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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and Anne Davies. Our


top story tonight, the schoolboy on trial for beating a woman to death


with a hammer. The jury hears that he made plans for the killing and


searched for websites on how to get away with murder.


Also tonight, a grieving mother backs a campaign to rid Mansfield


of its binge-drinking culture. went to Mansfield for a Friday


night out and never came home again. Plus, built for the bigger patient


- health chiefs order more specially strengthened ambulances.


It has a particular kind of structure that will take the


pressure up to 50 stones, and a wider ramp on the rear for access.


And it may be 59 years old but I'll be finding out that this Raleigh


Good evening and welcome to Monday's programme. First tonight,


a schoolboy's gone on trial accused of murdering a woman with a hammer.


Today a jury heard that the boy had written detailed plans for the


killing and that he tried to destroy the evidence by burning his


victim's body. For more details, let's cross to Nottingham Crown


Court and our social affairs correspondent, Jeremy Ball. Good


evening, Jeremy. Good evening. The prosecution said the jury will hear


disturbing evidence. This happened at the woman's home in Nottingham


last year. She was beaten so badly that her skull was fractured and


though her and her body was covered in petrol and set on fire. And --


and then her body was covered in petrol. We are not allowed to


identify it the person accused or the woman. If he has admitted the


attack, why is the trial taking place? The jury has to decide


whether he is guilty of murder. That is because the defence say he


had been provoked and that he finally lost control after the


woman called him a freak. The prosecution see it differently and


they say this was well planned and so it there is damning evidence


found by detectives on his computer hard drive. He had been looking up


website on how to get away with murder and there are also clips


from a similar soap-opera plot and he had tried to delete a story that


mapped out details of this killing and we heard that this boy had


immersed himself in a fantasy world and the boundaries between real


life and fiction had become very tragically blurred. Looking back,


had there been any warning signs? We heard there had been some


worries about his behaviour. One incident in class where he started


screaming that his school tie was trying to hurt him. We also heard


that he had been talking to a councillor, heard that he had been


hearing voices -- a counsellor. will leave it there, thank you.


A Nottinghamshire town is fighting to get rid of its reputation as a


centre for weekend binge drinking. Mansfield wants to earn a purple


flag - an award given to town centres which promote responsible


drinking. Our cameras followed police on a busy night dealing with


alcohol-related violence. From A recent report highlighted this


town has a drinking problem. The highest numbers of alcohol-related


hospital admissions and the highest levels of alcohol and crime in


Nottinghamshire. So we are out with Mansfield police on one of the


busiest nights of the year will stop and we are in for a rough ride.


What has happened? SCREAMING. 's before I spend an evening with


the police I want to discover this town's darkest hour. The mid-


noughties. Most weekends saw serious accident. This woman's


relative died but no charges were brought. He went out on a Friday


night and never came back. You have got to be careful. You hope your


children can go out and be safe. And not have the heartbreak we had.


The term and to reduce major incidents, the police and


authorities are trying to tackle problem pubs and people. A do not


kick the van! Besides arrests, the police use powers like direction to


leave, which bars people from the town centre through the night. A


more serious thing is a drink banning order. Look price received


the first one, be named and shamed. -- Luke price. It was big news. I


live in a pub and I am banned from them. Do you think these drink


banning orders work? Yes, it is in the back of your mind. You don't


want to go out causing trouble because if you get caught...


Despite the crackdowns, initiatives and goodwill, tackling weekend


binge-drinking remains a challenge in Mansfield. But this town is


serious about fighting for its purple flag. Somewhere that


discourages binge-drinking. You can see Stuart Woodman's full


report on tonight's Inside Out at 7:30 on BBC One.


Still to come on the programme, keeping the traffic flowing - we


join the Highways Agency as they clear crashes, set up diversions


Two men have appeared in court charged with the murder of a


takeaway shop owner from Leicester. The body of the businessman was


found earlier this month, as Helen Astle reports.


The body of Dogan Dogan was found in his flat above a takeaway on 8th


January. This morning, 31-year-old Wali Khan and 27-year-old Naveed


Naveed, both from St Stephen's Road appeared at Leicester magistrates'


court. Each confirmed their name and address. They were arrested on


Thursday and spent two days in police custody before being charged.


During the 15 minute hearing, Wali Khan and Naveed Naveed did not


enter a plea. They have been remanded into custody. It will


later be decided if they will be granted bail. In the meantime,


police investigations into the murder of Dogan Dogan are


continuing. A man has been jailed for nearly


five years after he ran over a special constable in Nottingham and


broke her leg in three places. Lee Ashton hit Carly Henfrey with a


stolen car on Shakespeare Street as he tried to escape from police last


November. A judge at Nottingham Crown Court said the public could


only be protected if he was in custody because he constantly


flouted any bans or punishments given to him regarding driving.


The family of an off-duty police officer who was critically injured


in a hit-and-run have thanked people in Mansfield for their


unwavering support. PC Diederik Coetzee was cycling along Blidworth


Lane at the end of November when he was hit by a car. He's still in


hospital in a stable condition. Four people have been arrested and


bailed in connection with the incident.


A BAFTA-winning actress has appeared in court charged with


racially aggravated assault. 21- year-old Lauren Socha, who won a


BAFTA for her role in the TV series Misfits, is alleged to have


assaulted a taxi driver in Derby one night last October. Today she


appeared at Derby Crown Court where she pleaded not guilty to the


charge. Her trial is expected to take place in April.


People living in a Leicestershire village are warning that someone


could be killed unless urgent action is taken to force traffic to


slow down. They say motorists are ignoring a 20mph speed limit


through Kilby. One house on a corner has so far had four cars


Rosemary and Michael Arrowsmith have lived on Main Street in Kilby


for more than 30 years. Their 400- year-old House is at one end of the


village. They say the speed limit being ignored and the Grade Two


listed property usually bears the brunt if motorists drive carelessly.


We have had people run into the side of the house, into the front


we had a car through the front with a concrete bollard coming in front


of it. And then this final one where the car went up and hit the


window. That is in the middle of the house, not even on the corner.


�40,000 damage was caused in the last accident. Some residents say


school buses are breaking the speed limit and there may be disastrous


consequences. We are worried about the children playing out. There is


a school here. Somebody will get knocked over eventually. There will


be a serious accident before long. My one car is coming into the


village, another is going out and they will hit head-on. Something


might get done then but it wants doing before then to prevent it.


Even the bollards outside the home had to be replaced when there had


been damaged. Leicestershire County Council says officers will be


holding a site meeting later this week to see whether anything else


can be done. Most of us have probably driven on


the M1 at some time or another, but have you ever thought about who's


responsible for the smooth running of the motorway? When accidents


happen or when people break down, it's the job of the Highways Agency


to divert traffic, arrange recovery and make the scene safe. Our


reporter Jonathan Cecil has been out with two teams covering our


section of one of the country's They are responsible for looking


after motorways and made a -- major trunk roads. The staff close lanes,


use overhead signs and control the flow of vehicles. It is the


Two cars have collided and one of the drivers has called the police,


making allegations about the other driver. People are angry when there


has been an accident so you tend to get the after-effects of the anger.


We will see what happens with this one, I suspect it will be dealt


with by the insurance companies. But the most dangerous places on


the motorway can be the hard shoulder. We have vehicles coming


up to the hard shoulder every now and then when people are not paying


attention or falling asleep so you have to keep your eyes open all the


time. The major road and trunk road networks carry two thirds of all


heavy freight traffic. It didn't happen many minutes ago. Some of


the strap's light. Working. The officers are making sure that the


driver is OK. -- of this Trott's lights are not working.


One year, has started a rolling roadblock. We will slow the traffic


down to slow it down to make it safe to collect the debris. It will


not inconvenience the public too much, we hope will have made it


safer. As soon as the officer can see the robot vehicle, they have a


chance to retrieve the object. job is to keep the traffic moving,


to keep the public informed of something that is happening and to


reduce journey times as much as we possibly can. They manage a huge


range of incident, but when there his loss of life or criminal


activity, the police are also involved. -- where there is loss of


life. We get called to an accident


booking three lanes and a luxury sports car needs to be taken off


the motorway but will it get up the A theatre has broken its own box


office record for its Christmas and New Year production. Curve in


Leicester sold 38,000 tickets for its revival of 42nd Street. It was


so popular that an extra seventh week was added to the run. The


musical, which finished at the weekend, sold 2,000 tickets more


than the previous year's production, The King And I.


Today marks the start of an auspicious year in the Chinese


calendar. Celebrations have been taking place across the East


Midlands, including in Leicester. And this year is particularly


special because it's the Year of the Dragon. The Chinese believe


that children born now are destined to be successful and wealthy so


watch out for a bit of a baby boom. You never know! Still to come, a


very big birthday for a well-known cycle manufacturer. And it will be


a cold day tomorrow with a chance of some rain, sleet and snow. More


weather for you towards the end of the programme.


Millions of pounds is being spent on new ambulances for the East


Midlands designed to transport the heaviest patients. 80 emergency


vehicles have been ordered that can carry patients weighing up to 50


stone. Our health correspondent Rob Sissons reports.


We are getting bigger, eating more, Paramedics are going to accidents


whether patients and bigger as well. This person had to be rescued from


a crashed car. It was a while ago The they had to cut me out and I


don't know how many firemen it took to cut me out. The blood-pressure


cuff would not go around my arm because it was a small one. And the


trolley I was on, I was bulging over the sides. It was very


uncomfortable as a journey, degrading for me. And I felt sorry


for the stuff that had to deal with me. Now the ambulance service is


moving with the times to meet the challenge of heavier patients.


is our prototype vehicle. It has a standard A&E structure. Capable of


taking a patient up to 30 stone. And the new ones? The new ones will


take a patient up to 50 stones. It is a lot smoother for the patient


because it is electrical. At the moment, there are only five


ambulances serving an entire fleet of 270 that required to take


patients of more than 30 stone. Now, 80 more are on order. I felt sorry


for the staff that had to deal with me because they were trained to do


as much as they could and they obviously had to ask me how much I


worried which I know they have to do. -- how much I weigh. It was a


horrible experience. 37 of the new ambulances will go to Lincolnshire.


Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire each will get 14 and by the summer,


Leicestershire and Rutland will The tomorrow night, Robb will have


a special report on the increasing popularity of obesity surgery. We


have a "weight T" matters to deal All the weekend's action is on the


way but there's a game tonight and its a big one. Leicester City off


to Championship pace-setters Southampton. But it's transfer


window time, and that means it's all overshadowed by news of faces


arriving and leaving at the Foxes. Ian Stringer is at the St Mary's


Welcome to St Mary's, massive game for Leicester City, off the back of


a 4-0 victory over Nottingham Forest. But formidable opponents


here for the Foxes this evening. Former Leicester striker Alan Young


joins me. First, what do city need to do to overcome Southampton


tonight? I think if they play anything like they performed


against Nottingham Forest then we will not be far away tonight.


Brilliant news coming out of the King power stadium, first and


foremost, Newquay Abbey leaves and returns to Japan. Your thoughts.


really tried his had hardest but he has gone back to play his football


and we wish him well. Myth and Alfonso comes in on a one month


emergency loan from Aston Villa. -- Nathan. He can play both sides. I


have not seen him play but he can play both flanks and that is what


in a manager is looking for. Let's hope it is difficult for him.


may feature this evening as make Danny Drinkwater, the signing from


Manchester United. The stage is set with full commentary on BBC local


radio and for myself in the commentary box.


Don't miss Ian and Alan on BBC Radio Leicester getting going in a


few minutes. You can get your first look at the goals on our late


bulletin this evening at 10:25 and a full report on Late Kick Off


which is live at 11:05 here on BBC One. Plenty of interest for fans of


other clubs too. A great feature on Rams keeper Frank Fielding plus


former Derby and Forest manager Billy Davies is a guest in the


studio. And Billy Davies has been an


interested spectator as Forest have slid backwards this season. A slide


that continued, controversially, on Nottingham Forest at Upton Park.


The first from a ball fired into the arm, at least that is how it


looked. And the second in the second half hitting Chris Brunt.


Same offence, same decision, same result. Forest manager Steve


Cotterill left looking for the The first one was never a penalty.


I can see why he has given the second one by thought we were


excellent, the better team. I thought we have got our team that.


You can argue who deserved it more but a McGugan special was earned.


Cotterell is convinced it will all The rest of the action now. Notts


County in a moment, but first, in- form Derby.


The rest of the action now. Notts County in a moment, but first, in-


test for the keeper. But they stood firm to come away with a goalless


I think we deserved at least a point. We did very well today and


we did not sit back. Not a negative 0-0. Notts County are still looking


for their first win in League One since November but a draw was a


decent result against promotion candidates, MK Dons. The visitors


took the lead in acrobatic style in the first half Notts County had


plenty of chances to equalise. Fans thinking it wasn't to be with the


MK Dons keeper in good form. 10 minutes to go, they got their brick


through thanks to the penalty decision. Up stepped Jeff Hughes


and he very rarely misses from the Other sport and some major changes


being announced at Leicester Tigers. Lock George Skivington is off to


London Irish in the summer, winger Alesana Tuilagi is Japan-bound and


young Billy Twelvetrees hasn't signed a new contract and will also


be leaving. It all probably gave Tigers fans something to discuss


during a stinker of a first half at Welford Road against the Italians,


Aironi. It got much better in the second half but this was a hollow


victory. As predicted, no Heineken Cup quarter-final place for Tigers.


Nottingham, meanwhile, were knocked out of the British and Irish Cup,


crashing 33-3 to Cornish Pirates. A great weekend for Nottingham


Panthers in the ice hockey. On Saturday night they beat the league


leaders Belfast away from home and they followed it up with a


comfortable 4-1 victory over Fife in Nottingham last night. Panthers


are now five points off the lead, with some very big games on the way


in February. In field hockey, no final win for


GB's women at the Four Nations in Cordoba. They lost 3-2 to Korea.


But a clean sweep in the group stages made this a great tournament


to start an Olympic year with. In badminton, if you watched our


Olympic Dreams programme yesterday you'll know that Nottingham's


badminton star Nathan Robertson and Leicester's Chris Adcock are in a


struggle for one spot in the mixed doubles at London 2012. Well,


yesterday Robertson struck a blow in that contest, winning the


Swedish Open with his partner, Jenny Wallwork. By the way,if you


didn't watch Olympic Dreams, it's now on BBC iPlayer.


A Nottingham lad has won Britiain's first ever gold medal at the Winter


Youth Olympics. Speed skater Jack Burrows was part of a victorious


mixed nationality team in the 3,000 metres relay speed skating. Amazing,


it is the first ever win to Youth Olympics and I have got a gold


medal. You can't get higher than that right now, I am over the moon.


So young and such a grip must already of the sporting cliche! --


One of the East Midlands' most iconic brands is 125 years old.


Raleigh may not have such a strong presence as it once had in


Nottingham, but its headquarters are still at Eastwood in


Nottinghamshire. And as Kylie Pentelow - a cycling enthusiast -


has been finding out, some of Raleigh's historic models are still


ARCHIVE FOOTAGE: Britain's cycles, motorcycles and accessories and


here these fashion minded gill enthusiasts are being shown. They


say they don't make them like that anymore. The Raleigh's built back


in the 1950s are still going strong. But this one at least. Tom Gibson


bide his old 1953 delivery back almost every day to his cow was in


East League. For them, the Raleigh's arrival means feeding


time. Fantastic. I really love it because it keeps you fit. It is a


butcher's bike for delivering meat or it used to be. He found the back


in a skip about 30 years ago. was on a pile of rubbish in the


village behind a shop. It was going for scrap and I spoke to the trap


and he said I could have it but it was minus the front wheel. We found


it in a little shop in the village, a garage shop and they gave me it.


And it eventually got the new rear wheel and the saddle off the


internet recently. Raleigh began back in 1887, a small cycle company


on a Raleigh street. By the 1,900, the company was designing and


building 30,000 bikes every year. The whole bike is not built here


but the headquarters are firmly based in the East Midlands.


Nottingham is key to us. We are here in Eastwood in our 13 acre


site. We are like Formula One cars. We design everything here and they


are built abroad. It may not be a high-spec, super hi-tech model. In


fact, it does not even have years and it is not that easy to ride but


Tom says he loves it and despite numerous offers, he will never sell


the bike he saved from the scrap heap.


ARCHIVE FOOTAGE: May we look forward to a mutual era of


And that was my commentary, obviously!


Well, you've been tweeting us about your bikes. Only time to mention a


few, Adam Longley said he always wanted a Raleigh Lizard when he was


young but could never afford one. have never heard of that one.


Jonathan Ashworth MP said all his bikes were Raleigh. His grandad


said they were the best and he loved his Raleigh Mustang. And Sean


Hanrahan had a Raleigh Grifter. They came out in 1981 and he was


the first kid on his street to own one. Did you ever have one?


always wanted a chopper. And now Up was an early warning for the


band of rain coming in from the West -- there's an early warning. A


strong chance of turning to snow. These guys are clearing a present


and although it will be a cold early part of the evening, down to


about minus one Celsius, and thank you for David for capturing the sun


setting this evening along the River Trent. Keep your pictures


coming in, we always like to see them. A frost starting to form


later on so we will see the cloud increasing from the West as we get


into the early hours of the morning. As it starts to work its way in, it


will turn to rain as well. There will be some snow affecting the


Peak District ever higher ground. If you're travelling overnight,


watch out. And as the band of rain moves east, it turns to a wintry


mix of rain, sleet and snow. The main difference for ourselves is


the temperatures. The further west, back into double figures with our


maximum daytime temperature at no higher than four Celsius. It will


be one of those dull days. And some hill fog as well. A pretty


miserable day on the roads if you are going anywhere tomorrow


afternoon. And throughout the evening as well, we see the milder


air coming in again and for Wednesday, a slightly different day


starting to get a bit breezy and there will be a bit of cloud


remaining with us as well. A grey, drizzly sort of day with milder


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