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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Our top story tonight - the sudden death of the man who saved


Nottingham Forest. Nigel Doughty was one of her most successful


businessman. Tributes tonight from charities, politicians and award of


sport. Claims of heavy-handed policing at the EDL demonstration


in Leicester. The says the first time I have seen these techniques


used in the City. -- this is the first time. Last, carving out a


future - the number of apprenticeships has dropped. And we


told you it has come, and it has arrived. We take a look at some of


your wintry photographs. Good evening. Welcome to the programme.


He was one of the East Midlands' richest men. The owner of


Nottingham Forest. Nigel Doughty was found dead in a gym at his home


on Saturday afternoon. He was just 54. A father of four children.


Today politicians, charities and sports people have all been paying


tribute. Our sports editor Mark Shardlow is at the City Ground.


is news that has stunned many people. It has left the club shell-


shock. Father of four children, two of them, very young. He was known


for his investments in and love of Nottingham Forest. He was a hugely


successful businessman, behind a number of well-known brands. He was


a supporter of many local charities. I at Nottingham Forest, they are


mourning the loss of a man regarded as the saviour of the club. Nigel


Doughty Made a difference to more than just football. He was an


influential businessman, a philanthropist, a passionate


charity supporter. Not only was the chairman of Nottingham Forest but


he was an ambassador for Nottingham and the county. He will be sadly


missed by his family. People do not appreciate what he did on things


like children's issues. He was a serious, sensible, intelligent man,


just happen to be keen on the game and Nottingham Forest. He will be


missed by everybody who followed Nottingham Forest football club.


Are the Sunday Times Rich was for last year estimated his fortune at


�130 million. He plunged much of that, more than �75 million, into


Nottingham Forest. But millions also went to charity. An intensely


private person, this was an unusual public interview in 2010 when his


charity donated �1 million towards a two new sensors for Newark


Hospital, named in honour of his mother was a nurse there. He had


also recently been honoured by the Childline charity. The Nottingham-


based for it was renamed the Doughty Centre, in recognition of


his contribution. You never look for recognition to all the support


he gave was and it is wonderful to have the opportunity to say thank


you for that. A views have come from political leaders. Over the


last seven years, Nigel Doughty gave �3.5 million to the Labour


Party. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair described them as a wonderful


man, generous, committed and decent. At Nottingham Forest, there is


sadness at losing a man like that. So, Mark, a man who quietly


contributed to many walks of life. But he was a huge backer of


Nottingham Forest. What happens to the football club without him?


stepped aside from being chairman in the autumn when the club parted


company with Steve McLaren. Nigel Doughty was stung by a vocal


minority who criticised him in public and he never came back to


watch Nottingham Forest since that day. Previously he had invested �75


million in loans to the club, and even though he intended to sell, he


invested �23 million in loans to keep the club going until the year


2014. We will be touching more and that in the sports bulletin later


on. Next tonight - was it a smooth, trouble-free operation or a


draconian use of power? On Saturday, 2,000 police officers were in


Leicester to separate rival demonstrations by the English


Defence League and an anti-fascist organisation. Three people were


arrested, but none for causing trouble during the marches. Helen


Astle reports. Even by police standards it was a colossal


operation. There were 2,000 officers from 17 forces on duty in


Leicester as members of the English Defence League march through the


city. At the same time, Western United Against fascism was always -


- also protesting. The police Mark Dowd two separate routes and


demonstrators were told they had to stick to them. Some anti--EDL


campaigners gathered at a separate route at the clock tower and were


moved on by the police. I am appalled that these authoritarian


measures being used against ordinary people. It is the first


time I have seen these techniques used in the City. Some people


deliberately ignored the conditions posed by the Chief Constable. I


regret the fact that he has not had the courtesy to speak to me himself


was up clearly, he has an issue around policing tactics. But that


is not in tune anybody else who is speaking. I suspect this is about a


personal agenda rather than wider public opinion. The purpose of the


police operation was to ensure that we did not have disorder and fights


on the streets of Leicester. They were successful in than that and


they were right to be firm but fair with all those who took part. The


police have a job to do and I think they did it very well. The whilst


there is debate about all these tactics, what has not been


discussed is the cost of the operation, between �750,000-�1


million. And tonight's Inside Out will feature exclusive behind-the-


scenes footage of the police and protesters. BBC 1 at 7:30pm. Still


to come on the programme. Network Rail agrees a compensation pay-out


over the deaths of two people at a level crossing. And the East


Midlands remembers the day that the Ken died 60 years ago and prepares


to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen. A judge has described


the death of a Nottingham teenager as an absolute tragedy. Kyle Dooley


died after the stolen car he was travelling in crashed into bales of


straw last May. Today his best friend, who was driving the car,


was jailed for four and half years. From Nottingham Crown Court, Carol


Hinds reports. Jake Fretwell A riot at Nottingham Crown Court this


morning, Harman admitted causing death by dangerous driving, theft


and driving while disqualified. The 19 old lost control of a stolen car


as he sped along forest lane. When the police arrived they found that


the car had left the road and crashed into some straw bales. The


underside of the car was on fire. Both the driver and passenger were


unconscious, inside. His best friend, Kyle Dooley, died at the


scene, and it will was so seriously injured it was two months before he


was able to be interviewed by police. He was disqualified from


driving for five years and imprisoned for four years. Thieves


have used a tractor to rip a cash machine from the wall of a bank in


Nottinghamshire. The raid was captured on CCTV. You can see it at


the top left of this footage as it rammed the NatWest branch in


Bingham just before three o'clock this morning. The Market Place was


sealed off for several hours while engineers assessed the safety of


the building. Police are appealing for any information about the raid.


There's a warning of possible problems with plans to build a


velodrome next to Pride Park in Derby. Safety experts say people


may be put at risk by a gas storage facility opposite the site's


entrance. There could also be flooding and water pollution


problems. The council says it's working through the difficulties.


Two weeks before a scheduled High Court hearing, Network Rail has


agreed to pay damages to a man whose wife and grandson were killed


in a railway crossing accident. Jean Hoggart and Michael Dawson


died when they were hit by a train in Bestwood. Today, in a separate


development, the directors of Network rail agreed to waive their


much-criticised bonuses. Instead, the money will be spent on safety


improvements. Quentin Rayner reports. Locals had described the


pedestrian only crossing as an accident waiting to happen. It was


poorly lit, and not straight. In December 2008, Jean Hogg Group and


her 17-year-old autistic San San -- grandson was racket by a train.


Family said dangers had been identified before the accident but


nothing was done. In 2,000, Railtrack responded to a planning


application by a developer and recognised the need to put in up


that way or a subway, but did not do either of these things. In 2004,


Network Rail recognised the dangers of the crossing and that it needed


to make it straight, but they did not do this also in a statement,


Network Rail said that it had accepted legal responsibility for


the accident and that all necessary operations on the crossing had been


completed. It's National Apprenticeship Week - and there's


been a call for more employers in our region to give a young person a


chance in the world of work. Especially in Nottingham. There -


against the trend in the rest of our region - the number of young


apprentice places has actually gone down. Mike O'Sullivan reports. Amy


is nearing the end of an apprenticeship, training in Long


Eaton, as a kitchen fitter. I am lucky to have the apprenticeship.


It has given me the confidence to go to a company and say, I can do


this. That is what an apprenticeship can do for a young


person, but there was concern that in Nottingham, the number of places


would and apprentices has gone down 5% at a time when, in the rest of


the region, it has increased. the norm is the key focus of


attention. We want to spend more time with employers and the more


campaigns in Nottingham. You want to work with partners in the city


council. The company training Amy says that some companies have been


forced to think twice about taking on an apprentice. Many small


companies are reluctant to put out apprenticeships at the moment


because of the recession, so that is part of the issue. But one


racecourse in Nottinghamshire has taken on two apprentices. I like


walking outside all day, doing something that I enjoy, not being


sat and a classroom with a textbook. The government pays for or training


for 16-18-year-olds. �51 million in the East Midlands alone last year.


The calibre of young people that came in were top class. That is why


we have taken two of them on. employers are being asked to tickle


the apprenticeship offer, and tried to grow their business. -- to take


on they are printer should offer Vostok -- the apprenticeship offer.


A major campaign has started in Nottingham to alert more people to


the signs of bladder or kidney cancer. One of the tell-tale


symptoms is blood in urine. Not the most pleasant thing to talk about,


but by spreading the message the NHS is hoping to save lives. Our


Health Correspondent Rob Sissons reports. Melanie had an aggressive


form of bladder cancer three years ago. She noticed blood in her urine.


She did the right thing and approached a GP. Some people can be


put off going to their GP and pink they can handle it themselves. I


have been greatly helped by the way that people acted quickly and dealt


with the treatment and help me recover. A expert's in Nottingham


believe that patients, often men, Delhi getting help. They might have


called it the Blood in Pee campaign. The end up presenting as an


emergency and then, the outcomes are not so good, if you present


late. This consultants showed me a scan of a patient who got help


early after finding blood in their urine, which meant that the tumour


in their kidney could be successfully removed. If you bring


it to people's attention, the earlier it is looked at, and you


can get treatments starter, if it is something serious, but a lot of


that thing we did not find a serious cause for it, and sometimes


it is very treatable. The message at this Nottingham supermarket wars,


if you find blood, it is probably an infection, but please get it


checked out. Lifestyle risk factors are smoking, physical activity...


They will be taking the campaign to Nottingham Forest, Notts County and


Nottingham Panthers matches. It was 60 years ago today that the King -


George the sixth - died, and Queen Elizabeth acceeded to the throne.


This year is of course her Diamond Jubilee and - like the Royal


Wedding in 2011 - special events are being planned across the East


Midlands. Kylie Pentelow has been finding out how a local community,


a council and a company are all preparing to celebrate. Today,


Londoners have turn out in their thousands to greet their young


Sovereign. In 1952, the Queen began her ring, after her father passed


away. That was 60 years ago. Now it is time to celebrate her Diamond


Jubilee, in true English style. Some of those at this tea dance in


Nottinghamshire remember the day that the king died, when his father


was on the royal train. I remember these stories about the royal train.


He was actually on the royal train as it left Paddington and went to


Windsor where the funeral took place. He has wonderful stories of


him standing at the back of the train holding a cattle on a Primus


stove, and he had to borrow some water in case any other royalty on


board needed a cup of tea. This is as close as I will get to the Queen,


tea with her representative in Leicestershire. She has an


incredible knowledge and seems to love to meet people. This is the


wonderful thing. I think we should be so grateful for what she has


done and how she has rained and serve this country so well for 60


years. Lady Gretton is planning a busy calendar of Jubilee Events


were at the county. And a busy year ahead for Royal Crown Derby. They


have already sold out of some of their Jubilee pieces. But, the


usual favourites are still available. They are all made in


England and there are very few of us left were doing that so it is


vital for the economy that we continue to make these things in


England. Until the boil wedding and now the Jubilee it was quite some


time since we had a good royal occasions so to have two very close


together, it is good for business. We wanted to do something fairly


regal and something that the Queen, if she ever got to see them, would


really like. Maybe this is more the Queen's cup of tea than that Corgi


paper we! -- paperweight. Still to come on the programme - when the


snow lay all about. It's been a rare enough event this winter so,


when a big fall of snow arrived, many of you grabbed your cameras


and captured the moment. We'll have a selection of your snowy snaps


later. Here at the City Ground they've opened a book of


condolences for the clubs owner Nigel Doughty, who died suddenly on


Saturday. Thank you for seminars, in 2001, reads one. You did not go


unappreciated, said another. A minute's applause will be held in


tribute at the next home game. He made sure that he had an internet


radio commentary of the Nottingham Forest game, where everyone. He had


been a fan of Nottingham Forest since the age of six. A season-


ticket holder for 40 years and where he was in the world internet


links were set up so he could hear commentary on the matches. But it


was his financial support over the last decade which stood out. It is


a sombre City Ground, with much for staff and supporters to reflect on.


He had stepped down as chairman. His seat in the stand has been


indeed, ever since. He felt he could not return to watch the club


below. He was a financial backer like few others. �100 million in


loans he did not expect to be repaid. He did not seek the


limelight, gave few interviews and quietly went about doing what he


thought was best for the club. loved anything to do with the


football club. He was the chairman of the football club, you would


hardly believe it. We had great togetherness. Since I have been


here, I have never heard anybody say anything bad about Nigel


Dougherty, from the players to the staff. -- Doughty. He will go down


in history. The football club will always be indebted to the


commitment he has shown. The team did not have the success that he


would have liked. The sale of Wes Morgan to Leicester secures the


short term financial future but the longer term is more uncertain. It


is difficult to assess all that so soon. Much may depend on what


provision Nigel Dougherty may have made for the club in the event of


his death. There will be a special tribute later. On Late Kick Off


here on BBC1 when current player Lee Camp and former captain John


McGovern are the guests. Earlier I spoke to John McGovern. He was very


open, very polite and he would discuss anything you throw at him.


I would have a word with him at half-time about how the game was


going and he was always willing to listen. It was nice to exchange a


frank opinion with him before I went back to cover the second half


of the match. He was a nice person, a pleasant person, not conceited, a


genuine man, and that was a terrible shock and a great tragedy


for his family that he has died so young. And Late Kick Off is here on


BBC1 at 11:05pm tonight - presented by Manish Bhasin. Elsewhere,


Leicester City are appealing against Jermain Beckford's sending


off on Saturday. His dismissal was the first of the three red cards in


the defeat at Brighton. Jeremy Nicholas has news of that and and


other sporting action. Leicester were on the attack at Brighton, and


when the incident happened at change the game. Germaine Beckford


was a strongly and play continues, but the referee's assistant signals


to the referee and the gain a stock and after a long consultation,


Beckford is sent off. It has certainly affected the game.


Bedford's was one of three red cards and again. Sparrow was sent


off for the Seagulls and Downes was sent off. Leicester Tigers will


travel to Bath in the semi-final of the LB Cup after beating Newcastle


in the snow bus up after the flurry, pull the float, back from injury,


played the last 30 minutes and has been recalled to the England squad.


Nottingham Panthers made it six wins out of six, beating Dundee


stars, 6-2, on Saturday. The trip to Edinburgh was called off on


Sunday ironically because of the icy weather. Great Britain's hockey


team lost 1-0-one-nation Argentina. Christina : was meant top-scorer.


Leicester's Rendell Monroe got the decisive first round knockout in


his first fight since giving up his job as have been man. -- a binman.


It was a weekend and -- much- anticipated by staff and supporters,


but it ended in such tragic circumstances you at the City


Ground. Well, we were warned about it. And boy, did it arrive with a


vengeance. The East Midlands was blanketed with snow on Saturday


night. And what happens when snow falls? Well, dozens of you head out


with your cameras to capture everything that's moving. Or not,


as the case may be. Here's just a small selection of your work.


Tenor of 10 for your photographic skills. Time now for the weather


We had so many photographss beaucoup de spent minutes on that.


Thank you for sending them all in. It is going to be cloudy and foggy


tonight. Some of the fog, becoming quite dense Foster we have a


picture of some redwings enjoying these holly berries. As well as the


fog, there will be ice on untreated roads and services. Take extra care


tonight, into the early hours of tomorrow. The cold air is keeping


these weather fronts across the Atlantic at bay. We are starting to


see wintry showers pushing their way into the North East. Those will


come into east Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire during the night.


Tonight, just seeing some clear spells developing across Derbyshire.


Some dense fog in places, forming, with temperatures reaching minus


three. It will be a chilly, frosty start to Tuesday. Cloud increasing


across into Derbyshire. Some snow flurries, gradually becoming


brighter into the afternoon. A very frosty night to come on Tuesday.


With wins the having across the start, staying dry, with


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