02/01/2012 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Carol Hinds. From


today, rail passengers are facing fare increases of nearly 6% on some


services in our region. One company, East Midlands Trains, says it'll


help pay for improvements to the network as the government cuts the


amount taxpayers contribute to the 72p, that is what East Midlands


Trains says is the increase on the average fare per journey. Some


passengers here at Nottingham railway station are unhappy about


the cost of rail travel. I'm paying �155 a month to travel to Leicester.


That will go up to 170. It is a small increase per month but it


eats away. I'm going to Devon to see my mum. It's cheaper to get a


train to Manchester and get down on the coach than it is to get the


train from here. The fares are going up by an


average of 5.7%. Cross Country says a seven-day return ticket from


Nottingham to Birmingham is going up by nearly 6%. East Coast is


putting up fares by an average of Two security guards are still


critically ill after an explosion at a disused coal mine. The blast


happened at an electrical substation at the old Welbeck


Colliery in Nottinghamshire. Investigations are being carried


out by the police and the Health and Safety Executive. The injured


men are both being treated for severe burns to their faces.


A pensioner says she's devastated after learning that a new relief


road will cut straight through her garden. �16.5 million is to be


spent moving traffic away from the centre of Loughborough so that it's


for pedestrians only. The local council says it will improve safety


and increase shopping in the town. But for Mavis Bexon, the project


will destroy the garden she's created for her husband who has


Parkinson's disease. I detest it, of course. I don't


want it and I don't think anybody wants that.


The thought of sitting in that house while the bulldozer does it


is beyond what I can live with. It just crumples me. I don't cope with


it very well, I'm afraid. On to sport and a special day for


Notts County. They are famous as the world's oldest Football League


club and today they begin celebrating their 150th anniversary.


It may not be the fullest trophy cabinet and it may not be the


biggest club but the heritage Notts County have is special and


something they want to hang on to. They had a beer brewed for the year.


It is nice on just about every level.


All the fans here are long-term fans. They haven't just turned up


for the glory today. We are a small club and we don't


have much to boast about but what we've got we are proud of.


It is not hard to persuade the old players to come back and enjoy the


atmosphere of Meadow Lane all over again.


Many of people that have played for Notts County are living in the area


and would break a leg to get back down here to celebrate.


As the balloons rose into the sky, they started thinking about the


next 150 years and that meant starting with this afternoon's game.


Well, there was a game in the middle of all the celebrations and


it finished with Notts drawing against Huddersfield 2 - 2. In the


Championship, all our teams travelled away for their games and


won. Leicester beat Crystal Palace. Derby County won at Hull and


Nottingham Forest put three past Ipswich.


If you are heading back to work tomorrow morning after the


Christmas break, be warned because it could be a tricky commute


because during tonight, things will turn increasingly wet and windy as


well. You will notice the breeze increasing as we go through this


evening and during the second half of the night, the wet weather piles


in from the west. The dark blue colours show we will have some


heavy downpours over the Peak District. Lows of three Celsius


overnight. This is tomorrow morning's rush hour. Wet and windy


with winds reaching 60 mph in places. Things will steadily


improve through the day. The rain clears to the south and a couple of


wintry showers in the Peak District later on. Highs of 10 Celsius.


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