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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Our top story tonight - the towns and cities fighting for every last


job. So Evan hundred jobs were lost your last summoned. There is the


possibility of hundreds more. also open for business, the message


from the town where it is more difficult For jobseeker's to find


work than anywhere in the East Midlands. Plus this boy's amazing


legacy. His campaign for bone marrow donors lives on. And higher


up an age a - the Web cam keeping... At is wonderful to have such close-


up views of the birds. It is wonderful.


Good evening. First tonight, the uphill task facing job-seekers. In


a moment we will hear how in some parts of the region there are six


unemployed people chasing every ante-post. But there has been some


good news on the jobs front. It is hoped to call centre in Derby could


eventually employ double the number of people who work there before. To


tell us more, Simon Hare can join us now.


Good evening. Welcome to the late shift at HEROtsc. That stands for


telecom service centre if you have ever wondered. This site has always


been a call centre. Of course the internet back Egg used to be here.


It was the founding firms on Pride Park but last year 700 people lost


their jobs. Today it is much better news.


From HEROtsc, I knew major employer has emerged. 200 staff so far come


up by the summer - 800 people were work here. The HEROtsc answers


queries from satellite TV customers. You don't get very many good


contact centres from day one. So the people we are finding was


important, the infrastructure was important. But the people we have


employed early on, the greatest majority of them were new to the


sector. Abigail was the first person to be appointed. She had


been job-hunting for two years. confidence completely goes away.


You feel you are not worth anything and the amount of time you came out


of work the harder the jobs were to come by. The cause I have never


done call-centre before it was a shock. You cannot see the person


you're speaking to. N the current economic climate, it is not easy to


magic up new jobs. But the City Council has promised to cover half


the building's least she should HEROtsc struggle to find another


client. They would not have come and they acknowledge that. We have


used a fund to stimulate the local economy and bring new jobs again.


So if HEROtsc can find another client, a further 800 jobs will be


created here and that will double the number of people the work in


this building. As you can see, at the moment they certainly seem to


have the space for them. So, is there cause to be more


optimistic about the region's economy? Not according to one


think-tank. The Institute for Public Policy Research once that


unemployment will continue to rise. -- warns. John has has been looking


through his findings Forest. What sort of picture is emerging? Their


rapport makes for some sober reading. To start of its as


unemployment is going to be in excess of 2 million for the next


three years. What has done and its findings is that us compare the


number of jobs to gos in the East Midlands with the number of


vacancies that are available towards the end of last year. Derby


had 8,000 jobseeker's chasing 1800 vacancies. That is a reissue of 4


in 1. But Mansfield has a different picture. 2,700 job-seekers and just


446 vacancies. That is six to one. According to the Institute for


Public Policy Research, that makes Mansfield the most difficult area


in the region to find a job. Today Mansfield's Meir Tory Eddington


used the latest figures to press the Government to include as a


gaffe of Central Nottinghamshire in the next wave of enterprise zones.


And without an enterprise zone? will see a get even worse. What


have families, what chance have they got of getting a job? What are


those chances? Will this as tell us it is bad. We cannot let that go


worse. A latest figures are released


tomorrow. For most of last year, their East Midlands but the


national trend. The rate of unemployment was fairly static. But


not any more. If the latest figures want include the latest round of


public sector losses. The DVLC a -- DVLA announced today plans to close


regional offices. Staff collected signatures and protest. The DVLA


wants to centralise its operation to its Swansea H Q by the end of


this year. The DVLA are kissing goodbye to public service were


there are plans to close local offices. That will oblige our


customers to deal directly with Swansea and it is goodbye to our


jobs with all the come nomack knock-on so flat. Another worrying


statistic is that a third of job- seekers have been unemployed for


more than one year. It is around this group that the Government is


designing its new job creation programme, its apprenticeship


schemes to get the young and those with skills, will fly back into


work. Still to come on the programme: Big


in America. Tall Paul Sturgess from Leicestershire and he has just


joined the Harlem Globetrotters. In other news: A man has been


killed in three vehicle accident on one of Leicestershire's busiest


roads. It has just been partially reopened after it closed all day


between the A six turn-off and there roundabout. Two men aged


between 21 and 24 have been released on bail after being


arrested in connection with the incident.


A man has been arrested after a 90 some year-old woman at the rings


pulled from her fingers after two men who got into our home in South


Derbyshire. Winifred Bloor was at home last Wednesday when the men


took her rings, a gold necklace and cash. And 19-year-old man from


Derby was arrested on suspicion of robbery and released on boil -- on


bail while the investigation continue as.


If we can exclusively reveal that Nottinghamshire's Chief Constable


has agreed a compensation settlement after being sued by her


former deputy. Howard Roberts went to an employment tribunal after


losing his job last year. This all stems from an acrimonious


row between Howard Roberts and his form his boss, Julia Hodson. At the


time the Nottinghamshire force was under fire over its performance


under the shake-up he was replaced as deputy Chief Constable. But he


did not go quietly. He went to an employment tribunal in Nottingham


to suit both their Chief Constable and her police and authority. The


his main claim was being victimised for blowing the whistle on Julia


Hodson's behaviour and that his allegations would have been very


damaging. But now we will not hear the details are whether there


denied by Nottinghamshire Police. That is because the settlement


means the case will not be aired in public. Why has he settled?


matter -- he is likely to be getting a substantial compensation


pay-out. We have not been given any details. Howard Roberts cannot make


a comment. I have spoken to a former chairman of


Nottinghamshire's police other two, John Clarke. He will be expects a


Mr Robert's compensation payment to run to six figures.


Work has started to clear the route to the next phase of Nottingham's


farm system. About 40 trees are to the shot down in the Meadows. But


there are hopes that many more will escape the axe as the project


develops. They are clearing the way for phase


two. These trees along Queen's Walk in the meadows are being felled to


make way for Nottingham's new tram route. Initially 42 trees will be


removed and the fate of a further 48 trees will be decided later.


Some residents are not please, although others were more pragmatic.


The loss of the trees of these mature trees and what is a


promenade to, a linear park planned, is just for the community and


Nottingham, it is a great loss. This is progress. You can stand in


front of progress if you want to but this what has changed many


times. We have in place plans for turning the trees into wood


carvings and also benches, a simple play equipment for children. That


will have to do for now. The council says they will not remove


any more trees. But the tram is here to stay.


The Under-Secretary of State for justice Crispin Blunt officially


opened a new victim Support Centre in Leicester today. Each year


Leicestershire Police refer 30,000 people to victim Support. This new


building is in the heart of the city, on Bishop Street, and is the


first centre to have such a high profile high street location.


He has been called an inspiration - a lively six-year-old boy who


cheerily called for more bone marrow donors even when he was too


ill to benefit from one. Since his death from leukaemia, thousands of


volunteers have come forward across Nottinghamshire in a campaign the


charity Anthony Nolan Trust Nolan - - has called amazing. In our CVs


Life after Loss we look at the lights being held following the


loss of a loved one. For tonight the story of Joel Picker Spence.


Because somebody is giving me a bone marrow I can do other things


like swimming and playing with my brother. I will not be here if this


does not work. But he never got his operation. He died in November 2008.


We did get a transplant for him but he was not well enough for it. That


is the only reason, if not for the fact that we did not get a donor


because he did. And it was that fact that inspired this woman to


keep trying for others. He helped out while he could even naming his


campaign join full job. So-far in the four years we have had 5,000


potential donors. One locally and so it is just amazing. Together


that many matches from that group of people is also extraordinary. We


would normally expect to go one match for every 1000 people on the


register and thus the passes that. So his legacy is outstanding.


part of that legacy as Alan from Nottingham, one of the eight


matches found. He is on standby to be a new bone-marrow marriage --


new bone marrow donor. You do not know who that person is. It could


be anybody in the world. It is brilliant. A few days a slight


inconvenience for me as some deals is a second chance of life, what


better thing could there be to do really? What else inspires me to go


on? He's the aspects of life that no one will see again. Every day he


would make a funny comments are he would smile with his eyes. He saw


the best of everything. We are all in this together and from his point


of view to have only look for six years and to have inspired myself


and so many other people to do something that will help other


people, what a great way to be Now, you may remember the story of


two peregrine falcons who raised their brood on a lofty rooftop in


Nottingham. Last year the Nottingham Trent


University webcam that filmed them got almost a quarter of a million


hits. This year, they and their chicks, which are due to hatch in


April, will be filmed in high definition. Tom Brown reports.


They are back and this time, they are in high-definition. Footage


like this is being broadcast around the world as a two peregrine


falcons build a nest on top of a building at Nottingham Trent


University. We have two cameras, both in age the, one which focuses


on the nest, the other want we can control. Last year, we found that


the chicks were moving around and we were losing them. One of the


things we have this year is a steerable camera which allows us to


zoom in and focus in on the action. This was the view from last year's


standard definition web cam. This is the view now. Experts hope the


high-definition will lead to a better knowledge as well as better


pictures. We have been observing them for a decade, but a lot of


people do not know that the birds are flying over their heads. More


people will know about it now and they can comment on it, what the


life cycle is, what is happening, their quirky behaviour, and give


people the package. I'm pleased with the pictures we have. I don't


think there is any other site that broadcasts in such Heide tell. We


are lucky to have the infrastructure to do that. Last


year, the chicks were born on the day of the royal wedding. This


year's Falcons are expected at a similar time. You can follow their


progress live on the university website.


Who needs to call a midwife! Still to come on the programme.


Roses are red, violets are blue, but guess what's most popular on


Valentines Day? It seems more of are choosing tulips. Not from


Amsterdam, but the flatlands of Lincolnshire.$$NEWLINE Coming up, a


I buy my own tulips, I'm afraid. They do go a bit floppy!


And I wonder how many young boys or girls watching dream of playing


professionally. A decade ago, Callum Ball was at home in


Leicestershire doing just that. And now he's become a regular at Derby


When it Callum Ball scored his first goal for Derby against


Bristol City in December, it moment for him. I started playing for a


local side in Leicester when I was a boy. I started playing little


games and tournaments and then I got a phone call from Derby wanting


me to train with them so I went and trained. Aged nine, can are moved


to Derby County and waited nine more years to make his first


substitute appearance nearly two years ago. Once I got signed, I


always wanted to play professionally. People think it is


is the -- it is easy. But it is hard work. When you are young, you


have to commit to football, not go out. A lot of kids did not want to


do that, but I was willing to do that. He broke into the team in


December and has not looked back. He has a three-year contract and


his only disappointment was when the game was postponed. I was a


disappointed when I heard it was off, but it happens. I'm looking


forward to be in the squad and playing again. He is a young man


playing -- living his dream up. He is looking to hold on to his place


as the more senior strikers return to fitness.


Derby are at home to Reading tonight, and there are games too


for Leicester, Forest and Notts Who can guess where Leicester will


finish at the end of be season, but after a win against Cardiff on


Saturday, they are being asked again, can they finish in the top


six? Yes, I think we can. More importantly, I think the players


Forest 12-0 in their first win of the season. Forest have struggled


since then, that they improve on Saturday. First, we got the


defenders in, we did not have done in so you can see a state -- a


change straight away. This was Notts County's last man.


They have not played since because of the weather, but they have added


a two new loans to their poor of strikers. We cannot keep having


good performances and not scoring, we need goals. There will be common


trees on all of those games on your BBC local radio stations tonight.


They start at 7pm. Results will be in our late


bulletin as well. Leicester Tigers coach Richard


Cockerill says it's all still to play for as they push for a top two


Premiership finish. They lost away to Exeter at the weekend and face a


tough match this Sunday at Saracen's, but today Cockerill has


said they're still in the mix for the play-offs.


We had a poor start to the year for many reasons, we have dragged


ourselves back into the play-off contention spot and we have to


fight for it. Saracens are a tough game at. But that is the game,


sometimes you lose and you have to deal with it.


He's getting on for eight foot tall. And he's made his way from school


in Leicestershire to one of the world's greatest sports team. Paul


Sturgess is the latest signing for He is Britain's tallest man. At


seven feet a inches, he is now the Harlem Globetrotters's tallest ever


player, and he ate the he is at one of the world's most tallest --


tallest building. It is great, I loved every moment. I'm at the top


of the Empire State Building. I am having a great time. Need tall Paul


Sturges. We first met him when his name was tall Paul. He was signed


up to play in the States and we met him on that day.


The best we could do. This is a huge opportunity, how does it feel?


I'm over the moon. It is a great opportunity to progress my career


hopefully and be a professional basketball player. Six years and


four into his later, he has reached new heights. According to the


Guinness Book of Records, he is the tallest basketball player in the


world. I guess I made people look tiny one-night stepped on to the


court. The short his play is 5 ft two up so we had a bit of fun with


it. We have had a couple of guys over seven put on our roster before,


none as big as him. He has a great personality and fans love him. It


also takes the pressure off us as well. I'm glad to have him on the


team. Paul will be bringing his side's 21


she is it to the Nottingham there been a with the Globetrotters next


month. I'm sure we will be there to see


Now, you might think, on this the most romantic of days, that roses


would be the number one choice for the lovestruck. But you'd be wrong.


Apparently more of us choose tulips. And you don't have to go to


Amsterdam to get the pick of the bunch. Millions of extra flowers


have been grown in Lincolnshire to meet demand this year. As Siobhan


Robbins discovered on a visit to a tulip farm near Spalding.


It is that time of the year again, giant hearts, cards and flowers. In


the tulip growing capital around Spalding, millions of them have


been planted as they frantically prepare for Valentine's Day.


Lincolnshire alone, I estimate the industry is worth up to �17 million.


Our main request is a red tulips. We will double our production to


accommodate that usually. After picking, tulips are cut and wraps.


On average we spent 36 years -- that is �6 on flowers a year each.


Most of them, we x4 ourselves. Flowers are a multi-billion-pound


industry in the UK and Lincolnshire is at the heart of it. 3 million


extra red tulips have been grown for Valentine's Day alone soak


bouquets like this one did not to say I love you, they are also a


huge boost to the local economy. Roses maybe tradition, but many


florists say that increasingly popular tulips are the real flower


of love. More and more people are going for two lips now because they


are the Dutch flower of laugh. The ones grown in our country are


absolutely beautiful. We are finding that the younger generation


actually prefer it tulips. They are obviously it slightly cheaper than


roses. Once the romance has died down, the work is not over. With


Mother's Day around the corner, the tulip growers are looking towards


their busiest time of the year. Mother's Day!!


It is a never ending. Remember when he sent photos of and


then he waited to get them back? Occasionally be just did not reach


their rightful owners, just what happened to this couple. This film


it was delivered to the wrong address in Derbyshire and has been


in a cupboard ever since and are now all. The recognise anyone in


this wedding film? I do not.


Or perhaps, are you this little boy?


If you recognise anyone, do get in touch with us. It could be a lovely


Valentine's Day surprise for Another Valentine's mystery, the


weather. Were you the man who made this very


romantic gesture at Nottingham bridal shop this morning? A card


surrounded by rose petals was left in the doorway to a Claire Taylor.


But who is she? The staff at the We would love to find out. Staying


with the romance, tonight's weather photo. It was taken on a recent


trip in Newark. Beat Sky trails forming the perfect case in the sky.


And I could not resist this lovely photo.


We have got high pressure sitting out in the west of the UK. This


means we are seeing the milder air staying with us over the next two


days. There is a lot of cloud around. If you had any bright


spells earlier this afternoon or any clear spells now, the cloud


will increase in the evening. It is thick enough to bring a few spots


of rain at times. The cloud will be acting as a blanket and keeping


those temperatures up tonight. Five is your minimum. We do expect a lot


of cloud tomorrow morning, but gradually through the day we will


see it becoming brighter, particularly across Derbyshire and


Leicestershire. Some sunshine and a high temperature of nine degrees.


Breezy with a north-westerly wind. Further ahead, Thursday is staying


cloudy with some broken cloud giving up the odd sunny spells.


Still fairly breezy. Further ahead, you will notice temperatures


continue to get higher, double figures by Friday! But into the


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