28/12/2011 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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Now the news for the East Midlands. I'm Quentin Rayner. Good evening.


It's hoped that a major new contract for the troubled train-


builder Bombardier could provide work for many of the people


recently laid off by the company. And it's thought the multi-million


pound deal could help to keep the firm's plant in Derby. But Labour


says the government should rethink their whole approach to major train


building contracts. Simon Hare reports. The future just got


brighter for Bombardier's plant in Derby. It has won an order worth


�188 million. Work on the 130 carriages for Southern Railway is


will start in the second half of next year. This could mean work for


a further 12 to 18 months. It is of course one contract of a couple


that Bombardier of bidding for at the moment. We are delighted they


have won this one and we are in discussions with them about a


further contract. It is excellent news for British jobs as well.


campaigner hopes that there for 200 people laid off in recent months


will now be able to return. -- the 1400 people. They were a


fundamental part of the workforce and it would be great for them to


come back. Hopefully if we could get some more work, then they could


be full-time workers. Obviously I am like everybody else, eager


really. I would like to get back if possible because I did enjoy


working there. It is thought that the deal today will mean that


Bombardier will keep its Derby plant open in the hope of winning


the �1 billion order for the new CrossRail route. After six months


of bad news for Bombardier, the year is ending on a high and it has


led to renewed hope that Britain's last train builder is here to stay.


A 60 year old man has appeared in court charged with stabbing a


neighbour in the street in Nottinghamshire. Harry Tindall, who


was 70, was found injured at Pearl Close in Rainworth on Boxing Day.


He was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics. The accused, Jeffrey


Burton, is expected to make an application for bail at Nottingham


Crown Court within the next few days. A 54-year-old woman arrested


in connection with the incident has been released on police bail


pending further enquiries. A man has appeared in court after


being charged with the murder of his wife on Christmas Day. Gillian


Woodward, who was 56, was found dead at her home in Bosden Close in


Bilborough on Sunday afternoon. She'd been stabbed. Her husband,


Stephen Woodward, appeared before Nottingham magistrates and was


remanded in custody to appear at the city's crown court on Friday.


Protesters who've set up their own tent city in the heart of


Nottingham's Market Square have no plans to leave in the New Year.


It's now three months since Occupy Nottingham supporters set up their


camp, in protest at the financial system. Here's our Political Editor


John Hess. Bargain hunters drawn into


Nottingham for the sales have another attraction to catch the eye.


It is now 75 days since protesters against the global banking system


set up camp in the market square. After three months and with the new


year approaching, is it time to pack up? I think they were like an


excuse to move us on but at the moment they are not going to and we


have the right to be here because this particular land is owned by


the citizens of the city of Nottingham. Nottingham City Council


and some shoppers are beginning to run out of patience. They should


have the right to be here. They have been here for quite some time.


They should move on. They should move on, yes, it is an I saw. They


should definitely move on. support them. They are doing a


grand job. The council has a dilemma. While they sympathise with


the reasons for the protest, they are hinting that they would rather


the protesters would move out of the market square. The flag is


still flying, but will it still be there to marquee -- to mark Occupy


Nottingham's first 100 days? An East Midlands authority says


it's on track to make efficiency savings this year. Leicestershire


County Council needs to save �57 million over four years. Some of


the measures include having fewer and better offices, which will lead


to a saving of almost �1 million, and cutting the council's


streetlighting energy bill, resulting in a saving of �800,000.


A textile firm which has invested half a million pounds in new


knitwear machinery is planning to expand, bucking the economic trend.


David Nieper, currently celebrating its 50th anniversary, employs 200


people at its factory at Alfreton in Derbyshire. The company says it


hopes to continue to expand and is determined to keep all production


in Derbyshire to provide more local jobs. This investment has allowed


us to increase the work force recently here and over the last two


months we have recruited and trained an extra 10 people here. We


have expanded the company every year for the last 25 years and we


are even growing today during the recession.


Good for them. Most people like a challenge, but a


woman from Castle Donington is setting herself quite a task. She


is going to the Arctic, with a team of husky dogs. As she hasn't


perfected the art of dog sledding yet, she went to Sherwood Forest to


have a go. Kylie Pentelow reports. There would normally be a few more,


but for this training run, just two will do. Amanda Halliday is off to


the Arctic in April and it all came about because her mother was


diagnosed with skin cancer. I have watched her suffer a lot this year.


It has not been a pleasant experience for her. Hopefully we


have got rid of the full-blown cancer now but she is still


undergoing treatment for another disease. She is raising money for a


skin cancer charity based in West Bridgford. In the Arctic, the dogs


will not do all the work. When it is to stick, there is no other


option but to get off and push. It is going to be culled. I think we


will struggle with the overnight temperatures the most. It will get


down to minus 30. We will be tucked up in our nice warm sleeping bags.


Even though it will be hard work, she hopes it will be fun as well.


That was just amazing. It takes the It has been another mild day today


but it might be trying to feel more wintery tomorrow. Temperatures will


not be minus 30, will they? Thankfully, none of that in the


forecast tonight! But it will feel cooler than what we have been used


to. Thank you very much to James for this beautiful photograph. The


cloud has increased already deceiving and is pushing in over


the next few hours, bringing some spots of rain. -- this evening.


Leicestershire will remain mostly dry with clearer spells. Minimum


temperatures of four, so colder, and with the strong westerly winds


it will feel breezy and quite cold. Winds and rain will push in through


the morning. There will be outbreaks of rain in the afternoon


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