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This is East Midlands Today. Our top story: the convicted drugs


baron who plotted to flood Britain with cocaine.


Russell Knaggs ordered a major Colombian drug shipment from inside


his prison cell. If they had been successful, none of them would have


had to work ever again. Also tonight, ran over a week before


Christmas. Now Simon's widow urges the driver to come forward.


Plus, a woman bullied as a child for being a ginger suffers new


abuse on the internet. I was gobsmacked. It was message after


message after message. I was scared. And getting plastered, how young


volunteers are helping to make a military memorial more lifelike.


Good evening. Welcome to Wednesday's programme. First, a


convicted drugs baron has been found guilty of organising a multi-


million-pound smuggling plot while he was locked up in a


Nottinghamshire jail. Russell Knaggs tried to flood Britain's


streets with cocaine. The trial heard he had met a


Colombian drug trafficker inside Lowdham Grange Prison. He then sent


a accomplice to buy cocaine from a violence South American cartels.


Russell Knaggs was once described as Britain's cocaine Mr Big.


Getting caught did not deter him. He used his sentence here at


Lowdham Grange Prison as a business opportunity to make contacts and do


deals with powerful Colombian drug cartels. He arranged to buy cocaine


directly from South America and ship it through Costa Rica


disguised as consignments of fruit. From the States, it would have been


moved as legitimate freight, in huge containers on a major shipping


route to Germany. Once in Europe and through the most stringent


checks, they would have been driven here in smaller loads. It is a bit


like a film script. We are talking millions of pounds of cocaine that


they would have brought into the UK. The profits would have been


enormous, absolutely enormous. If they had been successful, none of


them would have had to work ever again. The streets of the UK would


have been flooded with cocaine. Behind it all, sat in prison is


will Russell Knaggs pulling all the strings. Knaggs knew his


conversations might be monitored so he described the deals as


plastering jobs, his coat for smuggling cocaine. The plot was


foiled after his cell was searched and they found plans with a list of


Colombian contacts and a hidden Sim card for a mobile phone. It


identified his accomplices and started a huge surveillance


operations. These are under cover pictures of their main targets.


This photo was taken in Holland and this is him back at Lowdham Grange


Prison. They were trapped on flights too. This is surveillance


footage from Belgium. One of them even Trav -- travelled to Latin


America. This photo was taken in Colombia where he was overseeing


drug shipments for Russell Knaggs. I am hoping that other people in


prison will get a clear message... The high level criminals are so


arrogant that they think they can run a business from the prison


service. It is not going to happen. Knaggs is facing a much longer


prison sentence. The other men are now joining him. Another man has


admitted his involvement. They thought they would make millions


but all they have learnt his time behind bars.


Next tonight, a widow is urging the driver of a the killed her husband


to come forward and give themselves up. 44-year-old Simon Ware was


killed the week before Christmas. A �5,000 reward is now being offered.


Simon's widow has been talking to our reporter. I got the telephone


call at about 620, it was Leicester Royal Infirmary, they said that


Simon was involved in an accident and they told me to get there as


soon as possible. I went to my neighbour next door and he gave me


a lift to the hospital. I knew he was dead when I got there. This is


where Simon was killed on the outskirts of the towns. He was hit


by a vehicle which did not stop. Seconds later, a van that drove


over him. That driver did stop but it was too late. Simon's widow is


urging the driver of the vehicle to go to the police. Anybody who knows


anything, I just hope and pray that they have got it in them to come


forward. It is a possibility that the driver was not aware that they


were involved in a collision or possibly they are aware and they


were not fully aware of the full servants -- full circumstances and


the severity. I would urge that driver or anyone who knows if they


are to make contact with us. I have lost my soulmate. He would do


anything for anybody. She is now offering a �5,000 reward for the


conviction of the driver. She says and Hill went she cannot move on. -


- until then, she cannot move on. Natalie Harvey was bullied as a


child and again as an adult and all because of higher rate of frizzy


hair. Natalie from Beeston says she spent


thousands of pounds trying to tame her hair and she thought she had


left that childhood abuse behind her.


The 35-year-old had not reckoned on a renewed onslaught via the


internet. The style that launched the taunts.


She was just a little girl but her frizzy red hair made her a target.


I used to be spat at on the school bus. He used to be constant. There


was not a day that went by when I would not have several comments


about my hair. It was awful. spent a small fortune over the


years trying to tame it, even wearing a wig. When she posted a


photo of herself as a child on the internet recently, she got more


cruel comments, a taste of 21st century bullying. I was gobsmacked.


It was message, after message, after message. I was scared. I was


upset. I felt like the little gold that I once was. -- the little girl.


It has been suggested that as many as 40% of all children and 30% of


adults have been cyber bullied. Sometimes it is extreme. This


university student suffered a sustained online harassment. Her


former boyfriend packed sexually explicit photographs of her on


social networking sites. Last October, he was given a four-month


sentence. It has had a massive impact on everything I do in my


day-to-day life. The main issue has been trust. I have not been able to


trust people. Cyber bullying can be a lot more destructive than other


bullying, particularly because it occurs in environments were lots of


other people can see it. People can feel totally humiliated and get


depressed and anxious. They can go back and read it and people do. It


can be psychologically devastating. Natalie admits that she found it


devastating, even at 35. She reported it to the police who told


us they take all incidents like this any seriously. -- very


seriously. Leicestershire County Council has


confirmed that a thousand jobs are to go as it cuts millions of pounds


from its budget. The authority is freezing council tax but has agreed


to make savings of �74 million over the next four years. It comes after


it recently got rid of 500 posts. More job cuts are expected to be


confirmed this evening. Leicester City Council needs to save �40


million. It is planning to raise council tax by 3.5%.


Two men who conned elderly and disabled people out of their life


savings have been ordered to pay back the money or face jail. Father


and son Shane and Laurence Johnson from Kegworth were jailed in July


last year for selling mobility aids that were never delivered. They


must now pay back �40,000 or face another prison sentence.


New powers are being considered which could mean council tenants in


Derby being forced to move house. The city council is looking to


introduce fixed term tenancies. They say it would tackle problem


neighbours. Tenant groups say they are worried it would lead to people


taking less care of their homes. Still to come, the drug that gave


Hugh the chance of life. Now he is fighting to make it available to


A father who are convinced judges to free him so he could look after


his children is tonight back behind bars.


Wayne Bishop from Clifton in Nottingham assaulted a man just


three weeks after being released. The judge told him he could not


play the children card to avoid going to prison.


Last May, it was all smiles for Wayne Bishop on his return home to


his children aged between 7 and 13. Despite being convicted of burglary


and dangerous driving, 34-year-old Wayne Bishop convinced the appeal


court that as a single parent, his eight-month prison sentence


prevented him from caring for his children and infringed on their


right for a family life. Three weeks later, when Bishop and his


brother assaulted a man in a shop and today he was sentenced for that


and breaching his licence. He was sentenced to eight months of which


he will serve half and the judge told them, children cannot be


produced like the ace of trumps to avoid prison. He went on, you have


to learn that other people have rights too, the right not to be


burgled and a be right not to be subject to a violent attack. The


judge was told that his five children will be looked after by


his sister who already has six of her own. I truly feel that for his


children and people not having the facts... What effect will this have


on the family? The effect it has is that they cannot live a normal life.


That is it. This was his 17th court appearance which in the past have


included charges of violence and Police say a Leicestershire man


whose body was found beside of a motorway eight years after he went


missing, could have been killed in a hit and run. The remains of 29-


year-old Vinny Derrick, from Castle Donington, were found below a


flyover near Stockport, earlier this month. He'd disappeared while


on a night out in Manchester in 2003. Officers say his death isn't


being treated as suspicious. Seven men have pleaded not guilty


on charges relating to the death of a Polish man. 21-year-old Serioza


Lawskoski was found dead last April, he died later in hospital. Five men,


all from Derby, appeared in court charged with his murder. They also


appeared in conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm.


A woman who threatened residents and caused numerous disturbances in


one area of Nottingham has been given a three year anti-social


behaviour order. Amanda Rollinson, has been banned from going into the


Aboretum area of the city. It follows a number of the calls to


the police after the 36-year-old was seen shouting in the street and


smashing bottles to gain entry into people's homes.


Still to come on the programme tonight - kicking out homophobia.


Why are there no openly gay professional footballers? And


should the FA do more? A man who says his life has been


transformed by taking a new drug to treat prostate cancer is now


fighting to secure its future funding by the NHS. Hugh Gunn from


Leicestershire says the drug Abiraterone has given him a new


chance of life. Now he wants that opportunity to be given to ALL


prostate cancer sufferers. Just ten weeks ago Hugh Gunn was so


poorly he says he couldn't even put the rubbish out. After a failed


course of chemotherapy, his life had changed completely. I had pains


in my pelvis, and down my legs, and my third was numb -- my third to


warn us numb. It was difficult to climb the stairs, after five


minutes I was in pain. Blood tests told doctors his condition was


worsening. He was approved great test of the drug Abiraterone. His


blood test now shows the can say is no longer active. I started to take


Abiraterone on December 13th, and within two days I felt better. My


pain has just about gone completely, I cannot go for as long as you


would like, I can climb the stairs, I could do anything that a normal


man can do. It is just like being given your life back. It is quite


incredible. Abiraterone only has NHS funding for another two years.


After that, draft guidance by Baba Amr says the drug does not provide


enough benefits to justify the cost. The fact that they have an made an


interim report, and it is an interim one, that is refusing


Abiraterone, is condemning many people to death. It will not that


everyone, that it will work for some of them. They should be given


that chance. It is so sad that those men are being written there.


They have battled to stay alive, it seems so terrible that they can be


told are to go away and die. That's how they feel, that they're not


worth anything. We have to fight hard to make sure that doesn't


happen. The treatment cost �3,000 a month, but the NHS pays a lot less.


This couple say it is a small price to pay for a chance at life.


Well the organisation that decides which medicine's are available on


the NHS are asking for your feedback on its decision not to


approve that drug for prostate cancer. You can give your views on


it by visiting NICE's website. Better do it tonight though because


the consultation closes tomorrow. Coming up the debate about gay


footballers and news to disappoint marathon runners. But we start


tonight at Notts County. And what a few days it's been. Their new


manager only met the players yesterday. Tonight Keith Curle's in


the dug out as Notts play Stevenage in League One. Kirsty Edwards is at


Meadow Lane, where it's all change again!


It really is. This that doubt will see another new manager tonight.


There have a fair share ideas. Keith Curle arrived earlier today,


just down the tunnel. I managed to catch up with them to find out how


he's feeling. -- catch up with him. I'm a bit nervous. I want to make


sure I get the response from the players, the staff and the


supporters. What kind of reception the think you'll get out there


tonight? It is always a sensitive time, a change of management.


will soon give you a team talk to the players, what what you say to


them? I will tell them to be relaxed, to express themselves, and


to think about giving a good account of themselves. I need to


know exactly what they're about. Keith Curle will be working out of


this tunnel in less than one hour's time, for the first time, here at


Meadow Lane. They take on Stevenage tonight. A tough game. It will be


interesting to see how the fans react. Martin Allen was a big


character he has -- be carried to hear that Meadow Lane. One way to


get them on side will be to get a win tonight. We will oppose what on


all the goals tonight in a late bulletin. Thank you their match. --


thank you very much. Calls have been made for the


football association to offer more support to gay footballers. We've


two of the country's leading gay friendly teams in this region, the


Leicester Wildecats and the Nottingham BallBois. There are no


openly gay British professional footballers. And last night


campaigners, players, administrators and fans gathered in


Nottingham to debate the subject. There are 5,000 professional


footballers in the UK, not one of them is openly gay. The last player


to come out was Justin Fashanu, 20 years ago. He played for Nottingham


Forest, before announcing he was day after his career. He committed


suicide. There have been calls for the next Justin Fashanu to get him


more support. His homosexuality was part of his death. Benn is no part


of that. His suicide note felt that he wears a mask and to the family.


He had a very difficult time when he came out. This to a permanent --


this team are predominantly gay. The feeling is that it is becoming


less than issue. I don't think people are that they have any more.


Quins have none of them. They say they welcome a professional player


coming out. Will anyone be brave enough? And Environment has not


been created by raid a player can come out of he wants to. Someone


has to break the taboo. When Gareth Thomas came out in that we, there


is a great opportunity. - back came out in the map the world. Back at


Nottingham University, there are calls to put the support networks


in place. If it does happen, I think it will be Miliband and


player. Safety in numbers. There will be not as much attention on


one person. Nottingham Rugby Club have been


forced to play a Championship match on their training pitch. The re-


arranged game clashed with football at their usual home, Meadow Lane,


with the rugby authorities insisting they pressed ahead with


it. So special arrangements were made at the Lady Bay Sports Ground


in Nottingham. And the team's ran out with a temporary marquee and


crowd barriers around the training pitch. There was a strong wind and


it was wet. Not ideal conditions but Nottingham went on to beat


Leeds by 24-11. One of the oldest marathons in the


country is not being held this year. The Robin Hood Marathon in


Nottingham has been going for more than 30 years. Last year the


Festival of Running had 12,000 entries, with 1,500 doing the


marathon. But the organisers say busier roads and an increasing


population means the event isn't a safe or viable option. They say


they're committed to re-staging the race over a different course in the


future. Seven student soldiers at Welbeck


Defence College volunteered for active plaster-casting today. All


in the name of art. The trainees were having plaster-casts made of


their faces by an artist who will use them as models for a new


memorial sculpture. As Jonathon Cecil now reports the finished


version will feature four life-size members of the armed forces.


This is Ben, he is hoping to be an army officer. He is one of seven or


students who are being cast in order to create a bronze memorial.


I want something believable. I want something that reflects the group


of people that we are sending up to the Armed Forces. I wanted to take


a lot of information from the uniformed. We are taking a lot of


photographs as well. Those photographs are being taken in the


neighbouring room. It is not just the faces that are important, the


different types of uniform are as well. They are trying to


commemorate servicemen and women who lost their lives. To have a


students' modelling for such an important memorial in


Leicestershire, and one -- her home county, it is great. A seaweed base


material is applied first, and then covered by plaster bandages.


paste felt very cold and tingly, it was quite relaxing. I could have


fallen asleep. It is quite, and tingly, like a face mask. The four


life-size bronze soldiers, costing �75,000, will be unveiled this


autumn at the county will. Does it exfoliate at the same time?


We must try it. You could be at We must try it. You could be at


Madam Tussauds! We have milder temperatures under


way. It felt cold today, that was due to the wind. Some snowdrops has


started to appear. Thank you very much for taking that picture. Send


your photographs into the address below. A reminder of the average


temperature, usually around seven Celsius, by the time we get to


tomorrow, if the cloud breaks, we could reach 16 degrees. Today has


been very wet and windy. It has been quite a dusty south-westerly


wind. That will leave us a lot of cloud cover, quite a loud overnight


temperature as well. It will drop to nine Celsius tonight. That is


just above the average for this time Libya. The wind is starting to


die down in the early hours of the morning. Early on tomorrow, quite a


cloudy start, we should start to see that cloud thinning at times. A


little bit of sunshine. Maybe a bit hit-and-miss. Along the


Lincolnshire coast line, if you are thinking of heading to Skegness,


the daytime temperature could reach 17 degrees. It should feel quite


pleasant tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow, quite a cloudy day


instead of the Friday. That will produce a fair amount of rain. The


wind will be quite light. Some high pressure pushing up from the south.


It will be a draw at weekend, cloudier times. We are hopeful to


see a few breaks in the cloud. Temperatures going back to what


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