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This is is East Midlands Today, with Dominic Heale and me, Kylie


Pentelow. Our top story tonight: More young people join the queue


for jobs. I will be reporting from the town with the unwanted


reputation of being the toughest in the country for young people to get


a job. Also, why at Leicester's elected


mayor is in line for a �44,000 pay rise.


Plus, while these guys are learning about literacy here, their mothers


are having their lessons next door. And why this stylish Stilton is


putting the Midas touch into meal Good evening and welcome to


Wednesday's programme. First tonight, there's been a steep rise


in the number of young people out of work here in the East Midlands.


But that headline doesn't tell the whole story. The latest jobs


figures suggest that our region is bucking the national trend, with no


increase in overall unemployment. Let's get more on this now from our


political Editor, John Hess, who's in Kirkby, in Ashfield, for us


tonight. I'm inside the offices of Connexions in Kirkby, in Ashfield.


This is where young adults can get advice on skills training, to help


get them into work. But this area of Nottinghamshire is also one of


the toughest areas in the country for young people to find a job.


The search for a job stars here. Amie and Ricky want to learn, so


they have come to this employment advice centre in Ashfield. I have


been looking for any job for about six months. Anything. Office work,


retail. With my sort of degree, the best sector would be the public


sector, but with budget cuts, it is even harder. There are now around


187,000 at people out of work in the East Midlands. The number of


young people is 34,000, up 16% on this time last year. Ashfield also


had one of the highest increases in youth on employment. That is why


Labour's Shadow Work and Pensions Minister, Liam Byrne, came to talk


to these young workers. Introduce another tax on the banks, to create


5,500 jobs, to get these people into work. If you are out of work,


the longer you are out and the less experience you have, it becomes a


vicious circle. Today, the Government responded by increasing


the number of places on apprenticeship schemes. If my


message to young people is that with the right help and support,


there are opportunities for you. We having work-experience scheme which


helps place people on to a work scheme. It helps them back into


work, off benefits quickly after leaving the scheme, often staying


with the same employer. That is the coalition hope. More intensive help


to get young people into the world of work.


So, John, what has the Government got in mind to get young people


into work? Well, the Business Secretary, Vince Cable, today


announced a cash incentive of �1,500 to help small firms recruit


their first young apprentice. He reckons that might support up to


20,000 new apprenticeships next year. In return, the employers will


be required to offer training in maths and English up to GCSE


standard. This is quite surprising. Next tonight, the row over how much


we pay one of our elected mayors. Sir Peter Soulsby, the Mayor of


Leicester, could be in line for a �44,000 pay rise. It comes at a


time of major cutbacks in council services. From Leicester, Simon


Hare reports. Leicester City Council have been


due to hold a press briefing here at the Town Hall this afternoon to


explain changes to how much its elected mayor and others are paid.


But after this appeared in the local paper, that meeting was


cancelled. We have now seen a copy of the pay proposals for ourselves,


put forward by an independent panel. They say Peter Soulsby's salary


should rise from �56,000 a year to �100,000. The mayor is responsible


for 16,000 employees who have �1 billion a year in budget and look


after 300,000 people. On that basis, we believe that it is an


appropriate salary. All of the people of the city are being told


their services are going to be cut. We are in a very difficult


situation but this just shows we are not all in it together. Earlier


this year, Peter Soulsby talked to East Midlands today about his


salary. Will some of your -- that salary come to you? The commitment


time made during the election campaign and that I have repeated


made times since is that this is about making significant savings,


not just in the senior executive salary, but making sure their


savings go back to where they belong in frontline services. If


tonight, Peter Soulsby said the issue of his pay would now not be


discussed at a meeting of councillors next week. In order for


the new -- renumeration panel to explain their proposals further.


Still to come on the programme, Pearson at the King Power Stadium.


It was quite a long courtship. We'll be talking to the new manager


of Leicester City later. And we are waiting to see what the


sunshine will do. Find out more later.


Two weeks today will see the biggest strike this country has


seen since 1926. 3 million public sector workers are expected to walk


out over job cuts and changes to their pensions. The Government says


it's made concessions, and with talks still ongoing, the action is


premature and damaging. Meanwhile, at a rally in our region today, a


union leader put forward an alternative to David Cameron's cuts


strategy, as Quentin Rayner reports. As June strikes showed, the union's


argument about pension changes are well rehearsed. There is a public


sector workers will have to work longer, pay more and receive less.


A lunchtime rally in Nottingham was addressed by the leader of the


Public and Commercial Services Union, which has 14,000 members in


the East Midlands. He told them investment in jobs and services was


some ways of avoiding the cuts. alternative is that we have �123


billion of a voided and evaded tax in this country, usually from


corporations and rich people, and the Government should try to get


that tax in rather than cutting the living standards of hard-pressed


public sector workers. Between them, Ian Lawther and Wendy Turner have


20 years of experience. They have calculated how much Ian will lose.


I have to pay over �800 a year more and I will lose �2,600 a year more


and that is because of the switch from RPI to see p 5. How do you


feel about it? Absolutely horrified. It is theft. I cannot afford to


lose pay but if the strike goes ahead and if these cuts go ahead, I


will be losing a day's pay every day of my life.


A 46-year-old detective sergeant with Nottinghamshire Police has


been charged with rape. Trevor Gray is accused of raping a 43-year-old


woman while he was off duty. He was suspended in July and is on police


bail. He'll appear in court next Wednesday.


A man is in intensive care after being overcome by gas while mixing


chemicals. He was found unconscious at a house on Brighton Road, at


Alvaston, in Derby last night. People were moved from 12


neighbouring homes for two hours as a precaution. Enquiries are


continuing into the chemicals involved.


Police are advising residents near a factory fire to keep their


windows and doors shut. A factory on the Draycott rolled -- Draycott


road are alight. Children with disabilities who


repeatedly suffer chest infections are now being offered more support


at home. An award-winning project is helping 35 families across


Nottinghamshire. It's said to be saving the NHS money by reducing


emergency admissions. Our health correspondent, Rob Sissons, has


been to meet one mother at Aspley in Nottingham.


It is not a good day for Ethan. The three-year-old has complex health


needs and with a poor immune system, he is prone to infections. He has a


bad chest infection at the moment. These workers support mum. Now she


is also being helped by a specialist physiotherapist who has


trained her to use specialist kit. This machine uses positive pressure


to expand his Airways and takes a negative pressure. Previously,


Ethan was admitted to hospital repeatedly. Since this machine, he


has had no chest problems. Previously, his mother felt she was


passed from pillar to post. If it is just pressing a button to keep


him out of hospital, I am happy to do that. It is so much nicer for


families that they are kept out of hospital and are able to stay at


home. I high we get permanent funding to help this continue.


consultants are convinced that over nine months, the project has more


than paid for itself. Moira Flanigan has saved at least 80


call-outs or admissions, and if a child comes in for admission, it is


�2,500. Moira Flanigan also provides support and training for


carers who can provide respite care for the family is.


Next, the East Midlands tourism industry has been told that


offering a big discount during the Olympics could be a way to bring in


extra business. The suggestion came from the Secretary of State for


Culture, who was at Trent Bridge in Nottingham today for a meeting of


tourism bosses. Mike O'Sullivan reports.


The Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, meeting hotelier's, businesses and


tourist organisations. The message - do not miss out on a Olympics


trade. The Culture Secretary came to Trowbridge to tell the tourism


industry how it could cash in. He said business would be boosted.


There is a recognition amongst leaders and the tourism industry


that next year is going to be different. It is a unique


opportunity and we have to grasp it. Times are tough but sometimes with


tough times, you get opportunities as well, and that is what 2012 will


be for us. These are some of the images from the East Midlands that


will be used in a huge advertising campaign. The idea of the 20.12 %


discount got a mixed reaction. discount will go really well.


Everyone can see what we are tangibly doing to support the


Olympics. Can we afford it all the around? No. But there is no


government subsidy to help out with the discount.


Next tonight, the mums returning to the classroom to learn English.


More than 25 different languages are spoken by children at


Greenfields Community School in Nottingham. For more than 80% of


them, English is their second language. But now they've learnt to


speak it, their parents are trying to catch up, as Jo Healey reports.


Today we are going to do about going to the doctor's...


English lessons. Not for the pupils, but for their parents. A very good


lesson and I practise more and more and very well. It is really good.


It is very hot oil. 80% of the children here are from ethnic


communities, speaking a range of 25 different languages. They are as


diverse as Polish, Punjabi and Portuguese. What do they think


about their mothers come into the classroom, too? I want her to know


what it means and if she tries something you, I would be really


proud of her. I feel really happy and proud of my mum. They can talk


English to the teachers and nobody has to translate it for them.


think it is a good idea because they can help their children with


their homework. The lessons are thanks to the communications


company and given by students from the University of Nottingham.


are a community school and we work as a family, so we are hoping that


with literacy lessons, the parents are further skill to help their


children at home. For three- quarters of the children here,


English is their second language. They get top marks for learning it.


Now what their parents have to do is catch up.


This is East Midlands Today. Still to come, cheese that costs �60 a


slice! Find out what makes this Only two days now until Children in


Need, and this year the money is needed more than ever, as charities


face cutbacks in funding. In Leicester, the money is helping


raise the confidence and self- esteem of children and young people


with visual impairments. VISTA Society for the Blind provides


activities during school holidays. Karen Winchester met up with the


group at a cookery class. How are we doing? Looking good. My


job is to provide activities for children during the school holidays.


Obviously, in turn time they are at school, so we provide opportunities


for them to take part in everyday activities, to boost their


confidence, their self-esteem and for them to have a fantastic time.


I have come with my son because he is visually-impaired. He really


enjoys the activities that are on offer for him here. How much fun is


it coming here? A lot! Why? Because I get to do new things I have not


done before. They help a lot with him. They help with his visual


impairment and everything. They treat him normally. Normal clubs


don't. He gets pushed out, as such, with him having his disability.


Here, he gets lots of helpful stop sometimes I think it takes you to


be involved in a group like this to realise the positive impact it has


on people's lives. Without the funding, it would not be here.


gives me an opportunity to do things I would not be able to do


otherwise on my own. We have done a few residential trips where we have


gone rock climbing and I think unless you are given the


opportunity, you don't really know what your potential is. And because


Joe has the opportunity, every time he needs every challenge with real


determination. I think the children I have seen this year, their


confidence has gone through the roof. Children that might not do


things normally like this. Their self-esteem and confidence has gone


really sky high and you can tell by them, you know, when you ask them


if they have had a great time, then they have.


Your money well spent, by the look of it.


Time for sport, and it's taken three weeks, but finally Leicester


City have their man. Yes, today Nigel Pearson said it


was good to be back at Leicester City. After a year and-a-half away


as the boss at Hull, he returned to Leicester this morning to manage


the club he says he has a big affinity with. He believes with the


new Thai owners in charge, the Leicester job is a unique


opportunity, and he said it felt a bit like coming home.


Back in the corridors when Nigel Pearson achieved real success, a


year-and-a-half ago, the old regime at Leicester let peers and go


easily. The new owners have found it hard to get him back. When we


started the process of looking for a new manager, not only were we


looking for somebody with championship experience, and


somebody with immense strength of character and would motivate and


lead the players. And this man... We found it was Nigel and we are


really so happy to welcome him back to Leicester City. But it has taken


12 days of intense negotiations to seal a deal with Hull. It has felt


longer. I will be perfectly honest. But it is good to be back now. So I


am glad it has been resolved. the press conference, he was all


smiles as he talked about the challenge ahead. It is something I


didn't expect, to be honest, but there are considerable changes but


higher and confident we can move forward quickly. In his two years


at Leicester, he steered the club took the lead one in 2009 before he


reached the championship play-offs. Perhaps he has unfinished business.


30 games left and we have got to do everything we can to make sure we


are in there with a fighting chance. A big day for fans. What is your


message to them? Get behind us and let's see if we can have another


exciting journey. Derby County Captain Shaun Barker


and midfielder Paul Green took important steps on the road to


recovery today. They both played in the Rams reserves game at Sheffield


United. Neither has featured this season because of long term injury.


Manager Nigel Clough thinks his side's injury problems have been a


big reason for their fluctuating form. The results come from having


that consistent team, which we have not been able to put out. We have


to get a settled goalkeeper and back four. If you can put the same


names down on the team sheet week- in, week-out, that helps.


Rugby, and Leicester Tigers legend Martin Johnson has quit as manager


of the England Rugby Union side. It follows the team's poor performance


at the World Cup in New Zealand. Johnson had spent three and-a-half


years in the job. Just to warn you, there is flash photography in what


you're about to see. At the end of it, we are disappointed with how...


How we lost in the World Cup, but it is a decision that I have come


to not quickly or easily, but I think it is the right decision at


this time. The Leicestershire and England


batsman James Taylor is expected to join not by the end of November. He


says a deal is 70% done. He made his debut in August and has a year


to run on his Leicestershire contract but the club has always


said they will not stand in his way. It is a very special night tomorrow.


The Sports Awards for the East Midlands. We have been revealing


the three finalists for 2011. Tonight, it is Kirsty Edwards


reporting. Steve quite simply makes his


committee a better place to be. on! I will make you do it! I know


you can! Young people here don't have to hang around on the streets.


They can come to his gym for free. It is amazing because they get us


out of the house and doing things. There are always people here and he


is always helping everybody improve themselves. There are a lot of


lessons to be learned and he is grateful stock over the years, he


has been an inspiration and motivator took thousands of people.


If loads of young people are always knocking at his door. Wear with


these kids be? What would they be getting up to if he wasn't here and


around. He inspires them. This is great! Come on! Steve has dedicated


his life to coaching for 25 years. I have always enjoyed sport an hour


putting something back. I just love seeing people improve. -- and I am


putting something back. 10 years ago he secured funding to turn an


old building into a sumo wrestlers gym. There is no reasons why you


cannot turn into a world champion in a sport. You are much better


than I was! A Stephen volunteers for around 40 hours a week


virtually every day of the week, even Christmas. -- Steve of


volunteers. Why does he do it? have asked myself a thousand times.


I think I love it! For good luck is Steve, and we will


find out the winner tomorrow at the Sports Awards. A glamourous


occasion! We are talking about that age a


Christmas dilemma - what you give to the person who has everything?


One Leicestershire dairy thinks it has come up with a sparkling


solution. His team has designed a cheese which will give mealtimes


that Midas touch. The Stilton is already being snatched up by the


rich and famous. He it is known as the king of cheeses.


This king has at Billingham. Perfect for pop stars or princesses


and this is cheese laced with gold. The reason we are doing this is


that it is our centenary year and we wanted to do something that was


very special that we could put all our pride and passion in, so we


came up with the most expensive still to and we could. We have had


a lot of interest, including from pop stars. So what makes this


expensive recipe? We start off with the White Stilton and we add a


double 23 carat gold. We then put in a cinnamon schnapps with gold


flakes running through it. We do not blend it in, we tip it in, and


we create a slice of cheese you can see being produced today. This is


the result. If a cheese 67 times more expensive than usual. A slice


of this will set you back �60. But will the people of Milton had


expensive tastes? It is very nice. Good. Soft and lovely. I am not so


impressed, to be honest. It is an interesting idea. We like Stilton,


red Leicester. This is brilliant. Can I have one more? I am greedy!


And it seems people do want this as the ultimate Christmas after an


accessory. The only problem with this gold is that it is not a long-


term investment. It might be gone by Boxing Day!


Don't say I never get you anything! Thank you very much indeed! I will


That is the best of I have had all day! We have had fairly cloudy


skies across the East Midlands and we have got some fairly thin cloud


which made the temperatures drop to quite chilly levels. The cloud


spreads in and we will have patchy rain overnight tonight. Look at


this gorgeous sunset captured by Pete in Leicestershire. Do send


your pictures into us. If we take a look, we can see a couple of


weather France working their way in from the West and the main bulk of


the rain is moving over Northern Ireland, parts of Wales and the


south-west of the UK. We were just a little part of patchy rain, just


drizzle, overnight. Temperatures are down to around six degrees.


Thursday starts on a cloudy and misty note, but we soon see these


breaks and hope is that these sunny spells will spread eastwards. For


temperatures, not bad, at around 13 degrees. As we head towards the


weekend, ever-closer now, Friday is looking like end of a dry day,


although this looks pretty cloudy, but hole is the cloud will break-up


with sunshine coming through. -- but the hope is. The weekend,


although quite cloudy, should bring some bright and sunny spells at


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