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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale. And me, Kylie


Pentelow. Our top story tonight: A new war of words over Bombardier's


lost contract. Union anger about the Thames linked


deal. We do not know the basis on which it was accepted and to keep


this out of the public domain is outrageous.


Also, praying for help. For a plea to our government from our churches.


Sort out the metal thieves before they destroy our buildings and our


budgets. Plus a capital idea. What Boris


Johnson thinks Leicester can learn from London.


And after 15 years of trying, a couple welcome twins on New year's


Good evening, welcome to Tuesday's programme and our first full


programme of 2012. First tonight: show us the money. That's the call


from a union and MPs in the row over Bombardier's lost Thameslink


contract. They want Siemens of Germany to


publish the financial details of their winning bid for the �1.4


billion order. It could help explain why the rail carriages are


to be built near Dusseldorf instead of in Derby.


But tonight a senior manager at Siemens in the UK said putting the


figures in the public domain is not a good idea. Mike O'Sullivan is in


Derby and can tell us more. Workers at Bombardier got a boost between


Christmas and the New Year. A new rail contract worth �188 million.


It was the Big One That Got Away, Thames Link, that continues Tonight


Siemens in the UK rejecting calls to put the financial details of


their winning bid under the spotlight. Bombardier not around to


comment on whether they'd want It led to Bombardier of Derby


announcing a 1400 job losses. Campaigners for the Derby-based


company Save the financial details of how Siemens are one should be


out in the open. We do not know the basis on which the Siemens bid was


accepted for Thames Link. To keep this out of the public domain is


outrageous. The transport select committee of MPs has recommended


that the financial difference between the bids from Siemens and


Bombardier is revealed. But Siemens says shining a light on a


competitive tendering process would not be the right thing to do.


first reason is that ourselves, as well as all the other people that


competed in the process, like Bombardier, signed a process


agreement which has very strict requirements regarding


confidentiality. That is number one. The second one is that when you are


involved in are the very so fierce competitive tendering process, not


only in the UK but across the world, I don't think it would be in the


interests of ourselves or any other parties. In the tendering process


to make that information public. I think it would damage competition


and would not be the best value for the fare-paying passenger. Some


observers have suggested that Siemens financial clout, with a


credit rating higher than Bombardier, was the main reason why


Derby lost and tussled of one. Bombardier are not around to


comment but they've all -- always a pointed towards the wider impacts


to be taken into account. The government has said they will do


that now and that is important for Derby because there is another


important contract coming up, valued at �1 billion.


Next, a crime wave that's sending worshippers through the roof. Last


year was the worst on record for people stealing metal from churches


- and Nottinghamshire was one of the worst hit areas in the country.


We've been given the latest figures today. They show the thefts are


costing the county's churches well over �500,00 a year, money they


just can't afford. Metal theft is massive, massive


business, massive crime and a massive headache and heartache for


our churches. They took the lead off the roof, all the way along


this side. They took lead from the far corner and down that side.


We've had to cover everything with this covering. And we had a


tarpaulin on the roof. They fitted every security device going after


the lead was ripped off for years ago but that didn't stop thieves


coming back recently. Once it has happened, you always think it is


going to happen again and when it does the second time, it is


devastating. Anglican churches across Nottinghamshire are some of


the worst effects is in the country. Latest figures show that in 2010,


there were 49 insurance claims. Last year, as you can see, that


figure almost doubled and the amount of money they can claim is


limited. It is nothing like the amount they need to repair the


damage. So the true cost to Nottinghamshire's churches last


year was well over 500 million -- �500,000. This latest theft has


cost us around �35,000 and we are grateful for people's generosity


but we cannot keep on replacing our lead. They want action. The


government is looking to change the law to tackle the theft. In


Nottinghamshire, the police have been running operation the Talacre,


liaising with scrap-metal dealers. -- operation Metallica.


Still to come on the programme: force ten winds, fallen trees, and


flood warnings. But not here. We've escaped the


worst of it but will our luck hold? We are not out of the woods yet.


There seems to be a sting in the tail. The winds will strengthen


further the season. All the details The Mayor of Leicester Sir Peter


Soulsby has kicked off the New Year by pressing the government for new


powers to run the city. And London's Mayor Boris Johnson


has backed him, saying it'll give Leicester a bigger profile.


It's one of the many changes that could shape the local and national


political scene in 2012. This is big picture politics.


man was the first mayor of Leicester. The mayor of Leicester


was the sort of powers once enjoyed by his city's Victorian


predecessors. Our public transport is very inadequate. The fire and do


my job properly, I need the same powers as Boris has in London.


Johnson not only runs transport in the capital but also the police. --


Khmer London. It means you know there is some person who is


accountable to you and you can hold them to account. If they are not


succeeding, you can chuck them out. So should other mayors get tax-


raising powers? There is a strong case for that. The mayor of London


has additional powers and effect. But debate will start up if mayors


are created after next May. Next May, Nottingham, together with


other be English -- big English cities, will have a referendum vote


on whether it wants a directly Efenechtyd mayor. But could be the


cue for the government to give elected mayors are far more powers.


Another significant change in 2012 will affect controversial housing


and planning issues. The council leaders... There is a large amount


of concern about alterations proposed to the planning rules


particularly. Some see this as a danger to areas like the green belt


and giving carte blanche to am -- to developers to develop without


planning permission. A a financial squeeze on household budgets will


tighten in 2012. -- the financial squeeze. This political Palmer


should will be looking for... big issue is going to the economy,


and whether or not we are getting the growth and jobs reneged in the


private sector to make up the shortfall in the public sector and


are generally for the overall recovery of the country. We have


not had any growth. It has been flat lining. The next 12 months,


David Cameron has to get growth in the economy. I don't think he will.


The Prime Minister says we will get through it. 20121 indicator if he


is right. -- 2012 will indicate if he is


right. Well, our Political Editor joins us


in the studio. And John, the New Year's about to remind us of one of


Grantham's best known exports. Yes, the Iron Lady is back. From


this Friday, Meryl Streep's movie portrayal of Mrs Thatcher hits the


cinema screens. But here's a turn- up. Among the film's extras is the


veteran Derbyshire Labour MP Dennis Skinner - the beast of Bolsover


himself. The most interesting thing about the extras was there were


half a dozen Tory whips out there, probably guarding the place. They


were extras as well but they had to sit on the same side as me shouting


insults at Thatcher. That was the most amusing part, Tory whips


shouting out Thatcher! I asked the Right Honourable Gentleman, whose


fault is that? She has always been meticulous in her preparation for


her fans, that is why she has won Oscars and been nominated for


Oscars countless times and will almost certainly be nominated again.


A There's a first. A Dennis Skinner prediction for the Oscars! And


while you would struggle to find a statue to Mrs Thatcher in her home


town, The Iron Lady is coming to Grantham. I've been assured, the


movie will be screened at the town's Reel cinema from Friday.


Other news now: Police have named a three-year-old girl who died


following a road crash in Derbyshire. Lily Grace Roberts,


from Hilton, was seriously injured in the collision, which happened


yesterday afternoon on the A50 near Findern. Two vehicles were involved,


a silver Nissan, in which Lily Grace was travelling, and a blue


lorry. Derbyshire police are asking anyone who saw the incident to


contact them. Two men have pleaded not guilty to


charges involving the theft of six horses. 48-year-old James Snoddy


from Nottingham denies stealing the horses from a field in Calverton


last July. 43-year-old Christopher Booth from East Bridgford pleaded


not guilty to one charge of possessing stolen horses. After the


police found the animals, two had to be put down because they were in


poor condition. A trial will take place at Nottingham Crown Court


later this year. The countdown has begun to one of


the biggest sporting events this country has ever seen. This summer,


Leicestershire will be thrust into the global spotlight as both the


British and Japanese Olympic teams come to Loughborough University to


train. But what will the lasting impact be


for the town that's hosting all of these athletes?


In six months' time, hundreds of athletes will be making use of


these facilities at Loughborough University but it is not just about


sport. People in the town are excited about the business


opportunities the games will bring. There are not going to be a lot of


business benefits because all the retail people are going to get


involved, they will be supplying not just the Olympic teams that are


based here but their families and their supporters as well. There are


local businesses that will benefit from the general high. The facts


Loughborough will be more on the map that it already is. The �6


million refurbishment of the town's railway station has also helped


boost its image. Along with the construction of two new hotels, in


anticipation of Olympic business. If there are more people coming in,


they will spend more in the area. It is a great opportunity. I think


you cannot go wrong with it. There are many shops which have closed so


maybe it will improve things. think they are very important.


Everybody is struggling for money but the many people bring into the


town will be spent here. If the so- called legacy of the Danes will not


just be measured in bricks-and- mortar. There will definitely be a


physical legacy from the Games but obviously, the softer legacy will


be the fact that more people will be motivated by the games and


inspired to perhaps pursue a career in athletics was some sort of sport


themselves, or just become a bit healthier and fitter. It is hoped


the benefits to this town will continue to make a splash for years


to come. We all know that blood stocks can


run low at this time of year. Donors are in great demand. And the


same is true of dogs. The Leicestershire-based charity


Pet Blood Bank says its supplies have dwindled over the festive


break and it's appealing for dog donors to lend a helping paw.


Joe is an ideal blood donor, a young dog which weighs more than 25


kilos. He is friendly and fully vaccinated. Last year, we had an


accident with our other dog. In the end, she had to have her leg a


contented -- amputated. A large dog can donate nearly one pint of blood


a time. The supplies are then sold to vet so nationwide. Each donation


is split into different components so more than one dog can benefit


from each donation. Vets are making very good use of these products.


People's perception of what health care for their animals should be


has changed over the years. People nowadays expect equivalent levels


of health care for their Peps as with themselves. We have to


constantly strive to improve the level of health care we produce,


using blood and other ways to do that. What is in it for the


patients? There is no tea and biscuits, just a tasty bowl of dog


food. Still to come on the programme:


Glad Tidings, times two. The first day of the New Year heralds twins


There's been no rest for our intrepid adventurer Sarah Outen


over Christmas and the New Year. She's spent the festive season in


training for the next leg of her record-breaking attempt to loop the


globe from London to London. She's in Japan, preparing to set


off in the spring to row across the Pacific Ocean to Canada.


Arriving in Japan after cycling 11,000 miles and kayaking dangerous


waters. Since arriving in the country, Sarah has been


volunteering in areas worst hit by the earthquake and tsunami. It is


particularly poignant seeing some of the stuff that has been washed


up, to London's choice -- children's toys, clothes and so on.


Back home in Rutland, friends, family and supporters packed vital


supplies into her boat. This seven metre-long vessel will be home to


Sarah for several months when she attempts to row solo across the


Pacific Ocean. But will be the second leg of her record-breaking


attempt to cycle, kayak and roll around the world, from London to


London. Sara's experience in Japan will always stay with her. It has


humbled and silenced me. It has reminded me that the ocean is boss.


Messages of love and support have been scrawled on the boat to give


her encouragement, including one from her mother. Excited for her


but obviously it is a huge, huge expanse of water to row across. But


she will do it. She is so determined. Packed with supplies,


but was sent off in style. Next stop, Japan, for the woman who


wants to break records running here. Good luck to her.


What a happy new year. All four clubs enjoying excellent starts to


2012. Goals for Forest and a winning streak for Derby on the way,


along with a party at Meadow Lane. But first, Leicester City. Today


they had an attempt to sign Hull City's Cameron Stewart


contemptuously dismissed by Hull. But yesterday they came up with


their first win in six games, putting them back in the playoff


picture. Nigel Pearson admitted it was not


pretty but says his first away win since returning to the foxes was an


important one, given the club's lofty expectations. First player


opened the scoring against his former side with a touch of the,


Kohl and the classy. Watch the keeper smash the ball against his


own defender. It was a free kick that led to goal number two. Nigel


Pearson had well and truly shaken things up. Palace pulled one back,


leaving Leicester to ride out the home pressure. The game ended on a


sour note. Through the south London sunshine, an altercation between


Howard and the assistant referee led to the striker's dismissal.


Howard continued his argument, despite his fate. A big win for the


foxes, who stomped home just four points of the play-off places.


There were away wins for Derby and Forest too. Derby, who are having a


seesaw season, making it three wins on the trot and Forest ending a run


of seven games without a goal. At last!


You wait 10 hours for a goal, and then three come along all at once.


The first came after five minutes. Forest's last goal was by the same


player, also by then -- also against it which. -- Ipswich. The


tractor boys began to show signs of pulling out of their rut. Having


broken for rat, Forest were full of confidence. The second was a belter.


Ipswich were still in the game. Thomas hit the bar from a distance.


No one was able to put the ball in from the rebound. When Thomas went


over in the box, had such were given a penalty and Grant scored


from the spot. This player masterminded the victory with no


passes. Forest would like to play at which every week. Derby have had


a cracking Christmas with three wins in a row. Derby coach says it


may not have been the best performance but praised the side's


effort. When the chance came, it fell to Robinson after the break,


who took his time before sliding it underneath the keeper. The Rams had


a chance to add to their lead but did not get the run of the green.


After that, Derby put up stubborn resistance. The Hull bourse said


they set out to frustrate his side and they succeeded.


While the Championship clubs all celebrated, so did Notts County.


The world's oldest professional Football League clubs turns 150


years old this year. It's an amazing history and one the club


continues to honour. The reception area is brand new, so


is the trophy cabinet. This is not a club pickling itself in the past


but it is celebrating. This year, Notts County will be marking 150


years of football. They are even serving specially brewed beer.


means everything. We are proud. Long-term fans have not just turned


up for today's glory. It means a lot to everybody. Inside the ground,


out came the old players. Great goalscorers, promotion winners,


fans and so on. A lot of the players who have played for the


club still live in the area and would break a leg to get down here


to celebrate. It's a great day. of this who pluck is only good if


the team of 2012 can do it on the This bit went nuts after half-time.


Huddersfield's first goal sparked 40 minutes of enthralling end-to-


end football, including decent chances for Notts County. The


spills did not stop there. Both teams hit the bar before Notts


determination played dividends. Lee Hughes was strong in the box and


deadly with the finish. The fans loved it. Absolutely fantastic.


Come on, Notts County. With Haydon Hollis making his debut, a day


focused on the past was about the future as well. Our supporters love


to see one of their own coming through the system. There are more


lads coming through the system. now we do know what else is new


beer is good for. It's good for celebrating unexpected new ears..


Very well done to Notts County. In Ice Hockey Panthers are second


in the table and pushing leaders Belfast hard after ending the


festive period with a confident 5-0 win over Hull last night. The team


are away at Braehead this evening hoping for more of the same.


And today's windy weather was a positive at Southwell Racecourse.


It's got behind the horses in a five furlong charge and helped a


four year old called Ghostwing to a new course record.


Now we're only three days into the new year but for one couple, 2012


has already brought them everything they wanted. The Kanabars from


Leicester have spent the last 15 years trying to have a baby but now


they've had not one, but two! The babies were the first twins to


be born in the city this year. Meet the twins. They've yet to be


named. The pair were born on the early hours of New year's Day. For


the parents, it is the end of 15 years of trying. This time last


year, we had given up hope. We thought that sit, you know. A year


down the line, we have to beautiful children. A boy and a girl. I don't


have words to describe it. It's a blessing. It is the best feeling


you can ever get. It is the best thing that ever happened to us. We


are living our dream now and that is fantastic. The babies were born


by Caesarean section. For the father, waiting to join his wife in


a theatre was an anxious time. half an hour wait, whilst they got


everything where -- everything ready, that was the longest half-


an-hour of my life. Everything goes through your head, what is


happening? They took me in and within five minutes, the baby boy


was born. One minute later, the baby girl was born. He was crying.


I was crying. Everything ran to my body and I started crying.


Everything was perfect. After 15 years of wanting a child, they are


now looking forward to a very happy and very busy 2012.


How lovely. It sounds like the only ones not crying with the babies


themselves! The wind has been preparing horses


Briefly but things will turn more unsettled over the next few hours.


We will get strong winds and squally showers. This photograph


was taken earlier. Thanks for sending it in. It was this area of


low pressure sitting across Scotland that has moved out towards


the North Sea. It has taken with it all the heavy rain we had earlier


today. The win Seve's a little. Down to 35 mph gusts. This evening,


real see this occluded front pushing through, bringing with it


squally showers. We can expect guests of between 50 and 60 Matt


Powell. It is brief and should clear by midnight. We have started


to see that cloud begin to increase. Showers are beginning. They will


turn quite heavy for a time. They won maybe turn to snow and subtle


over the Peak District but everywhere else, they will fall as


rain. A drier end to the night. Some showers around across


Derbyshire. Rather cold out there with temperatures down to two or


three Celsius but it should stay frost-free. We will brook -- make-


up -- wake up with Frost but eventually, the rain will push its


way in from the north. It will sweep south-east through the day.


The winds will be around 35 miles per hour. Top temperatures for


Wednesday of seven Celsius. This rain will continued to push south-


east during the natal won so. Clearing by Thursday morning,


giving us not as windy a day on Thursday with lovely winter


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