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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Our top story tonight, shock and disbelief in Melton Mowbray after a


father turns on his family. Former police inspector Toby Day


was sacked just over a week ago. Yesterday, he attacked his wife and


children, leaving the quiet community here horrified.


In other news: how CCTV cameras trapped a rapist as he followed his


victim through a city's streets. Also tonight: deadline day for


solar panels. Why there is such a rush to get them on your roof.


And why these children are full of Good evening and welcome to


Friday's programme. First tonight, it seems a former senior police


officer killed his wife and young daughter just days after being


sacked from the Leicestershire force.


Toby Day left his two other children with serious injuries


before killing himself at the family home. The deaths have left a


community in shock. From Melton Mowbray, here's Helen Astle.


Good evening. This is a quiet rural community. Last night people here


were worried by what they were seeing. Today, they're devastated.


As you say, two adults and a child are dead. And two older children


are lying in hospital beds in a stable condition. What happened


behind this front door was horrific. It was tragic. And tonight there is


just one question, why? The police continued their


investigations today. This is where they were first alerted. It was


around 4:20pm yesterday when a 15 year-old girl with serious injuries


ran to the school for help. She has been named as Kimberley day. Her


mother worked at the school. Kimberley is now in a stable


condition in at Nottingham. After being alerted, the police forced


their way into the family home. They found two adults and two other


children. One of the children, a 13 year-old boy, believed to be called


Adam, was still alive. He is also in this stable condition in


hospital. What -- what about those who died? This man was dismissed


from the force last Thursday following a misconduct hearing. The


woman and child have yet to be formally identified. They are


thought to be his wife, Samantha, and their daughter, Genevieve, who


was six years old. It is believed he attacked his family before


killing himself. The local community is horrified. I can


honestly say that I am really devastated. It has been an awful


shock to the community. I am praying for those children that are


run the hospital. She worked in that the nursery where my little


one went to the nursery. It is awful, everybody is really shocked.


I knew them by name because I know a lot of farmers and the committee.


They were well thought of by their neighbours. More than that a, I


really cannot say. But they were children but I know. Melton Mowbray


will be very heavily hit by what we have experienced yesterday and this


morning. He seemed like a model police officer and family man. We


will look over his police career now.


He has campaigned for... The law could and should do a huge amount


more. A one of his most high- profile cases had been helping to


relight a mother from Leicester with her young son who had been


taken to Dickie by his father. Today, London Chapman, the woman


who was helped by Toby day, was too upset to be interviewed on camera


but she said it was because of his work that she got her son back. She


described him as an amazing man. He developed community links in a


posting in Leicester. A lot of the people were very happy with Toby's


record so I am sure that they are just as shocked as me. We were full


of admiration for him. He seemed to get things done. In a lot of cases,


you never hear anything else but with Toby, he would follow it up


and get back to you. Three years ago, we filmed him training for a


marathon, raising cash for Crimestoppers. It was in memory of


a colleague who had been killed by her boyfriend. It is an independent


charity and wouldn't exist without charitable donations. I've seen


through my work how valuable it is and it makes a huge difference to


people who are very vulnerable. the end, his professional life was


in disarray also puts family life turned to tragedy soon afterwards.


Police are keen to speak to anyone who spoke to Toby Day yesterday. We


have learned in the last half-an- hour but three independent Police


Complaints Commission will not be examining the incident. Post mortem


examinations were due to have taken place this afternoon. But tonight,


this community is coming to terms with its loss. You're watching East


Midlands Today. Still to come, a couple behind a sham Indian


marriage are jailed. And a full weekend weather forecast


from Sally. I need my coat on, definitely my staff -- Scarff,


heart as well. Now I am ready for the cold weather. The question is,


A rapist who was described by a judge as a very high risk to the


public is tonight beginning an indefinite sentence after attacking


a woman on her way to work. Police say the conviction of


Matthew Mee was largely down to the effectiveness of CCTV. Our Chief


News reporter Quentin Rayner has been finding out how cameras and a


bank of screens helped catch him within 48 hours.


Around 4:00am on... A 26 year-old randomly chose a woman to stalk and


rape. The 40 miles on the outset of Nottingham and through the city


centre, he followed a Polish woman. She had only been in the UK for


three weeks and was walking to her factory job. These images track him


of pursuing her through the centre. By the time she reached Queen's


Drive, she was so terrified, she sat in the middle of a road. He


kicked her to get up and convinced the driver she was his girlfriend


and they had been arguing. Even granted by the throat and tried to


her into bushes where he repeatedly raped her for an hour. In a


statement, the victim said what happened to her here has ruined her


life. She still has anxiety and panic attacks and when she can slip,


she has nightmares when all she can see is his face. She says she does


not know if she can ever trust another man again in the future.


Nottingham is covered by more than 200 cameras. After the rape, an


image of the man was distributed to all officers. 48 hours later, he


was arrested. The following day, he was arrested for shoplifting and an


officer who had seen the image on our briefing tool found himself sat


there for -- was sat before him. Because of his fitness, he


recognised him from the four. As a result, he was arrested. He was


given an indeterminate wreck -- sentence. He cannot be considered


for parole for at least four years. A private company has won the


contract to run ambulance services for non-emergency patients across


the region. East Midlands Ambulance Service has been operating the


region's non-emergency medical transport for years but now a


private company will take over. The contract is worth �130 million over


five years. Primary care trusts say patients will benefit from new


vehicles, shorter waiting times and better communication.


A Nottingham doctor has been disciplined for abusing a system


designed to ensure that people with learning disabilities have regular,


good quality health checks. Doctor Hans Herbert Leo Mayer, who was a


GP at the Bull farm primary care centre in Mansfield, failed to


carry out the health checks on patients living at a residential


home. He also made false records of examinations. The General Medical


Council has suspended him from practise for nine months.


Next, the Leicester bride who flew to India for a sham marriage. Meena


Tailor's only guest was her real partner, who was paid almost �4,000.


Today they've both been jailed, along with the Indian groom who


took part in the immigration scam. This couple lived as a husband and


wife, they had a child under a joint mortgage but they both


travelled to India so she could marry another man. He was an Indian


national he wanted permission to settle here. Immigration officials


are convinced he paid her for a marriage of convenience. He was


given details of what the house was like... He kept detailed notes to


answer questions about the wife he hardly knew and to make it look as


though the marriage was genuine. What cars they have, what bank


accounts they have, favourite colours, drinks. Also, what they


have been on holiday, it was almost his script so he could show they


were in their relationship. Clearly, this was deception. He falsely


claimed he was living at this house in Glenfield which was being bought


by Taylor and her genuine partner. All three of them got credit for


pleading guilty but the judge said people involved in sham marriages


have to go to prison and this was a carefully planned scam to enable


the Indian man to stay in the UK. He will be deported after his


sentence is served. A man from Derbyshire is taking legal action


against a holiday firm after experiencing what he's called a


nightmare cruise. Don Mackintosh from Long Eaton says


his trip was ruined by illness. 76 year-old Dom McIntosh enjoys


boat cruises but in 10th January -- 2010 said his cruise around the


Canary Islands was an awful experience. He and others taking


legal action said he suffered gastric illness. We saw all the


cabin crew taking trays to the cabins where people were ill. The


boat looked grubby to me, may be that is my opinion, but I was not


happy with the cleanliness. The cabin stewards on our DEC were


students. In a statement, Thompson said we closely monitor all the


ships in our fleet to ensure that the strictest health, safety,


hygiene and comfort levels are maintained. He wants to be given


reasons for why he fell ill on board the cruise. He was looking


forward to his holiday. He didn't expect to fall ill. For a lot of


these clients, the reason why they end up pursuing legal actions


because they want to find out exactly what went wrong. He says


the experience has not put him off holiday cruises but once fair


compensation. -- he wants.


Now, Monday is a crucial date in the diary if you plan to harness


the power of the sun. It's the Government deadline for installing


solar panels with a high lead-in tariff.


That means if you put your solar panels up before next week you can


sell the units of electricity you produce at the highest rate. So,


for solar panel companies, it's a case of getting them up now.


On a day like this, you can see why so many people are pushing to get


panels put up. The government is cutting VAT subsidy paid for solar


produce electricity. It means that if you have panels installed before


Monday, you would generate electricity at 43 pence per unit.


After Monday, that goes down to 21p and that is why have they are --


there is such a rush. These are Nottingham city homes and they are


hoping to have panels fitted on 1300 of their properties by Monday.


The reason to rush to this deadline on the scheme is because all the


income generated from these panels behind us will go to the council


and that will be reinvested in housing stock. It has been


incredibly busy. We've managed to install nearly 120 systems a-week


for the last five weeks to maximise the installations before that offer


of December. There is scaffolding everywhere, refers all over the


city. We are going to hit our target. Pauline has already had his


put up and along with her husband, who is not very well, they used a


lot of electricity. All Electric, yes. Cooker, fire, oxygen. Tell me


about the oxygen. He can be honoured for 15 hours a day but


only when he just comes out of hospital. Is it a weight off not


having to pay so much? It will be when it is up and running. I think


our benefit from it. Solar panel companies say it is still worth


having the panels fitted after Monday. The sun will just not


generate quite so much weight. -- money.


It's 50 years today since the drug Ibuprofen was discovered by a team


of researchers in Nottingham. Team leader Dr Stewart Adams then


developed the drug, launching it in the UK in 1969 as a treatment for


rheumatoid arthritis. Nurofen followed in 1983, available over


the counter for the first time. Products based on Ibruprofen are


now on regular sale in more than 80 countries around the world.


very pleased about it and it is important to say it is a Nottingham


drug. It has produced almost entirely on this city site when it


was Boots' research department. I started off with a blank piece of


paper and one technician. From that came either approach from which is


a drug used worldwide. So many things were started, invented a


discovered in the East Midlands. Still to come on the programme: the


children thinking ahead to spring. The ground may be cold and muddy


but in a few months' time there'll An MP wants the government to think


again about handing substantial new funding to Nottingham because his


own City has been excluded. Jon Ashworth says it's nonsense


that Leicester's lost out because it's the biggest city in the region.


InterCity rivalry between Nottingham and Leicester is hardly


new but this latest spat started when the Deputy Prime Minister Nick


Clegg announced a new cash, up to �1 billion, for England's eight


biggest cities. In the East Midlands, that B is Nottingham,


Leicester is not included. But why? It is disappointing that Leicester


are still not considered a core City. The other pre-eminent city in


the East Midlands. This rivalry between cities is a healthy thing.


Cities have a competitiveness and verve that should be encouraged.


The government shows the eight so- called core cities for their


economic importance include Nottingham, Birmingham and


Manchester. Leicester shares it should be in the core City club


also put operation is bigger and the rate of economic activity is


also higher than Nottingham. raced in the House of Commons


yesterday, pushed the minister, and Our Mare has raised it with


ministers. How will push ministers further and try to get them to


change their minds and at Leicester to this list of cities. At a time


when government funding is tied, Nottingham's claim to be the


region's number-one course it you may be questioned again. -- core


city. And John's at the movies this week


for The Politics Show. The story of Grantham's most famous daughter


Margaret Thatcher is heading to the big screen. Here's more.


I will be getting the contrasting verdicts of striking miners and


older women of this film. I will be asking them whether Meryl Streep


cuts the mustard. So join Marie Ashby and the team for the Politics


Show this Sunday, from 12 noon here on BBC One. It looks like a good


safe -- a good film, that. First tonight, we start with


football. There's a full programme this weekend and none of our


Championship clubs are quite hitting their straps right now. Our


weekend preview starts with Nottingham Forest who are down at


the wrong end of the table. Manager Steve Cotterill believes they are


due a change in fortunes. Angela Rafferty looks ahead.


Three defeats, the bounce has left them in the drop CERN, beaten last


time out by a last-gasp goal at Brighton. If you're expecting of


the boss to be in the doldrums, think again. That's the best


they've been since I've been here so I don't have any qualms or


worries about them. I will keep talking to them, keep training from


and we will be OK. Derby were desperate for a change in fortunes


after their recent run and they got it. Now they want to put on a


better performance against brittle -- Bristol City. We've lost our


last three don't hear so it might not be a good thing. How


performance against Brighton was a very positive in lots of Wales. --


lots of ways. The focus for the team is on climbing for league


table. We know how tough every so fixture can be, whether it is at


home or away. What we've got to find all develop ourselves as a bit


more consistency over a run of games which allows us to make some


impact on of the league. You have to really work harder to earn that.


All the games on your BBC Local Radio station, including a long


trip for Colin Slater to Notts County's opponents Yeovil. Hope


he's fully recovered from the Radio Nottingham Sport Christmas Do last


night! For the second week running you can


make a very good argument that the biggest game of the weekend is in


rugby. Leicester Tigers travel to France for the biggest test of


their Heineken Cup campaign so far, away at big spending, big hitting


They are very well financed by Michelin. They were champions two


years ago. They are a quality team. But nothing but respect for them.


They are second in the table behind to lose. We've got a good enough


We are closer than we have ever been. It was end-to-end stuff there.


It was a dog fight. I think we are really a happy place. To come


through with a win gives us the boost that we want. We need to keep


Their crowd is pretty big so we will have to quieten them down in


the first quarter of the game. Of its massive, this is what Europe


And if you fancy some rugby action tonight Nottingham are in action


against London Welsh at Meadow Lane. Wrap up well. Or if you fancy


staying indoors Nottingham Panthers are in action against Edinburgh


Capitals at the NIC. Some other news. First cricket,


Nottinghamshire's Samit Patel has missed out on England's upcoming


tests against Pakistan in the UAE. Broad and Swann are, of course,


included. And Derbyshire have appointed Wayne Madsen as their


captain after the departure of Luke Sutton. And we hope young


motorcyclist Kyle Ryde is enjoying himself tonight. His supporters are


staging a fundraising event in Jacksdale right now. They're trying


to get the money together to send Britain's youngest ever road


championship winner off to race in Spain next year. Good luck.


100 school children have been down to their local park in Derby to


lend a helping hand to the council's gardeners.


Their efforts will certainly make a difference, but there'll be nothing


to see until the spring. Who knows what it Daffodil looks


like? The children braved the wind and rain to get their chance to get


their hands dirty. This is a bulb. This is the way to plant the bulbs.


All you have to do is place the bulk in the hole and to cover for


Balbo over, simple. We invited them to come along today so they can


plant the daffodil bulbs in the park, so they can feel they are --


they have ownership. They can come back in years to come and bring


their children. With nearly 5000 daffodil bulbs to plant, facing


discovered which bit they liked best. You have to jump on them to


Many of the children live close to the park. If they come back in the


spring, they will be over see what a difference they and 5000


daffodils have made. It is a good job of those bulbs are


tucked up nicely in the ground, It's going to be very cold. It will


turn bitterly cold and very frosty as well. We have yet another


warning. This is for eyes, mainly across Derbyshire. -- ice. Tonight,


the main headline is that it is going to be very cold and frosty.


This photograph shows a double rainbow that was captured over


Nottingham. We saw it as one of the BBC. Plenty of people sent in their


photos. Thank you very much. We can see on the radar picture those


showers trickling fervour widespread during the course of


today than we expected. Any showers we can see now will gradually


fizzled out of the next couple of buyers -- hours. Good, clear skies


and a widespread frost across the East Midlands with temperatures


plummeting. A very cold, a very frosty start to Saturday morning.


Beautiful and sunny. If you want to go out and enjoy that sunshine,


wrap up warm. Temperatures will struggle, for degrees is a maximum


temperature. Sunday is different, a cloudier picture overall. Overnight


rain spreading in on Saturday night and that will stay with us through


much of the morning. It looks like much of that temperatures will


struggle during the start of next week and if you thought we had


escaped the now, it looks like you're going to see a return of


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