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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Our top story tonight: a convicted crime boss pulls the strings, from


his prison cell. A bleak future for closer


threatened maternity units. Some women feared the worst. My baby was


born quite quickly. If it had happened to me, my husband


delivering my baby would not have been ideal.


We speak to the residents who have not had there been as collective


more than two-and-a-half weeks. -- their bins collected.


And the pop star singing the praises of their community


recording studio. Fame isn't about money, it is about what you can do


with your fame, the positive things Good evening and welcome to


Monday's programme. First tonight, a gang boss convicted of murder has


won the right to demand the names of officers who write reports about


him. He wants to know who is compiling


his record as he serves a life sentence in a high security prison.


Colin Gunn ran a gang in Nottingham blamed for giving the city its


reputation for gun crime. He was finally jailed for ordering the


murders of John and Joan Stirland in a vendetta killing. Gunn's


serving 35 years, currently in the high security Belmarsh prison in


London. It's there he complained that prison officers' names and


other information were withheld from copies of his record. The


Prisons and Probation Ombudsman agreed and Belmarsh has now


arranged to give him uncensored copies.


Well, our chief news reporter Quentin Rayner joins us now. What's


behind his demand? Colin Gunn complained that since


being at the high security Belmarsh prison, reports written about him


didn't include names of the prison officers who'd written them. He


said officers' names hadn't been removed at his previous high


security jail. So he complained to the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman.


The Prison Service advised the ombudsman that information should


only be redacted in exceptional circumstances. So the ombudsman


asked Belmarsh to review the records given to Gunn and a


governor there decided that he should receive unredacted copies.


How did this come to light? The ruling was actually made in May of


this year but it's only just come to the public's attention. Because


a letter from Gunn has been published in this month's edition


of Inside Time, the national newspaper for prisoners. In it he


wrote: I know that prison staff up and down the country must hate the


thought of us being able to actually see who has written what


about us and will try to tell us we are not entitled to see names and


redacted information but this is 100% wrong. I hope this will be of


help to others. The ombudsman ruled that the names of prison staff


should only be removed if there is reasonable expectation that bodily


safety or even life itself are put at risk, but the Prison Officers'


Association isn't reassured. If the ruling is put in force to


the letter, and there is a knee- jerk reaction to it, and every


prisoner in a country is good in the name of every single prison


officer it has ever made an entry about them or give any information


about them, it could place prison officers in severe jeopardy for


their safety. Now this isn't the first time the ombudsman has ruled


in Colin Gunn's favour. Last year he won the right to be called Mr


Gunn by prison officers, complaining he wasn't being treated


with respect. The future of two midwife-led


maternity units in the Derbyshire will be decided this week. The NHS


wants to close the Darley Birth Centre near Matlock and a similar


facility in Buxton. It says both units are relics from the past and


too expensive to keep open. A Maisie came into the world nine


months ago. She was born at the Darley Dale birth centre near


Matlock. Her mother got what she wanted, a natural birth and she had


no pain relief. It was fantastic. I had a really easy second birth and


no complications, no problems. family value the Birth Centre so


much that they have decided to spread the world -- spread the word


of a unit under threat. I did a big bike ride, without leaving


Derbyshire. The primary care trusts says it doesn't doubt people's


affection for the unit but says there are simply not enough birth.


In the last 12 months, only 100 people have used it. Have you been


winding its down? At its best it would have been 150 or 160. The


guidance we have is that around 300 makes basis Bain the ball -- makes


a sustainable Birth Centre. Could it be marketed before? That has


been done before. We don't think they are marketed fit enough before.


This meeting in 1980 it closed similar units in other towns. In


fact, there are now just four stand-alone midwife Redberth units


in our region. Darley Dale sells itself with a birth pool and mood


lighting. Today's weather has done little to lift the mood of


campaigners and it might not be the only winter gloom they have to put


up with if Wednesday's closure recommendations go through. Still


to come on the programme: a hidden army of young carers.


A normal childhood for Sophie means caring for her disabled mum. She


says it's no big deal but, as you'll, see it it ia, for Sophie


and thousands like her. British police officers have


travelled to Spain in the hunt for Madeleine McCann. Madeleine from


Rothley disappeared in Portugal four years ago. Scotland Yard


detectives were asked by the Prime Minister to review the case after


Portuguese police dropped its investigation. The Metropolitan


Police say last month's visit to Barcelona and previous trips to


Portugal were to liaise with other forces.


17 people have been arrested in Leicestershire during the first


weekend of the Christmas anti- drink-drive campaign. The None for


the Road campaign started last Thursday. Police say nine people


were over the alcohol limit on Saturday alone. Last year 125


motorists were arrested for drink driving during the whole of


December. It's not just the roads that are


being prepared for the cold weather this year, East Midlands Trains


says its improving the way it deals with freezing temperatures. The


company's planning special snow timetables and has new anti-freeze


in vehicles which can withstand temperatures as low as minus 28


degrees Celsius. It also plans to offer passenger information on


special screens and through dedicated Twitter feeds.


Nottingham City Council has apologised after people living in a


block of flats had to wait more than two weeks to have their bins


emptied. Residents said they felt ignored by


the authority. However, the rubbish was finally taken away less than an


hour after our lunchtime programme had reported their complaints.


The council says major changes to its bin collection schedules were


to blame for the delay. This was the scene at 10am today.


The council had not collected the bins at this block of flats since


the middle of November. Residents taking out their rubbish were


greeted by overflowing bins and piles of bags. It is not on. The


council just ignores us. They are ignoring a sound that is the only


thing I can say. They are totally ignoring our plight. If this is


council care, I don't know what is Foster with of a room beginning to


phone up, some residents were forced to put rubbish on their


patios. -- with the room are beginning to fill up. I found... We


are getting desperate. These were the views aired on our lunchtime


programme today. Then, at around 2pm, the bins were finally


collected. As soon as it is on television, it is clear within 20


minutes. Why has the response to the phone calls we've made... Why


have they done nothing? It is a side effect to last month's changes


to bin collections. It says the new system will save them �700,000 a


year but there have been some teething problems. Two weeks on and


the rubbish at at least 200 properties is still to be collected.


But for the residence here, things are finally back to normal. --


residents. A youth project that's facing


closure got some unlikely celebrity backing today.


The American pop-star, Aloe Blacc, popped into to Nottingham's


Community Recording Studio, ahead of a performance in the city


This is the track that turned him into a overnight recording star. He


was visiting Dane Nottingham youth project that is desperately short


of money. It has been taking teenagers off the streets for 21


years. There are questions for local school children as well.


is not about the money you have put about what you can do with your


fame. I hope I can inspire the local community to support this


project because without it, places will not be able to stick around.


We needed. -- we need it forced up and then he listens to some of the


young musicians. -- we need it. And then he came and listened to some


of them the UN musicians. It gives awareness to the work that we do.


Last year, another big name from the musical world came to visit.


Feargal Sharkey was here with the culture minister to unveil a new


rehearsal space. Now the studio might have to close because of cuts


in its funding. We are reaching the point where we could cease to be.


People were completely disillusioned, had no way to go, we


were bringing parents. We are trying to make sure that kids are


not confused because it was a big issue, the riots. I don't know how


easy we could have been of places like this were around. Getting


support from such a big star is a shot in the arm but it is money


they really need here. It will take very much more than a dollar to get


this centre up and running. Now it's hard enough caring for a


family member virtually full time but it's even harder if you're


trying to do well at school too. But that's the reality facing 14-


year-old Sophie Walker from Derby, who, with her dad, looks after her


mum who suffers from Huntingdon's disease.


In the first of our series on carers, James Roberson went to met


Sophie, whose only respite from her duties comes through her dance


classes. At classes in Derby, Sophie Walker


looks like all the other young dancers learning the latest routine.


For Sophie, this is her knee time. -- me time. But she soon get back


to her other eating, washing up and making food, so she can help to


look after her mother. She has Huntington's disease. It


progressively affects the brain and nervous system. Hadn't really mind


because I think I am used to it now. I don't find it as hard. -- I don't


really mind. Some people think it is a big deal but it is normal life.


Sophie has spent most of her child at helping care for her mother. As


her condition has worsened, so he has done more and more so Alpo,


from making her bed debating have lost up people say you are doing


really well. She just doesn't see what all the fuss is about. She


doesn't think she is anything special. So he also has to fit in


homework and every week her dancing, her bit of respite care. It gives


me a really good break and everyone is fully supportive. It gives me


someone to talk to land gives me a break. Because my father a break.


Her parents are proud of her daughter who has already won a


committee Champions Award and is hoping to be part of the Olympic


torch relay. The mother nominated me. I felt really good. I like it


when I make my mother pride and she is happy. As long as my mother is


happy, I'm happy as well. There could be up to 750,000 teenagers


like Sophie across the country. Many are reluctant to admit they


care for other people, a point made by Nikki Thompson from the


Barnardo's charity earlier this afternoon.


The overriding fear for young carers and their parents is if they


ask for help it will be perceived that they are not coping and they


are frightened that their family will be split up if they do ask for


some support. That is not what happens but I think that is the


overriding fear. That is the biggest challenge that we all face


in terms of identifying young people like Sophie and their


parents. Sophie is obviously comfortable with her role. She is a


great girl. There are other children who would fear being


bullied, is that right? Yes. At Barnardo's, day-in, day-out, we


would have lots of young carers who are not coping as well as Sophie


and to one not as resilient as Sophie evidently is. One of the


many negative impacts of being a young carer can be bullying from


Piers, which is very distressing. - - peers. No teenager wants to be


seen as being different. Sadly, in society, even today, there are


tremendous stigmas associated with mental health, physical


disabilities and alcohol and substance issues, which many of our


young carers parents are experiencing. By association, the


young carers are stigmatised as well. I know that Barnardo's


supports young carers. There is help out there, isn't there?


Certainly, Barnardo works with over 350 young carers in Leicester and


Leicestershire every year. There are other young care services


throughout the East Midlands. There is a great website younger carers


.net. You can search in your area. There is a safe chat room as well.


Still to come: it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.


Yes, snow in some parts last night. And there's another cold one on the


way. I am keeping warm and snug, looking at some of the snowy images


that have come in today four cross region. I will be giving you the


First Nigel Pearson says he'll be looking to tweak his Leicester City


squad in the January transfer window. It follows defeat to his


old club Hull City at the weekend. Jeremy Nicholas reports.


The Hull City Platt -- fans had been... They were not impressed.


Another game. That is your people's job to build it up like that. It


was a game we are all looking forward to. 10 of the 11 players


were signed by Pearson and it was left to his players to open the


scoring, nearly. A crucial moment was the sending off of his play a.


At first, the second red card seemed harsh but closer inspection


showed it wasn't for the initial challenge but for the following


trip. Have got no complaints with it. I've seen at a number of times.


-- I've got no complaints with it. Friarton made no mistakes from the


spot. Leicester were back in the game when David Nugent found


himself in space. His shot was straight at the keeper. The shot


came back to this other player. His right foot found the bottom corner.


The travelling supporters sang, with only got 10 men, and it looked


like they were going to win it. But this player scored a goal right at


We know we've got very good players. The balance of the squad needs


tweaking slightly. We will look at that when the January comes but


there is a bit of football to be paid between Valand them. --


between now and then. Leicester's squad, tweaked or not,


learned yesterday they will go to Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup


third round. So no pressure for either team there. Actually, its


probably an unwelcome distraction for Forest in particular. A third


defeat on the bounce on Saturday in another game which Forest should


have won. This is why they did not. But his


injury time and a moment of weakness and Brighton and pick


Forest. -- unpick. It was a crawl way to lose it. We've got to keep


our focus and belief. We cannot turn in a performance like that and


there be too much wrong with us. can show you exactly what Steve


Especially in the second half, passing and movement to savour. In


the end there, all for nothing. Like it or not, Nottingham Forest


of Ackerman bottom three. -- back in the bottom three.


Bit of Forest news today. Former striker Marlon Harewood is back


training with the club. He's been playing in China and becomes a free


agent next month. Notts County are safely through to the third round


of the FA Cup, where a they have the rather dull draw of Doncaster


away. But at least they made it past non-league Sutton United.


Notts progress was by no means certain until the very end of the


game. Jeff Hughes had given them the lead 35 minutes in, but Notts


only stayed in front because Stuart Nelson was able to save a Sutton


penalty. The Magpies finally finished their non league opponents


off in injury time. Hughes again. One final thing from the FA Cup.


Derby, who drew against Crystal Palace in the league on Friday,


will be at home to guess who? Crystal Palace, in the third round


of the Cup. In Rugby, a bit of a relief for me.


On Friday I absolutely promised you Leicester Tigers against


Northampton would be exciting. So thank goodness it was. Tigers


victorious by just five points in a cracking Premiership game at a


packed Welford Road. It is fair to say they will not be


many Christmas cards sent between these two teams. Northampton's Tom


Ward was not pulling his punches. The cavalry arrived and it all


kicked off. Two of the players were sent off. Ashton, who started the


whole thing, escaped Scot free hand went on to score a try to keep


Northampton in the game. Young went over to keep Leicester's noses


ahead. Northampton hit back with tries from these two players. The


Saints went into the lead. They left Tigers fans with their hearts


in their mouths. A win is even sweeter when it is almost taken


away. To rub salt into Chris Ashton's wins, he was even GG


enough to touch down with his famous splash. -- cheeky enough.


It was also tight for Nottingham Panthers, though it shouldn't have


been. These goals had helped Nottingham to a four one lead but


later they somehow let Dundee back into it for a tense final few


minutes. In the end though the work Panthers did here was enough. 5-4,


the final score. A mention, finally, for Leicester


Riders. No BBL Cup final for them, a poor first half did the damage as


they lost in their semi final second leg at Newcastle. Now for


the first in a little series we're running to give you a flavour of


Christmas, with the emphasis on the flavour.


Yes, we've been lucky enough to visit some of those who put the


spice into festive food. Tonight, I'm off to Hambleton


bakery in Rutland, if I manage to I think I must have come a long way


round. I've got my mincemeat, all I Good afternoon. Welcome to the


bakery. Do you have any mince pies? We have some lovely puff pastry


mince pies and we make our own mincemeat. Lovely. Can I see the


Baker? Yes, Julien would love to speak to you. Hello. Hello. Crikey,


what is this? This is our Christmas Crown, a bun loaf, soaked in apple


brandy with stem gender and dried apple. This is one of our Christmas


product. What else? Mince pies are the killer, we have to make


thousands of them. We do we still since gone, celebrating the Stilton.


A cherry and almond tart. We have a new tarred with orange zest this


year. What about your mincemeat? That's a really, really nice. That


is the easy part though, the hard part is making the mince pies,


thousands of them! Shall I have a He wouldn't get too many done with


me doing it, would you? If I worked here, I would be about 73 stone.


I've tasted everything so far. You are never going to get cold here,


this is a wood-burning oven. It is huge in there. There are only three


in a country. The mince pies are And who shall I give my mince pie


Thanks. Sorry, Tom, it was a long journey


back and I couldn't resist trying its...


Good evening. We've had snow recedes across the East Midlands


and a couple of our cameraman went out to film these scenes. This dog


is having a great time, isn't he? Into Ashbourne as well, plenty of


snow around. If you have not seen any snow today, there has been


plenty around. We are set to see further icy conditions as we go


through the ceiling and overnight tonight. If you have any nice shots,


or send the men. -- send them in. We have a Met Office weather


warning, a yellow alert for icy conditions overnight tonight and


into tomorrow morning. It is mainly for the Peak District which is


going to be affected by this weather warning. As we move on and


look ahead over the coming few days, we can save there are some showers


trickling in across the region. Just to the north, we are seeing a


wintry mix. A little bit of snow is still over the Peter strict. Way we


do see those showers continuing as there temperatures plummet. -- over


the Peak District. Temperatures will be turning very cold. A very


cold start to Tuesday morning, I stand for Sunday. A touch of frost


tomorrow morning. A bright and sunny start but the cloud increases


and we get further showers blowing in through the afternoon. The


temperatures still struggling, only getting up to around six Celsius as


your maximum temperature. Another cold night ahead. Wednesday is a


blustery day. The chance of one or two showers although they will be


mainly rain showers. Further very wet and windy weather heading our


And finally tonight, a happy ending for a flock of geese. For ten years


they have lived on an allotment in Mansfield Woodhouse.


But their owner, Roger Spate, was told that after complaints the


birds would have to go. Well, after their case was highlighted on East


Midlands Today and after lots of offers, they've today moved to a


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