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This is East Midlands Today. Our top story tonight, a head


teacher is sacked for altering his pupils' SATs tests. Aleks Grubisic


said he only wanted to make the children's answers clearer.


Plus the best news for Bethany. A perfect bone marrow match is found


in Germany. I am so happy that I am going to


have my sister for the rest of my life.


Also, why Jesse Jackson has come to Leicester with talk of tackling


inequality to combat extremism. And wedding inflation. We look at


Hello, good evening. First tonight, East Midlands Today has learned


that a primary school head teacher has been sacked for gross


misconduct. He altered his pupils' SATs papers.


Speed king exclusively, Aleks Grubisic says he is bitterly


disappointed to have lost his headship at Little Bowden Primary


School in Market Harborough. We can cross now to Victoria Hicks,


who is in our Leicester studio. When did all this happen?


It started in the summer when the year six students took their SATs


papers. The results came back, and eight formal complaint was lost --


was lodged from within the school. That is when a national body


intervened. This was the head teacher, Aleks Grubisic. He is 50,


he has been in teaching for 25 years, and for the last two years


he was head of 2-1. When that national body intervened, is re-


examined all the papers of the children. -- Little Bowden Primary


School. It then took the unusual step of cancelling the test results.


That meant the children went on to their new school without results.


Mr Grubisic was sacked for gross misconduct and four fours VI school


record. You spoke to him at his home in Leicester this afternoon.


What does he say he did? He did not want to talk on camera,


but he did admit to making some changes to his plea pupils' papers.


He says he did not falsify them, or improve his school's standing in


the tables. He said he did not want his pupils to be marked down for


unclear or messy work. So that meant if the answers were written


in the wrong place, on some papers he moved to the answer or wrote an


arrow to make it clear where the right answer was. He admits he made


a mistake doing that, but he said at the time he faced a personal


problems and panicked when he saw the papers.


What have the governors had to say? We approached the governing body,


we have had no response. We also wanted an end to be from the local


education authority, but the council Cantor instead issued a


statement confirming we already knew. -- County Council. This is


what some parents had to save. It is not very good. Not the best


thing to happen. Not very good for the school or the children. I do


not think it has been handled very fairly. No background has been


given about the reasons for this, and I do think that there are a lot


of whispers going on, and I do not think that is fair.


I do not believe all the full report has come out. I think we


should have been told more Falstaff if it was human error all his fault,


he has done so much for the school it will be a shame bad he has left


for the reasons he has. This afternoon, Mr Grubisic told me


he apologised to pupils and parents. As for his future, he has been


warned he could be struck off. So after 25 years' experience, he may


never teach again. Still to come, lean times on the


High Street. Consumers are reining in their Christmas spending, at


that could mean Turkey with fewer The perfect match, but will it be


enough to save young Bethany? The 14-year-old desperately needs a


bone marrow transplant. Her family have just been told that a donor


has been found in Germany. They say they are thrilled and can


finally contemplate celebrating Christmas.


They have not felt much like doing this up until now, but today it is


as if all their Christmases have come at once.


It was amazing to hear them, because I had not thought I would


get a full match. I am very happy and excited and am very grateful.


I am so happy I will have my sister for the rest of my life. Really


pleased. Bethany's had leukaemia since she


was three. She had been in remission, but it came back a few


weeks ago. More chemotherapy is no longer an option.


It was a huge shock, because I was feeling so well. I try to stay


positive with my family. None of us thought for a minute


that it would return. It was horrible. It was absolutely


heartbreaking, I can't describe how horrible it was to hear that. So


the fact that there could be a really good match out there for


Bethany is over during a, and so happy.


Geller has networked passionately for her sister. -- Gemma. They had


the biggest ever donor session in Leicester last month. 4000 people


contributed. You have been through so much. How


do feel about this news? Yesterday when they told us there


was a potential donor for Bethany, it was almost like a little miracle.


And it means Bethany's Merry Christmas could be followed by a


very happy new year. Fingers crossed for her.


A police force that has seen a sharp drop in burglary figures has


been ordered to check if they are accurate. Government inspectors are


worried that some house break-ins in Nottinghamshire might not have


been reported. This comes as they begin a pre-


Christmas crackdown on burglaries. Police! Open the door! Another


burglary suspect at a -- an early- morning raid this morning. The


owner of his hair salon told me how his home was ransacked yesterday


morning. They smashed a window then stole jewellery, a computer and a


new TV. It is just measurable. It makes you feel totally unprotected


and insecure. I did not sleep very well last night. My wife did not


either. We were listening for all sorts of noises. We wondered what


we have to do to protect our possessions.


Tackling burglary has been a priority for the police in


Nottinghamshire, as the official figures have been going down for


several years. But today, this report has raised questions about


how reliable the figures are. Inspectors found concerns that


house burglary may have been under recorded by Nottinghamshire Police.


They said some crimes were not order consistently, as they have


read -- they have ordered a six- month audit.


We are concerned if the force has not been recorded incorrectly. It


is important for the public that they have confidence that the


police force is going to record their crimes directly. Today,


Nottinghamshire Police made a robust defence of the force's crime


figures. Reporting and recording standards


in this force are totally accurate, 94% of all crimes reported to us


are correctly classified. The ones that are not, that is sometimes


because the public when they first report the crime, they do not give


us enough information to base our assumptions on.


But the police are worried that Nottinghamshire is starting to see


more burglaries reported, as they want us all to help tackle that.


Jeremy has joined us in the studio. Why is all of this so important?


Crime statistics are so important when it comes to judging the police.


Last week we heard a retired police inspector go public about his


worries. What this draft report does is really raised questions


about their credibility in black- and-white. Nottinghamshire Police


do not agree? No, they're quite angry. But they say they have


checked to those we classified burglaries that the inspection team


was worried about, they say aid has established a there was not a


problem. In fact, one police chief told me he is convinced that


Nottinghamshire's crime figures are probably more accurate than a lot


of others. More than 40 jobs in Nottingham are


at risk because of government proposals to close 39 regional


offices of the DVLA. 46 posts will go at the Bilborough office in


Nottingham. Ministers want to centralise the DVLA's work at its


headquarters in Swansea by the end of 2013. Today's saw the start of a


three-month long consultation. Police are searching for a gang up


and -- armed robbers who threatened a building society staff in


Elkstone. Money was being delivered to the company of this when a group


of men smashed into the front door? -- with sledgehammers. They escaped


with four cash boxes, but dropped one on the street.


This vehicle was stolen nearly a fortnight ago, so it is been


outstanding for quite a while. It is critical to establish exactly


where that has been in that intervening period. We know it is a


dark coloured BMW, and I would appeal for any witnesses to come


forward if they have seen it. He once advised Martin Luther King


and President Clinton and Obama. Today the American civil rights


leader Reverend Jesse Jackson was in Leicester.


He was talking about his experience of bringing different communities


together to combat extremism. A standing ovation for a civil


rights leader who at 70, remains an energetic champion for social


justice, and who is not afraid to speak his mind. The Reverend Jesse


Jackson Wouter this conference at De Montfort University of the


dangers of growing its trainers and. -- warned this conference.


Hope is diminishing. We must go another way.


He was addressing the first conference of its type organised by


a parliamentary committee investigating the Brits of a


violent radicalism. He has worked so hard. They have


been growing concern over far right extremism, and following the London


bombings in 2005, there is now closer surveillance of some Muslim


communities and universities. Jesse Jackson told be the dangers


of stereotyping people were there, whatever their religion.


The house of prayer becomes a House of Commerce. That is what Jesus


said. It was radical law, but not radical hate. Then we are


challenged to teach people that the science never races take valid


reaction to respond with violence. This is a real attempt with -- by


MPs took why then are the voices of those genuinely alarmed by growing


extremism both at home and abroad. There is a wide range of extremism


that needs to be addressed, and not one based on Islam or one


particular faith. The only way to do that is to work in conjunction


with the communities and government. Jesse Jackson received an honorary


degree from demand that University for his lifelong were to civil


rights. He still believes there is much injustice to put right.


We all know that prices are going up for pretty much everything, not


least food. In fact, the traditional Christmas dinner


provides a prime example of the rising cost of filling the shopping


basket. Research carried out by the


University of Nottingham suggest this year it could be a case of


Turkey with only a very few of the trimmings. Mike O'Sullivan is at


the Victoria Centre in Nottingham. The shops here are up until 8pm,


some of them, as the Christmas rush builds up. If you are thinking of


spending, I have been looking at some figures which should indicate


to you how your pay is keeping up with inflation, and another


estimate on inflation that will show how it is pushing up the cost


of your Christmas dinner this year. Turkey with all the trimmings. How


much more work cost due this year? Economists have worked it out. The


experts say a festive dinner for six people will cost an average �74


this year. That is �3.70 more than last year. That is based on an


average shopping trip going up by 5% it in a year.


Everything has gone up. The turkey is twice as much as a few years ago.


I will probably have less people over for dinner. Less presents,


less varied. Christmas is a special occasion,


and I do not think that will affect what we do on Christmas Day. But


generally, I do agree that food prices are expensive.


Food inflation is at an almost 20 year high. General inflation now


stands at almost 4.8%. So our wages keeping pace with inflation?


Figures show that in many places they are not. In the East Midlands,


average pay is just over �24,300. In Leicester, it has gone up a


little bit more. Nottingham has little bit more. Nottingham has


seen an increase, but it could be because there are fewer part-time


jobs and fewer low-paid jobs around two Adin. Derby has seen a drop in


pay levels. These new mothers have Just trying to find the best offers,


looking through leaflets and things like that. By them when you find a


good offer. I only spend what I can afford and it does not last long


for me. I am sure these words might come back to haunt me, because this


is all about forecasting, but all the indicators suggest that


inflation has peaked and we will probably see it all over the next


commands. The Government's inflation target is to%. We could


be heading that way, but because a bleak -- possibly because of weak


demand and the economy. There are other factors they could


bring down inflation. The Chancellor cancer and 3p per litre


increase in fuel duty will be a welcome relief for many families


will start -- the Chancellor cancelling. We hope that spending


will pick up in the run-up to Christmas.


Fingers crossed. In avenues, Derbyshire County Council has


signed a deal to create 700 apprenticeships over the next four


years. The scheme costing around �500,000 will be targeted at 16 and


17-year-olds who are not in education, employment or training.


The council is also offering training grants of �2,500 to small


and medium-sized companies to take on apprentices.


There has been a lot of talk of wind and wintriness this week.


Here's Sara with a quick look ahead to the forecast.


It is remaining very cold and windy throughout most of this week and


some of the Shah as we are likely to see could also produce a little


bit of snow. -- some of the showers. It does look pretty. Even when it


is fake! Nothing fake about our Natalie, with the sport.


Football, and Nottingham Forest chairman Fred Clarke has told us


tonight they have been no bids to buy the Cup since it was put up for


sale. In a powerful and honest interview he admitted he had found


it difficult in the last few months and says he cannot bring any


players in this January unless some go out.


He is a former European Cup-winning hero, so when not in Forest came


calling, Frank Clark knew he would help out. -- Nottingham Forest. But


the last two months has been harder than he thought. They got in an


ambitious manager who wants to build Rome in a day. That is one of


the reasons we brought him here. We want someone ambitious. He is


frustrated and we are frustrated that because of the financial


realities, we cannot do as much as we would like for him at the moment.


So that is something I am having to deal with. But this time last year,


Nottingham Forest were on the verge of six spot. They are now in the


bottom three. What has gone wrong in such a short space of time?


don't know what was done before we came here. I could tell you that


any club that has the managers in six months has problems. Eventually.


And the problem for Frank has now is he has to sell players before he


can bring any more in. We have to trade and not necessarily selling


and buying, we might be someone in on-loan, so we need to move


somebody out. What about the sale of the club, has there been any


interest for many buyers? The last time we heard from them, there was


no approaches whatsoever. So are you looking at alternative sources


of income? We are looking to strengthen the board, who might be


able to find investors. Frank wants to be frank, and honest and open


that the fans. Everybody at the club is doing their utmost to turn


it round and improve, but we need them to stay with us. Without them,


there will not be football here. Boxing, and this Saturday, Carl


Froch is aiming to become a dual world champion and the winner of


the Super Six tournament. But he is fighting the unbeaten American,


Andre Ward. Mark Shardlow is with the Froch cab in New York and all


this week he will be reporting on the build up to the bout. -- the


Froch camp. Carl Froch has been training here


in South Manhattan, 50 yards or so away from the site of the former


twin towers. Over the next few days, we will have the inside track on


his preparation for Saturday night's fight. We are with him as


he completes his fight camp in New York. He does not get any bigger


than this, this is the pinnacle. find out why a former heavyweight


world champion comes to visit. There is pressure on him. He has


superior power and strength. We go to the gym in Nottingham where Carl


started as a nine-year-old and went on to win schoolboy titles.


even then, you could not turn around and say he was good to be a


world champion. It and his mother opens the Froch scrapper. A just to


cough, almost son. -- scrub out. -- he just took off. Is that Carl


Froch, the legend? That his life, with the Carl Froch camp, over the


next three days here in the States on East Midlands Today.


That looks really good! Onto rugby, and Nottingham are getting some


help in their push for promotion from a World Cup winner, no less.


New Zealand international Ali Williams is returning to the club


in an advisory role. He will be helping to find new players from


Down Under and looking at ways they can increase their crowds. He wants


to repay Nottingham after they helped him regain his fitness


earlier this year. For four games, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The


green and white hoops, as they call it. I was surprised at how grounded


the guys were and how willing they were to strive towards higher goals.


But also a me to achieve my goals. Moral from Carl Froch tomorrow, but


that is all for now. -- more from. It is one of the biggest single


financial outlay is you are ever likely to make. Not your Christmas


dinner, but your wedding. We were wondering how is the wedding


industry faring in these rather straitened economic times? Any


matrimonial discounts on offer, or are the bills for her wedding bells


still going up? In our series on living, loving and leaving, or


births, marriages and deaths, we sent James Roberson to a wedding


It has been going 25 years, but each year, dividing show gets


bigger and better. One time, it was very straightforward, and now there


are so many wonderful ideas they can pick up at the show. For


example, chocolate fountains are very popular. One guide for brides


says the average wedding costs in 2010 was no over -- was over


�19,000. It will drop by 1,000 next year, but next year the prediction


is up at over �20,000. How can couples and parents save money?


Being organised, you can definitely save money. Lots of people like


ourselves do special offers if you order early. They are those brides


were the parents have contributed a lot and will still spend thousands,


but there are other brides have probably would rather use the money


on the mortgage on a house, so don't -- so go for something


slightly cheaper. Some businesses have kept prices the same for four


years. Does that help in a recession? Since the recession,


business has been wonderful. So people are still spending their


money on wedding cars. With costs so high, wedding insurance is


poplar. This company it offers a variation on that, on alternative


supply of one Nazi down. The bride does not want money back when the


failure happens, she wants the savings she has been promised.


are couples thinking ahead to save money? Daniel answer manpower are


already planning for 2013. We are hoping it will not really affect us.


We are just looking at things and getting ideas. Having a look at the


fashion show. So, money is ruling now, right? At the end of the day,


if the girl has her mind set of something, like all ladies, we get


what we want in the end. -- set on something.


That is so true! No, it is not!


As the father of two daughters, I As the father of two daughters, I


rather hope they will elope. Now let's get a look at the weather.


It will stick by windy throughout the early part of the evening and


we might see a few showers. But no rainbows tonight. A rainbow was


captured last Friday by sue Robinson. She managed to capture a


double rainbow. These keep your pictures coming in. We will start


to see this evening not only quite a strong West south-westerly wind,


but also a few showers around the region. The majority will be more


confined to the coast. We do start to see the wind easing off a little


into the early hours of the morning. Frost starting to form, a very cold


night. Temperatures falling to a minimum of one Celsius. It will be


colder in rural areas. First thing tomorrow, there will be a line of


showers pushing from the south-west. They could affect the south of


Leicestershire. There is another line coming through during the


afternoon. They could turn quite wintry. Some hail, sleet and snow.


Over the higher ground, they will start to fall as snow. The wind


also starting to strengthen from the South West. Another cold day


with a maximum temperature of five Celsius. We have also a windy day


in store for Thursday. Starting off try and becoming brighter through


the morning, then the cloudy increases. That is ahead of a band


of rain which is associated with that deep era of low pressure. At


present, it has also started to move direction, so we are keeping a


close eye on it. At present, it is sinking further south. We will keep


you informed over the next few days as to the strength of the wind. But


as to the strength of the wind. But it is set and down again for the


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