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This is East Midlands Today. Our top story: for jail for a senior


police officer who groomed a 13- year-old girl for sex. Accord is


told former Inspector Russell Dew sent the girl 1,000 e-mails.


decent human being would be disgusted by what they heard today.


He is a dangerous and a manipulative sexual offender.


Just days before Christmas, a devastating fire leaves a family


facing homelessness. Plus we will be finding out how a


routine eye test saved the life of Chris Brown.


And I am here at the Montford Hall to find out what it is like to fly


Good evening. A former police inspector has been jailed for six


years for committing sex offences against a Jesse Gray School.


Nottingham Crown Court heard that Russell Dew groomed his victim by


sending e-mails from a police computer system. The judge said Dew


was a day and is offender who abused a position of trust.


Russell Dew had a promising police career but off-duty he was


committing crimes against a vulnerable girl. He admitted five


counts of illegal sexual activity. At Nottingham Crown Court heard the


former policeman was obsessed with his victim and invited her to his


home minaret way he changed into a skirt and tides before committing


the offences. The court was shown a video. Dew was lying on the four


fondling his victim. She has been traumatised as a result of this.


She has been marginalised as school, she has not been skied been, she


has been blaming herself. She sell part as the result of the effects


of this. Dew was working at Mansfield police station when his


colleagues arrested him when his victim complained to a seat jet. At


first he claimed he was being blackmailed but the court found


messages that Dew sound the girl. If a victim comes forward, police


will believe them. Perpetrators we will bring them to justice


regardless of who they are. Nobody is above the law. Russell Dew


worked as they custody sergeant but tonight he is going to prison,


paying the price for a horrendous breach of trust.


The family say they are lucky to be alive after their home caught fire.


The Hutton family from Leicester were already mourning their father


who died last month when their house went up in flames. The fire,


which started from a stray match, was so intense that the family have


been left with nothing. Now the community is coming together to


help. This smoke was coming out of the


roof. You can still smell it. can, this was on Saturday. Naomi


describes the family at the family home on Saturday. It is already a


difficult time for the family. They are grieving for a husband and


family -- father, Geoff, who died from cancer last month. We lost our


that's ashes. We have lost pictures, memories, two of our cats.


family are devastated at losing Jeff's ashes. They were supposed to


go into the sea, that was his wish. We have some left. We have lost


everything. You do not know where you will be tomorrow. It is just


awful for stop this afternoon, brought good news as the family


signed for a new home. They hope to be in for Christmas and neighbours


have been a rallying round to help, raising over �100. I have let the


family stay here. The neighbours have had a whip round and they have


donated some money. They have bought clothes down and they are


trying to find furniture for them. The neighbours are doing as much as


they can. I thought this type of community spirit was dead, but it


has proved me wrong. We have clothes that people donated.


family hoped to move back home in the next few months but for now,


they are believed they have each other.


Coming up: Colin will be at Fosse Park. He assures us he is not doing


his Christmas shopping. Maybe later on. As much as I dislike shopping,


I prefer doing it to what these guys are doing it. A 24 hour rowing


marathon and before that, Sara Sturdey is here with the Christmas


shopping trade. Also tonight from West Bridgford to Rock City - the


Accident investigators has spent the day examining the wreckage of


two planes after they collided in mid- air killing one of the pilots.


That plane crash-landed narrowly missing two homes in the Great


Stretton airier of Leicestershire. What is left of the pilot's plane


who died in yesterday's crash. The Leicestershire man has not been


identified yet. But fellow pilots say he was popular and experienced.


He has been a member for some years and through his aircraft all the


way around the UK, many airfields and into Europe as well. The effect


of the club is that everyone is absolutely devastated. It is not


clear what caused the two planes to collide in what were considered to


be good flying conditions, the pilot of the Red plane had just


taken off from here at Leicester airport when the yellow biplane


thought to be from the Nottingham area was coming into land. The two


men inside managed to escape with minor injuries. Investigators are


appealing for more eyewitnesses to come forward. Two planes were just


lying around and then I heard a gunshot noise which must have been


the engine cutting out. I saw the red and white plane spiralling out


of control. As we looked, or we saw the yellow plane on its side, what


looked as if it had landed on the road. It looked intact. The area


around Este airport has now reopened. But they could be months


before the air accident investigation branch publishes his


report into what happened here. An inquest has heard that a Polish


homeless man died on the street from alcohol poisoning. Arek Flaum


was found in the doorway of the Central Library in Nottingham last


month. He was more than five times their the drink-drive limit. A


narrative verdict was recorded and his body has been repatriated to


Poland. If �50,000 worth of copper cable


has been stolen from a wind farm. 150 metres of copper cable was


taken from the Lindhurst wind farm. Police believe the that was on 12th


December. Scrap-metal dealers have been warned to watch offer any want


selling cable. Has your Christmas shopping in the


back? Are your stocking filled? Are used it for Sunday? In these times,


finding the right present at the right price has never been more


important so how careful are we being with our money this


Christmas? Sara Sturdey is at Fosse Park. Good evening. If you had not


done your shopping yet, do not panic. You have the rest of the


week. Saturday's sales figures here have been described as


disappointing. Economic climates is taking its toll. For most, but not


all. It is pretty much the same. Oddity now we have a new one it


will get more expensive but it is this same. I have cut back on


previous years. The kids will not have as many presents under the


tree. I have bought most online because I am very busy. I am having


to cut back because the gas and electricity are increasing and


pensions are not rising with the rate of inflation. I just started


shopping earlier this year and was a bit more careful. Made sure what


I bought people was more usable. It does seem that we are tightening


our belts but that is not go to dampen the Christmas spirit and for


those in the know, they reckon they could be a bit of last-minute


Christmas shopping madness coming tomorrow.


Next tonight: how a simple I test saved a man's life. Chris Brown did


not even know he was ill when he went to get his eyes check. In fact


he was very ill. Within weeks, he was having brain surgery on a


potentially fatal tumour. When Chris Brown made an


appointment to have his eyes checked, he had no idea it would


end up saving his life. The 32- year-old notice the vision in his


left eye was blurred when dust blew into the other eye at work. He came


here to spec Savers and optometrist recognised there was a problem and


referred him to hospital to see a specialist. Chris was diagnosed


with a tumour on his pituitary gland at the base of his brain.


They said that if they do not get it sorted out all operated, I would


be applied within to back years. Dead within six years. It was a bit


scary. Chris underwent six hours of surgery to remove the tumour.


have only played a small part but I am so relieved I founded. You do


get satisfaction when you do something positive to help somebody.


A quiz's condition is extremely rare, so much so that just two of


every million people suffer from it but opticians here say not a week


goes by without them picking up on some kind of serious medical


problem. We can pick up things like diabetes, high blood pressure, high


cholesterol and those have a great impact of people's lies. This is my


second I test and it is worth having it done. Chris says he has a


team resurgence to thank for saving his life. This week, he was given


the great news that the operation had been successful and the tumour


had been fully remove. It is all good news just in time for


Christmas. Fantastic. Some more good news, the


cost -- boss of the call-centre firm bringing 700 jobs to Derby


says he would like to double the workforce in two years. The council


was involved behind the scenes to get Hero TSC into the former Egg


building at Pride Park. The council's cabinet has agreed to


take on the lease for half of the building that will remain empty.


Once the seats in this huge pall were filled by people working for


the Egg bank. They have all been made redundant but now a new


company has stepped in to bring hundreds of jobs back here. With


700 jobs on offer, many people have turned up to a robin jobs fair at


the four Egg building in Derby. am a single mum and hoping I will


find a position which will help me get into work again. I have spent a


lot of time volunteering so I can get a bit of background because it


is difficult to get your foot in the door. Hero TSC will be handling


calls for Sky TV. Derby will be at the 9th call centre. We have joined


together with Sky to bring 700 jobs to the community and over the next


two years we are looking to extend that, and I am hopeful that what we


are looking to do is double this. Hero TSC will only need half of the


building. The other half will be vacated by the Yorkshire Building


Society in May. The city council Cabinet has agreed to take on the


seven-year lease for the empty half. A potential cost of 2.2 5 million


from regeneration funds. It shows are the call centres and investors


that if they come and talk to us we will find solutions to the


difficulties they might be an countering elsewhere. It is hoped


the first calls will be handled Still to come, Carl Froch crashes


to earth. We visit Peter Pan.


And if you are hoping for a white Christmas, I'm afraid I am the


pantomime villain. The forecast coming up.


There has not been much chart success for Nottingham bans in


recent years. Probably the last time was Paper Lace in the 1970s.


We know the words! But all that may be about to change.


At the weekend, a group from West Bridgford headline that one of the


top rock venues in the country. -- headlined act of.


It was a night to remember for music lovers in Nottingham, as a


local band Dog at Is Dead took to the stage. A few years ago, they


were playing in their parents' back gardens and now there are one of


the biggest venues in Nottingham. This is a big gig for Nottingham.


Nottingham has been underperforming for Diez and at last we have a band


that is big enough to play one of the best regarded venues in the


whole city. -- 40 years. A after a barnstorming performance at


Glastonbury last year, the band have gone from strength to strength


and it has signed to a major label. It has been totally mental. It has


been a really weird, Strange ride as well as being everything we


could have wanted. Some really nice surprises. A great year for us, at


some writing and up for playing shows. -- songwriting. It is a long


way from being 16-year-olds in West Bridgford to coming to the biggest


venue in town. It is good to see someone from home doing so well.


have disturbed the band on BBC Radio Nottingham so I came along to


see them. -- I have just heard. have a full UK to her next year and


an album to finish, it is sure to be an exciting year ahead.


Who knows where they will be this time next year? Time to roll back


to Jenny's Wood. This is a 24 hour rowing marathon.


These players from Leicester are raising money for charity. We will


talk more about this later on. We are starting with Carl Froch, the


Nottingham boxer who has apologised to fans after losing his world


title in the early hours of yesterday. He produced a brave


performance but eventually lost on points to the very classy unbeaten


American Andre Ward. Now Carl Froch is hoping for a big homecoming


fight back in Nottingham. It had promised so much and many


hundreds of fans were hopeful but in the ring, Carl Froch was


frustrated by the skills of Andre Ward. The American was too quick


for his opponent, he struggled to make an impression. Ward's defence


was rock solid. It was a painful end to the rain, but the new


champion bore scars, too, and Carl Froch's profile was increased and


he had a positive attitude. I see myself up there with Muhammad Ali


and some of the top fighters who were beaten and came back stronger.


He left the arena three hours after the fight, already plotting his


next opponent. He will fight a Canadian opponent into a provides.


TRANSLATION: To stop him talking and fix everything in the ring. If


I fight him, I will stop him. Froch is still a serious contender


for world titles but today he arrived at Heathrow airport with


his luggage a little lighter. Andre Ward was a classy fighter.


Are you doing all right? It yes. Glad to hear it.


Like these people, our football clubs but in a lot of effort this


weekend without actually travelling anywhere.


Nigel Pearson says this week Leicester will be trying to change


their mentality after this 2-1 defeat. They controlled the game


for long periods with their top goalscorer giving them a 1-0


advantage but two goals from this player turned the game on its head.


It means Christmas is a season defining period for Leicester. No


goals in five for Nottingham Forest and their manager still has wise


Morgan it out for six weeks. On Saturday, the Bristol City goalie


was at his impeccable best, pulling off three exceptional saves from


Marcus Tudgay. Forest need a bit of luck at the minute. Derby will


consider themselves unfortunate, too. Did this head debt get cleared


off the line? The referee and linesman had to discuss it before


deciding it was a goal and that was enough for an Ipswich win. In


League One, two mistakes and a penalty saved cost not county who


lost -- cost Nottingham County, who lost 2-1 at against Leyton Orient.


With me now is a Leicester City's and decaying. It has not quite gone


according to plan, has made? have played well in fits and starts


but like to say, we have not had a consistent run. -- Andy King up. We


have to address it in the next game. We have unearthed players here so


we need to put our whole before us together for the full 90 minutes,


then we are good enough to beat any team in this league. The target is


a big one. That is a huge target. Definitely. The teams at the top


started very well but they are starting to show signs of cracking


up as the Christmas period comes. Much gets made of the Christmas


period and how many games are played over a short period of time.


We can pick up a few wins. It will hope to be put us in a good


position in January. What do you make of what these boys are up to?


And I am glad it is me up -- the Met rather than me. It is good for


the club and fair play to them. hours on a rowing machine is quite


something! Just around the corner from Leicester City are Leicester


Tigers, the biggest club in the English Premiership. Salary caps


mean that they and the rest of the Premiership feel they are falling


behind the French of the European stage. After suffering last week's


demolition across La Manche, Saturday's return game against


Clermont Auvergne became a must win. The visitors came in at numbers and


bantered the drum for a team who want to escape a Babel as perennial


bridesmaids. They had huge confidence after a big win over the


Tigers in France. You can bet that the Tigers fans will be even louder


than these funds! We are at home. That is the point.


We are very passionate about our team. Neither tame were able to get


a flow going in the first half and a was Tigers who found the first


breakthrough. Clermont Auvergne had been kicking their goal and when


his players scored at half-time, it put them nine points ahead. All


change in the second half, though. Suddenly, this player found his


kicking boots. The Tigers were then able to cross the try-line again.


Crucial to the Cup group winning bonus points was this match. What


made the difference? Determination in the end. A tough game. I have


nothing but admiration for the players. They are working hard.


They are a good solid. They are a difficult side to beat. In the end,


though we were the better side. got there in the end. The Cup is


still very much on for Tigers but that away game in at all stay in


January is now even bigger. -- been at bolster.


Some news about Nottingham Panthers now. They made life hard for


themselves. This is the fight back after Panthers had gifted their


opponents 8 3-0 lead. As the game ticked down, Pampers were still


behind so an extra skater came on and came up with the dramatic


leveller. -- Panthers. A point and a regular time draw would have to


do. That is the sport round-up. What about these rowers? They are


doing 24 hours. They are just over 10 hours in. How far have they


gone? Just over 175 kilometres so far. Not bad!


It makes you tired to watch them. We will find out how far they have


gone on the late news. We are well into the panto season. I was at


Sleeping Beauty. But in Leicester, a performance with a difference


just arrived all away from Neverland. The boy who never grew


up will be at De Montfort Hall for the next two weeks and the entire


performance will take place on ice. Last week, one of the planning team


called me over and asked me whether I like ice-skating. I said that I


did and he asked me if I had a fear of heights. I said no, and he said


he had the perfect job for me here ran de Montfort Hall. Today was the


first performance of Peter Pan on the Ice and that was invited along


to have a go at playing the starring role. With me is to be in,


the brains behind the operation. Everybody knows Peter Pan is the


boy who never grew up and who could fly, so we are going to teach you


to fly. We have a harness for you. We will get you into that and clip


you on and we shall flighted Neverland. Despite arriving just


before Christmas, you will not find any panto dames here. To get apart


in this show, you have to have won at the Swan National Ice Skating


turbine to. I am being strapped in. I have just been told by the


mermaids that I am extremely courageous, and then they all


laughed, so this is either courageous or Stibbard! It was not


long before my big moment arrived. -- stupid. My landing was more like


Bambi than a Peter Pan. I don't think the real Peter Pan should be


too worried, but at least I managed to defeat Captain Cook. -- book.


I hope he doesn't lose his job! thought he had been drinking.


The weather is all change over the next two days. We will DEFRA be be


feeling much milder tonight but although it will be frost-free for


most, the ground temperatures will still below. This photo was taken


last year. He wanted to remind us what we were looking at last year.


These icicles were taken from his window sill. Ice free over the next


few days apart from on untreated raids. We have to keep an eye on


this low pressure and the warm front that will be pushing through


tomorrow night. Behind that, we will see temperatures back up in


double figures. We have seen the rain put itself up to the east.


Behind it, a lot of cloud but it is looking mostly dry. What are two


showers may push him from the Irish Sea. -- one or two. We have a quite


brisk north-westerly wind. Some lovely sunshine on Tuesday through


the morning, before we gradually start to see the cloud increasing


from the West. Temperatures around six Celsius tomorrow but with the


wind, it will feel a bit chilly. We have rain pushing through on


Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Once that clears, much


milder temperatures. Staying mild until Friday but a bit cooler for


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