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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


Our top story tonight - some good Good evening and welcome to the


programme. First tonight a significant jobs boost for the East


Midlands. Toyota at Burnaston is to create


1,500 new jobs over the next two years. And that's not all. Nestle


is to create 300 new jobs at ITS factory in South Derbyshire. The


Prime Minister was on hand to congratulate workers during pre-


arranged visits to both factories earlier today. David Cameron said


it was a vote of confidence in the skills and expertise of the local


workforce. Let's join our Political Editor


John Hess who's at Toyota's factory There are just under 3,000 people


working here and last year getting on for 137,000 cars were made, most


for export. After recent turbulence, the future is well and truly


secured. Joining the production line, a


Prime Minister and a car maker battered by in economic storm.


David Cameron flanked by Toyota workers was all smiles. 1,500 new


jobs created at the plant. It is your success, a vote of confidence


and jobs invested for the future. The impact of the global recession


and the future of Toyota's operation in doubt, not now. Its


new hatchback will be made here. is the right time to decide to


produce more in Europe, localised production and concentrate in the


UK to make -- create extra jobs in the coming years. The Prime


Minister told the production line - - toured the direction line. He


told me he wants a renaissance in manufacture. The government is


helping with low taxes, deregulation and keeping the


markets open. The significance of the Prime Minister's visit is to


promote UK manufacturer but what about the importance of another


manufacturer, bombarded a? I pledge to people in Derbyshire


that will work with them to help them bid for new contracts. We are


putting money into new trains and tracks and carriages and there will


be opportunities for at the great business. Toyota or will start


recruiting new staff and next year. Could this be an early sign of


economic revival? The Prime Minister then it took the


15 mile drive to South Derbyshire to celebrate another jobs boost.


Nestle is taking on a 300 more workers a thanks to investment.


After Toyota, the Prime Minister stopped for a coffee break and a


chat at Nestle. The number one priority is growth and jobs. And he


had every reason to be full of beans. Talking to work force which


has trebled in size exporting coffee to 38 countries. Nestle is


still digging in at home in Derbyshire, to investing a further


�110 million to keep up with demand. That means another 300 jobs. They


will be well trained and technical jobs. We are also committed to


giving our engineers and technicians a lifetime of learning


so you can join us at 16 and work through to come out with a


foundation degree and go onwards and upwards. Three new production


lines will treble capacity. In the past, it has had trouble finding


the right blend of skills so a new training academy will focus on jobs


for graduates and young apprentices. For jobseeker's and the Prime


Minister, Nestle and twitter have provided 1800 reasons to be


cheerful. That is how many new opportunities will be created in


the coming months for people to find work.


That here and twitter and I am joined by the deputy managing


director of the UK manufacturing at twitter. This is not just an


endorsement of Toyota or -- twitter in the UK, also the supply chain.


Yes, Toyota UK has 50 manufacture and suppliers with which we spent


�870 million each year. So, those companies will be investing 85


million as a result of this announcement. In terms of the jobs,


you will be recruiting, I am aware Jaguar Land Rover is recruiting,


are those skills out there when it comes to recruiting people? I think


so. We have a big catchment area within 45 minutes and we will


trainee. If you come here, we will train you and trainee for a long-


term career. Does this underscore the imported steel of manufacturing


in the UK? Absolutely. UK is a good place to make things and make cars.


We are internationally competitive now. Good to hear. It looks as


though the work on the new car coming here will start in at just


under two years. The news of the job announcement


has been welcomed in Dobby which has seen several major redundancy


announcements recently. -- in Derby. There was cynicism that the Prime


Minister did not pay a visit in darker days.


East Midlands Today has learnt they could be more good news on the jobs


front for the city. In Derby they are proud of the


city's connections with a helping to build planes, trains and


automobiles. Add plenty of good news on the four will front. Some


criticism of the Prime Minister did not call in to bombard the AA. A


worker lives in Burnaston next to twitter. It follows good news where


it is easy to turn up at a factory and a senior jobs when there is a


place down the road where they are announcing a 1,400 job losses.


Those are the places he should be visiting, they need reassurance and


comforting. The council leader is meeting David Cameron at a number


10 reception this evening. government have got the message and


will try to deliver the new contracts which will enable us to -


- then to run in the city. The jobs at twitter and Nestle, this is


going to get Derby City moving. Hundreds of jobs were also lost in


Derby this summer with the break-up of the internet bank, egg. We


understand a major call-centre operator is on the verge of


agreeing to take over half of this site. If it goes ahead, it will


provide many more much-needed jobs and could guarantee another high-


profile political visit. Not such good news in


Leicestershire tonight. A factory is to close with the loss of 155


jobs. The standard soap factory was formed in 1928 but in 1995 was


taken over by a Malaysian company which produces a Crabtree and


Evelyn. It is expected to shatter Christmas.


You are watching East Midlands Today. Still to come: the flicks,


ticks and tricks to take this quite conned a teenager to the Olympics.


-- taekwondo. Around 20,000 people lined the


streets of Leicester today to welcome a soldier's home from


Afghanistan. After being greeted by the cheering crowds, they were


granted the freedom of the city. Our social affairs correspondent


reports. An ancient military tradition these


soldiers have been fighting a modern war. They march through


Leicester carrying lances and wearing ceremonial uniforms and


they were followed by two of the tanks they used in Afghanistan.


This is a chance for the people to welcome the Richmond home. There


are thousands lining the streets today. Look at the reception.


coming to see my cousin back from Afghanistan. I want to see him


marching. A we have to support them as much as we can. They are


brilliant. Really proud of what they have done. Shame they're


coming back with injuries. Really proud. My father was killed in the


second world war. It is really emotional. There was a formal


inspection. Order! And then they were given the freedom of the city.


I had a tear in my eye. The atmosphere it is a treat. It's


really good. When people turn out in the crowds, it makes you proud


to be a soldier. And what to stand for. They spent six hot months


protecting part of Helmand Province trying to get locals on side. They


have been fighting battles against the Taliban and a convinced it's


making a difference. The guys are happy with what they achieved. They


can do to the markets and see the locals do not feel local insurgency


punishing them. It is the happiness of the local individuals is plain


to see. It has been years since the East Midlands has seen a crowd this


size for a homecoming parade and the support means so much for the


In other news: a man arrested in connection with a tap-in has been


released on bail. The two men were injured on Charles statement that.


But when tipped and arrested yesterday in London was released on


bail. A woman's desperate wait for a


captain dropped. They then, are apt want the option


is an ant may be as correspondent reports, she is now an been dropped


or conduct. It is the attempt it's this morning


is and 43 that have stopped a month and it popped to expect the at the


two years. We kept it is Manchester victims and white. Since the


meeting the or stopped is tipped, topped it up and were Britons still


works. She sipped as this, but he, and... There is a risk of


complications, a shortage of donors and other people waiting. And the,


the innate more options warmth. Accept people want what it must or


opt and then kept that up as more people on their making. Is the


memorial to more than 400 people who updated organs and tissue


transplant in Nottingham's and snapped. These days, in intensive


care, next to him and accept no about 1% that. But when it becomes


wrapped this passion and hoped they'd call it the do and what


people he stepped up the people. we all in all my with warmth since


he chipped doesn't the the option Mark McCormack and get treatment


plants and stopped more people will talk.


You are watching East Midlands today eat. It has been the driest


year for their kids. Statements have seen only half as much


rainfall as usual. And for some places that dry


weather is costing a small fortune. As Paul Bradshaw reports, St


Peter's church at Thornton is in danger of becoming the leaning


tower of Leicestershire. Are are all winners in force when


the Church in Thornton. -- Bell ringers. His Cilic still has since


bought at a script up so, a pig announce that all but No It seems


the allotments are conspiring against it. Has sapped the footings


which has caused it to move from the body of the nave. You can see


the beginning of the. As bigger up the tail, there is water. Unchecked,


it is it that it will split from the church, a problem that will


cost Allison's team ethics. The up and 19th at all after home so that


any of the movement is not restricted. Out expect costs to


reach a son pounds. If the money, he raised, St Peter's may be forced


to close. The church used for weddings throughout the summer.


Most of them ask us to run but bulls. It is an important pot of


the community. We are currently guardians of this church and it is


important because it that the future. It is hoped that after the


work is completed, because will be able to run for many years to come.


A lovely church. In a moment, we will be going down


the market. And what a difference a year makes,


this time last year we were covered in snow. It is not the same story


this year. We have a bond of rain There's nothing quite like the


atmosphere of a thriving market. And it's often the best place to go


for cheap, good quality food. So, shoppers and stallholders in


Leicester might be forgiven for feeling a little anxious about


plans to transform their centuries old market. I've been to find out


more. I think this to be well the best


fruit and vegetable markets in a country. But changes of but and the


stall holders are hoping they will be for the but, and they don't


throw the baby up with the bathwater. The people spoken except


since the bid of concentration will not be known until next month. It


seems stall holders want improvements to their stalls and


then stopped not that keen on the act since these indoor mock it. All


agreed this to be tapped. Got to get it right. We at a big customer


base. For many of the stall holders, the market really is a, after. -- A


family affair. Changes off her name. On you can sit? A lot at all.


city council and stall holders to and always see eye-to-eye are put


on his, this is deep and hit agreement sent off. We want to make


it better, more vibrant and walked to stick the public. A place where


traders will want to come and do this and what people will want to


shock. All those whom of the mock it, there is a chance to question


of the one about the changes tomorrow on BBC Radio Leicester


form of May am. There is a card is apt on my


It is quite why it for me today. News of a pretty dead football loan


deadline day. The window shut nearly two hours ago and the only


move at our clubs was confirmation that striker Tamas Priskin had,


indeed, arrived at Derby County - helping solve a major striker


crisis at Pride Park. Elsewhere though, managers seem content to


work with what they have at least until the January transfer window.


Do we need numbers? Not just some the. We've got plenty of us. Could


it does the balance of the squad? Possibly but apt to bring there is


an for the sake of it. Export a couple possibilities -- we have


explored. If week and once somebody, it would be... One of the joys of


sport is watching an under the radar athlete come from nowhere to


get success. And ahead of next year's Olympic Games in London, we


could have one of those emerging stars from right here in the East


Midlands. Ross Fletcher's been to Manchester to see him in action.


This is what or limpet had wandered You have to be explicit and focused.


-- you have to be explosive. It was ecstatic. This was but I was


leading 6-1 at one point. This is stepped dipped with his drugs which


is ridiculous. -- with his legs. When I first joined the academy,


was quite but this and she. I didn't believe in myself. The


coaches and support stuck up the bill, combatants. He is by some in


three of his British team-mates for once bought at London and double. -


- London 2012. A it is very competitive. At the end of the day,


it is a selfish act. Ribbon as the big tournaments to prove his worth


As winter draws on, do you like to stay put and embrace the chilly


weather or would you prefer to jet off to warmer climes? Whether


you're taking off or not - there have already been thousands of


arrivals and departures in the bird world. Sally Pepper Goes Wild again


It has been a few months but we are back at Rutland Water with the


project officer. Last time, the Ospreys had made their return from


their winter migration to Africa. They really are amazing birds. They


have made their winter migration again. Yes, they are wintering in a


tropical West Africa and today you cannot blame them! We were lucky


this year because we have followed them on their migration and one of


them reached the South of Guinea in 14 days. He flew from Rutland down


towards London and across the Channel to Paris and fished in the


River Seine and then carried across branch, the Pyrenees, Spain and he


flew past Madrid and then across the Mediterranean into North Africa.


And then across the Sahara. And then down into the tropics and into


Guinea where he will spend the next few months. So, we have seen the


amazing journey the Ospreys have taken to warmer climes. It has made


room for thousands of ducks. Yes, it is a dark cavern. We counted


around 30,000 ducks around the reservoir which was the most we


have recorded. Where are they flying from? They are coming from


all over continental Europe, some ducks we have come from Russia,


they might be flying 1,500 miles, some might have come from northern


Germany or Sweden. The shoveler has a great big beak. It filters the


water so it uses it to sift out the aquatic invertebrates. There is


another duck, an incredibly important place, they look a bit


plain, they are the grey ones. The females are more Brown. They have a


white flash on the sides. Rutland Water is the most important site in


the UK for them and we counted something like 2,400 which was the


maximum count ever recorded at a single site in the UK. Rutland


Water is breaking the records. After a typical gloomy November


date at Rutland Water, I am freezing. For the ducks they are


finding is almost tropical. Let's get a cup of tea. Let's do it.


looked lovely in the mist. Rutland Water is always beautiful. It was a


lovely report. Gorgeous. I cannot believe it is a year ago we had


snow. Gritting the roads. getting to work. Very different now.


There is none of that on the There is a chance of some snow. We


will notice a dramatic change in what we have been experiencing. A


very mild day to day. This was the satellite picture. This was the


country a year ago, virtually covered in snow. A little bit of


green peeping through. We have a slightly different picture today. A


mild day, it started quite misty. Paul Taylor captured this picture.


A misty start. A David gradually improved. There was some sunshine


the first thing. What we have tonight is strong wind, it will


start to develop and the band of rain will weaken as it works its


way towards the south-east corner. The wind will become quite squally,


and the range starts to work southwards overnight. Heavy bursts


around as well. This guy's well clear behind it. A minimum


temperature tonight of six Celsius -- their skies. It will be breezy,


quite a bright one. Early morning sunshine but a line of showers into


the afternoon. The chance of catching a shower tomorrow. The


wind comes from the south-west but not as mild as today. Ten Celsius.


High-pressure sitting in the south towards the weekend, low-pressure


affecting Scotland and the North West. Saturday will be a windy day.


A dry and bright day. Some rain overnight Saturday and Sunday. The


skies Brighton on Sunday but the wind strengthens, a windy day on


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