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Dominic Heale, and me, Anne Davies. Our top story tonight, a workplace


parking blow for Boots workers. Staff are told they'll have to pay


the lion's share of the new levy. Free because jail breached his


human's rights, but his father says he should If you can't do the time,


don't do the crime. It is as simple as that.


Should a council pension fund be investing in tobacco?


And how boy Max what his Russian orphanage for a top private school


in Derbyshire. -- Maksim. I am really enjoying the school.


Everything is great and I want to Good evening and welcome to


Friday's programme. One of the biggest employers in Nottingham has


said it'll be passing on most of the cost of the workplace parking


tax to its staff. A majority of the workforce at Boots will be paying


�180 to park at work for a year from April. The council says it's a


relatively small amount to help the city grow and prosper. Mike


O'Sullivan is at Boots and can tell us more.


Big firm Boots, big decision on the Workplace Parking Levy. Passing on


most of the cost on to its employees. The sort of decision


many firms and organisations are having to wrestle within Nottingham


as the Workplace Parking Levy looms large.


Commuting by car. Boots in Nottingham faced a big bill. 3,000


spaces liable for the Workplace Parking Levy. Now the company has


decided that most of that cost will be passed on to the workforce.


is unfair for the company to pass that on to employees. I can


understand the company's objection to paying it, given the location of


where they are, but far better to pay that than the individuals


themselves. The tax is �288 plus VAT. It is for businesses and


organisations with 11 or more liable places from April. Paying at


Boots will be linked to salary and most of well-paid �180 the year


including VAT. -- most staff will pay. But some will pay �80. The


company is topping it up with a �200,000 subsidy. In a statement,


Many commuters will be finding out sooner whether or not they have got


to pay this new tax. I asked people in Nottingham who should pay. The


employer or the employee. I don't think it should be passed on to the


staff because wages are a bit like that at the moment anyway. It is a


lot of money. I think the employers should pay. But I agree with it


because I think we need the trams. The employers should pay. But I


don't think anybody should pay. council or the Government should be


paying. The levy will be used by the council to help pay for two new


tramlines and other public transport improvements, including a


revamp of the city's railway station. The kind of renounce Boots


employees are being asked to pay our small amounts which help us


grow as a city and prosper long into the future. The city council


says it has been advising Boots, which still opposes the levy.


Boots has been one of the biggest critics of the Workplace Parking


Levy, joining the business campaign that fail to stop it. But the


council would say, get over it and let's concentrate on it. It is a


law. The arrangement is here for the first year and they are


continuing to look at the long term approach to paying the tax,


including parking pay and display metres. Thank you.


The father of a burglar from Nottingham who was convicted of


assault says he should be sent to prison. Last May, 34-year-old Wayne


Bishop, from Clifton, was released early from an eight-month jail


sentence so he could look after his children. He said jail had breached


his human rights as a parent. But yesterday he and his brother were


found guilty of assaulting a man in Broxtowe. Angelina Socci has been


speaking to their father, Phillip Wheelhouse. She started off by


asking for his reaction to yesterday's verdict.


Well, it is wrong, what they have done. More Wayne because he got off


because he used the young rights for his children. And my belief is


that if Wayne had been inside, it wouldn't have happened. The chap I


wouldn't have got hurt. So to me, he deserves to go back from where


Bobby came from. And you mentioned he was released from prison early.


He had been released after a month. He need to care for his children.


What was or -- your reaction when that happened? Well, if Poppy were


that concerned about his children, you wouldn't have got into trouble.


-- if he were concerned. The children have got a mother that can


care for them as well. But at the end of the day, he is your son.


Should you have taken more responsibility for the way he has


turned out? I could be saying the same about my parents. It was their


responsibility when I got into trouble. He had a good upbringing


when he was a child. How do you feel when you see both your sons in


the news for what they have done? If it is bad. What they have done.


They have got to accept the punishment. Both Wayne and his


brother are due to be sentenced at a later date.


Still to come on the programme, in the weather, is winter on the way?


You could say that. We have quite a lot of wintry showers around


falling as snow of a higher ground, and when they die away, we have a


weather warning out for ice. Not to talk about and I will be back later


on. -- locks to talk about. Next, is it right to invest in the


tobacco industry? A leading doctor is calling on Nottinghamshire


County Council to withdraw millions of pounds that its pension fund


puts into cigarette firms. Dr Greg Place says it's a conflict of


interest for the authority to support the cigarette industry


while promoting public health. Rob Sissons, our health correspondent,


has this report. Smoking kills. But cigarettes make


money and why pension funds invest. But is it right that local


government schemes put money into Debacker? This GP in


Nottinghamshire sees the impact of smoking on patients. It is in a


day's work. He says the investments sent out mixed messages. The County


Council will be involved in managing public health and 2013 and


they cannot do that and says smoking is bad for you and, at the


same time, invest in tobacco. pension trustees would not tell --


dream of telling you how to do your job. What gives you the right to


tell them how to invest? It is incompatible with their role as


politicians. Over 100 employers are -- have investments into punching -


- pension funds on their behalf. Other schemes invest in tobacco.


Nottinghamshire has �36 million of shares. In Derby, the figure is


even higher at �48 million. In Nottingham, I asked people what


they thought. I don't see a problem. In light of what they say about


smoking, it seems a bit crazy. seems wrong that they are investing.


It is a bit unethical. The County Council said it did not want to put


anybody up for interview but said investments are separate from


pension activities. They say it only represents 1% of the pension


fund. What does the tobacco industry have


to say? Nottingham his cigarette city. We make millions of


cigarettes and it used to be a massive employer in Nottingham.


Players still employs 750 people but they said they were not dream


of telling anybody else -- they would not dream of telling anybody


else how to invest. Will these arguments go away? No and they


could gather momentum, as we have heard from Dr Greg Place, as we


have heard the County Council is taking on the responsibility of


public health and telling people to quit smoking from 2013. These


arguments will run and run. Thank you.


A motorist from Leicester has been banned for a year after being


caught driving with four children lying in the boot of his car!


Police found a total of 11 people travelling with 38-year-old Soltan


Lakatos from Belgrave in his Audi A4 saloon. Three adults and another


two children were sitting on the back seat.


A cyclist has been taken to hospital after being hit by a van


which was being followed by Nottinghamshire Police. It happened


just after midnight on Nottingham Road in Long Eaton. The cycle rider


was taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries. The van


driver has been arrested for dangerous driving, failing a


roadside breath test and failing to stop. The force has referred the


incident to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.


Police say they have a new lead in their investigation into a violent


armed robbery. It follows a reconstruction of the attack on the


Crimewatch programme last night. A couple who ran a business at


Shireoaks in Nottinghamshire were tied up and held at gunpoint during


the robbery last November. Police say they now have a new name to


investigate. A Nottinghamshire farmer has been


jailed for a year after admitting cruelty charges and breaching


regulations for the disposal of dead livestock. Keith Littlewood


left scores of animal carcasses on his land near Bestwood village.


Trading Standards Officers told Nottingham Crown Court it was the


most horrific case they had dealt with. Pigs, cattle, poultry and a


donkey lay decomposing. Emaciated animals were left to roam around


dilapidated sheds and pens. Inspectors filmed scenes which were


too distressing to be shown. Many of the animals found alive had to


be destroyed. Dr Steven McOrist is a spokesman for the British


Veterinary Association. I asked him how common such cases of shocking


neglect were. Certainly these cases are very rare, fortunately. I have


been a vet for 30 years and I have seen five or six cases that was


similar. What sort of checks are there for farmers like this?


national quality assurance programme for pigs in the UK, the


farms and a better revisit a scheduled every quarter, so are


four times a year. -- a better and revisit. 8% are expected to have a


local scheme in place. Other animals are involved as well?


Certainly, but each scheme tends to be organised under each animal


species. So cattle required a cattle passport to track their


movements following the foot and mouth outbreak. That seems quite a


lot. How has this fallen through the net? Her the Net is that there


is no strategy -- statutory legal obligation on the farmer to have


this. It is between the farm and a retailer who purchases the


livestock to sort this out. Do you think there should be more testing?


Certainly. That is one a possibility and we have considered


that and would certainly help move towards guidelines along those


lines. Thank you very much for For a charity which helps


disadvantaged Russian children is celebrating its 20th anniversary.


The it has given more than 50 youngsters a chance to spend a year


at a top private school in Derbyshire.


We have been to visit the latest boy to benefit.


Early morning. The it is a preparatory school for the famous


Repton School nearby. Queuing up for breakfast is his latest pupil,


for all the way from St Petersburg in Russia. He has swapped his


orphanage for the South Derbyshire countryside.


He only speaks a little English, but he already understand a lot.


I am really enjoying this school, everything is great and I really


want to stay in England forever. But in a year, he will go back to


Russia, with love and a promise of future help.


A it opens up all kinds of possibilities for him, the


education system that he will then go into should give him chances


that he would not otherwise have had.


His place is paid for by a charity set up by a former headmaster


Richard a Theobald. The it is amazing how quickly he has got --


taking to live here. He has a constant smiler and he is


so keen to improve his English and to really get hold of all the


opportunities he has presented to. When I grow older, I want to be a


pilot in British Airways. You want to be a pilot? Yes.


Later we will return to see how he is getting on for stopper --.


A man who admitted robbing two banks in Nottingham has been jailed


for more than five years. Victor Franklin, who was caught on CCTV,


pleaded guilty at -- to robbing Lloyds-TSB at Low Pavement and


Lower Parliament Street last year. He also admitted possession of an


imitation firearm. He was arrested after Handy himself into a police


station after seeing an appeal for information on Crimewatch.


Local schoolchildren and survivors have marked the anniversary of the


Holocaust at a memorial centre. The Holocaust centre at Laxton near


Newark has been at running sessions to raise awareness of racism and


hate crime. Survivors lit candles to honour those who lost their


lives. Actress Maureen Lipman was there to run help.


It was exactly what a Holocaust Day, or any genocide day was therefore.


To make us remember that this must never happen again.


On the Sunday Politics for the East Midlands, Marie Ashby will be


leading a debate on an issue which divides our politicians.


We will be asking whether elected police commissioners really are the


good idea David Cameron says they are. His party leader in Darby says


it could end up politicising our forces. Will it make it more


difficult for me police to do their job?


That is Sunday Politics from 12pm with Marie Ashby and Andrew Neil.


We'll be having a look ahead to the sport and the full weather forecast.


And I am at the factory that is making schools got that could save


children's lives by glowing in the dark.


They look rather good! Time for the sport now.


A a bit of news to start with. Nottingham Forest have confirmed


they are considering a third bid from Leicester City board defender


Wes Morgan. Nigel Pearson is keeping pretty tight-lipped.


I cannot control how the club's deal with bits that have been put


in and how they use the information. We have made a number of inquiries


for players in this window. Unfortunately, on certain fronts,


it has not yet been successful. Leicester do have an intriguing FA


Cup tie, they are up against Swindon, which will bring back a


lot of memories. Two teams, Leicester and Swindon.


Cast your mind back to a dramatic afternoon in 1993. It was the play-


off final at Wembley, the Foxes were trailing by three goals when


suddenly in 11 breathtaking minutes they brought it back to a draw. But


heartache was to follow, and Swindon were awarded a penalty and


grabs the winner. So, almost 19 years on, can we expect a seven-


goal thriller when the two sides meet this weekend?


I would take a narrow victory if you gave it to me now! That would


be good enough for me! Life is good at Leicester at the


moment following on from two impressive wins. And they go into


this game as big favourites. But this is the FA Cup, and anything


could happen. A lot of things can happen in the


FA Cup, and I have been on the end of them before, and I have also


experienced winning against teams from higher divisions. So we all


going like we do every game, and we will not get complacent. We will


look at Swindon as if they are a Premier League team. If we play our


game, we will hopefully get through. Leicester have not won a three


games and a row all season. They will be hoping that that changes


tomorrow. Paolo Di Canio on the way, what a


prospect! Premier League stoke are the visitors to Derby County. They


bring a former Derby star who now lives in Duffield, surrounded by


Derby fans. He is as famous for his throwing as his football. I have


been to see Rory Delap. Once one of Derby's young


Premiership players, now a promotion winner and Cup finalist


in -- for Stoke. My wife said wouldn't it be funny


if Derby came at? So it is greater, because I still have a lot of


friends who work in Derby. It was inevitable, stepping out


again for the club he never wanted to leave.


Financially it was a good move for me, but I never wanted to go. I was


in tears. There was a chance for something special to happen, but it


was broken up before we got a chance. We all lived around the


same villages and we would see each other all the time. It was a great


time. Stoke come to Pride Park with a


reputation for, to be kind, direct ness. How many of the stereotypes


are true? All of them! Everything?


To be honest, it has played in our favour at times. Both teams have


turned up and you can see in their eyes that they just do not want to


be there. You probably get sick of being


asked about your throw-ins. It is good to be famous for


something! When I first got the exposure, people were asking me to


do all sorts, to throw a Christmas pudding Overy double-decker bus.


Did you do that? No, I turn that one down!


So how will he feel about going back to the club that he supports?


If I play, once the game starts, you have got to put that behind it.


I will only enjoy it if we get the right result.


I will be there at Pride Park tomorrow. At Robbie Savage has been


back as well, bringing the noise back to the training ground.


Is our manager going to put Peter Crouch up on Saturday? This is our


secret manager -- secret weapon! You could never do that!


We are hanging on in there. We have got some young lads in


midfield now. You can see more of it here on BBC


One upon Football Focus. There is another new arrival at


Notts County, striker Jonathan Forte, who has had two spells with


them before. He arrives from Southampton, and comes in as they


prepare to go into the cup tomorrow. We are the underdogs and are right


up against it. This is the toughest game, without a shadow of a doubt.


Sutton and Doncaster were tough, and now we have another draw away


from home. This is the toughest team of the lot. We will have to be


absolutely spot-on and ready for this one.


Leicester Tigers are playing in the LV Cup next weekend, while


Nottingham play London Scottish in the Championship.


Good luck to Graeme Swann and Stuart Broad as they try to


capitalise against Pakistan today. England looking good. Also to the


Leicester ladies who form the GB hockey squad, they are playing in


the Champions Trophy in London. Finally, good luck to our ice


dancers Nick Buckland and Penny Coomes, they are in 4th place in


the year -- in the European Figure Skating Championships.


Fingers crossed! How many times have you been a bit


concerned when the kids go off to school and it is pitch black?


Earth it is something every parent has to do, but now I Leicestershire


company has come up with a rather bright idea to solve the problem.


They make starts with a difference, as Tom Brown explains.


At this family business, they make ropes and school scarves. And this


is more than just the latest fashion accessory. When the


children before school and it is dark outside, this scarf reflects


in the headlights. And it is already been warned and


appreciated by school children across the county.


It is excellent because cars can see you're.


I think they are really comfortable, because they light up, and the cars


will be able to see you if you are going across the road.


I think they are fantastic. Children will wear them, because


they do not like wearing yellow jacket. It is in school colours,


and they are not aware that they light up in the dark, which is


brilliant. The machines can produce up to 2005


Roberts got every week, as they are distributed across the county. --


scarfs. You are the chief executive. Why did you come up with this idea?


I was walking down the canal and tripped over a broker for a boat. -


- a rope. We thought if we could eliminate it, we could stop


accidents. And then I thought there was a market for children's scarfs.


We developed one. As far as I know, we're the only ones who do it.


The matter what your school's colours, there is a scarf that is


sure to match. This is a company with a bright future.


A very illuminating report! You will need as Garth for the


early part of next week. -- Aysgarth.


Thank you for sending this picture in. The shower was just starting to


reach the A46. We have still got a warning in force for snow. It has


been extended by the Met Office. It starts to expire just after 7pm.


They are starting to cut across parts of the East Midlands and


falling as no at lower levels. Temperatures will start to drop in


the evening, and in the north of the region, we could start to see


it turning quite icy as well. We do have a weather warning in force.


Tonight's minimum temperature is about one Celsius. It will go below


freezing in Ruairi us. CAC 40 across the south of the region. --


cloud across the south of the reason. Just a small amount of fair


weather CAC 40 around. Daytime temperatures reaching a maximum of


six Celsius. -- cloud. We will start to see quite extensive fog


developing. It could take a large amount of time to live a -- lift.


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