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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and Anne Davies. Our


top story tonight, jail for a gang that manufactured bootleg vodka.


The potentially lethal fake booze was mass-produced at a remote farm


in Leicestershire. This was a highly sophisticated operation. A


major breakthrough for us at the end of a five-month long


surveillance operation. Or so tonight, a former top


footballer tells us that racism is rife and the clubs are hiding it.


Players have had gagging orders and had to sign certain agreements so


that things do not come out in the press. Plus how a brief appearance


on our programme landed young Aimie a job. They offered me an interview


and on the Monday, I got the job. And put clubbers queue up to bag a


best seller but who is the author? -- book lovers. Hi, I'm Katie Price


and boy, have I got news for you in Good evening and welcome to


Friday's programme. First tonight, a criminal gang producing vast


quantities of potentially fatal counterfeit vodka in Leicestershire


has been jailed. The five men were sent to prison for a total of


almost 18 years for failing to pay �1.5 million in alcohol duty. The


ring leader, Kevin Eddishaw from Southwell in Nottinghamshire, was


sentenced to seven years. A sixth man from Poland will be sentenced


next month. They made the fake vodka at a remote rented unit at


the appropriately named Moscow Farm near Great Dalby. Sarah Sturdey


looks at the scale of the gang's Hidden away from prying eyes,


organised crime. So secluded, customs officers used a helicopter


to track them down. We have found the subject you are looking for. We


can see the pirates, they have opened the rear of the lorry. They


are not paying attention to us whatsoever. We are about two miles


away. We are going nice and steady. The gang had remained undetected in


this remote corner of Leicestershire for one whole year


but 100 officers raided the farm unit and found a makeshift factory


producing potentially lethal illicit vodka on a massive scale.


The seized enough industrial alcohol unfit for human consumption


to manufacture thousands of bottles of vodka.


The scores highly sophisticated and a huge breakthrough for us. -- this


was a highly sophisticated. Kevin Eddishaw was the mastermind but the


Chemist, the man who knew how to turn methylated spirits into


something resembling vodka, was a man from Poland. The methylated


spirits came from Poland. From the factory at Moscow Farm, it was


transferred by the lorry-load and went to East Bridgford near


Nottingham. 5,000 litres was seized in Blackpool. It was also found on


sale in small off-licences around the country, in Salford, South


Wales and London. The price is the giveaway. This fake bottle retail


for around �8. The real thing is normally �3 more. Some times the


only way you can tell it is genuine it is if the duty stamp light up


with a ultraviolet stamp and this one does not. The use of this is


increasing. There may be serious health risks. It contains


industrial and not agricultural alcohol. The things you would find


in bleaches and paint strippers. These can cause nausea, dizziness


and even blindness in extreme cases. It is a dangerous business all


round. In July, five Lithuanian men were killed in an explosion in a


small unit in Lincolnshire where fake vodka was produced. In


Leicestershire, Polish migrant workers were employed at the


factory described as a time bomb by an industry expert. The factory may


have been dismantled and the gang convicted but some of the thousands


of bottles distributed could still Conditions inside the bottling


plant horrified investigators. Ed Binstead is the President of the


British Bottlers' Institute and also the Editor of Drinks Journal


Publications. He described what he saw. There are no obvious signs of


air ventilation. It was a very low ceiling and lots of alcohol for a


per would have been getting up towards the ceiling -- lot of


alcohol vapour. Also I noticed there were a lot of electrical


cables with light bulbs missing, clearly people had been smoking in


the premises. At any one time, a spark could have just ignited the


whole thing and it would not have been... All fires are dangerous but


this would have been an explosion and I don't think anybody would


have had a chance of getting out of. And not just dangerous for people


getting and working there but people buying it? Well, it was not


vodka. It was basically industrial alcohol. People were buying it in


good faith thinking it was genuine but what they were drinking was a


fairly full fee concoction of industrial alcohol that had been


scrubbed down with bleach to turn it into a clear,. It was an awful


mixture. The worrying thing is that some of those bottles could still


be out there? They could well be. I am not entirely sure how long it


had been going on for, clearly some time. It is possible, I know we


tend to think it is the young people who will drink a bottle of


vodka or over a weekend or even an evening. It is possible that people


may have bought a bottle in time for Christmas. If you think you


have got it, what should you do? would advise anybody if they taste


something odd, to take it to a local police station if they can or


telephone Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs and then inform them were


they purchased it as quickly as possible. Thank you for speaking to


us. It is a great pleasure, thank you.


A former top footballer has told BBC East Midlands Today that racism


is widespread in the sport, and victims have been paid off by their


clubs to keep quiet. Michael Johnson played more than 600


matches in the top flight for clubs including Derby County and Notts


County. With an exclusive report, After 20 years in football, Michael


Johnson has seen the highs and lows but now believes it is time to blow


the whistle on racism blighting the game. There have always been


covered ups. Whether it is players having gagging orders on them,


whether they have had to sign certain agreements so that things


do not come out in the press, players who have basically been


frightened by managers to say nothing. FIFA President Sepp


Blatter brought the issue recently in to sharp focus and it was him


that brought Michael Johnson to speak out. I know players who have


had certain situations where a football club will pay them off and


they have got to sign an agreement to save that whatever has happened


will not go out there. They are then in a position to sue. Players


will then go away and continue with their football. Can you appreciate


why some players would want to keep quiet? Is it because of fear?


dread to think that if you say something, it could be the end of


your career. Will I be labelled a trouble caused a? But I feel so


strongly about what is happening now but I have to speak out. I know


there are players up and down the country going through the same


experience for top there have been high-profile campaigns against


racism that Johnson believes people do not know the full extent. So


much has been swept under the carpet and it has been there


simmering away. Whether that has been cut by fans or other players,


people who have worked with higher up in the club, and if you do not


come out and say something, then the situation will continue to


fester. Currently looking for work as a coach, he knows he is taking a


risk but for the good of the game he loves, it is a price he is


willing to pay. Angela is with us now.


These are very serious allegations. What have the footballing


authorities said? Well, it's a difficult subject for the Football


Association as they are currently investigating the England captain


John Terry over allegations of racism. They wouldn't comment on


Johnson's claims but did release a What do campaigners against racism


think of what Michael Johnson has An organisation called Kick It Out


have been campaigning for years and they admitted that they weren't


surprised by what he's said and added that sadly racism is still a


big problem in the game. We get reports from all parts of the


country. Racism in football comes from different forms, on the pitch,


from the dug-out, and we can see that the issue is still there are


we are working hard with other organisations, the PFA, the Premier


League and the Football Association and grass roots associations to


stamp it out. Sadly it seems there is still a


long way to go. Still to come on the programme, the


menace of uninsured motorists. The driver of this van wasn't covered,


Police are waiting to speak to a Leicester teenager who's seriously


ill in hospital, to try and find out how he was injured. The 18-


year-old was discovered shortly after 11pm on Wednesday night in


Humberstone Gate. He was taken to the Leicester Royal Infirmary where


his condition is described as serious but stable. The police are


Nottinghamshire Police are trying to trace the whereabouts of a young


man from Cyprus. Images his services were called to a hall of


residence because he was having difficulty breathing. Officers are


not treating the death as Next tonight, the menace on our


roads posed by uninsured drivers. It's thought there are as many as


41,000 motorists in the East Midlands who don't have the correct


cover. And when they're involved in an accident, the results can be


devastating. So today, Derbyshire Police went after them. Simon Hare


In pursuit of an uninsured driver, the police and insurance company


databases show that this car's policy ran out in September. And


the MOT expired way back in June. He has been up front with us, he


has not tried to hide anything. We will be taking him off the motor


way to a place of safety with a fine. Several vehicles were seized


today. They will be taken away until members of the public can get


themselves in short, and paid for the recovery. It is a costly


process. If people do not end up insuring their vehicles, what


happens? The vehicle will stay with us and ultimately be crushed.


thought there are as many as 41,000 and insured drivers in the East


Midlands. Nationally, the figure is as high as 1.4 million. That


equates to about 4% of motorists. One such driver collided with this


furniture shop at chill well in Nottingham last year. The whole of


the roof has moved to one side. So it is not actually where it is


supposed to be. Almost 12 months on, and the damage still has not been


repaired. The stress has been unbelievable. You don't stop


thinking about it. You think about it every morning, every night. When


you are working, you cannot plan anything. We cannot move forward


with our business because this is holding us back. The driver


received a two week driving ban and a �25 fine. It makes you wonder


what Valley our business has. What value it has to the court. Officers


say the crackdown should have hit uninsured drivers much harder in


the pocket. On the day the Government announced


its plans to combat youth unemployment, we've some good news


about 17-year-old Aimie Murfin, who we featured last week. You may


recall, we saw the teenager from Ashfield telling senior politicians


about the heartache and difficulties involved in trying to


find work. She was so persuasive and engaging that Aimie has now


been offered a job by one of our viewers. Here's our political


Aimie pat a pet labrador and heads for work. The 17-year-old from


Kevin Ashfield had spent months trying to get a job. Last week at


Connections, and Employment Centre, Aimie was among a group of


teenagers telling Labour politicians of the difficulties of


getting work. I have been looking for about six weeks for any work.


Anything. There is nothing. Little did she know that the TV interview


would help land her a job. She it came across very positively how


positive she was. That was the particular issue that caught my


wife's eye. I trust her judgement. It was the positivity having met


Aimie at the interview, that came across to the whole team. Where do


you have your instructors? Her new job is based at new offices in


Mansfield. Driving schools get back up from this business. She cannot


believe her luck. Wow! Oh, my gosh. I did not know what to think. I was


so shocked. Tell me what happened, did you get a telephone call?


day after I was on television, the agency got a call and then they got


in touch with me. And then I rang Mark and then they offered me an


interview and on the Monday, I got the job.


It is amazing how quick it has all happened. It does get you down when


you have not got a job to support you or anything. Aimie will be


doing clerical duties and she officially starts her new job in


just over one week's time. For her, All thanks to a bit of political


reporting! And don't forget The Politics Show


this Sunday at midday. It'll be taking a closer look at the big


public sector strike next Wednesday. Still to come on the programme, the


weekend weather with Anna. It is a breeze this weekend. It is all


about the wind. With one of these in place for part of the East


Unusually, no hot air from: With the sport!


-- from Colin. To come, Nigel Pearson on new life


at Leicester and Marcus Tudgay on new life at Forest. But first


confirmation that Derby County's new loan signing from Ipswich Tamas


Priskin is set to go straight into action. With injuries to Steven


Davies, Nathan Tyson and Theo Robinson, Priskin will lead the


Rams' attack in tomorrow's game at high-flying West Ham. The I am very


pleased to join this great club. It is a great opportunity to play a


few games and hopefully I can help B-team. We are delighted he has


agreed to join us for six weeks -- help the team.


Elsewhere, clubs have been happy to live with the squads they have.


Certainly not surprising in Leicester's case, where manager


Nigel Pearson arrived to work with an expensively assembled, if not


perfectly balanced, squad. Jeremy Nicholas went to see how he's been


settling back in. There has been a great sense of


optimism here training at Leicester City after the great start for the


returning, nearly new manager. A 3-0 win over Crystal Palace as


the fans' talking about promotion and the players are smiling again.


I am always smiling myself. I think everybody is really looking forward


to the game. If the fans are optimistic, that is great. We have


to deliver on the pitch, that is the bottom line. My job as manager


is to facilitate that. It has taken their time for him to settle in


because he knows his way round. does not seem like it is too


different. It is like he has not been away. Obviously there have


been different managers and staff but everybody already knows what


his style is about and the way he walks into a room. Everybody


straight away listens to him. He has got that aura. Leicester fans


will have dreadful memories of last season's games when they got


thrashed 6-1. We need to try to forget that and the only way to do


that is to try to get a positive result this weekend. David Nugent


scored for Portsmouth that day and now he is a Leicester player.


looking forward to it. Hopefully the result will be different.


are just two points off the play- off place, but fully they will get


a good result. That's Leicester. No players in at


Forest either. But it feels like they've had a couple of new faces


since Steve Cotterill arrived. In reality though it's old faces like


Joel Lynch and, especially, Marcus Tudgay being given a chance to


shine. And taking it. Under Steve McClaren, Marcus Tudgay


was told he had no place in the starting line-up. Steve Cotterill's


point of view has had a different pay-off. It was a great feeling for


the team. It is a great buzz. is very much tailored towards Steve.


Steve McClaren obviously thought I could not do a job for him. In my


career so far, I have never been told by a manager that I would not


feature. And the new boss, Steve controls -- Steve Cotterill turns


out to be very different. I got a goal and it went from there. He is


a fantastic team player. I told him he has got to be a bit more selfish.


I do not want him to do all the team work and then go off the pitch


and not get a reward for himself. It could make every different in


this tightest of divisions. You can miss a handful of chances, your


confidence can go down that if you get involved, you have got to


steady yourself and enjoy the goals and the moment and as a team, enjoy


that as and enjoyment. The only team at home this weekend


is Notts County. They play Scunthorpe at Meadow Lane. As ever,


full match commentary is on your BBC local radio station, and your


first sight of the goals is right here on BBC One over the weekend.


Also in action this weekend, Leicester Tigers back in the


Premiership playing away at Gloucester. Nottingham Rugby are


home to Moseley on Sunday. Nottingham Panthers are home to


Hull tomorrow night. And in basketball, Leicester Riders have


the first leg of their BBC Cup semi-final against Newcastle Eagles


tomorrow night at the John Sandford Centre. -- the BBL Cup. The Riders


have made a terrific start to the season and they're hoping it might


see them win silverware for the first time in ten years. If we beat


Newcastle, it will be going up against one of the better teams


that the League has seen in a long time. They are a class the


organisation with guys who have been there before so the challenge


is La Mac. But I believe in our She's rarely out of the news, in


fact this morning she was on the front page of The Sun. So where


Katie Price goes, crowds follow. And today they flocked to a


supermarket in Forest Town near Mansfield to get her to sign copies


her new book, her seventh. We joined the queue to meet Miss Price


as she faced the flashlights once more. They queued around the inside


and outside of as the from 7 o'clock this morning. An estimated


700 fans prepared to wait five hours to meet her for a few seconds.


We just love her, she is amazing. Why? I know everything about her.


Everything she does, she is amazing. I am a big farm. This is my 5th


time meeting her. I have been all a bit of the country. You are in a


minority, why are you here? Love. Love was back my current wife!


sent me down here. -- love? Might I don't know why I am here. But I


think she is adorable. Katie Price is in the building today.


And then she appeared to a familiar barrage of flashlights with the


lady millionaire chatting that she would rather be going to the toilet.


I am bursting for the tour that! Her books have sold 7.5 million


copies. Katie puts the popularity down to them being a good read.


This is not my favourite cover and I know that my publisher will hate


me saying that. When I am on the bookshelf, I know that people like


to have them in order and I think that it looks out of order. But I


am not complaining. The character is happily married and a child but


there is a kidnap threat. Only this week, Katie Price reported a second


kidnap fear through her as well. The I know that Scotland Yard


mentioned it, they found a device on my Range Rover, my white one.


message about Peter Andre has caused some controversy. Just


because I mention him on Twitter,... Quentin did his best with those


piercing questions but they bounced off her.


You have got to hand it to her, she is absolutely honest. She says it


as it is and she is incredibly successful. She is a role model, a


We have had a fairly mild November but we will have some strong winds


over the weekend. But tonight, we have got clear skies and if you are


heading to any of the lights being switched on across the region, you


need to wrap up warm because it will be fairly chilly. The key to


Andy for this photograph of a sunset across Matlock. -- thank you


to Andy. If you have any weather photographs, in Melbourne to us at


the address on your screen. -- e- mail them to us. We do have a


weather warning for Derbyshire and wind and we can expect gusts of up


to 65 mph. It is from 9:00am tomorrow and tell 9:00am on Sunday.


An area of low pressure has been sitting across the north of the UK


and Scotland and that gradually lose its way in with the


strengthening winds. Tomorrow will be particularly blustery but should


be mostly dry. At the moment, we have seen the end of that cloud and


showers we had earlier on push away to the south-east and that the


moment it is dry out there and we have got clear skies and that means


temperatures dropping a lot this evening. You need to wrap up warm.


As the cloud starting to creep in, it should be milder by the start of


tomorrow morning. Possibly a few spots of rain across Derbyshire but


generally tomorrow a dry day and temperatures reaching a high of


around 11 Celsius. With those winds, it will feel cooler than that.


Sunday though, the rain clears and why are in for a beautiful day. The


winds will try down but it will We have got a bit of something to


show you. This is Quentin's magic moment! He is still going upstairs


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