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This is East Midlands Today. Our top story: a grieving husband


accuses medical staff over the death of his wife.


Alison Taylor died from a blood clot days after giving birth.


to Taylor hopes no one ever has to endure the trauma and pain that his


wife suffered. The Christmas tipple that can kill


but just how much fake booze is out there?


Plus howl in Bakewell they are preparing for Christmas both here


in the church and down in the town. And I will keep you up-to-date on


Good evening. Welcome to the programme. A grieving widow Work


says he is convinced his wife would still be alive if more had been


done to spot the blood clot that killed her. Alison Taylor from


Leicestershire was only 29 years old and died just 16 days after


giving birth to her third child. Speaking at the end of a two-day


inquest, her husband Darren said he would be taking legal action.


Evie will never know her mother. 16 days after she was born, Alison was


in the bath when she shouted for help. She was blue, lips were blue


around the edges. I asked the ambulanceman and he said, it is not


looking good and he gave her this clot-busting drug that could work


but he could not give guarantees. Attempts to resuscitate Alison were


in vain. 11 days earlier and midwife had sent Alison to the


hospital suspecting she had a deep vein thrombosis but the doctor was


not convinced. He admitted misunderstanding guidelines and an


ultrasound scan was not available. The pathologist who carried out the


post-mortem told the hearing that there probably was a deep vein


thrombosis in Mrs Taylor's right leg and that if they scan had been


done, on or around the time she went to Leicester will Infirmary,


then she might still be alive. Darren Taylor told the inquest how


his wife still worried had gone to her GP twice, but at each time, how


puzzling symptoms were diagnosed as muscle pain. The coroner no narrow


-- decided on a narrative verdict, a blood clot had killed her


originating from DVT. investigation has been carried out


by the trust and hospital trust and recommendations have been made but


Mr Taylor and his family it is too little too late. Darren's solicitor


says the family is planning legal action. Left to bring up his


children on loan, there is a huge hole in all their lives.


Next tonight, Derby has been given a huge jobs boost after one of the


UK's largest call-centre companies announced plans to create 700 new


positions in the city over the next six months. Hero TSC is to move


into the former Egg building on Pride Park turning it into a


customer service centre for Sky. The company currently employs more


than 400 staff in eight cities around the UK. It will start


recruiting in Derby immediate lead. Part of the high street may be


suffering but one sector seems to be doing well. That is the discount


stores selling things for around �1. Bosses at two of the biggest chains


say it is due to the changing attitudes of consumers. They say


the embarrassment factor has gone. The pound staff shops are a growing


sector of the High Street. Many consumers are looking for value.


Customers at this pound while shop in Leicester say attitudes have


changed to shopping in discount stores. Everybody you speak to say,


you can get that from the pound shop. The stigma has gone. There


should be no stigma because it is a shop just like any other. The chain


has plans to open another five stores in the East Midlands next


year, creating up to 100 jobs. One worker who started here a few years


ago says she never expected the job to last. Enormously surprised


because although my manager was assuring me that it was the job


that would last, there were still the doubt in my mind and I thought,


have I done the right or wrong thing? I did the right thing.


Arrival of this canter, a branch of the 99p Stores in Derby. They


recently opened a new shop in Long Eaton. It is claimed many consumers


are feeling more comfortable with the concept. There are stories of


people hiding their carrier bags to hide where it came from, but


nowadays people are not embarrassed. Going back four or five years there


was that stigma but it is not there any more. People brag about what


they got in the pound shop. shops are saying there are now part


of the mainstream shopping experience and they are moving to


retail parks as well, so you can now drive up and spend your pound.


Some high-street stores are fighting back in these times but


what happens if your local high street is in a small town and not a


big city? How do shopkeepers attract business in places like


Bakewell? Let's ask James Roberson who happens to be there.


We are here in Bakewell and shoppers and Traders need all the


help they can get to fight back against the attractions of


supermarkets and big cities. On Monday, I was here in Bakewell to


see how traders are coping with the fight back to get the shoppers back


in here. On a sunny winter's day, Bakewell


looks bus the thing but this is market day and the weather is kind.


In reality, Bakewell has been struggling to keep shoppers coming


here but one of the older shops in town decided to fight back. It


expanded its business by investing in a big extension. It is a massive


investment and something we thought hard about, especially with the


economic climate. It has to be positive thinking for 2012 and it


has been a success. Senior citizens getting benefits from free public


transport, Bakewell's shops are looking at other ways of drawing


customers in. When you're out in a local community, you have to


support the local community. We have a local discount card.


marketing ideas help he around, they call traders knew something


extra was needed. Recently the town held a special Christmas weekend.


The local chamber of trade has been concerned about the decline of


turnover of businesses and we needed to do something to aid --


boost the local economy and make a call a focus 0.4 people to do


shopping. I have lived here for 12 years and I love the town and I did


not want to see it go downhill. result was a success. Hundreds of


people were involved and dozens of shops. We had the best Saturday we


ever had in 13 years. What a difference it makes for us. All the


shops did something individually and it brought all the tourists in


and it was fantastic. A lovely weekend. In the town, they are


already planning another bigger, better shopping weekend for next


Christmas. I will be back at the church here


later in the programme and to see that an exhibition of angels that


has brought hundreds of visitors into the church here as well.


Still to come: counting the holds in the road - last winter's big


freeze may be a distant memory but councils are still digging deep to


pay for the damage. East Midlands Today has discovered


that thousands of bottles of illegal alcohol have been seized


right across the region this year. Trading standards officers are so


concerned about the potentially fatal booze that for the first time,


they have issued a warning to shoppers.


In the summer, an explosion killed five men at a small unit in


Lincolnshire. Fake vodka was being produced in the centre of Boston.


Trading standards believe it could illicit alcohol firmly on the map.


It is now such a problem, for the first time, regional figures have


been compiled. Around 2,500 counterfeit bottles have been


recovered by trading standards following spot checks and


intelligence. Most of its branded as Fokker but containing


potentially fatal industrial alcohol used in cleaning products.


The number seized in Derby accounts for 60 % of the total. In April,


600 fake bottles were found at a house belonging to the owner of an


off-licence. In August, at 900 bottles were found in a delivery


van. Drop is a made-up name. The bottles contained a separate are


not used in anti-freeze. Elicit what care can be lethal. The this


is the tip of the iceberg. We know one lady in another part of the


country died and students are seeking this type of Barca out.


That is a very bad thing because what is in this is very harmful for


you. The forgers are getting better. Take this fake bottle. It is almost


impossible to tell the difference, even when compared with the genuine


article. Yesterday, 10 fake bottles were found in Nottingham. In


Mansfield, inspections have also been carried out. For the first


time, trading standards who are one in customers to be vigilant about


book like Christmas booze. They should be looking for poor quality


labelling. If the levels vary in the bottle, they should not. If it


taste strange contact trading standards, we can get it analysed


to make sure it is genuine. If you are in any doubt about the


Christmas tipple you are buying, the advice is if the price is too


good to be true, it probably is. Overboard is being offered to catch


a gang who attacked and terrorised a couple in their home. David and


Sandra Clarke were tied up and beaten by three men at their


farmhouse near Countesthorpe in September. An appeal will be shown


on TV tonight. A Crimewatch reconstruction shows


how masked men burst into the clocks home in September. I was


watching at the one with the machete which was frightening. I


was hit in the face with a crowbar. They said, you are lying to us.


Where is the money? They would not believe us. The couple were left


badly bruised by their attackers who stole cars, cash and fire arms


worth a total of �100,000. horrifies me to think some of the


guns they took could be threatening some poor shopkeeper. Police


believe the gang may have carried out another attack in Leicester. It


is hoped tonight appeal will help jog memories. A reward to help


catch those responsible is also on offer.


It has been confirmed that Nottingham will get two new


tramlines after the government signed off the proposals this


afternoon. Trams will now run as far as Clifton and and chilwell


with the first phase of construction due to begin next


month. Nottingham City Council will fund around a third of the �570


million extension, which is says it will do for next year's workplace


parking levy. Some of Derby's primary schools are


amongst the poorest performing in the country. The Department of


Education has released results of 16,000 schools across the country.


In Derby almost a quarter of the schools fell below the expected


standards for key stage two. The government says it is vital they


improve. We have hundreds of thousands of


young people leaving primary school every year as fluent readers, good


in arithmetic with an knowledge of science and general knowledge. Why


are there schools that are still underperforming and it is an


objective of the government that we have all schools that are the best.


We have looked at those schools and we are concentrating on those 20 to


bring them out and help them get a A union has accused councils are


failing to support their workers. They had said that the council does


not use as much work from come in macro as they used to. -- Remploy.


People do not realise the problems until they work in these factories.


They would be doing absolutely nothing if it wasn't my hair.


You are watching East Midlands Today. Do you remember scenes like


this from last year? They could be more on the way. We will have the


weather soon. The legacy of snow is pot holes. The council has received


a 77 complaints about holes in the road.


It is difficult to drive around at the East Midlands and not seek a


pothole. The cold weather last year caused considerable damage to our


road network. The number of pothole claims from motorists over the past


four years has shot up 500%. Leicester City Council are having


to U-turn, and invest money in the roads. We are putting �1 million


into the maintenance budget, to respond to these problems, and get


more of them repaired. Although relaying the road it looks easy, in


Nottingham they are studying how repairs like this can be improved.


The signs of understanding potholes is not that advance. -- the science.


The numbers are missing. Working out how quickly they deteriorate,


that sort of thing, that is a step we are yet to take.


universities have also been granted funding to test a difference


services, and how they react to traffic roads -- loads.


traffic roads -- loads. I hope will not get more potholes.


Here is the sport. Leicester City striker David Nugent


has told us he disappointed with the season so far. They are 9th in


the championship table. Despite their start, he feels they still


can get automatic promotion. Smiling and relaxed, but David


Nugent is not happy. A I am the leading goalscorer, but I should be


doing better. I hope to get ten goals by Christmas. He has scored


six goals, he says he, and the team have to do better. I think we


should be hierarch in the table. Results could be better. -- higher


up in the table. We need to get the results right. He has played for


England, made over 500 appearances for three different clubs, many


people regard him as a veteran. People remember me at 16. He says


the best is yet to come. I'm in my prime, 26, hopefully we can


challenge for the top two. We need to get to the Premier League.


believes Nigel Pearson is the man to guide them there. The lads are a


bit scared of him! If he says something, you have to listen to


him. Feeding you can go up? -- do you think you can go up? There are


whole point up for grabs, -- there are 12 points up for grabs, we need


to get the maximum. What a day boy Lee Westwood, he


leads the Thai Open up by five shots on day one. He fired a round


of 12 under-par, his best ever. Boxing, they are calling it the


fight to the air, Nottingham's Carl Froch against Andre Ward. It has


taken a Froch years to gain the respect he has now.


We are just two days away from this fight. Two days in the latest


chapter of the remarkable story of a man who used to watch boxing


films of his mother. It is a small step away from Carl Froch's buried


tell end to his career. -- fairy- tale ending to his story. I walked


into a boxing gym when I was nine years old. 25 years ago this is


where he first box. The club is still going strong. He believed in


himself. He fought nobody could beat him. He would get his homework


done. He was straight there. He won all of his schoolboy fight. He was


inspired by the Rocky films. I had my first amateur fight when I was


11 years old. He always kept winning. After a four-year break,


he became an amateur champion. He turned pro ten years ago. He won


the world title. You always believe that your child is special. I did


not believe that my son were grave to be a world champion. -- my son


would become a world champion. securing my legacy. I won my name


to live on. At the end of a day, we are very proud of him. Carl Froch,


a fighter from Nottingham, he did himself, and his city proud.


We will find out if the fairy tale comes true. The fight in Atlantic


City, I will be reporting from their tomorrow night.


Proof that mothers know best! Are always! -- always!


Earlier Ronni found out that shopkeepers from Bakewell are


preparing a -- preparing for Christmas. Now we hear from the


Christmas. Now we hear from the church.


This is a beautiful church. The decorations have been done by


children and professionals. I'm joined now by Canon Tony Kaunhoven,


where have all these angels come from? We have 16 professional


artists. We have around 70 made by the community. They are wonderful


displays, based on people's interpretation of angels. They are


not just here, there in the town as well? We invited local businesses,


organisations, and individuals to make them, put them in their


windows, their gardens, where the people wanted to put them. -- where


the people wanted to put them. We had people come here, they have


been inspired. It is part of their Christmas celebrations. They are


supporting our church, and an orphanage. That is wonderful. Thank


you very much. And now to play as out, the choir is going to play us


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 100 seconds


# Little Baby Jesus was at that Wasn't that a lovely? What we need


now to feel like Christmas, his son now to feel like Christmas, his son


snow. -- is a summer snow. Thank you for this picture of a


robin. Skied sending them in -- keeps sending them in. This is the


cloud which is sitting across the south-west of the country, on our


satellite. What we are starting to see is that the low pressure is


starting from the south. That is coming up from the English Channel,


for ourselves, we will see a band of rain working its way up the


country. A header that we have clear skies, some showers in the


Peak District. When that rain comes up, it will mean cold air. We will


start to see that turning into snow. Leicestershire, the South of


Derbyshire, we will see some showers there. Tomorrow morning,


during the rush-hour, the winds will strengthen. Some showers


coming in across the Peak District. A mixture of sleet and snow.


Temperatures reaching 3-4 degrees. A cold weekend in store, clear


skies on Friday night. Widespread frost, a cold north-westerly wind,


a chance of a few is no showers -- snow showers. Slightly lighter


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