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This is East Midlands Today. Tonight, if you think traffic is


bad now, just wait. New research predicts that traffic in the East


Midlands is set to increase by almost 50% in the next 25 years.


Also, a former seniors' that there -- police officer faces jail after


admitting sexual offences against a 13-year-old girl.


Plus, the accident that has made this period of property less of a


des res. And the million making East


Midlands all records broken for Good evening. Welcome to another


week of the programme. First, a warning for motorists. East


Midlands is going to see the biggest increase in traffic over


the next 25 years. The RAC Foundation says that the average UK


increased by 2035 will be more than 40%. In this region, it will be


nearly -- nearer 50%. Gridlock, it drives a motorists to


despair. The error stress of and frustrating. -- very stressful.


roads have been designed for lighter traffic. The bad news is,


it is about to get worse. The RAC Foundation has predicted that in 25


years, the biggest increase will be in the East Midlands. The amount of


traffic on the roads will increase in the region by 48%. The


population is currently 4.5 million, that is also going to increase, by


a 5th -- 16%. The increase in traffic volume is three times the


population growth. It is a worrying statistic of those trying to solve


the region's traffic blackspots. do what we do to improve junctions,


and a big posh of ours is to get this road improved and widened.


Cities across the region are facing a major headache and councils have


to find a remedy. We have a local transport plan which sets out how


we will deal with the growth in traffic numbers and what we need to


see now is the government backing us in those plans by making


investments available to cope with their predicted increase in cars on


our roads. While it drives motorists to distraction, it can


drive business away. Congestion is expensive. If we are going to


remain competitive, we need to make sure that we can squeeze down costs


and therefore we will have to invest in transport infrastructure.


The RAC research predicts that with traffic volume increasing by almost


half, delays will rise even more. Jams today, jams tomorrow and jams


in 25 years' time. The little earlier, I spoke to


Professor Stephen Glaister from the RAC Foundation. They wrote the


report. I asked him why traffic in the East Midlands is going to be so


bad. What we have done is looked at the official forecasts for traffic


growth and East Midlands is highest on the list. It is partly because


of the official forecast for population growth in the area. I


think also industrial growth, small businesses, which is of course what


the government is relying on for economic recovery. It does not seem


to be a very good at list to be top of, does it? It depends how you


look at it. Traffic growth is a symptom of a buoyant economy. From


that point of view, the last thing you want is a dead place. But it is


true that there are going to have to be more provisions bond more


capacity on the roads in your area than in many other parts of the


country. There is there anything we can do so that it is not so bad for


the motorist? There is a list of schemes that we have identified on


the Department for Transport's books including road widening and


management that will help. There is the link from the M1 down to


Nottingham that is a dangerous and slow road. Beyond that, I think we


will have to bite the bullet and raise some more money to invest in


the road network. Thank you very much.


Next, a former police inspector has admitted a string of sex offences


against a 13-year-old girl. Russell Dew resigned from the


Nottinghamshire force after he was arrested in August. To date a judge


warned him that he will be sent to jail.


Our social affairs correspondent is at Nottingham Crown Court.


Russell Dew admitted five offences here this afternoon, five counts of


sexual activity with the 13-year- old girl, all involving


inappropriate touching. They all happened while Dew was off duty but


we heard in one case that he videoed himself wearing handcuffs


at the time of abusing this girl. Earlier I spoke to Dianne Haydon


who was in charge of the investigation. She is


understandably traumatised, extremely upset. High trust has


been betrayed. She has a Lunt -- young lady who put her trust in


someone who was responsible for looking after her and that trust


has been taken away. The police say that Dew's colleagues at the


Nottinghamshire force were shocked and disappointed by the breach of


trust, particularly because of his senior position of stop these


offences took place at a time when he was in charge of dealing with


problems like this, these car cruises a near have a will. Dew was


the local inspector who was running the Ashfield South area and he


spoke to me about this police operation at that time. I saw one


of them put on his hazard warning lights as he braked from 60 miles


an hour to nothing. There were two other cars right on the table --


tale. That is not safe driving. Today it became clear that at the


same time that Dew was reporting -- enforcing the traffic laws, he had


been committing serious crimes insult. The judge made it clear


today that when he is sentenced, he will be sent to jail.


Later, you may have to wait, but do look out for a fantastic goal in


sport. A warning that council cuts will


mean more of our heritage is left in ruins.


Plus, is it a new chapter for libraries as councils cut back on


When you put your house on the market, you do want potential


buyers have to see it in tip-top condition.


Putting the kick-off they aren't, baking bread.


Imagine the despair of a couple from Leicestershire profound a car


rammed into the side of their period property 48 hours after it


went on sale. It is a feature that answered no


value to the 350-year-old coffee -- cottage.


The owner was visiting relatives in Birmingham when he got a phone call


from a neighbour to tell them that a car was now in his living room


wall. It was extremely lucky. Extensive damage that was done to


the property and vehicle... The driver of the vehicle was very


lucky as well. He had three children with him as well. Had we


been in the property, it could have been quite serious. The accident


happened 48 hours after he had put his home or six years up for sale.


His plans to move house are now on hold while repairs to the period


property are carried out. Hard to say, without removing the car. But


I imagined when you remove it, the house would probably fall down.


There are two walls and need to be rebuilding. It looks like the roof


is damaged as well. You're probably looking out two or three months and


probably about �30,000. Ironically, much of the traffic has been at


slowing down to look at the damage. Villagers say that speeding drivers


are a concern. There is an awful lot of speeding traffic through the


village. Police put up my rale cameras occasionally but it took


only has a short effect. They will be moving house but not to a new


home. They will stay in temporary accommodation while the cottage is


repaired. I am amazed by the damage.


It is not what you need. You need to be or ears for our next


report because it is all about listening to the heart. Doctors


have been using stethoscopes for almost 200 years but now the very


latest version allows up to five people to listen in at the same


time. The Derbyshire Children's Hospital


is the first in the world to use it. Our health correspondent has this


exclusive report. Even with the best bedside manner, many patients


it seems do not always like their heart set listened to. The fact


that this stethoscope can send the time -- is found to up to four


other devices nearby, it is fantastic for training. We have


medical students, sometimes six or seven, and everyone wants to listen.


That is the key, getting the opportunity to practise. This way,


only one person will disturb the patient and everyone else can have


a lesson. The Heart sounded very fast. All babies have faster heart


beats than adults. The normal range for a baby is up to 170. His is


going at about 120 which is normal. The stethoscope, it the doctor's


badge of office. In today's world, the latest device uses bluetooth


technology to send the sound while asleep. Patients and parents can


also listen in. I can hear mice in the heart... To hear it, it was


really good. You could hear it, couldn't you? It sounded like mice.


It is beautifully made, great sound quality. The key bit is the magic


phone that goes with it because it allows me to link them together.


has been developed in Loughborough. We believe that improving the way


that students are taught will increase their clinical skills.


Derbyshire Children's Hospital is the first to use the system,


helping to train University of In other news, 6 council and care


homes in Leicester may be saved from closure. Last year, Leicester


City Council said it was considering shutting six of the


homes that it owns. Now a U-turn is on the cards. A review ordered by


the mayor Sir Peter Soulsby recommends that the homes stay open


with money being spent on modernisation.


Nottinghamshire councillors one of the highest spenders in the East


Midlands when it comes to town twinning. Broxtowe Borough Council


spent more than �90,000 on its twin towns over the past three years. A


Freedom of Information Act puts the local authority in the top three


council spenders in our region. You can see more on Inside Out from


7:30pm on BBC One. The Nottingham close designer Paul


Smith is to be given a major industry award. He is to get the


outstanding achievement in fashion design prize at the British fashion


Awards later this month. He took tailoring evening classes and


opened his first shop in Nottingham When it comes to libraries,


passions always run high. The BBC has learned that many are finding


their budget for new books being cut, sung by up to 42%. This comes


after many councils said they were committed to keeping them open.


They may be packing up but they are not closing. Staff at this library


and moving it stop at to make way for a redevelopment. A major


investment was whilst the county council has pledged to keep all the


libraries open, the services themselves have faced cuts. New


figures show the budget for buying books has been slashed by 36% over


the past two years. Some argue that cutting back on new stock will mean


fewer people are drawn into libraries. It is this cutting back


which is seen as affecting councils across the region. In Derbyshire,


the budget was cut by 17% while in Leicestershire, the budget for new


books was cut by 42% since 2007. The statistics say that 20% of


libraries in the country will close in the next year. They will not in


Nottinghamshire. I accept they will not have the same they had before


in the way of books going into them that we will work hard to put that


right. In Derby, this group say a library is a vital resource. I am


looking at pictures with the children. Some way to come to meet


people. It is good for the little children to have fun with his


friends and a little sing-song. helps him grow and develop.


many, libraries are an essential part of life. The question is


whether cutting out on new stock Plenty more to enjoy on the


programme, including as promised, this 35 yard scorcher from


Leicester City's Gally which they are already talking about as go


o'er the season. And talking of seasons, we needed


our... Will we be needing one of these? You could think it was


already winter but it is still This week, we are taking stock of


the region's heritage. We know that councils need to save money and


there are many protests about axing services. But there is one part of


local authority work which is often forgotten.


We are blessed in this region with fantastic heritage but at a time


when every part of the community is struggling to make ends meet, what


does that mean for the future of our historic buildings? English


Heritage has found that conservation officers in the East


Midlands have been cut by 15% in the last year, that is higher than


the national average. In the first part of our Heritage SOS series, I


find out what that spells for the future.


This is a list of all those buildings for our region which are


most at risk. 70 pages of them. English Heritage is warning that


cuts could mean more of our heritage is consigned to the


history books. This year's analysis has shown that compared with last


year, nationally there is a reduction of 12% in the number of


conservation officers. Here in the East Midlands, the figure is 15%.


We are above the national average. And with further council cuts, who


knows what that reduction could be next year? In Nottinghamshire, the


budget for Heritage is �1 million, that is being reduced by �230,000


and they cannot rule out job cuts. As with all other local authorities,


we must make reductions which is regrettable. No decisions have been


taken as regards final staffing numbers, and they will not happen


until early next year. Every should be reassured that howl of many


people remain as Heritage officers, we are committed to ensuring the


heritage of Nottinghamshire continues. Even though it may not


seem as important as frontline services, English Heritage says it


is a vital part of our culture worth preserving. We have inherited


very special places and that is what people cherish. Sometimes


though, that is what they take for granted and when you take it for


granted, he perhaps ignore how important it is to look after.


Tomorrow we will be finding out how one community has taken the matter


into their own hands. 800 people in Matlock Bath have joined forces to


We said the goal by carriage was the best one but you have other


opinions? Leicester City's new manager may be


annoyed with Paul Gallagher. On the bright side, two fantastic goals,


almost one of them certainly a goal of the season. But he has hit all


the headlines. The game against Crystal Palace was


poised, 1-0 to Leicester and an element of jeopardy about the state


of play. That is when Paul Gallagher did this.


COMMENTATOR: here's Paul Gallagher, what a goal! Paul Gallagher scored


As if that wasn't enough, he cap it by doing this. Paul Gallagher


should, oh, my goodness, that is it, that his goal of the season! Close


the entries, Gallagher has just scored a 35 yard strike. I'll was


going to pass to somebody outside of May but I just hit it and it


flew into the top corner. Hopefully as a team we can try to get back.


We have moved up a few places but I will not get carried away. Paulsen


to say the least and it seems in the dressing room, Gallacher knew


it -- or some of to say the least. We have a team talk and assumed as


that finished, he threw his boots into the middle of the training


room and said "put a fire Nigel Pearson's return may have the


desired effect on Leicester's effective and expensive squad for.


Nottingham Forest captain Luke Chambers says after a bit of


turnaround in recent weeks, he would not rule out a play-off push.


After the drama under Steve McClaren, things are finally


settling down and that manager Steve Cotterill. We sent the


Dramatic MUSIC PLAYS All aboard the tactics took today with captain, it


looks Chambers. His players are no dummies after


four win its out of six. So what has changed under the new


manager? It took someone like the new gaffer coming in and knowing


what it takes to return us to doing what we have done best over the


past few years. Even though Ipswich scored first on Saturday, Forest


are playing with more freedom and character.


Talk us through their goal. Were have worked on it all week, to


concede goals from free-kicks and corners and we did it again.


did not give up. You were back in it. Here's the equaliser from


Robert Findlay. If Lewis can get the delivery like we know he can,


and when you put balls in like that, it will force them to have problems.


You are celebrating together there. Is there more of a team spirit? It


looks like it. It is more of an enjoyable place to be at the minute.


And the team are really pulling together, they came back after


going another goal down help by a double substitution.


Andy Reed and Paul Anderson came on, they played really well, didn't


they? Yes, that is probably what we have been missing. The gaffer has


come in and this is what Paul Read can do -- Andy read can do. The I


have just spotted something which we have got to talk about. What is


that? That is an impressive effort, his moustache. I am standing here


with a horrible moustache but that is from lack of shaving! When you


have got the likes of Andy Reed in wide areas, and he can turn the


ball like that... To get his first goal for the club, he has been


waiting for that for a while. you did. Marcus Tudgay has been


brilliant since the new gaffer came in. When he gets goals like that,


On to the rest of the football action. Starting with Derby


County's slump after a third straight defeat in just one win in


nine, the Rams are stepping down the table. But there are some


reasons to be cheerful. It may be a small consolation now,


but Derby fans will be cheered by the sight of this cheeky banner


taunting fans over the City Ground on Saturday. That and the news that


influential captain Shaun Barker is back from injury. He could not help


the Rams to a win, two goals in six first-half minutes gave Hull all


the points in the game. Huddersfield set a new record with


43 league games unbeaten. The key moment one minute after half-time,


Jordan Rhones headed a body blow when he fired that up with another


20 minutes later, the game was up. Despite Neil Bishop making it 2-1


in injury time. In rugby, a massive, massive win


for Leicester Tigers. The Heineken Cup win over Ulster at Welford Road


have said that this season's ties will not be defined by the start of


the seas and. This was easily the biggest test of


the season so far and tigers rose to it in brilliant fashion. They


exchanged points to a tense quarter-final -- final quarter.


They looked as strong as steel in this game, holding back some


Northern Irish onslaught with fine style. Eventually, it opened up the


Tigers just enough for a kick through from Flood to be touched


And frustration for Nottingham Panthers last night, a huge crowd


with big expectations and somehow Sheffield grabbed the winning goal


in overtime. They are our team of the year and I will have something


Lucky old Colin. It is time for a pat on the back for everybody in


the region who played their part in this year's Children In Need. It


was fun and fabulous and it was completely record-breaking. We


topped the �1 million mark. And It is pubs the's party at


Loughborough University. -- Pudsey We have had loads of fun on the


spot the bus for Children In Need. Last month, 276 bikers and their


bikes from all across the East Midlands descended on Clay Cross in


Derbyshire. We raised �2,000. You are all stars, thank you so


much. I am looking pretty small to you, great moustache by the way.


�2,467.90. What does SAS stand for? A big round of applause for


everybody who picked up the phone and donated money. It was fantastic


and lovely. Your dress looked lovely as well. I was told to wear


something sparkly. We were singing A great night had by all. A lot of


fog over the weekend. We might just get a bit more overnight tonight


but also the occasional outbreaks of rain. This photo was taken at


the weekend, a foggy start, and thank you to Lucy who said this in.


-- cent this in. Looking at the pressure chart, we have got two


fronts moving in today. This one here today at what the West and it


will slowly die out, bringing some about a brain tonight and another


front here that will bring some heavy rain tomorrow. -- outbreak


Light patches but to was the early hours of Tuesday morning, we will


see mist and fog forming first thing in the morning. Temperatures


down to around seven Celsius tonight. We wake up tomorrow with


the fog possibly across the East and any second weather front moving


its way in, bringing some heavy pulses through the morning and it


will slowly push away through the afternoon. It is a very slow front


so it should stay cloudy throughout the afternoon. The pictures up


around ten Celsius. It will clear and when that happens overnight on


Tuesday, we could see some frost because we will have some clear


skies with this ridge of high pressure bringing in cooler air.


Possibly some frost on Wednesday night into Thursday, first day,


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