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This is East Midlands Today. Our top story: the vulnerable people at


the sharp end of council cuts. Family say they fear for the future


if there day-care centres close. has been part of our lives for 35


years. It makes me feel sad. Also tonight: Nottingham's workplace


parking tax goes up before it is enforced.


Plus I am in London where the British Museum has unveiled this.


It has come all the way from Leicestershire and is more than


2000 years old. I will find out about flowers and


crops bursting into life much Good evening. First denied, they


are some of society's Most Honourable. They relied on meeting


up in places where they feel safe but now those centres us jet to


shut. A council is planning to close 30 day centres affecting


hundreds of people. Families fear it will leave their loved ones who


have learning disabilities facing the lives of solitude. Jo Healey


reports from one day-care centre in Grantham.


This is the St John's Day Centre. It has been here for 10 years,


around 60 people with learning disabilities come here and they can


go was riding, swimming, in two town shopping, supervised by the


staff. They were not allowed to talk to us to date, we were not


allowed to film inside but the people who use this service say the


staff are brilliant. People like Martin who had Down's syndrome.


Martin get up every morning. He knows what activities he will do


during the day. They always very. You like to meet your friends here?


I do. Is that important? Yes. will you feel if this facility


closes? Very downcast because it has been part of our life for 35


years. They are being put out on a limb. What people in Grantham a


struggle to accept it is St John's is said to shut. It is horrible


because everyone here has a disability needs support. They have


friends, they meet up, what will they do now? They are vulnerable so


they need somewhere to go. Without them, they will lose contact with


people together. The county council says it is planning to crows around


30 centres. The families of people like Martin fear they could be come


housebound facing lives of solitude. Jerry is with us now. Why are the


council planning to do this? Of the proposals to shut the centres to


have come about because of cuts. The council is introducing


personalised budgets. People with learning disabilities will get


their own personal budgets and they will choose how it is ban them.


Here is what the council told us. If St John's Day Centre is really


good and they want to keep running, they will be able to attract people


back with personal budgets and that is how they will receive funding.


We said clearly when we started this process that if there are


staff and local groups or any organisation that would like to


take over these buildings and encourage the people to keep going,


we would support that wholeheartedly. The Howwood using


your own budget work for Martin who featured in your report? Marketing


has been assessed as having moderate needs so he does not get a


personal budget and his father feels he will miss out. These plans


have undergone a consultation period, that has just finished so


the decision on the future of the centres will be known in the next


few months. The the cost of Nottingham's


controversial workplace parking levy has gone up again because of


higher than expected inflation. The levy is being introduced in a few


months, in April, and will now be �288 per space per year but it


could increase by another �100 over the next three years. Mike


O'Sullivan it is in Nottingham. Welcome to the business park in


Nottingham, one organisation here that is liable for the workplace


parking levy is the Chamber of Commerce which has been fighting


the tax for more than a decade. The workplace parking levy is comping


in April and now we finally know how much that charge will be in the


first year at least. A workplace car park that is going to cost the


company that owns it around �8,000. 28 spaces liable for Nottingham's


workplace parking levy. The managing director of plumbing


supply is GB will Bond found out about the latest increase in the


lead be when we told him. The company has decided not to part on


the levy to its staff. We could see that this would be very divisive


and we -- if we pass this charge on, we would have disgruntled members


of staff. We did not think we wanted to go into another tough


year without all about him pulling together. The city council had


estimated that the cost of the workplace parking levy would be


�279 per year per space. Now it has acted in inflation of 5.2 % from


the retail price index. That is putting up the cost to �288 when it


is introduced in April for employees and organisations with 11


or more liable spaces. In future years it could go up by 3% a year.


Using forecast from the government's office for budget


responsibility. By 2015, it could be �381. The effect at the plumbing


company this year will mean there is no money to pay for a new


apprentice. We ought to be able to encourage young people to come


along and join our industry. Very sad. It is another young lad


without a job, so directly affecting the unemployment


statistics. The council says the levy is needed to pay for two new


tramlines, for other public transport improvements and the


revamp of the station. But it has left some firms accounting the cost


of a bill they did not want. The city council says it is writing


to businesses to tell them about the latest increase and it says the


legislation for the levy requires them to link the charge to


inflation. They were not available for interview but John Dowson from


the Chamber of Commerce is here. How our businesses going to react


to this increase at the time when the economy is on a downward trend?


A lot will be surprised that the increase. Many would not have


budgeted for it. You would like them to take another measure of


inflation, CPI, rather than retail prices. Certainly, that is what


Government's measure for inflation is. We heard in the report that one


business is looking to not pass on the cost because it could cause


problems with the workforce. Is that a dilemma that businesses are


facing? The tears. If they parted on to their employees, they have to


add VAT, if they absolve it themselves the could invest --


affect investments. What will happen in terms of other cities?


may well have done. Their government has said any other city


looking to introduce the levy will have to demonstrate it has the


support of the business community. It has not got that in Nottingham.


The city council says 44,000 parking spots have now been


registered. Still to come: those flowers wrong-


footed by one of the warmest winters on record. But also a


forecast that might herald the return of some proper seasonal


weather. We have a cold snap on the way and


these mild January temperatures are set to be slashed in half. I will


give you the full details later. Police have denied revealed that a


takeaway owner whose death is being treated as murder had been tied up.


But they have been keen to quash a rumour that he was stabbed. The


man's family have described him as a well liked and trusted member of


the community in Leicester. They have appealed for the public's help


to catch his killers. Leicestershire police have named


the victim as 50-year-old dough can Bogan who ran two pizza takeaways


in Leicestershire. I am joined by the local police inspector. What


can you tell us about the circumstances that he was found in?


He was found at 2:20pm on Sunday afternoon. He was found deceased


and tied up. Hence the murder inquiry. Yes, we are awaiting the


outcome of the post mortem but one of the rumours we want to discount


is he was stabbed. A how can the public help? He must have been well


known. He was well-known and popular with customers and we are


anxious for people to come forward who knew his whereabouts between


lunchtime on Saturday and when he was discovered the following


afternoon. His business presumably generated some cash. Too early to


say whether a robbery was a motive? We are looking at all motives. He


was a family man. They have stressed he was very kind and a


trusted member of the community. We are supporting them and working


closely with them. They are encouraging people to come forward


who may have seen anything. Leicestershire police wanting to


hear from anybody that knows anything about the murder. If you


get anything, call Leicestershire police.


Detectives in Derby investigating an assault on a pensioner in his


own home have released a picture of a man they want to trace. Officers


want to talk to Maris Sickis about the incident at a house in


Littleover last week. The 77-year- old was attacked after disturbing a


burglars. One man has been charged. A glider pilot is recovering after


this crash in Derbyshire yesterday. It happened yesterday afternoon


near Abney in the Peak District. Rescue crews spent some time spent


-- wrestling the 74-year-old he suffered two broken legs.


A man who escaped from Syria's embattled regime has told us he is


facing a stark choice - agree to go home where his life is in danger or


stay here, homeless and penniless. Only today, a Syrian President


Assad promised to maintain his regime in the face of mass protests


and international criticism. The prison is in the mountains?


Bestiary that is familiar to refugee workers like Jane. Sami


says it is almost 20 years since he was first arrested and tortured at


this Syrian doubt and he recounts the details are being beaten,


burned and worse. A Sami is not his real name. We have agreed not to


identify him because he is worried about his family. I do not go back


because I know he will kill me. I am very scared. Now the Syrian


government's brutality is making headlines. These pictures are being


sent in from people there and the UN estimates that four end - a 400


have been killed so last month. Sami has been told to go back to


Syria because he could not convince immigration officials that he would


be in danger there. That means he cannot work and cannot claim


benefits. He if he went back to Syria, he would be killed. Looking


at his experiences in prison there is no question about that. People


who have fled their countries, places where they cannot return


because they know their lives would be in danger of but they may not


have documentation because when you fleet you cannot rush back for your


passport. Whatever the truth, Sami is no in what is known as the


destitution trap. He has spent time sleeping rough and now is staying


with friends. It is not much of an Almost two weeks after an explosion


at a former Nottinghamshire colliery, two security guards are


still critically ill in hospital. The police are investigating what


happened at the Welbeck Colliery site on New Year's Eve. It is in


the process of being decommissioned. They severed injuries when an


electricity sub-station exploded. Celebrations to mark the Queen's


jubilee year started in Leicester this morning. The County Council is


planning a series of events from street parties to community awards.


It lay and touched a neck -- a Leicester Sheffield for 80,000


years but after a decade of restoration, one of Britain's


oldest helmets is being unveiled at the British Museum.


It was in hundreds of pieces when it was found dead Market Harborough


but it has been carefully reassembled.


-- found at. The Romans have done a lot for us


but they left behind a lot of their coins, weapons and armour for


today's archaeologist to discover. If this was one of them. A unique


Roman helmet but it looks more different now than when it was


found 11 years ago. The you could see the iron flex, the purply


silver flakes. It was like crushed cornflakes. It is astounding that


somebody has put that thing together. Amazed. The Helmand may


have been in pieces but it was still the only one to be discovered


in Britain with most of its silver- gilt plate -- plating in tact. It


was sent to the British Museum where the pieces were put back


together. Be worked out what it would have looked like it back then.


The helmet was quite eroded. It was quite a challenge. It is a


fantastic object and to get it back on display after 2000 years is a


marvellous experience. It may have spent a cabbage -- a decade in the


capital but it still hasn't forgotten his roots. It will go on


display here not far from where it was discovered. They are very rare


and to have one that has been professionally excavated and put


together, is incredible. To have them on display where they were


found so local people who feel a strong sense of ownership, that is


brilliant. The helmet was bought by Leicestershire County Council and


will be unveiled at the museum on I love the way they peer at it like


that. Coming up, the farmers that would


like their crops to stop growing. These have been -- fields have been


spurred into action by the mild weather and that is not good news.


Time for the sport. 11 Leicester Tiger players have


been named in the Six Nations squad. Geoff Parling is back-up for


The players may look relaxed as they head out to training but


behind the smiles lie is a team that mean business. They play in


Heineken Cup on Friday with one result in mind. It is a winner


takes all fixture. We are going away to Ulster whoever a good


record. They were successful at Ravenhill. It will be a difficult


game. If we don't get a win, it is all set for the European Cup.


at all stand there chance of reaching the knockout stages will


be on shaky ground. Aid losing bonus points will be something and


that may be enough to get you somewhere in a second position. If


we want to have any ambitions of going on to win the competition, we


have to win. A host of injuries mean Tigers will once again be


without key players like Toby Flood. His replacement didn't do a bad job


last weekend. Billy Twelvetrees scored all 29 points against Wasps.


The second time he has done at all this season. I didn't realise when


people sell -- people told me I had done 29 points again. It is a weird


one that doesn't happen very often. The team set off tomorrow. Packing


can be a stressful job but the best of times. Imagine doing it for a


whole will be team. One thing they won't forget to take with them his


confidence. We have the players to go there and win. We have good


Irish internationals and foreign players and an intimidating place.


If there is one Cup -- club that can win, Leicester can. The match


is on Friday 13th. Let's hope it is a lucky one for the Tigers.


Live commentary is on Friday on BBC Radio 1 Leicester.


Next week we have coverage of the replay between Leicester City and


Nottingham Forest but that has been switched to Tuesday evening with a


7:30pm kick-off. There is no news on transfers with the club.


In any big news, three East Midlands gymnast would be fighting


for places at the British men's team qualified for the London Games


last night. There will be five in the team when it is announced in


June. Leicestershire's West End Pamela Main off and Sam Hunter and


Sam Oldham are in contention whilst in badminton, there is a battle


between veteran Nathan Robertson and his county team-mate, Chris ADD


Park. Robert son and his pet -- Chris Adcock.


There is a battle for places in the British hockey team. The Leicester


Ladies will provide the backbone for the squad. They are preparing


for a big season and they are in the semi- finals of the National


Indoor Championships. Olympic hope for Maddie Hinch


padding up for training. She helped Leicester to a big win against


Slough at the weekend. She is one of eight Leicester Ladies backing


for a place in Team GB. If I keep improving up to his selection, I


can't do any more. I am young being at 23 and the number one is 33.


has been picked for the England squad in Denmark along with team-


mate Hammersmith and Katie Long, called up for the first time after


a hat-trick against slapdash Slough. It is the Olympics that are on


everyone's mind. It is such a massive thing. We get mums and dads


coming to watch us and to have thousands of people watching you


and your sport will be incredible. Kerry Williams is so focused that


she has opted not to play indoor for England after being left out at


the latest GB squads and she will train with men to catch the eye of


the Olympic selectors. I fully believe in my ability. I think the


form I have shown and what I hope to prove will put me in that 16.


Obviously, it is not me making my decision. The squad is announced


until June when Ella bedrooms will either be realised or shattered.


There is a long tip -- face a long time till the selection. You hope


to be part of it. The best of luck to them.


Sally has joined us because we are talking about the weather.


Warm weather. It has felt like spring this past couple of weeks


and the main reason for that is because we are getting these


weather patterns with this westerly airflow. We have milder air. If we


get the called a snap, it is from the easterly direction. We have had


flowers that are coming out that shouldn't be.


The weather is coming up. First of all, Simon Ward has been


out taking the temperature of this warmest of winters.


Bright sunshine in the middle of winter. Here on farmland at King's


Norton in Leicestershire, the mild conditions are affecting growth.


This is a field of wheat but normally it would be this lush, it


wouldn't be this high at all. Andrew, what is happening?


The crop has carried on growing. We haven't had the cold spell which


puts the crop into its dormant winter stage. If this was in mid-


March, I would be happy. There is a problem here. With the lush growth,


some of these leaves have come to disease. Normally we would expect


the cold weather to keep those in check. There is of weeds growing


and by now, the weeds would have stopped growing. It is like


springtime. A lack of rain is causing concern for the future.


This pond is very low compared to what it usually looks like. There


are pros and cons to the mild weather. The grass keeps growing so


no need to feed the sheep and getting up early is not as much a


chore when it is not bitter outside. Flowers are beginning here at


Woodthorpe Grange Park in Nottingham. If this is a Quins


Bausch. Normally you would have tiny buds showing. To to the lack


of frost that we have had, it has managed to come out early and is


going to give a really good supply. We should have a good display of


this one. Staff are having to work at keeping the weeds down. You have


been sending in your pictures showing how things are growing


We filmed these daffodils at Risley in Derbyshire. So far it has been


at an early and vibrant start in 2012.


We saw all those gorgeous flowers that shouldn't be out. Is the cold


You can see these temperatures are going to plummet and they are going


to half than what we have seen it so far this January. First of all,


this photo that Brian cent in of some of I race in Beeston. Proof


Keep those photos coming in. You can see we have this cold front


that will work his way and push its way down across the East Midlands


during the course of tomorrow. Once it clears southwards, Calder air


feeds in so it is a big change around during the course of


tomorrow. -- called R. There is some drizzle coming out. We have


that Pre's that will strengthen in places. We have gusts of up to 60


miles per hour. A mild night ahead yet again. A mile start to Thursday.


Those winds will stay strong for a time. -- a mild start to Thursday.


Temperatures around 11 Celsius. As those clouds break, that cooler air


feeds in. Allowing for a widespread frost on Thursday night. A frosty


start to it Friday but it is going to be a gorgeous day with sunshine


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