not talked to Wales


defence coach Shaun Edwards about a role at the club. Edwards is keen


to work part-time at a Premiership side and newspaper reports suggest


Leicester are favourites. speculation is that Sean can do


this and Leicester have got the worst defence, we would bring


anybody in to defend it either on the medical side or the rugby side.


We are looking at our stuff all the time, our defence has not been the


best. The year before it was the best in the competition.


Back here at De Montford, a very swift word with another of the


guests of honour. Patrick Cox, tell us a bit about what you do. I won


these two medals. How good was it to be part of that? It was my first


international tournament so form a... And it was my birthday when we


were away so it was two quality to win a medal. You are thinking about


being a Paralympian. We are about to introduce another of the an


amazing people in the running for the Unsung Hero of 2011. Down to


the final three, and Patrick, tonight's finalist was very


important to you. Tonight's finalist comes from right here in


Mike Smith is the kind of man that usually does not get any glory in


sport. Without his admin work, clubs like this just would not be


the same. He has worked hard and prose us and our sport to the full.


He gives all this time solely to develop his sport of table tennis,


to anybody who will enjoy it. has developed the junior table


tennis league in Leicestershire and spends hours upon hours organising


and managing it. It doesn't matter whether it is e-mails at night,


meeting's first thing in the morning, events at the weekend, he


has always been there and he is always dedicated. An absolute


inspiration in the junior league which started six years ago with


five teams and now it is 28 teams and that is all down to Mike.


Because of his dedicated work with schools and clubs, more youngsters


have had the opportunity to take up the sport and go on to compete.


great thing is just seeing the players play, whatever standard


they are. I cannot imagine how people could not get pleasure from


the sport and it is great to give people those opportunities on a


sport for all places. He is also heavily involved with disability


table-tennis, right up to international level. One of his big


success stories is Patrick Cox who this year won a gold at the Special


Olympics. The reason I started table tennis itself is him so I


would not have been where I am And from Kirsty's report to here in


Leicester, Patrick Cox in the front row. Another of one of our


potential unsung heroes. The winner is announced on our sports awards


on Thursday. They have all been enjoying themselves here, haven't


Looks like a great gathering. Well done to everybody there.


It seems no fashionable gathering is complete without them. They are


the ultimate party animal and when they're not out and about, the


reindeer are relaxing at a farm in Leicestershire. And they've become


so popular for festive get- togethers, one internet search


engine says that they're getting more hits than Father Christmas. We


sent Carol Hinds to meet them. I are hot to trot, whether at a


party or a wedding or switching on Christmas lights. This reindeer


herd is making a name for itself as the perfect party animal. Whether


they are adult or children, they look at them and want to know all


about them, their age and personality, and they want to see


how they fly, that comes into it as More people tonight than ever


before, must have been the reindeer! They have met the


football team from Manchester City, and David Cameron. The celebrities


are more fazed by then. You would normally find these animals either


on grassy plains or the forests of northern Europe but since moving to


Leicestershire, they have adapted to the party life. After they have


eaten a little, they will lie down and rest at a party. That works


well because the public like that, you can see how contented there are


four stop unlike the celebrities, they do not take hours to get ready


They only need some red livery and they are ready for a quick


changeover. They are just Christmas. The herd has a packed diary over


the next few weeks, its last appearance will be on Christmas Eve


and after that, they will let a certain red-nosed reindeer lead the


central part of the festive fun. They are so cute! And now for a


look at the weather. Will there be Terrible! We have had lovely, sunny


skies across the East Midlands across most of the day after a bit


of a cloudy start but we will keep hold of the clear skies and under


which we will see the temperatures dropping, quite chilly but the


cloud comes in later on. We have had some great pictures of the


mushrooms and toadstools including these fungus in Mansfield. Send us


an e-mail with those if you would like to send yours in. With the


pressure chart, we can see a series of fronts working in from the


Atlantic and the high pressure is still blocking them. We should see


some dry and Sonny weather to come. The temperatures will drop quite


chilly for a time and then the cloud works its way in and it will


trap in the cold air. A bit of Mr developing in the morning but that


should Clear And the cloud should break -- a bit of mist developing.


Sunny spells from the east as we go through the day and temperatures


not doing too badly, 11 degrees is your maximum. Thursday is a similar


picture with a cloudy start followed by a sunny breaks


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