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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Our top story tonight - the childless couples facing agonising


delays in getting fertility treatment. A shortage of funds


could threaten their charts is of getting a baby through IVF. After


five years of trying, naturally, IVF was our only hope. It Farhad


way today longer, I would have been stressed more about our chances of


Memorials, park benches, even Benn's. The scourge of metal theft.


Belts tightening at the Town Hall. After a very wet and windy day,


will the stormy conditions Good evening. First tonight we can


reveal childless couples are facing delays of around two months for


fertility treatment on the NHS because of a shortage of funding.


The health service says there's been an unexpected increase in


demand for IVF treatment. But the annual budget is fixed. At one


clinic most NHS patients will now have to wait until at least mid-


February to begin treatment. Our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons


The miracle of life. Created by a This woman had successful NHS


treatment. We certainly would have not had the baby without it. It


took a while for the ITF system to come -- kick in. When it did, it


was the first attempt, which is great. In Nottinghamshire -- in


Nottinghamshire, you only get one pundits got us -- cycle on the NHS.


Here she is! But the weights are getting longer. NHS funding in


Nottingham is now so tight, there are delays of two months. They have


been waiting a long time to get their funding. This is now another


delay on top, and they have to hope that this is the only delay. For


these patients, coming to the end of their reproductive life, every


month is very important for them. Across the city at the Queen's


Medical Centre, they have also seen demand go up, back NHS funding has


not kept up. The success rates are up to 50 % in a our NHS patients


coming in for treatment at the moment on the contracts. Advances


in IVF have meant that more babies are being born and treatment is far


more successful. Even before the latest delays, there are barriers


to overcome to get NHS funding. Women in the East Midlands me to be


between 23 and 39, and have a body mass in set -- index of 19 --


between 19 and 30. If you are currently undergoing treatment,


don't worry. If you are a new referral, this is where the delays


will kick in. It is because the money is ring-fenced. There's only


so much money to go round. Is it true that in some parts of the


country, there is no IVF on the NHS a tall? That is true, and is his


controversial whether the NHS should fund IVF. In places like


York and Warrington, because of the pressure on NHS budgets, they have


suspended treatment altogether -- funding for the treatment


altogether. There is no plans to do that in the East Midlands. They did


It's costing one of our councils almost �1,000 a week - the theft of


metal street furniture like benches, litter bins and even drain covers.


In fact, since January, 200 drain covers and 26 metal bins have been


stolen from Nottingham. Now it's hoped that by marking items with


dye the thieves will think twice. Paul Bradshaw reports. Brushing up


on security. This memorial plaque on Nottingham's Embankment has been


permanently marked with smart water. The city council is a response to a


surge in metal thefts. The it has doubled in the last year. �50,000


worth of metal has been set up -- stolen in the last month alone. All


precious metal has been taken out of the city. This is a fight back


to protect our heritage. This bench may be made of hard metal, but it


is seen as a soft touch. We do taking very seriously, so we are


talking to scrap metal merchants, and we are marking the metal. If


you get caught, you will be punished. Metal theft is an all too


familiar story. Only three months ago, I reported on a police


operation which uncovered stolen lead that had been smart watered.


The lead had come from this church. They are now having to replace the


lead with clay tiles costing thousands of pounds. The loss of


the lead was significant, because our insurers have been suspended.


We had to raise the money for the replacement materials. The fact it


has been recovered is terrific, but -- because we have had led stolen


in the past. The smart watering has paid off. The water contains a


fingerprint that proves irrefutable proof of ownership. It is hoped the


A A man with homes in Derbyshire has been sentenced for tax evasion


of �290,000. Michael Keena carried out roofing work around Derbyshire.


He failed to declare earnings of one point seventeen million pounds


over seven years and failed to pay the income tax, VAT and national


insurance. He's required to pay the money or face jail. It's emerged


that East Midlands Trains made a loss of more than �25 million over


six months. Figures from Stagecoach who own the train franchise show


East Midlands Trains made the loss between April and October this year.


Whilst more people are using the service passenger revenues were


lower then expected. The company expects to be in profit next year.


Still to come on the programme - more good news for engineering in


our region. Leicestershire-based Caterpillar follow Rolls Royce and


JCB in announcing a much-needed Nottinghamshire police are warning


anyone tempted to make up an allegation of rape to think again.


For the accused - and the accuser - the consequences can be devastating.


They've told us that several well publicised accusations over the


past year turned out to be completely false. Here's Sarah


Three crime of rape is one of the most difficult for the police to


investigate. Had to prove an allegation with one person against


another when only one person is true? Since last November, they are


asking 300 allegations of rape. 60 % -- 16 % turned out to be false.


It is a concern to the senior police officer. Superintendent


Helen Chamberlain says in some circumstances, they will prosecute.


Their actions will cause a lot of work for the police. We will treat


it seriously in terms of considering them for an offence.


They have wasted police time. June, 19-year-old student was


jailed for two years for perverting the course of justice. The forces


Dow said that three claims were the most -- emotionally vulnerable


had made a false claim against a stranger. It cost �250,000 if and


rape investigation reaches court. rape investigation reaches court.


Police do not want to deter genuine Police do not want to deter genuine


race -- rape victims to Concorde. People to worry about the support


they get. Only 13 % of rape allegations in Nottinghamshire


result in convictions. But there are can be -- successes. This man


was jailed for 17 years after raping his victim in front of her


boyfriend on New Year's Day. We take -- the police say they take


The leader of the Labour party has been telling workers at an East


Midlands firm that HIS party will help local businesses grow. Ed


Miliband was visiting Tioga in Derby, which makes circuit boards


for the electronics industry. Tioga is taking on apprentices, despite


the current economic conditions. Mr Milliband told staff similar growth


is needed in all businesses. We are going to all parts of the country


talking to businesses about what they need from the economy. What


most businesses are saying is that they need growth in the economy,


because flat mining is not going to work. This business is doing OK


thanks to their efforts. We need a government that is going to support


of businesses like this one. there's been another major


announcement on the jobs front today. The digger-maker Caterpillar


is doubling production at its Leicestershire plant. The move is


likely to lead to hundreds of extra jobs at the firm which already


employs two thousand people. Here's This is the visitors' centre here


The firm has just announced a �50 million investment. Let's hear it


from the MD of Caterpillar. We are going to increase our capacity in


the UK. We are going to be doubling it. We are bullish about the future


and our plans. It will continue like that. The markets around --


outside Europe are particularly doing well. There's a lot of demand


for these. We have proved to be an excellent export base for the world.


We do not know the numbers, but we will certainly increase from now.


We will start an apprentice programme. We have 200 this year,


we had to have 200 next year and to you -- 200 the year after. We will


be continuing with that. Doubling apprentices each year. That is good


news for Caterpillar. I like everyone else, 2009 is the year we


would want to forget, but we have come out of it very well. Many


thanks, and this is just the latest announcement of major investment by


major manufacturers here in the East Midlands. Going to the


pictures has never been more popular. A chance to indulge in a


bit of harmless escapism. But for some people with disabilities,


watching a film can be a drama in itself. Today campaigner Vivek


Gohill from Leicestershire met the bosses of Britain's major cinema


chains to talk about a lack of facilities for disabled people.


This woman has muscular -- this man has muscular dystrophy. He is


saying that people with disabilities should have better


views of the big screen. If you're sitting at the front of the


auditorium, you have to crane your neck to see the screen. It is quite


painful after a while. That is one of the problems. Another problem is


the will chair seats. There's not enough space to sit in the group


when you're with your friends. muscular dystrophy Campaign has


made a campaign -- a trailer. should always be universal access.


I would support everything they are doing to change that. Everyone has


the right to go and see a good movie. I am quite positive that


changes are going to be made. The cinema industry will have to listen


to these changes. It just adds more pressure on them. This morning, he


joined other campaigners to present a petition at Downing Street which


they hope will make the move is a - - movie industry pay attention.


hope the Co op's of cinema -- C O of cinema as to listen.


government says it is committed to improving it for all disabled


The civil rights campaigner Reverend Jesse Jackson is to


receive an honorary degree from De Montfort University. Reverend


Jackson visited Leicester in 2007 to meet the city's minority


communities. Next week he'll be back in Leicester to receive the


honorary degree and attend a conference on the threat of


terrorism in the UK. Now, one lucky person in


Nottinghamshire could be holding on to a lottery ticket worth over


�300,000. The National Lottery announced there is an unclaimed


ticket belonging to someone living in Rushcliffe. The ticket dates


back to the 19th of November and comprised five winning numbers and


a bonus ball. I will check mine in the cart, immediately.


Now, with their ceremonial robes and gold chain, there's a certain


amount of splendour associated with the office of mayor or Lord Mayor.


But how much do some of our councils spend on cars for their


civic representatives? Today the mayor of Leicester, Sir Peter


Soulsby, promised to get rid of one of the Lord Mayor's two luxury cars.


Whilst in Loughborough the Lord Mayor of Charnwood now uses a Skoda.


Tom Brown reports. A touch of elegance in a time of


austerity. These two cars used by Leicester's Lord Mayor cost nearly


�18,000 a year to run. What price to for the personalised number


plates? By looking to save �70 million over the next three years,


today the mayor promised to get rid of not one, but both. The second


car is a modest saving, but none the less a saving we look to make


over the weeks and months ahead. I have no doubt at all that the axe


will fall on it. The city council also owns two cars, one for the


mayor and the sheriff, they were bought for �90,000 and a further


�16,000 is needed each year to run them. Replace any vehicles has been


all ruled out. In Loughborough the council have decided to change the


Meyers car, bringing in this new Skoda over the next four years. The


council says it will save them money. The mayor has over 400


visits per annum to make and travels around 15,000 miles, he


could not do as many engagements as he does in one day without it. It


makes sense to have a male role car. We would have had we would have had


people complaining if we had gone for a Mercedes or something like


that. This has got many people's approval.


Now it hopes the rest of the borough will feel the same.


Still to come on the programme, a hobby for the nimble fingered. We


meet the collector who's big on First tonight, for a long time it


has been a taboo subject, but Derbyshire cricket captain Luke


Sutton has announced he is retiring from the game because of depression.


The 35 year old, who has made 176 first class appearances, said in a


statement that as a professional sportsman he felt it was extremely


embarrassing to admit to a weakness. But, he says, he was proud to have


found the strength to have sought treatment. His replacement will be


announced in the next few days. We wish him well.


Onto football and Nottingham Forest have reported losses of more than


�11m for last year, despite an increase in turnover. It comes as


chairman Nigel Doughty has stepped down from his role but will


continue with his financial support. But Reds boss Steve Cotterill says


he's not at all concerned by the finances. I am not responsible for


that, I can't really worry about to -- it's too much. I have not done


an accountancy course, I will leave that to the people in charge. It is


obviously a blow, but when you have been in charge of a football club


which is �120 million in debt, then I can handle this.


It may have escaped your attention but England's netball team have


just won their first ever world title. For whatever reason the


sport tends to go under the radar in this country. That's all about


to change for one of Loughborough's England stars though. Kirsty


Edwards reports. It has been a whirlwind couple of


weeks, capping England took an historic win in the world netball


series, and now getting ready to leave her Loughborough lining team-


mates behind and jet off to play in the biggest netball leak in the


It is a joint league between Australia and New Zealand, trying


to put your whole life into one piece of luggage. It is going to be


quite scary, but at the same time a great opportunity. You will have


300 people watching games here in Loughborough, in New Zealand they


are paid to play in front of thousands. That is why she is


heading Down Under, just like her coach did 12 years ago. I went out


there and is a similar thing, some of the girls are superstars in New


Zealand and I am sure she will love the limelight. The game may be huge


Down Under but it has a long way to go elsewhere. We will see


basketball at the Olympics but still no place for netball.


trained as much as any armour athlete, so I think it would be our


dream to get it in the Olympics. minutes in an action-packed game


where you have bodies everywhere, 120 goals potentially, it is a


great spectacle. She sells the game well and after England success on


the world stage, it is hoped that more people will start buying into


Congratulations to Leicestershire cyclist Lucy Garner. She has made


the final 3 for the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year


award. Little wonder after the 12 months she has had, she became the


junior road race world champion making her Britain's first


medallist in the event for more than a decade. She also became the


Youth Commonwealth Games road race champion and team time trial


champion this year. Fingers crossed for the big night on December 22nd.


Can I urge you to watch netball live if you can.


And now, back by popular demand, Jeremy and his series all about


people who make a hobby out of collecting things. Tonight we meet


a lady whose collection is made up from the tools of her trade.


Unravelling the bobbins, the often ornate spindles used in lace-making.


Louise West has been collecting for years. Most of them on a here are


made from bone, they are weighted with a spangle as the bottom. Today


that is generally a ring of glass beads. It could have been all sorts


of things, beads, buttons, Collins, the lace makers would have been


cottage workers, working in poor conditions by candlelight. Most


were blind by the time they reach the mid- twenties and were paid a


pittance for a luxury product. It is nice to handle the bobbins and


feel the history. This was made for somebody called Mary, this one and


his birth. This one was made for George, they have tried to make the


letters, they were so fed up they missed out the letter G. Bobbins


have been used to commemorate moments in history. The public


hanging was one which was commemorated here quite a bit on


bobbins in the 19th century. lovely souvenir for William Balfe


who was hanged for killing a lady. 1871. Louise makes her own souvenir


bobbins. I had a bobbin at to commemorate my course at Derby


University. We which is the one which would get you bobbing up and


down with excitement? One made for Thomas Leicester to give to his


best lace makers. To give you an idea of the amount of work involved,


there are 120 involved here, and this has taken 150 hours. That is


not a wind-up! He was quite taken by the world of


bobbins. Well done, you have educated us. A rare event. I am


It's been a pretty blustery day here, these turbines filmed near


Mansfield this morning were turning in a 35 mile an hour wind, just


right for them as they were generating their maximum power


output. They're built to withstand a lot more than that and things did


turn windier in the afternoon but we've not seen anything like the


gales in Scotland. The next morning we have is for ice, to affect


Derbyshire, I will tell you more why later on. The winds are still


freezing, and it stays windy through the evening. It will be


very cold. Most of us have moaned about the wind, but some of us have


been enjoying them. Particularly this chap, windsurfing. Let us look


then, a cold front, once it has cleared much colder air feeding in.


Pretty heavy rain with the scrawly wins. Clearing rain across the East


Midlands, one or two remain for a time. Try for most parts, however


into the early hours Weise will see some showers. There will be an ice


risk with the cold conditions dipping down to two Celsius. A cold


start for tomorrow morning, and I see one in parts of north


Derbyshire. The warning there until 10am. Please be careful on the


roads. Today much, on the roads, plenty of sunshine for most,


temperatures down a bit too five Celsius as a maximum tomorrow.


Tonight there could be the main shower around, but still try for


most. Bitterly cold on Friday, you will need something warm one. A


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