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This is East Midlands Today, with Dominic Heale, and me, Anne Davies.


Our top story tonight: The heroes facing a new, invisible


enemy. Hundreds of soldiers back from the frontline are facing


stress, alcoholism and debt. young infantry man is normally


between 18 and 30. It's not a mature mind. It might be a mature


body. We talk to the 14-year-old hit-and-


run victim. Also, the thieves who think working


dogs like these are fair game. And find out how this gadget can


protect your cash. Good evening, welcome to Thursday's


programme. First tonight, hundreds of military veterans are to be


helped by a unique new care service in Nottinghamshire. It'll tackle


everything from post traumatic stress disorder to homelessness,


debt and drink problems. Health bosses had been warned that


thousands of veterans in the East Midlands could suffer from a range


of issues when they return to Civvy Street. This exclusive report from


our social affairs correspondent, Jeremy Ball.


Michael has not lost his sense of humour but he is still learning to


talk again, almost 35 years after he was shot in their head by the


IRA. The Royal British Legion is helping him run his home here in


West Bridgford. Before they stepped in, he was damned out of thousands


of pounds and was struggling with a drink problem. -- he was scam and.


I did not know what I was doing. But now, well, it is getting a lot,


lot better now. Now a new battle- hardened generation of young


soldiers are leaving the Army with a complex mix of problems, physical


and mental injuries and alcoholism and debt. Charities and health


services are joining forces and veterans to contact any agency will


be offered a comprehensive care package. The next few years will be


difficult with the numbers being discharged from the Armed Forces.


There are a number living on the streets in Nottinghamshire. They


could have enduring mental health problems and are misusing


substances. They are really in need of help. More than 20 organisations


have already signed up to the partnership. They are facing some


daunting challenges. Around 50,000 veterans across these Midlands are


likely to be coping by drinking too much. That is an estimate from the


NHS. The same resort -- report says 19,000 could develop post traumatic


stress disorder. Well over 2000 veterans across a Nottinghamshire


and Derbyshire were supported by The Royal British Legion. There is


a massive problem. The normal infantry man is between 18 and 30.


It is not a mature mind. It might be a mature body. Some of the


horrors can have an effect on certain individuals and it is those


problems that come back after service. Michael has suffered more


problems than most but now he is getting the help he needs. And the


new partnership is designed to make sure nobody else slips through the


net. Jeremy's joined us in the studio.


How significant is this? Well, they think it's the country's first all-


encompassing veterans service. It actually started as a project to


deal with post traumatic stress disorder. But they quickly found


there were lots of other health problems that needed tackling. And


those veterans were often struggling with everything from


money to finding a home. But there are so many services, they simply


didn't know where to turn. So effectively what they're doing now


is pooling their resources. How much of a problem is there?


It's hard to say because a lot of soldiers are too proud to ask for


help. But these days there are more veterans who've been to war. And


when you go there, you can see why it's so hard to deal with. You


sometimes see that 1,000-yard stare from these guys. They never know


when they're going to get shot or blown up. A lot of them have lost


close friends. Some even struggle to deal with the fact that they


might have killed someone else. And of course PTSD can take more than a


decade to emerge, so there's a good chance we haven't seen the worst of


it yet. It is long-term. Thank you very much indeed.


Next tonight, the father of a boy who was the victim of a hit-and-run


says he's disgusted that the police haven't haven't yet taken action


against the driver. Riaz Khan says his 14-year-old son is lucky to be


alive. He says Leicestershire Police have the full registration


number of the vehicle involved and the force has written a letter to


the owner. Mr Khan says he can't understand the delay and says vital


evidence could have been destroyed. Helen Astle has just sent this


report from Leicester. Qais suffered two fractures to his


knee after being hit by the car. He vividly remembers what happened.


The traffic lights were red so I walked across the road. The car hit


me and I rolled onto the bonnet. I rolled off the car. He is very


lucky to be alive. He could have died. He could have been hit or


seriously injured or died. It is very lucky he survived. This is


where Qais was hurt. The road was busy and it was around 5pm in the


afternoon last Wednesday. Following the incident, a witness took the


boy home. The force have written to the registered keeper of the car.


Qais's father is unhappy with their response. What is a letter? He


could say that he never drove the car, he could sell the car on, he


could make all sorts of excuses. He could even get rid of the evidence.


Anything can happen in those few days. In a statement, the police


say the initial report suggested Qais suffered minor injuries,


letter was only yesterday officers discovered he had suffered two


fractures to his legs. The statement goes on to say, we


apologise for the service of family initially received and we take all


incidents of bad driving extremely seriously. For his father, that is


not enough. He could have come to my house but he did not. People get


arrested for minor offences like shoplifting. Stealing a Mars Bar,


for example. They get arrested, convicted and taken to court. Just


for minor offences. But this man knocked my son over and drove on.


The police have done nothing about it. The family hope the police will


catch the offender as soon as possible. For Qais, he will be on


crutches for the next four to six weeks.


Still to come on the programme, a frosty forecast from Sally. Where


is it? I know it is here somewhere! Ah! Found it! But the question is,


do you know where doors is? You might well need it! -- way yours is.


Police in Leicestershire have arrested a woman after she went to


a school armed with a knife while children were in class. Officers


were called to De Lisle College in Loughborough on Tuesday afternoon,


where they say a 45-year-old woman was found in the grounds. She's


been charged with assaulting a police officer and carrying a


weapon. Police say no-one at the school was hurt.


The funeral has taken place of a Red Arrows pilot who died after


being ejected from his aircraft. Flight Lieutenant Sean Cunningham,


a former Nottingham Trent University student, was killed last


month at RAF Scampton, near Lincoln. About 800 people attended the


funeral at Coventry Cathedral. As a mark of respect, two RAF Tornado


Police have released CCTV pictures of an armed robber who threatened


supermarket staff with a knife before stealing the takings. The


man targeted the Nisa supermarket at Sherwood in Nottingham last


month. He can be seen brandishing a large knife before taking money


from the till. No-one was hurt. The man is described as black and


around 6 foot 3 inches tall. Next tonight, the BBC has learned


that the number of dog thefts has doubled this year, with many cases


here in the East Midlands. Working dog breeds like cocker spaniels are


said to be most at risk. Sarah Sturdey has this exclusive report.


Missing, believed stolen from her home near Derby. And this is her in


happier times. Just like Alexa Sidwell's other dog, she was a


member of the family and they want her back. She must be stolen


because she never leaves her friend's side. It is not knowing


what has happened to her. That is the thing I find difficult.


Thousands of dog owners register with the DogLost website for help.


Two years ago, the number of registered missing was in single


figures. Last year, it was getting on for double. This year, it has


doubled again, sometimes up to 40 a day. Next to where the dog went


missing is the local shoot. Half stolen are working dog breeds,


especially Cocker spaniels. Field sports are increasing in popularity.


One owner told me when his dog stolen, he made inquiries but got


it back. But he did not want to be interviewed for fear of


repercussions. There is a sinister undertone to this crime. They can


be worth anything from a few hundred to a few 1,000. They are


not always used for working but it is in the blood so they could just


be used for breeding. But it is not just working breeds. In


Leicestershire, the theft of these puppies were several hundred pounds


was witnessed in the middle of the night. And in Nottingham, this


unusual dog has been cited a few miles away in an emaciated state


with an unidentified person. Do not leave your dog tied up outside a


shop. It is amazing how many do this. You would not expect your


handbag to be outside when you came back, so why you dog? Stella was


not reported it stolen but two months on, her owner is desperate


for news. The type of dog theft is from opportunism to organised crime.


Of the messages clear - if you do not report the theft, the police


cannot investigate it. Get your pet my cricket. It could help them. --


get a microchip put in your pet. From dog thefts to thefts from the


pocket, and purse. The police have begun a crackdown on pick-pockets


in the run-up to Christmas. And to keep thieves at bay, Leicestershire


Police are giving away a rather nifty little gadget. Simon Ward has


been finding out how it works. There is a drama going on in


Loughborough. Bill the burglar is on the prowl, looking for easy


pickings from unsuspecting shoppers. These people are showing how an


alarm can be effective. It sits in your bag and this chain clicks on


to your bag -- your wallet or purse. It is very good. And every little


bit helps. You get that many people... I keep walking around


with my fingers in here because it is so easy for them to take things.


And everything that helps is a bonus. I think it is better for


older people, anyway. Are they giving them away free? Yes. I will


have one, then! And the alarms are proving popular with shoppers.


the alarm goes off, people are looking around. And often, people


do not know they have had their purse stolen, and they then get


home. This is a way of preventing further thefts from happening.


busy streets, especially on a market day and in the run-up to


Christmas, are attempting for would-be thieves. It is very


tempting for them at this time of year and we do see a vast amount of


these sort of things happening around Christmas, so whatever we


can do is a benefit to our residents. Stop! Stop! You can


contact the council to get a free alarm, and, like Billy, they will


not get away with your cash. Four people arrested over a hit-


and-run incident in which a police officer was badly hurt have been


released on bail. Diederik Coetzee, a PC in Mansfield, was critically


injured after being knocked off his bicycle while off-duty. Three men


and a 36-year-old woman were arrested but have since been


released, pending further enquiries. Police say they're still examining


Up to 300 jobs could be created in Leicester. Everards wants to build


a new brewery on land it owns behind Fosse Park in the city. The


company wants to create a new food and drinks park with local


producers of traditional cheese and pork pies opening shops there. Its


existing factory would also be re- located. The planning process has


just begun, but if successful, building could start at the end of


next year. RyanAir has announced six new


routes out of East Midlands Airport. From March next year, the budget


airline will fly to Crete, Corfu and Rhodes, along with Barcelona


and Almeria in Spain. The sixth route is Zadar in Northern Croatia.


The airline will use the existing fleet of four aircraft based at the


airport to cover the new routes. An allotment holder, who has kept


geese for ten years, believes they may be killed if he's forced to get


rid of them. The council at Mansfield Woodhouse in


Nottinghamshire has told Roger Spate that it has had complaints,


and the birds have to go by next week. So, will they end up with a


new, caring home, or stuffed, on a Christmas table?


Enjoying winter sunshine, these it East have been on the allotment for


10 years. But now, they are under notice to go. An allotment holder


since 1985, his original agreement allowed for 12 paltry birds. Three


years ago, that was changed to just chickens and ducks. He was told he


could keep the geese until they died naturally, but now the


district council says they have had complaints. I have had them for 10


years, and nobody has ever complained. They are not causing


anybody any noise issues. I sleep on the back, and I have not heard


them. I think it is silly. council's most recent letter asked


him to remove them. I am very worried about it, because it is


near Christmas. I feel they will be put into the wrong hands. I want


them to go to people as pets, and not Christmas dinners. The council


says his decision it is the end result of a long period of


discussions and negotiations, and, as a result, the decision to have


bid for peace will not be revoked. For the geese to enjoy their home,


it seems time is running out. Still to come on the programme:


Basketball - Leicester Riders look forward to their biggest game in a


decade. I am getting my skates on and heading off into a Winter


Wonderland! Time for sport now. We'll start with cricket, and the


England batsman, James Taylor, has completed his move from


Leicestershire to Nottinghamshire. He has signed a three-year contract,


but having broken into the international one-day team this


year, Notts aren't quite sure how much they'll see of him. We wanted


to play for England. Everybody will want him to go on and have an


international career as well. We want to give them that experience


of playing. Hopefully, that for making better prepared to play


England. An old cry from Nottingham Forest.


The Reds' manager, Steve Cotterill, says he wants to sign a permanent


leftback. Forest were beaten 4-0 at home by Leeds on Tuesday, and


Cotterill admits it's an area that needs strengthening. It would be


nice to have a full-time at left back at the club. That is one


position we would like to have. Greg has done very well since he


has been here, so that would-be one area.


Leicester Riders have signed the Great Britain basketball captain


for the rest of the season. Drew Sullivan has been playing on a


game-by-game basis since October. It's given the team a massive boost


ahead of their biggest game in a decade.


Leicester Riders have made a phenomenal start to the season.


They beckoned Drew Sullivan it is the best in the league. The captain


is a special. A tall player, with incredible finesse, and he has


helped them to their best start to the season. I am proud to be a part


of this. In years to come, I hope they will say this team had the


best start they ever had. He is a not great at ball-handling or


shooting, but his basketball IQ is so high, the highest I have ever


seen. It has been great to have him. He has been fantastic. His


versatility allows him to play in so many ways, and his experience is


something we have not had before. If he was a little bit more


athletic, he would be a star in the NBA. I had been treated amazingly.


Leicester Riders travel to Newcastle tomorrow night for their


second leg. After a draw in the home leg, it is their best chance


of silverware for 10 years. If we don't win the silverware, there


will be a little bit of disappointment. The challenger's


there, but I know what the guys are saying about it. Drew Sullivan it


will captain the GB basketball team at the due the Olympics. It will


mean everything to me. It will be the pinnacle of my career. Tomorrow


night's semi-final kicks off at 7:30pm.


A couple of bits of news from appropriately wintry sports now -


Nottingham Panthers had a fantastic win in Cardiff. They came from two


goals behind to take an overtime win 4-3, and are now just three


points behind league leaders, Belfast.


Staying on the ice, because while most of our Olympic focus in the


past year has been on the 2012 Summer Games in London, there's a


success story developing on the rinks in Nottingham. After a big


funding boost, the British Speed Skating team have had their best-


ever start to a season. They are the hottest team in one of


the coldest disciplines: The speed skaters have won three medals in


the first two World Cup events. A far cry from the Winter Olympics,


when they came home empty-handed. went to win a medal, and I felt


like I was in that position I was building to wards in the Olympics.


It was very disappointing coming home and having nothing. Since then,


they have seen their funding a treble. Some of the world's best


coaches have been brought in. was a bit of a nudge. We wanted to


knock them off their perch, and the last two World Cups have shown by


the medals we have brought home. had to jump of this cliff and be


attached to a harness, but we weren't allowed to use and I hands.


I had to do at first, and I never like going first. I thought, if I


can do that, I can do anything. Team GB is on the right track. If


only the Winter Games when next year as well. -- were next year.


Now, it's December 1st, time to think about Christmas and the


lovely festive things on offer in the East Midlands. After all that


skating, in sport, we're sticking with ice, and if you're wondering


where the outdoor rink in Nottingham is, this year it's found


a new home, appropriately, inside the National Ice Centre! So, that's


where we sent novice skater, Kylie Pentelow.


The ice rink has become a Winter Wonderland. This here, it is under


cover, and there is more than just buys. The last time I tried to ice


skate was when I was 11, and that ended in tears. While I get laced


up, here are some other things you can get up to. Sea ferries in the


woodland, and a wishing tree. -- ferries. Now it is time to me to


get on their eyes. What do I do, I am really scared?! I will not fall


over, well I? No, as long as you don't make sudden movements. We


will start to turn ourselves around on their eyes. Trust me, go for it!


-- on the ice. While I figure out where the brakes are, you may want


to know, there is an ice rink in Derby that is open now. On Saturday,


Matthew -- the lock gets lit up the Christmas. And there are plenty of


pantomimes on until January. That is your level one to Dave. -- today.


Now you will roll back when your knees. Now Pershore sup up. Push! -


- now push yourself up. And they can also make it snowing here, so


no matter what the weather is like outside, inside, it is always at


festive. She is very brave. I cannot ice


skate. And here's our version of a Frozen Planet moment. Have a look


at how our cameraman Adam filmed that. He was actually sitting on a


little seal and pushed around by It will turn chilly in this evening.


After windy conditions, those winds are very light. We have got clear


skies developing overnight. Look at this photo. Can you seek a shared


that has got knocked down? -- see a shed. Hopefully, at the Gardner was


and sat in it! We will see plenty of cloud. That will clear out of


the way. We have had a front sitting on the south-east corner of


the UK. Thus, it has just been that clouding over process. But now, as


we come through the evening period and overnight, we will see that


cloud moving away, and clearing. Particularly to the north, we will


seek frost. But don't be surprised if you wake up to a touch of frost.


Temperatures are very chilly, one or two degrees in the cities. A


chilly start, and chilly day, the Friday. Still keeping those like


when macro. Temperatures struggling to get above the six Celsius. --


still keeping those Allied winds. The rain will clear on Saturday


morning, and it becomes drier and brighter.


And finally, a bit of Children in And finally, a bit of Children in


Need news - well done to 20-year- old Rich Westerman from Clifton who


won a Nottingham City Transport competition to drive their Pudsey


bus around Langer airfield. Rich, who's a volunteer at the Crich


tramway village, said he found the bus really easy to drive. Well, at


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