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This is East Midlands Today. Our top story: tackling obesity on the


operating table. Why thousands of people a year are going under the


knife to lose weight. I can get out, walk my dog, do more exercise.


Also tonight: going private - the X council staff are looking for jobs


in the cut-throat world of commerce. Plus manoeuvres on the M1 - the


Highways workers dodging traffic in the dark. That could blow out into


the carriageway, cause an obstruction and to have motorists


swerving, probably caused an accident. Last week, Gareth was a


builder in Mansfield, this week he is �40 million better off. Find out


about his lottery win that later in Good evening. �40 million. What


would you do with that? We will be meeting Mansell's luckless couple


later. The East Midlands obesity crisis. NHS figures show more and


more people in this region are turning to the scalpel to lose


weight. More Obesity surgery is being done here than in any other


region in the whole of England. Steve Waugh super obese. 36 Don't,


even mowing the lawn was a struggle. Now after a gastric ban was fitted


under the NHS, his old clothes no longer fit. This is how I used to


be. He has lost 15 stone in two years. I can get out, walk my dog,


do more exercise that I never used to do. At the Royal Derby hospital,


over 700 people have had weight- loss surgery over three years.


have one of the most dense populations in terms of obesity and


that is why we are providing operations to a high percentage of


the population compared to the national average. To qualify, the


government agency nice recommends that people have a body mass index


of 35 or 45. But in the East Midlands, the NHS bar is set higher.


You need a BMI of 45 with other health problems or 50 without. The


new NHS report shows the East Midlands having the highest rate of


obesity surgery in England. What we need to do is look at the whole


system, not just the operation that counts, other areas may have


treatment modes that are different. They baby managing individuals


differently. Avoiding surgery was Sharon's aim. At home in


Leicestershire, she says she is proof you can do it without


operations. She has gone from 31 to 20 stone in a year by cutting out


junk food. I can tell. I can see that my whole shape, because I used


to call myself a tanker, because I used to walk like a tank. The Steve


had to fight for his operation but he is glad he did.


Rob is with us now. A lot of people carry a few extra pounds, why is


Obesity surgery an issue now? of people wanted and cannot get it


on the NHS, some cannot afford to go private. There are questions as


to whether the NHS may be doing this at all given the financial


pressures. People say we treat people who smoke, drink, we should


treat people with obesity as well. Surgery does not work for everybody.


Gastric bans, we seek cases where it does work but you can still


cheap. It does require lifestyle changes that are sustainable.


you. A young woman says she is afraid to


leave her home unaccompanied a week after she was beaten up in an


unprovoked attack. 18-year-old Kristina Leatherland was assaulted


in Leicester city centre. It has been just over a week since


the attack in Leicester city centre. Kristina is recovering at home


after a man aged around 40 and 6 ft tall pushed her over and beat her


up. He punched me to the ground, kept on carrying on punching and


kicking me. When he was hitting me he was shouting things at me. When


people were coming over, saying, what do you think you're doing, he


ran off. It happened on Sunday 15th January at the junction of bishops


Street and Granby Street. I was meant to be a bridesmaid but I


could not. I have not been able to go college because I cannot get


their and basically, my confidence has gone out the window. I cannot


go anywhere on my own. It feels horrible. It is a mental side. It


is nightmares, not sleeping, too scared to go out. Even I have taken


her to the shop and she is a nervous wreck. It should not be


like that, and 18-year-old girl should be living How Life not


cooped up at home. Most of Kristina's bruises are fading but


she is afraid to go out on her own. Police are appealing for witnesses


but as nothing was stolen, the reason for the assault is a mystery.


Next tonight, the question facing thousands of unemployed public


sector workers in the region. Will they be able to find work in the


private sector? How does a career at the Town Hall, the hospital or


the police station equip people for a future in commerce? From Derby,


Simon Hare reports. Derby's council house is undergoing


major changes and Matthew is looking for a new job. He had


worked for the city council for the last 16 years in housing and then


highways. Today he was the first through the door at a jobs fair for


public-sector workers. Be it is very daunting, very different world


from what I can see that I believe I have got the skills that I can


work in either sector equally well. Many positive thoughts and I have


to prove myself. I wonder if you have any project manager roles?


do. A new company on site. They are looking for a project manager.


public sector remains a major employers in the region. It


provides work for 382,000 people in the East Midlands but that is down


16,000 on a year ago. Maybe the public sector has key skills that


are coming across in both the public and private sector. We are


helping people to find the job that works for them. Matthew, how did it


go? Very positive. Good contacts made today and good information on


jobs that are out there. You were hopeful before, more hopeful now?


am, yes. There were some jobs there that I did not know about and the


contacts I made, it will not be too long before I am in employment.


A teenager has died 11 days after being knocked off his bike in


Nottingham. The 14-year-old boy was taken to the Queen's Medical Centre


following the accident on Colwick Loop Road. The A612 was partly


closed for around four hours while police investigators examined the


scene. An 18-year-old driver has been


killed in a crash involving three cars in Leicestershire. It happened


just after 9:30pm last night on Park Lane in Bruntingthorpe. Adam


Stevenson from Fleckney died at the scene. No one else was injured. Two


max 17-year-old man arrested and released on bail. Police want to


hear from any witnesses. Last night on this programme and on


Inside Out, we heard how the authorities in Mansfield are trying


to make the town a safer place. A similar thing is happening in Derby.


Police there claim new licensing powers will help reduce alcohol-


related crime and start to transform the image of the city


centre at night. How? By stopping the growth of vertical drinking


establishments, bars that they say encourage irresponsible drinking.


A we can night out in Derby city centre. The police and city council


say the area is saturated with bars and that is linked to an increase


in alcohol-related crime. The police and city council had new


licensing powers in Derby. It means the police can challenge and block


new applications for bars and one type or part they do not want to


seek any more of is the so-called vertical drinking establishment.


The police officer in charge of licensing in Derby explained why he


does not like the idea behind Vertical drinking. Where seating is


kept to a minimum, to maximise space for drinkers. They are the


generic loud music, every one crowd in, drink as much as you can and do


not me have some special offers at the pass. What it does is make


people drink irresponsibly. Derby has the 5th highest concentration


of pubs and bars in the UK. 150 licence purposes and the police say


30 of them are vertical drinking Any new pubs or bars that open up


will have to offer something different, say the police. Like


this new piano bar they started a couple of months ago. Binge


drinking is a national, local and regional problem. Working with the


local police and licensing we can see they are trying to deal with


that and improve the image of the city. The new approach will not put


up the right sort of investment it is claimed. It is not stopping


investment, it is stopping dodgy dealers coming into the city centre.


I want people that are coming in that will trade responsibly, sell


alcohol responsibly and promote the licensing objective. A more vibrant


and save the city centre is the overall objective. The new powers


will be reviewed in three years. A Nottinghamshire engineering


company has been fined after a worker suffered severe injuries


when his excavator struck a bridge. A maintenance fitter employed by


Van Elle Limited hit his head after being thrown through the front


screen of his digger. It hit a bridge while carrying out widening


work on the M1 in September 2009. Time for the second part of our


special on the highways agency. The organisation that patrolled the M1


throughout our region. They are responsible for co-ordinating


traffic around accidents, retrieving objects and world


generally keeping flowing. We have been out with two teams to find out


exactly what they do and how. Three lanes of the M1 have been


closed because of an accident. lost control of the vehicle. Police


are at the scene. They are assessing the driver to see whether


they can remove her without taking the roof off. The Highways Agency's


priority is to divert traffic and keep commuters informed. The fire


crews were able to remove the driver up and get her to hospital


without the need to remove the roof. We have not taken over the police


role in the motorway. They are still involved in major incidents


but we assist them. We can cone off and make a safe area for them to


work in. It is late at night and a lorry has parked up. It is are lit,


a danger to others, it looks like it could be a Takhar break which is


not allowed on the hard shoulder. I will have a word with the driver.


It does mean working up the driver, asking him to move to the next


services. -- waking up the driver. There has been a collision early on


in the day and there is a part of a plastic car bumper against the


central reservation barrier. officer unease to judge the traffic


accurately and go out into a live carriageway to retrieve the bumper.


It is dangerous and he needs to get it right. That could blow out into


the carriageway, cause an obstruction and then you have


motorists swerving, probably caused an accident. This driver is anxious.


His sports car has a puncture, its boiler is causing some issues.


Recovery have turned up to take the vehicle off the motorway. The car


has a very low skirting on the body work. Recovery knew what he was


doing. Customer is happy. Everybody is safe. The highways agency deals


with around 160 incidents the day in the East Midlands. They are here


to help the traffic get around the region quicker and safer.


Still to come: which beyond the dreams of avarice - but it could


have happened to a nicer couple. We meet the new millionaires of


Home after an epiced a venure, a young -- adventure. A young woman


is back in Britain after a world- breaking Polar trek. Bryony Balen


became the youngest woman to ski the South Pole. It was on Friday


she finally reached the Pole. We are delighted to say she is safely


back home tonight, in Melbourne. Hello, Bryony. Good evening. First


of all, congratulations. Welcome home. Actually, what is it like to


be home? It's really surreal to be honest with you. It has not sunk in


it is all over and I am back this the real world yet. Can you remind


us the purpose of the expedition, despite the fact that somebody


discouraged you and said you were not up to it. That was like a


reding are to a bull, wasn't it? was. I wanted to be the youngest


Briton to ski this route. It is 1200kms. It is the last 10 degrees


to the South Pole. I did. I set the new British record. I was trying to


inspire people to get outdoors and raise money for charity while I was


doing it. Was there a highlight? If you could pick one thing what would


it be? Surprisingly enough it was not getting to the Pole, obviously


that is a massive highlight. Halfway through we reached a


mountain range and I was just getting strong. I had got rid of


the blisters. Our team was working well. That was a thing for me to be


out in dramatic scenery, feeling good and knowing I had less than


halfway to get to the ultimate goal. How will you cope with being home?


It will all seem mundane, won't it? I am not complaining about the


luxuries, nice cups of tea and chairs and tables. It is odd not to


be skiing for ten hours a day. I think I can cope with it for the


next few weeks. What is next on your agenda? What are your plans?


Nothing solid yet. I am looking forward to a bit of recovery,


putting a bit of weight back on. Then I am sure I'll have an


adventure plan. I want to get work done on my degree. Any tips on


putting weight on - I'm your man. Thank you for talking to us. How


amazing. I would love to be able to say that, I need to put some weight


on! God bless her. We will keep you up-to-date with what her next


expedition will be. I am contemplating the South Pole weight


loss diet. Leicester City's Nigel Pearson has been praising his


side's work after last night's away win. It was sweeter as it came


against Southampton. They had only lost once at home all season.


Southampton have been top of the championship most of the season and


would have returned with a win, but Leicester had other ideas.


One player was bowed as an ex- Portsmouth player. I knew I was


going to get some stick off the Southampton fans.


Leicester were two up with less than half an hour played. The


captain, up for a corner and stayed up to head the ball home. I managed


to creep back on side. A nice bit of skill on the side. A little chop,


get into the box. Pearson praised the hard work of his side, who


defended. The players are very disciplined in terms of how we


dealt with their threats. Leicester will look to push on up the league


after that performance. They have a break for the cup at the weekend,


but it was the cup that quick- started their season. We played


Wednesday night, we took it into this game. Two clean sheelts. Six


goals. The mood has been fantastic since the 4-0 win at Forest.


Everybody is nice and bubbly. We took the confidence in tonight's


game and thoroughly deserve the win. Some other Leicester news - a


defender, Michael Ball, has been fined �6,000 by the FA for sending


homophobic tweets about Coronation Street's Antony Cotton. He was a


celebrity in I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. He has had his contact


at City cancelled. We understand that is purely for football reasons.


Now the former Nottingham Forest manager Billy Davies would like to


return to Nottingham Forest. He was speaking on Late Kick-Off here on


BBC One. Davies said he was sad to see Forest struggling and would


love to go back as manager one day. I said in the past that I would be


delighted to go back. As much as what people might think I have


great thoughts and feelings for the club. I do. I wanted to get them to


the Premier League. The job is unfinished and simply I certainly


would love to finish that job for the fans, for the players that are


there and for many, many good people of Forest. He had more to


say. If you missed it all is not lost. You can watch last night's


Late Kick-Off right now on the BBC's iPlayer. It has a great


feature on Frank Fielding and Derek Fazackerley. It is well worth


watching if you missed it. There is more live football tonight. Notts


County are at home to Preston. The manager at knots is positive,


despite not having won a league game since November. I think the


results have been fantastic. We have just played Huddersfield and


draw 2-2. They have a budget of �12 million. That was a great


performance and a good draw. We played away at a championship club


called Doncaster. We won 2-0, which was another great result.


Woolworth played -- we played very well, but did not win. We played MK


Dons who have completely dominated a Premier League club in QPR. They


came here and we were by far the better team. What a good point it


was. The results have been fantastic!


He sells it well, doesn't he? Exactly the best of season for


Leicester tigers so far in rugby, especially so for Anthony Allen. He


missed three months after a bizarre injury to his thumb while carpet-


laying. Thankfully he has returned to the side for the last three


matches and is looking forward to the match at Harlequins. I finished


off some underlay I had to put down before the carpet layer came in. It


went through my thumb. It is working now. It is well in the past.


We are looking forward now. Hopefully get another one this


weekend and start getting into some good form. Makes me squeamish just


thinking about it. Reminds me of when my dad put a chistle through


his hand. -- chisel through his hand. I dream


of this all the time. For a couple from Mansfield it is real. They


found out on Saturday morninging that they had won more than �40


million. Gareth Bull is a builder. On Friday, his job was rained off,


so he went to the shop to buy a lucky dip EuroMillions ticket. How


lucky that was! A word of warning, this report contains flash


photography from the start. These are the faces of Mansfield new


multi-millionaires, Gareth and Catherine spoke to the press today.


They are the seventh biggest lottery winners in the country.


They have no intention of leaving their home town. You are obviously


from Mansfield and you are planning to stay here then? Yeah. It's not


as bad as they all say. I like living where I live. It is lovely.


They have stwo boys, who at the time of the recording they had not


told about their win. When will you tell your boys? After this, I think,


yeah. They will have finished school soon. So, yeah. Very shortly.


So what could our lottery winners spend that �40 million on? Well,


they could buy about 300 houses here in Mansfield.


With �40 million they could keep their local hospitals running for


about two months. And if they wanted to, they could buy their


local football club and potentially enough players to take them all the


way to the Premier League. The millionaires have been the talk of


Mansfield today. Where Gareth and Catherine are planning to stay put,


most others say if they won that much they'd leave the town. Take a


holiday, one way. Not come back.... Ever. Probably leave the country.


Be happy, duck. Celebrate! That's the best answer I have heard. One


man who is living proof that money can make you happy is Al len from


Nottingham. He won �1.9 million a few years ago. What is his advice


to the new millionaires? Don't do anything rash. Just enjoy life now.


What is the first thing Catherine will spend her millions on?


I did say a carpet for my landing because it's terrible. No-one is


allowed upstairs because it's that bad. I am sure with �40 million in


their pockets it will be a rather nice carpet.


She could buy several new landings in several houses. Nice couple.


in several houses. Nice couple. Fabulous! Not jealous at all!


No. It doesn't show. It was wet in Mansfield today. We


did see rain rather than snow. The milder air came in and kept us wet


throughout this morning and this afternoon as well. A nice frosty


picture to show you, it was anured by Antony in Huthwaite. We have a


slightly cloudier picture outside. We have cloud remaining with us.


There will be further outbreaks of patchy light rain or drizzle. Some


hill fog affecting the Peak District area. It will be a milder


night. Temperatures will start to increase. I think we'll finish at


around seven to eight Celsius. A gentle south-westerly breeze.


Tomorrow morning starting off cloudy first thing. A dry, but


cloudy start. We will see drizzle again starting to come down from


the north-west through the afternoon. The wind is starting to


strengthen as well. Becoming blustery into the afternoon and


into the evening. The day time temperature a lot milder. So we


will see a maximum tomorrow of ten Celsius. Now, we are going to start


to see the weather changing again towards the end of the week. This


is the picture for Thursday. There is an opportunity for a few showers


over the west of the country. We have colder air around on Thursday.


One or two of those showers if they start to work into the Peak


District or North Nottinghamshire could be a little bit wintry. High


pressure is building up from the south-west as we get towards Friday.


It is a ridge over us on Friday. It will keep us mainly settled. We


will see a brighter day. Temperatures back down to single


figures. The air of high pressure will slowly start to pull away


eastwards. It will keep us settled throughout Friday and Saturday. It


will keep us very cold as well. I think a bit more cloud around on


Saturday. Day time temperatures five or six Celsius. Remaining cold


at night-times. Sunday too, but the opportunity for a few wintry


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