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This is East Midlands Today. Our top story tonight - the metal


thieves who target the dead. Modern-day grave robbers plunder


the railings around headstones. really is a sad and disgusting day


when people come here and desecrate graves.


Horror in a park as the swans are butchered for their meat.


Plus cuts and redundancies confirmed it - the unions say


council chiefs are being heartless. And same paintings, different


setting - and New Look a gallery to showcase one of our best known


Good evening. The metal thieves of plumbing new depths of. A cemetery


has been stripped of the railings protecting a grave. It is the


latest and one of the lowest examples of the crime but we also


have pictures of a house wrecked by thieves ripping out cables and


wires. The problem is so bad that one security firm has developed a


new alarm system especially for wiring and led roofs.


Nothing is sacred for the thieves who steal metal. Here at this


cemetery they have taken a set of railings around this 19-year-old


grave, a memorial for someone who died. -- 90-year-old. They smashed


out around this grave and removed all metalwork. It has been here


since 1922 and it is a sand and disgusting day when people come and


desecrate graves. Simon's property rental company has been targeted by


thieves are two. A lot has been cut out. The they ransacked this house


only days after the tenants moved out. They have stolen cables, a


metal fireplace, even the hot water tank and they have taken everything


but the kitchen sink. They have ruined of the house. It is no


longer occupy able. It will need up to �1,000 to bring it up to


standard. They will have got away with no more than �100 worth of


metal. This firm has come up with a set -- system to protect metal from


thieves. It sends electric currents down cables or plates that is


linked to a alarm. Her soon as the alarm goes off, it comes up on the


screen and we can also have a visual representation to where


there is. We will phone a contract security company he will respond


directly to the alarm. They will be there in 20 minutes. For the


thieves who do not get caught, metal is becoming a new counterfeit


currency and it is a crime that is causing damage.


Councillors have defended the cuts to Nottinghamshire County Council's


budget which are being rubber- stamped this evening. More than


�170 million has to be saved over four years with around 2,500 jobs


are likely to go. Unions say the cuts will have a major impact on


services and for the local economy. When there are cuts, there were


protests and today was no exception. UNISON members demonstrated outside


Nottinghamshire County Council as the cabinet insider agreed to


millions of pounds of cuts to the budget. Boos rang out as they had


that councillors had agreed to the controversial decision to close a


show with Industries, a furniture- making factory employing disabled


staff. Many of its 40 workers were at the protest. We are workers


willing to work with the disability. The council is taking that away


from us. What future do we hold that? It is a heartless decision.


We are doubtful as to any of us can beat we employed. Four they are


throwing away scores of disabled workers. Councils arrived for the


meeting this morning facing the same problem which is facing dozens


of other councils around the country. Where out of the Budget to


find huge savings? Nottinghamshire it needs to cut �171 million over


four years. In the next two years alone, savings of 63 million have


to be made, �12 million more than first thought and in total, 2005


French a jobs are likely to go. Across the organisation we are able


to make a lot of efficiency savings and reinvest that in the front line


services such as adult social care and health and children and young


people and the front line of children. Unison says these cuts


will affect services and it also says it for have a massive negative


impact on the local economy. It says an independent report predicts


the knock-on effect of the council redundancies could lead to 3,500


people also losing their jobs in the private sector.


Still to come: in Sport, Colin is live at Pride Park ahead of


tonight's local Derby. It might be Derby County against


Leicester City this evening but more important than that is the if


any of these two sides are loses they can count themselves out of


the play-off race. And the temperatures have been


hotting up today. But spring has not sprung just yet as they are on


the way down again for the weekend. They are used to being fed by


people but now ates thought that someone has been killing them for


food. Several swans have been found butchered in a Derby park to the


horror of people who use it. The police are now investigating.


They are known for their grace and beauty, but it is thought someone


has been killing these swans for them the. Six have been discovered


dead in Derby. Some had seemingly been butchered for their breast


meat. The Rangers had found six swans over the last three weeks and


they believe from the way they were found it was human intervention


rather than animal that has been attacking these birds. The police


have stepped up patrols in the area and they want anyone who sees


anything suspicious to report it. The birds are able to come down and


get fed, so they come down a lot and we have had a lot of reports


from people horrified by what has been happening. I come here with


the little ones that to feed the ducks. It is a nice park. But it is


not a nice thing that is. It is call. There is no need to kill


swans. I like all animals. It is terrible. Those I have spoken to


are appalled at the butchering of these beautiful birds. They are


protected by law and should not be touched. Anyone caught killing a


swan and could face a �5,000 fine or six months in jail. It is hoped


that could deter whoever is responsible from killing any more.


A former Nottingham community protection officer has been cleared


of rape and sexual assault. Richard Mundle from Bestwood was found not


guilty at Derby Crown Court of three counts of rape and a sexual


assault. The prosecution offered no evidence on a second sex attack but


Mundle was convicted of the misuse of a computer and was given a


conditional discharge for 12 months. The family of a woman and her


grandson he died in a lake say they death had left a hole in their


lives that they can never be filled. Dawn Mullany and Laurence Mills


were discovered in the water at Holywell a week ago. In a statement


their relatives said the pair could not have been closer and they


shared a love of fun and laughter. Award of �25,000 is being offered


for information about the theft of a cash machine from a High Street


bank. The to use a tractor to crash into the Nat West in


Nottinghamshire. A police spokesman said the incident caused a lot of


disruption and damage to a building. Detectives are checking where they


there is a link with similar robberies in Leicestershire.


Just two weeks to go and tell the Queen starts her Diamond Jubilee


tour and she is starting it in the East Midlands. Leicester is the


first stop for the royal party on that tour of England, Wales and


Scotland. Shops are already cashing in as royal fever gripped the city.


The flags are up, the bunting is out and there is no shortage of


more royal memorabilia. Tills are ringing ahead of the royal visit in


two weeks' time. It is a good thing for Leicester and it is a busy


shopping centre and it will bring focus to Leicester. We are honoured


to be the first on her Jubilee tour. The brute of the royal party


consisting of the Queen, Duke of Edinburgh and Duchess of Cambridge


has yet to be unveiled but people are excited and think it will mean


big business for the city. It will be good because everybody wants to


see her. It brings prestige to the city. It highlights the city.


Leicester is not really on the map. People go past it, so it is very


exciting they are coming. This tour has sold out of two Billy tea-


towels as demand has soared. It has caused a lot of excitement and we


have been caught by surprise with the demand for the gifts that we


have got. We have sold out of several things already and are on a


third order. Details of the Royal fruit are expected to be revealed


next break. It is hoped thousands A police detective sergeant has


denied raping a woman while he was off duty. Trevor Gray, seen here at


an earlier court hearing, today pleaded not guilty to charges of


rape, attempted rape and sexual assault. Detective Sergeant Gray,


who's 47, and of Stannier Way, at Watnall, near Nottingham - has been


suspended from duty and will go on trial in May. We will roll


investigators have seized more than a �300,000 from a bit of a car in


Nottinghamshire. The money is believed to have been proceeds of a


plot to smuggle tobacco. Three men had been arrested, and had been


bailed until next month. A Nottingham charity is to receive


an award from the Queen. Balls to Poverty sends footballs and rugby


balls to some of the poorest parts of South Africa. So far they've


sent more than 26,000 balls, helping tens of thousands of


children. Now the charity's work is to be rewarded with a Queen's


Anniversary Prize. Next, he may be one of the East


Midlands' most famous artists - but the gallery where his pictures hang


has long been in serious need of a new lick of paint. Well - more than


a lick of paint really, because it's cost a �150,000 to spruce up


the Joseph Wright gallery in Derby. But it was all worth it because now


it's ready for the public re- opening as James Roberson reports.


Admiring Joseph Wright's paintings in a 21st century setting. �150,000


has gone into the revamp of the museum. The grey walls are a


startling contrast to what went before. The last decoration was


over 20 years ago when the painting's return from a tour of


London, Paris and New York. Two decades, the style was tired. There


is backing for this collection from places like the Tate Gallery and


the Yale University. A told us we have a great collection. We said to


them, right, we are going to need your help and backing to try and do


something with this. They said they were behind that. The bicentenary


Exhibition attracted 30,000 visitors from the world all over.


They now hope a new environment, and the drawings will again have


bring visitors to Derby. You go round and see his paintings all


round at the world. We have the biggest collection, and it's going


to bring the people back into Derby. They looked so lovely being


displayed here. Here to open the gallery, the designer, Wayne


Hemingway, he said at the museum has the right staff. It is full of


wonderful things. It takes you into another space. It takes the


pressure off, it makes you think, a gets your brain ticking over. That


helps everybody. We've got something here that is world class,


and we need to live up to that. It is a really important landmark in


that journey. It is a landmark. We have a lot more to do, but it is


wonderful to show them off. exhibition reopens to the public on


Saturday. The paintings are wonderful, so was the paint.


Still to come on the programme - after a strangely warm day what


does tomorrow's weather forecast hold?


I been given this, and best, to help something that will help -- to


make something that will help wildlife.


Time now for the sport - and its a big East Midlands football night.


The sports team are at Pride Park. Yes we are, and we're here because


Derby's visitors tonight are Leicester City. An all East


Midlands affair. Very different attitudes to building their squads,


but both mid table and both on the same number of points. Tonight,


though only one can take the bragging rights. There was no


dispute about who did that when the teams met at the King Power -


Leicester turning in one of those performances that made you think


they were going places, and winning 4-0.


We have both had our ups and downs of this season, but we want to try


and get three points and move up the league. We haven't done too


well in the last couple of seasons against them. We suffered a 4-0, it


was a bit harsh us. Sometimes forms -- form goes out the window in


derby games. Hopefully we will give the fans and the manager something


to shout about. That's how they're feeling about


the build up. Roger Davies is a man who has a foot in both camps. Most


people think you are Derby County for Renfrew? -- Derby County


through and through? I had good times here. But I want both clubs


to do well. What you think of the Derby side? It is a young side.


They lack experience. We beat West Ham at Christmas, and whole, it was


a great Christmas. You never know what this side is going to do.


this game has added significance. Eight points is a long way from the


play-offs. I'm not sure about this league. Everybody is beating


everybody. Whoever wins tonight, that will be a help. You look at


how much money Leicester have spent, and what Derby have done, it never


gives you any guarantee if you spend money.


Thanks Roger. Now, we presenters and pundits can bang on all we like


- but its the supporters who really matter. Ange is just outside.


Yes a packed house here tonight because this is after all - about


East Midlands bragging rights. Hot on the heels of their FA cup


victory the Foxes full of confidence but here at home Derby


County will be giving it everything to make sure it's their fans who go


home happy. I think we did get an upset. 2-0.


They are a bogey team for you. sure. We tend to use against them.


I have some little ones down here. What is your prediction? 2-1 to


Derby. That sounds good. Some less the fans here. We have been


inconsistent over the last few weeks. If we perform like Saturday,


we will win. Let's get another quick prediction. 31 -- 3-1 to


Leicester. A big game here deceiving. Also a very big game


Anyone who left Meadow Lane early would have been very disappointed.


Notts County grabbed a late late goal against Stevanage to get new


manager Keith Curle off to the perfect start.


perfect start. So nearly a dream start. This early


effort only kept out by the woodwork. There were some Met


Office for the defence. This mistake could have nearly led to a


goal put the visitors. What they first got this would have been on


loan defender Kieron Freeman. In the 91st minute this shot from Jeff


the 91st minute this shot from Jeff Hughes crept in to give Keith Curle


his first victory. Fantastic. If it had been a draw, it was an


opportunity to put ideas in place for the players. You need to aim


high, you need aspirations. If we can sneak into the play-offs, so be


it. They will continue that push buggy -- push for the play-offs


against Chesterfield. Leicester Tigers Manu Tuilagi is


back in the England team for the game with Wales this weekend.


There's a first international start for his club mate Geoff Parling.


Tom Croft and Dan Cole are also in the line up with Ben Youngs and


Toby Flood on the bench. Alan Young is here tonight for BBC


Leicester. I pick it is vital Leicester win this game. We have to


win this and the Coventry match. We have a big cup tie, and a couple of


away matches. It is vitally important. Do you think this is a


Leicester team that is getting it together? Yes. It is very


frustrating for everyone, we know how well we can play. Thank you


very much. If you want to hear Alan with Ian


Stringer BBC Radio Leicester is your place to go. For the Derby


point of view, BBC Radio Derby are point of view, BBC Radio Derby are


And don't forget, I'll have the first report on the game in our


late bulletin. Ange has an indepth look back this time tomorrow


evening. We're hoping for a cracker. After the unusually spring-like day


we've enjoyed, its hard to believe that only a couple of weeks ago the


East Midlands was covered in snow. But that was indeed the case when


Sally and the "goes Wild" team visited Rutland Water to learn a


centuries-old farming tradition In order to protect our local


wildlife, it is vitally important to provide them with a flourishing


Habitat. One tradition which goes back centuries is laying hedges. I


have come to meet a man of he will show me exactly how it is done.


Martin Aspinall recently retired as a warden to a nature reserve, but


he still lays some of the hedgerows. That is a billhook. Different


counties use a different one. What you do, basically, is cut. You


start about hair, then go down at that sort of angle. Right the way


down. A he learned the craft when he was just nine years old. How


long has this been here? When would it have been laid? It would have


been there about 50 years ago. long have people been hedge laying?


It was first written down in 56 BC. The finished height we are looking


for is about this high. We do need to get this down a little bit


before we put the binders on top there. About there. You get a bit


of string, and tie a knot of there. Once the stakes are in a, it's time


to weave the bindings are to complete the traditional raping


effect. -- traditional rope effect. Back in come forward. -- that can


come forward. So, is it just the birds that can benefit from this?


No, insects like to be there as well. It is a good place for Robin


have to nip in and nest. It is a good habitat, or round. Absolutely.


If it wasn't for people like Martin of teaching people how to maintain


the these natural habitats then our wonderful wildlife would have to


find somewhere else to go. Next time you are driving past a


hedgerow, stop and think how much work has gone into it. Believe me,


I know. I'm a bit worried with her having


that machete. that machete.


It is really a skill. I think it looks great.


We have had a picture cent in today. -- a picture cent in today. Her her


this is known as an iridescent cloud. It is in the process of


forming. Thank you Yvonne. Keep your pictures coming in. We have


had a lovely day today. The maximum temperature was 80 my degrees at


Market Bosworth. -- 18 a degrees. The night-time temperature would


drop to around 9-10 degrees. Quite a breezy night. The wind or pickup.


The cloud will be with us first thing tomorrow morning. That will


start to work its way down from the north. It will keep us quite cloudy.


It is a big enough at times to produce a small amount of rain. The


further north you travel as the day goes on, the skies begin to


brighten again. Quite a breezy start, but the breeze will die down.


We have some high pressure building up for the weekend. That will sit


across the south of the country. We wake up to a bright start on


Saturday, they could be the order mist or fog patch. -- there could


be. We will hold on to those clearer skies. We will see some


cloud development. Temperatures cloud development. Temperatures


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