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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Our top story tonight - three years' jail for a man who tried to


He sent text messages saying to bring bricks. The villagers who


have built themselves a feat -- fake speed camera. Motorbikes can


go at 130 mph through this road. Plus cold comfort from electric


blankets. How old and faulty wiring could kill. I got out just in time


in my slippers, and the curtains went up in flames. With heavy


weekend snow forecast, we joined the gritting teams keeping our


Good evening. First tonight, a Nottingham man who sent text


messages calling on people to join last summer's riots has received a


lengthy jail sentence. Sam Lowe pleaded guilty to encouraging


violent disorder by sending messages which told people to 'come


with bricks'. The police say the sentence reflects how irresponsible


Lowe's actions were at a time when people were rising up against them


across the country. Sarah Teale was Last August, when a buyer --


violent riots broke out -- broke out across the country, hundreds of


people were jailed for joining in the borough -- violence. Today,


this man was jailed as well. Seen here in the crates tracksuit with


Strutt on the arms, -- stripes, he admitted sending text messages to


160 contacts on his phone. This was He later sent a further message.


Although some violence broke out, his actions did not create any


specific problems here, but a woman who received those messages, told


the police, and he was arrested later that night. He had 13


previous convictions, including one for assault, for which he was


sentenced to 12 months in a young offenders' institution. He was also


under an as Bowe, and he took his father's car without consent and


crashed it. His family were visibly upset when the judge sentenced him


to the maximum possible term of three years and three months. He


gave him another nine months for car events -- car events. The judge


said it was surprising that he had received a young volunteer of the


year award for his work tackling gangs and violence. But he told him,


you have put a great deal into the community, but you took a huge


amount a way for it. -- our way And what have Nottinghamshire


Police said? They're pleased, they say Lowe's conviction is a great


result for the force, highlighting some 'first class work' by the


digital investigation unit. Accessing deleted messages on


Blackberry messenger is incredibly difficult because of the rigorous


security settings. But the police managed to recover those messages


to secure this conviction. They said it should be a clear warning


to criminals who think they're safe using Blackberrys to commit crime.


And just tell us how many people have been charged in connection


with last year's riots. Well, the latest figures we had are that 97


were arrested in leicester with 62 charged with criminal offences


while Nottinghamshire Police tell us 141 have been arrested and 87 of


them charged. Nottinghamshire police said they were pleased with


the long sentence given to Lowe today and said it reflected how


irresponsible his actions were at a time when people were rising up


against the police on a national scale. Next tonight, around 2,000


police officers will be on the streets of Leicester tomorrow as


the English Defence League march through the city. It's the


organisation's second visit to Leicester and counter


demonstrations will also take place in the city. Helen Astle reports.


The City's police commander and his there were on the radio this


morning to reassure businesses and the public that the committee will


be saved tomorrow. 2000 officers will be involved in the operation


tomorrow, and 1,300 of those a public order trained, and every


single neighbourhood officer will be on duty in their neighbourhoods.


They are coming to protect the city of Leicester. Two separate protests


will be taking place. The English Defence League will be marching


down St Margarets way and then towards the clock tower and out


along the same way. Unite Against Fascism will be taking a different


route. These are some of the scenes when the two groups stays a protest


in 2010. The routes have been devised by the police and will take


place at 12:30pm. We are showing the EDL that we are not going to


allow them to drive us apart. will as a city carry on together.


The police are not be expecting us may protesters as last time,


because -- but some businesses are quite worried. Some are closing on


the marches are taking place. have had to cover all the windows


outside. It is going to close at 12 o'clock. We will reopen about 2


o'clock, depending on what happens in the meantime. Tonight, a vigil


is due to be held at Leicester Cathedral appealing for police. --


piece. We want to celebrate what is best about Leicester and showbiz


and support for each other. Leicestershire police say it will


cost the force �1 million. Traders will hope that he doesn't cost them


to delay in these tough economic times. Another big story this


weekend could well be the weather. It seems the cold's won the battle


with the mild - and snow's on the way. We'll have a full forecast at


the end of the programme. But the end of the programme. But


here's Sally with the overview. are keeping an eye on this system,


and as the rain hits the well- established cold air, it is going


to be turning from rain into snow from mid-afternoon tomorrow. The


Met Office have heightened their weather warning to an amber alert.


Potentially up to 10 centimetres of Residents who are desperate to slow


down the traffic through their village have put up a fake speed


camera. The camera, which looks exactly like the real thing, stands


on private land next to a busy Nottinghamshire main road. The


county council says it could be a hazard. But campaigners say it's


doing a good job - as James Roberson reports. A speed camera in


Compton, a village on the A 16 -- A616. It is not a real camera, but


a fake one. If there is an accident on the road, and they cite the


camera as a reason for that accident, we have looked into it


but it is legal. There's no doubt as is working. Villagers have


as is working. Villagers have become desperate to ensure that...


You can see the speed of that truck coming through. Another one coming


now. 16 last Prowler through a 40 now. 16 last Prowler through a 40


zone. The speed limit for this error... We hope the camera's going


to make a big difference. Despite the 14 oz Prowler signs and estate


camera, I ate at still seen plenty of traffic still going through this


village at well over 40 mph. County councillors agree that the limit is


often ignored, and accept the camera is slowing traffic down.


But... We have to bear in mind there is no warning for the sign,


and they might be a possibility of creating a accident. That is the


concern. They hope an interactive speed sign will go up in the near


future. In other news, Nottinghamshire County Council's


confirmed plans to cut almost four hundred jobs as part of its


forthcoming budget. It needs to find further savings of twelve


million pounds over the next two years. Meanwhile, Leicestershire


County Council is due to finalise proposals to freeze council tax and


save an extra 10 million pounds. An estimated one thousand council


posts will go over the next four years. The Government is planning


to bail out the financially troubled Peterborough and Stamford


Hospitals trust. It's one of seven NHS organisations expected to share


�1.5 billion pounds over the next 25 years. The trust has been


struggling with PFI repayments for the new Peterborough City Hospital


which serves patients from South Lincolnshire and Rutland. Still to


come on the programme. That crucial weekend weather forecast. And


Sport's live from Pride Park. weather means that the covers are


on the pitch at Pride Park, trying to keep it covered. It is derby


It looked freezing there. Well the big freeze is definitely heading


our way this weekend and if you've got the electric blankets out, you


might want to check them over. One Nottingham couple lost everything


when their house burned down because of faulty wiring. A recent


survey found 60 per cent of blankets that were inspected were


dangerous. Jonathan Cecil has the details. Because of an electric


blanket, this couple lost everything where -- when their


house caught fire. The flames were shooting out from under the bed.


They are curtains here, of course. We got out in time. I jumped into


my slippers, and the curtains went up in flames. They were extremely


lucky and were able to get out of the house in time. All of their


belongings were burned or damaged by the fire forced Dr --. All of my


books have gone. It is like my party has disappeared. Electric


blankets have been around for nearly 100 years, but in recent


tests, they found 63 % failed safety checks. We had one case that


when they were switched on, there was a burning sensation, and we


managed to catch that one. There were various issues where -- with


wear and tear, and the wiring has perished. 40 blankets have caused


nine house fires in Nottinghamshire in the last three years. The 40


blankets taken out of circulation by the council had been made safe


and donated to a dog rescue centre. It has been a difficult year for


this couple, but final preparations are being done, and they hope to


move back into their home within the next month. Were they used an


electric blanket this winter? Police are growing increasingly


concerned for a 24-year-old woman who has been missing from home.


Rosie McCann in Nottinghamshire was last seen on the morning of the


16th January. The mother of two dropped her children off at school


and has not been seen since. Trading standards officers from


Nottinghamshire County Council are warning parents to be on the


lookout for unsafe baby's dummies. Purchase from legitimate shops,


they are decorated with beads and other small object and are then


sold on the internet. Officers warned that the decorations can


come loose, the glue is untested and the Sioux this cannot be


properly sterilised. She has been described as the best


female balloonist in the country, possibly the world. Dr Janet Folkes,


an academic at the University of Nottingham, but 50 world records.


But supper last month, she lost her battle with cancer. Dr Folkes died


at the age of 52. Her final at -- funeral was held in Burton Joyce


today. Our reporter looked back at a life filled with it then to.


Janet's final journey, outside the church, a small version of the


balloon that took her on all those She is one of the best female


pilots in the world, certainly the best British female pilot and if


you look at her career, she has done some absolutely amazing things.


She had great courage, huge scale and I hated flying against her


because she would always beat me! But she was a wonderful pilot.


Standby. At the best of times, there and not many people who could


manage this but between chemotherapy sessions for cancer,


Janet took part in one of the work -- most gruelling balloon races.


One year earlier, she broke the women's record for staying in the


air the longest. This is the moment when she found out. We are 10,000


ft at 12 o'clock and we have had our world record for two minutes!


Friends say Janet saw the cancer as an inconvenience and would not let


it stop her. She had flown and I have been in awe of this woman. It


has been a privilege to be allowed to be part of her world.


John it was also a high flyer in the academic world. An expert in


lasers and high-powered water jetting. The circumstances in which


she fought cancer, she just kept going. She was even in at Christmas


talking about coming back in January to do more teaching. She


definitely lived life to the full. Jan it took me on my first and only


balloon flight for a special report in Switzerland. She was known for


always putting others first. There are many ideas for a lasting


tribute to her but friends say it is her spirit of adventure that


will live on. Dr Janet Folkes whose funeral was


held today. A lovely lady. Time for the sport now and column has


deserted us and is out in the cold. --: Has deserted us. I don't mind


the cold at all because this is the big one. At least for fans of Derby


and forest. A sell-out crowd inside Pride Park and you see the two


fierce rivals battle it out again. And as for the manager's? They


might like to tell us that it is just another three points on offer


but we know it is more than up. # What doesn't kill you makes you


stronger #. It does not matter where we are in


the table, we will beat Forest at all costs. Bragging rights for the


next seven months until we play them again unless they get


relegated. I think we will after them. Two managers united in


rivalry, reds against Rams is always hotly-contested but given


their differing fortunes this season, it is not just local pride


at stake. They are more informed than we are,


we know that. Hopefully it is the case that form can go out of the


window during these games but it could be just the right game for us.


A lot of Derby supporters will be enjoying seeing them down there but


they are in the same league. We enjoy these games. 11 League places


separate the two teams. Confident wise, they seem worlds apart.


have been the ones in the bottom half of the table fighting for


points so we know how it feels Andrine know how hard they will


find it. In every game we play, we nearly out stack the opposition


apart from the most important statistic which is keeping clean


sheets and scoring goals. Always eventful but how will the shape the


rest of the season? That is the managers' point of you


but for the players, they will walk out on to this pitch to be greeted


by an absolute wall of sound. We wondered how they were gearing up


for the game. Let's start with Derby and their dressing room, with


Craig Bryson. For Derby, it is a chance to do the double over their


bitter rivals. You can forget the victory against the odds earlier


COMMENTATOR: A finish and it is Jeff Hendrik!


When you get a goal early and then you are up against right uppercuts


the start. You need to stick in and get a result. With 10 men, that is


unbelievable. Team spirit was given as the reason for their success.


good mix between Europe and all. I don't know if I am getting bolder


or the team is getting under -- a good mix between young and old.


Cray Bryson hails from Scotland, home to some of the fiercest


footballing rivalry. As for Sunday's game, he cannot wait.


is a bit different when you are playing local rivals in a derby


game at home. But it is not guaranteed, any game in the


championship, you have to earn the right to play. It will be a big


game the Sunday but hopefully we That is the view of the people who


spend all their time here at Pride Park. What about the players who


will be here on Sunday? In the away changing room? Kirstie Edwards went


to meet Forest new boy, Danny As Forest get said to face Derby,


cant a former Rahme help to dig them out of trouble? -- A former


Ram? I joined when hours 21 and it is a good football club and it


really helped me to move forward and have a good career. On Sunday,


I will be hoping to get through points off them. Danny Higginbotham


joins the club struggling in the Regula -- relegation zone. We will


show what we have got. There are some very good players in the squad.


Nine years on from his Derby days, he is hoping to make an impact for


Forest. Starting at his old club. If we can get a result at Derby,


that will fill the lad with confidence. It feels great, a very


good dressing room. Hopefully everybody pulling together and if


we can get a couple of results very quickly, we can start looking up


Of course, there was a big departure from Forest over the


transfer window. Defender Wes Morgan. He is expecting to make his


debut for new club Leicester City at Brighton over the weekend. He


has been talking to the BBC Late Kick Off's and Ashley Jackson about


just how that feels. -- Natalie Jackson. Getting to know everybody.


So different but I am settling down now. Getting more and more used to


it, getting to know the people better. Getting comfortable and


hopefully I can repeat the good times I have had with forest at


You can see more of that interview and it is worth a watch on Monday's


Late Kick Off at five past 11. It is really very cold here, you


can see my breath and the covers on the pitch, and the undersoil


heating. That has meant it there is a no game for Notts County this


weekend, the match in Stevenage is postponed because Meadow Lane is


frozen. Also Sunday's big family day for Nottingham rugby has also


gone the same way, that is off. At least the cricketers and the hockey


players are playing. Nottinghamshire's Stuart Broad was


the star of England's bombers, brilliant performance in the third


Test against Pakistan. 436, best not mention the batsmen.


Great women's women are through to the semi-finals in the hockey.


Helen Richardson scored the final goal in their 4-1 win over Korea.


As for the match here, it is live on BBC Radio Derby and BBC Radio


Nottingham and BBC One. Kick-off at 12:15, do not miss it.


We could not after that, thank you, Colin. And now for a look at the


It is looking very likely for the snow. I have bought a sledge! We


are watching the charts to keep the We heard about the preparations in


Nottinghamshire and then our reporter went out with one of the


gritting crews. They have been filled with 10


tonnes of salt. And the drivers are preparing for a cold night.


Tonight we are going to have road surface temperatures of minus nine


Celsius. An ear temperatures of minus four. It does not matter when


you are wrapped up warm. You cannot beat the hat! You have got to have


a penguin had. Does the beard help? We are going from Newark towards


Derbyshire and then Langworth, Do you ever get lost? Not on the


main routes. Always a first time. We have usually got much with us. -


- maps. Everybody expects the roads to be greeted so they can go to --


gritted so they can go to work. They never see us. On a normal


night, we will put 15 grams of salt per square metre. Tonight, with it


being called a, we are taking that up to 20 grams. When you have got a


car following you, you can see the sort coming out in the light. We


are doing all we can to prevent ever be sipping on the ice, and


that is it, I will go happy. -- go The gritters will be out in force


tonight but of course it is not quite as cold as last night. A


couple of degrees between friends, what is that? A Met Office weather


won it for the snow tomorrow has been heightened to an amber warning.


Potential is now very real for that snow. That is across the course of


the afternoon into the evening. Widespread snow in the East


Midlands. If you manage to get out and about, we would like to see


your photographs pulled up send us an e-mail with them. -- your


photographs. Send us an e-mail. You can see the very, very cold


conditions with temperature struggling by day to get much above


freezing. A widespread frost expected tonight. Although the


temperatures but has called off last night, still very cold indeed


-- temperatures still very cold last night. Tomorrow start on a


very cold and frosty note. Bright first thing but soon through the


morning, the cloud spread its way in as the system from the West


moves in and the rain hit that established colder air and that is


where we will see it starts to fall as snow. Temperatures around two


degrees. It edges in with part of Derbyshire and the Peak District


and then the rest of us following suit with widespread snow heading


our way. Five-10 centimetres settling across the East Midlands.


The timings of it, the temperatures only dropped through the evening


and overnight so the cold weather will stay with us into the morning.


Sunday morning starts on an icy note, that is your next warning in


place, a yellow warning for potentially slippery conditions for


Sunday morning and also patches of freezing fog. If you are out and


about early Sunday morning, please be careful and check the regular


weather updates on line, on TV and We are dumbfounded. Don't forget,


Sunday politics for the East Midlands is looking at ways to turn


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