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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Our top story tonight: The road resurfacing work that is a heavy


burden for hauliers. Disruption and diversions as one of the region's


most notorious roads closes overnight for an entire month.


A former police firearms officer accused of assault has his


conviction overturned. Plus, on the day the blockbuster


movie comes out, I have been discovering the tale of the real


great for Warhorse that is still buried right beneath my feet.


And they say Friday you 13th is unlucky for some but I am meeting a


couple who say that today is a Good evening. Welcome to Friday's


programme. First tonight, the Highways Agency has defended its


decision to spend more than �1.5 million re-surfacing a road that is


due to be widened in just three years' time.


Road haulage firms say the night- time closure of the main route


between Nottingham and the M1 will cause major disruption for their


industry and for nearby villages. Mike O'Sullivan is by the A453


which will be shut overnight for a month from next weekend. That is


right. Darkness as fallen here on the A453, a very busy road, used by


more than 30,000 vehicles a day. From later this month, it will be a


lot quieter at night. After 8pm, it will be closed completely for a


month, between Nottingham and the M1 as major roadworks go-ahead.


The main artery between Nottingham, the M1 and the East Midlands


Airport. It will be closed for four weeks at night for resurfacing work.


Warriors and other road users facing long diversion is to get


onto the motorway. This company in Nottingham says it will have a big


impact. The cost could be, if every day a call was delayed, the cost of


overnight parking, the increase in diesel because of the round trips,


the increase in wages, it could be a cost of around �50 per vehicle.


We have got seven vehicles, so �350, per day. This is how the roadworks


will affect the A453. A six-mile stretch will be closed at night for


four weeks from January 22nd. Sometimes, as early as 8:00pm.


Lorry-drivers to and from the power station will be faced with an 80


mile diversion through villages. In Nottingham, there will be a 50 mile


diversion to reach the motorway. This was the reaction in one of the


village is included on the diversion route. The widening of


the A453 I think would be a benefit for everybody. But this is


resurfacing ahead of the widening? What a complete waste of money!


They could have done both things at once to save the can -- to say the


contestants. The Highways Agency says it is essential ahead of a


road-widening scheme in around three years' time. It is not a


waste of time. The A453 is already showing signs of the heavy traffic


that it gets every day in and out of Nottingham. We need to give the


road in a safe and serviceable condition for the next three years


until the new road is opened. years, campaigners were calling for


the A453 to be up graded. Now they are getting two schemes within a


few years. Road hauliers say that all of this will add to their cost


at a time when diesel is costing around one ton-40 Ali Carter. That


does have a word with Frank Taylor from the Road Haulage Association.


I'll road hauliers going to absorb the costs of pass them on -- pass


them on? The larger companies will look to absorb the cost for their


major customers. The smaller operator is going to have to raise


a surcharge and passes on to its customers. How many miles a gallon


do you get from a big HTB? On an average road, you will get about 80


miles to the gallon. Going through the urban roots, that will drop to


around 4.5. What do you think of the spending, the resurfacing of


the A453 so close to the widening scheme? We feel that it could be


better spent elsewhere in the county. If they were to bring the


widening forward. Thank you very much. Business leaders have said


that improving the A453 was the top priority, the top transport


priority for the region. It is certainly getting plenty of


attention now. It certainly is. A former Nottinghamshire police


officer has won an appeal against his conviction for assaulting a


suspect. Timothy Allatt was sentenced to


eight weeks in jail after being found guilty last summer. But today


his conviction was quashed. Tom Brown was at Nottingham Crown Court.


The hearing lasted two days. The ordeal lasted more than a year-and-


a-half. Five months after being found guilty of assaulting a


suspect while on duty in Nottingham, today Timothy Allatt left court,


his conviction overturned. Timothy Allatt wishes to express his thanks


to his family and friends, including his police colleagues and


the Police Federation who have been a considerable support to him and


his wife during a very difficult times. My client has always stayed


Farsley asserted his innocence -- stead Farsley. The allegation arose


while he was carrying out his duties as a police officer. He now


feels vindicated as his appeal has been vindicated. He was sentenced


to eight weeks what allegedly assaulting a car thief. He was


accused of using excessive forced - - false when making the arrest. The


judge said there were two key issues. Firstly, where that Timothy


Allatt believed that force was necessary. Secondly, whether the


force he used was justified. Timothy Allatt made clear that he


felt that the man was a threat and he took the appropriate action to


arrest them. The judge said that that the prosecution did not do


enough to disprove this and ultimately a group -- ruled in


favour of Timothy Allatt. Nottinghamshire Police said it


acknowledges and supports the court decision but that he was dismissed


over a separate and unrelated assault on a member of the public


and will not reap returning to be false. -- will not be returning to


the farce. For Timothy Allatt, today was about clearing his name.


Still to come on the programme, Sally with the weekend weather.


have got a bitterly cold weekend to come, starting with tonight. You


A campaign to reconnect a town to the region's rail network appears


to be picking up speed. Ilkeston in Derbyshire used to have


four railway stations but now it doesn't have any. Simon Hare


reports. Look closely and there are signs of


a railway heritage here. But this road no longer lives up to its name.


Ilkeston has the dubious honour of being Britain's biggest town


without a train station. It is hoped a station could boost the job


prospects of residents by making it easier to commute to neighbouring


cities. As well as bring in more visitors to ton itself. Do you


think Ilkeston suffers without one? We have good bus links. Does it


warrant it? Yes. The local MP says it is worth spending �5 million on


a new station. This is a relatively modest sum of money compared to the


longer term benefits that this would bring to Ilkeston and the


wider area more. The train goes past but never stops! We want to be


trained to stop! Mansfield used to have the largest station this town


claim to fame. The trains do now stop here. The Robin Hood line


replaced what was axed. Accessibility is improved. I still


think it is undervalued. For Ilkeston I think it would be


critical. Their positioning between Nottingham and Derbyshire, it is in


steamy important that they battle for the rail link. -- it is


extremely important. Mansfield is also getting a new bus station.


Back in Ilkeston, they will be ready to raise a toast should it


get reconnected to the railway map. Our political editor John Hess is


with us. So what are the chances of Ilkeston getting its own railway


station again? The first stop on this journey is to get the new


Transport Secretary on board. Justine Greening may be supportive


but it is the Chancellor George Osborn who has got the cash. Now


money may be tight, but actually the government has been looking


around for smaller scale infrastructure projects to fund.


That is why the duelling of the A453 was given the go-ahead. I


think also there are some other intriguing redevelopment news. In


Mansfield, the leader of Nottinghamshire County Council has


suggested that Mansfield should be the location for the government's


new enterprise zone. They are making a strong case for Mansfield.


There are areas that need some investment in Mansfield. The


brewery site, for example. In need some real effort to get together


with all interested parties. I know the city has been very well-funded


compared with the counties but the deprivation can be just the same.


Mansfield is a town of about 100,000 people and I think higher


profile. These enterprise zone is give huge incentives. We have to in


the East Midlands already. Put Mansfield be next in line?


The English Defence League says it wants to march through Leicester


next month, 18 months after it staged a major rally in the city.


The group was forced to hold a static demonstration in 2010, but


it descended into violence. 36 people were arrested. Policing it


cost an estimated �850,000. The group wants to return on 4th


February. The city council is discussing the request.


Police investigating an armed robbery where a shop assistant was


threatened with a stun-device are questioning a 22-year-old man. It


follows an attack at the Sainsbury's store at Newhall in


Derbyshire yesterday morning. Police say a woman who worked there


needed treatment after an electrical device was held to her


neck. Cash was taken. A man from Midway near Swadlincote was


arrested this morning. A builder says hundreds of


construction jobs are likely to go in the East Midlands, unless the


government reduces the rate of VAT on house extensions and conversions.


Kevin Ellis from Leicestershire says his firm's turnover has gone


down by 20% since VAT went up last January. And he is warning he may


soon have to make redundancies. Carolyn Moses reports.


At work on an extension in Leicester, some of the 19 staff


employed by a construction company who have recently won master


builder of the year. The firm accepts that the recession has hit


the construction trade hard but the owner believes that the extra VAT


that came in last Enry has made things worse. The number of


inquiries we get is down by 90%. In difficult times when people are


trying to put money together to have extensions built on their


houses, the straw that breaks the camel's back is the extra 2.5%.


association, the Federation of Master Builders, believes the VAT


rise has meant 10,000 UK building and supply jobs were lost last year


but at the Treasury says there is support for the construction


industry with no VAT charged on new-build housing and a reduced


rate applying to residential conversions and the renovation of


certain buildings that have been vacant for at least two years.


would like to see the government do something with VAT on extensions


because it is the staple diet of the average build up. I think the


black economy will have been boosted by the increasing VAT and


we come across situations where on the odd occasions when we are


quoting somebody else, the prices that are being quoted are


outrageously low and could only be done for cash. If VAT is not


reduced and there is no upturn in business, he says he may have to


The 8th next, the growing demand for foster-parents, because across


a region there is a big increase in the number of children coming into


local care. In Nottinghamshire it is on -- the emphasis is on all the


children. -- older children. This goal is one of 1,800 looked


after children in the region. She has been in care since five, she


has been ever present foster parents for five years. She says


fostering has turned her life around. You sit back and think what


would happen if you're not in care. I know for a fact I would not be


going to university. My foster carers, they have been really


supportive, I class them as my own family. If you give the right kind


of nurturing, the children pick that up, and they feel better about


themselves. Their self-esteem is a lot better. There has been a 22%


increase in the number of children are put into care. It is a similar


picture in this region. Over half of the region's children are over


the age of 10. Those children can be a lot harder to place where


families. The survey says the rewards can be considerable.


Watching a shy child coming to your home, someone who doesn't want to


spend the time anyone else, sing a song, dance, have friends over 30,


it is amazing to watch them grow and flourish. There is no better


reward. It is very rewarding, children are very grateful when


they get a nice family. fostering service is hoping to


recruit an extra 10 family's following an appeal.


Isn't that great? It has proved a great sensation on


the London stage, but the film version of Warhorse could take the


story to a whole new level. Detail of the horse that ends up on the


front lines of the First World War is actually the story of hundreds


of thousands of horses at that time. Sadly, most of them have died in


obscurity, but one from Leicestershire lived on to become a


legend. We can all watch Warhorse from


today, as the story of jelly, the horse that goes to the Great War,


goes on general release. Some will be watching more closely than


others, among them will be Griff Morgan-Jones, who showed me a


remarkable dray. -- grey. Songster was a Leicestershire horse he was


mobilised in 1914. He was assigned to Trooper Bert Main, and much like


the horse in the film, he face the horrors of war there -- warfare.


faced shelling, gun fire, all of the horrors of war. To make it


pretty the end, that is quite remarkable. Here at be


Leicestershire Yeomanry Museum -- there. They tickets to camp. Appal


Descartes into Loughborough market. The owner said he did it just to


keep the horse out of trouble. Astonishingly, Songster lived up to


1947. The musician or who wrote the songs for the stage play thinks


that Steven Spielberg will do the horse is proud -- horses. He's a


great storyteller, he has access to child like storytelling qualities.


That looks brilliant. The play is good, the film must be good, too.


A brand new political programme starts this week.


Welcome to the new home of The Sunday Politics, to get it off will


be looking at council tax. Why the government is offering to freeze it,


and a trap that you may fall into. Join us on Sunday.


That looks good. It is on BBC One at Sunday lunchtime.


Time Out of the sport. -- time now for the sport.


It is January, the minute the transfer window opens, there is a


lot of speculation about who is coming or going. It has been slim


pickings are so far. We have been taking a look at the state of play.


Our clubs have till the end of this month to do their business. The


question is, will any of them be taking a gamble? Leicester City


have had a bid accepted bodily sharp -- are barely. That has been


interest in their defender. They now, he is staying. They say they


have cash to spend, but when be silly. To bring people in who don't


strengthen your team, that can be to the detriment of the club.


Derby County have had inquiries about midfielder Paul Green, they


may decide to cash in, his contract is up at the end the season. It is


a case of wait and see. We are carrying too many players at the


moment. The priorities to work with those. If we have any breathing


space we will work with it. Nottingham Forest have so far


fought off all interest for their players. They have signed their


former striker, but if they want to bring in any other players, some of


the current squad will have to go. Manager Steve Cotterill says it


makes for a stressful month. This window is a real problem. It is


right, smack bang in the middle of your season. Just another 18 days


to go, I wonder if any of our side will hit the jackpot? -- sides.


Notts County have taken defender Kieron Freeman on a one-month deal.


There is a lot of the ball this weekend. Southampton come to Forest,


Coventry visit Derby County. In League One, Notts County are away


to Bournemouth. Commentary on your local radio stations.


This evening, a big match for Leicester Tigers, if they want to


get to the knockout stages of the Heineken Cup, their match at Ulster


is a must win. The magnitude of tonight's game


cannot be underestimated. Leicester are taking on Ulster, to power


houses of European rugby. -- two power houses. It is going to be


tough for them tonight? It is a big game. They have been in five files,


10 quarter-finals, they have beaten Munster. -- five are finals. Both


sides could come out on top. It is very exciting. There are lots of


clashes, one to 15, the battle will be on the front row. It will be


dirty and there? It will be. Everybody has to give 100%.


both sides, defeat is not an option. It is a must win. Tigers might rue


the day that they did not get that bonus point. If you are not one of


the 500 who have come over, do not fair, live commentary on BBC Radio


Leicester. All the build up starting at seven o'clock.


Just before I go, a reminder that the Football League Show is back


tomorrow. Late Kick Off also returns on Monday. It is the first


of a new run until the end of the season.


It is all happening here at the BBC. Friday the 13th, normally


associated with bad luck, but not full one Nottingham couple. Career


and Craig White had their first date on that day. They also got


married on the day. Wearing something old, new and


borrowed. Emma Ward is superstitious about some traditions,


but not about the date. Our first date was on Friday the 13th, it is


always been a good luck for us. said 13th January, we could not


tell anyone it was a Friday. couple met whilst travelling in


Australia. They will not make the date bother them -- they will not


let the date bother them. I'm not worried. Yesterday, stress started


to appear, last-minute details, maybe it is catching up on the? I


have no worries about its, whatsoever. -- worries about the


day. Usually, it is quite quiet, but couples stay away from it. It


is all about making a personal, a celebration for the couple.


Friday the 13th may be viewed as unlucky, but not by this couple.


is me great pleasure to announce soon as husband-and-wife. They are


looking forward to a lifetime of wedded bliss.


wedded bliss. I feel a bit eerie now. -- I feel a


bit emotional now. Time for the weather.


It has been a cold day. It is turning even colder, temperatures


plummeting. A widespread frost. Across the weekend we are likely to


see a little bit of fog. This is the sun to rise -- this is the sun


rise in Leicestershire. Thank you for the pictures, keep them coming


in. If we take a closer look, the high pressure is sitting right over


the UK. That is keeping conditions settled, dry, but bitterly cold.


Tonight is no exception. You can see that blue, that is depicting


frost. Most places will wake up to frost tomorrow morning.


Temperatures will plummet, minus three. Into minus figures. Tomorrow


morning, bitterly cold, frosty, the White Apaches will show fog -- b


White Apaches. Tomorrow, up to five Celsius, clear skies in the evening.


A rather more widespread fog expected. Sunday, waking up to fog,


some sunny spells developing in the afternoon, temperatures continue to


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