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This is East Midlands Today, with Dominic Heale, and me, Anne Davies.


Our top story tonight: Jail for a conman who swindled his


victims out of more than �1 million. Malcolm Green offered financial


advice, then cheated people out of their life savings. He stole from


old-age pensioners and took from children. Can't get much lower than


that. Also tonight - sunk. The men who


hid cocaine among tropical fish. will be getting a demonstration in


exactly how the drug smugglers managed to do it and we will be


looking at other unusual ways dealers have managed to hide drugs


to get them into the country. Plus, mind the doors. Prince


Charles takes charge of a Tube train in Derby.


And they've never been seen before. We'll be showing you pictures of


the young Queen stored in a box for Good evening and welcome to


Friday's programme. First tonight, the conman who stole thousands of


pounds from the widow of a man killed in a terrorist attack. In


total, Malcolm Green swindled more than �1 million from dozens of


people who trusted him with their life savings. Among them was one of


his friends, the wife of a man killed in the 7/7 London bombings.


Today, Green was jailed for five and-a-half years. From Derby, Simon


Hare reports. Is there anything you want to say


to those who have lost money? so, so sorry. Seriously... Malcolm


Green arrives at Derby Crown Court to learn his fate. He had admitted


defrauding some of his clients out of more than �1.1 million. I hope


the judge gives him what he deserves. On behalf of my family


and the other victims. He had run his independent financial advice


service from this shop in Derbyshire. Much of the money he


had been given to invest was cash that people had inherited. Among


his victims, the widow of a stand Brewster from Derbyshire. He was


killed in the 7/7 bombings or stop Sandra, seen here at the unveiling


of a memorial to her husband, lost �30,000 to Green. She was trying to


rebuild her life with the money left to her. He deceived her trust.


She was a family friend and he took her money. I really do feel for her.


Sentencing Green to 5 and a half years, the Recorder told him, these


people trusted you and you blatantly deceived them into


thinking they were saving for their future. In fact, you were stealing


their money. He stole from old age pensioners and took money from


children's funds. Can't get much lower than that. If he spent the


money on propping up his business, as well as holidays, drinking and


gambling. He had this deluded belief he would win the lottery and


pay people back. They are now waiting to see if they will receive


any money as compensation from the financial authorities. The court


heard that Green doesn't have any assets and he was ordered to pay a


total of �1 towards the �1.1 million he stole.


Still to come on the programme, Gurkhas on guard. A Derby security


firm takes on 70 ex-soldiers from Two Polish men have been each been


jailed for 11 years for attempting to smuggle cocaine into the UK from


Columbia hidden among tropical fish. The drugs were followed from


Heathrow to Nottingham. The 17 kilos had a street value of �4.5


million but more than 16,000 fish died in the operation, as Sarah


Teale reports. These are some of the few fish


which survived the drug smuggling operation. 16,500 did not. The


trouble fish were brought into the UK from Colombia along with 17


kilos of cocaine. -- tropical fish. They came into Heathrow and were


driven up to Nottingham. The drugs were stored with the fish in


plastic bags. They had a street value of �4.4 million. Customs


officials were watching this house in Nottingham, where the drugs


ended up. They raided it last summer and arrested the two Polish


men. Off today at Nottingham Crown Court, the men were sentenced for


conspiracy to import cocaine. The case is highly unusual but Dr


Gareth Cave, from Nottingham Trent University, demonstrated how the


process of disguising drugs in water is fairly simple. Beware of


purifying it, add some water and then we just need to add some heed


to get it to dissolve. As you can see, after a few minutes, it is


dissolved. There is very little difference from what water looks


like in the first place. So the new pop that it into this and the


process reverses. Their new filter it and you can see the drug


molecule at the top and the water at the bottom. Customs officials


say the most common ways of drugs being smuggled into the country are


by hiding them in luggage or using human drug meals. But they say


criminals are having to come up with increasingly inventive ways of


hiding the drugs. Heroin was found inside these wooden pallets.


Customs officers X-rayed the his golf clubs and found �2 million


worth of cocaine inside. Drugs were considered -- found inside these


rolls of ribbon and even inside yams. The men were sentenced to 11


years each in prison for their part in the multi-million-pound drug


smuggling operation. Our chief news reporter, Quentin


Rayner, was in court today. Thousands of fish died as a result


of this smuggling operation. Was it because of the cocaine? No. The


fish were not swimming in water full of cocaine. What happened is


that the cocaine was in separate pouches stitched to the bags


containing the fish. What killed the fish was the fact that they


were picked up so late from Heathrow and they died from a lack


of oxygen. So the fish and cocaine were in separate carriages. The


majority died in a dummy run in April. 16,000 died where no drugs


were involved. They were abandoned in a lock-up in North London. A


further 500 died when the actual operation came into effect in July.


26 survived and are at London Zoo. Thank you.


A coroner has said that a series of complications combined to cause the


death of a Derby woman following a gastric band operation. Claire


White lost her life after a procedure at the Royal Derby


Hospital in 2010. Today the coroner said a rare but recognised


complication began a fatal chain of events, as James Roberson reports.


Claire White, a 37-year-old mother of three, wanted a gastric and


operation to help her Louis weight and counter her diabetes. She was


considered a suitable candidate. But the operation in October 2010


lead, some days later, to severe infection. Today, in a narrative


verdict, the coroner said her condition was made worse by the


fact she had diabetes, which had caused heart disease and a large


clot on her lung. He has severe infection is most likely to be due


to the rare but recognised complication of gastric and erosion,


where there is weakening of the adjacent cells, thus allowing


movement of the bacteria from the stomach. In this situation, the


gastric and irritates the outside of the stomach, opening up


microscopic poles, which then allow dangerous bacteria to escape into


the chest cavity. The gastric band was removed and the doctors managed


to creep feed complication but the coroner said the complications


together set in motion an inevitable chain of life-


threatening illness which even further surgery and time in


intensive care could not stop. In the past, Claire White's husband


and children expressed shock at her death but today, her husband said


he had no a further comment. An inquest has heard how an 84-


year-old woman from Lincolnshire died after spending the night in


the grounds of her care home in sub-zero temperatures. Dorothy


Spicer, who was from Market Deeping, was found in the grounds of


Whitefriars residential care home in Stamford in November 2009. It's


understood Mrs Spicer, who suffered from Alzheimer's, had been there


eight hours. The Prison Officers' Association


says it's furious that no action is to be taken against a prisoner


who's alleged to have attacked staff at Nottingham Jail. The


incident at the start of January is said to have involved an inmate


serving an indeterminate sentence. Nottinghamshire Police say an


initial decision not to bring charges is now being reviewed.


The Derby train-maker Bombardier says it has been given a big morale


boost from a visit today by Prince Charles. Last year, the company


announced 1,400 job losses after losing out on the �1.4 billion


Thameslink contract. But it's already won another smaller order,


and there are hopes of more to come. Today the Prince toured the site


and even had a go at driving a Tube train, as Mike O'Sullivan reports.


The Prince on the production line. Bombardier in Derby. Carriages for


the Underground. And meeting those who make it happen. A father and


son, the third and 4th generation of their family to work here.


lost a contract last year so obviously we were down but now we


are positive and the short-term future looks good, and hopefully,


get a few more contracts and go on a bit longer. Obviously, my son has


just started life here. We have a future that is looking quite


positive at the moment. Hopefully he can work here as long as I have


if he decides to. The Prince was given a chance to drive one of the


trains. This, part of their London Underground contract that runs


until 2014. With the Thameslink contract going to Germany, this was


the only one left for Bombardier. It had been feared the plant could


close but a lifeline came over Christmas and New Year. Another


order worth �180 million from Southern Rail. The staff who turned


out to see Prince Charles today have been told their stability is


secured for three ideas. After Bombardier's recent troubles, how


secure is the long-term future beyond the three years they have


been talking about? Three years does not mean this site went be


here in three years. On the contrary, everybody is used to the


fact that sometimes a new order comes in and sometimes they fade


out. But it is vital that new orders come through. They need to


keep skilled and trained workers in these jobs. They were delighted to


see Prince Charles today generating support for the UK's Last train


maker. Staying with trains and the railway,


there's renewed optimism tonight among campaigners pushing for the


electrification of the Midland Main Line. It follows comments by the


Railways Minister. Theresa Villiers said the scheme had been


prioritised and will be considered for funding in July. So could this


long-running campaign to speed up journey times to London finally get


the go-ahead? Let's find out more from our political editor, John


Hess, who's near Nottingham station. Good evening. Nottingham Railway


Station is about to undergo a multi-million pound revamp. But


don't expect any quick improvements in journey times. For passengers


heading to St Pancras, it'll still take up to two hours. And here's


why. The Midland Main Line links the East Midlands with London and


Eurostar. But the line is only electrified as far as Bedford and


that's for the Thameslink service. Electrifying all 170 miles of the


line, say campaigners, would slice up to half an hour off the time


from Nottingham and Derby to London. From Leicester, it'll be less than


an hour. But isn't the Government priority


to build HS2, the new high-speed railway? How realistic is


electrification of the Midland Main Line? Two reasons. The case itself


is said to be very robust and persuasive. Secondly, the


Government is looking around to fund infrastructure projects that


might kick-start economic revival. The go-ahead for the A453 springs


to mind. And here's another clue. A question put in Parliament by


Leicester South MP Jon Ashworth to the Railways Minister. There are


widespread concerns that because of HS2 and other pressures,


electrification will not go ahead for quite some time. Elettra


vocation of the men lack -- Midland Main Line has been prioritised in


our industry plan. -- electrification. In this way, we


will look at what will be funded in the next period and we will give


further details on that statement in July.


The Railways Minister was wearing a sling after breaking a collar bone


in a cycling accident. Expect an early invitation for the minister


to let the train take the strain and try the Midland Main line for


herself. I am sure we wish her a speedy recovery! Thank you.


A Derby-based security firm is hiring Gurkhas who've left the


British Army. Around 70 former soldiers from Nepal are being used


to guard buildings and construction sites across the country, as our


social affairs correspondent, Jeremy Ball, reports.


They have come from a remote mountain kingdom in the Himalayas,


but now these two are guarding one of Nottingham's most iconic


landmarks. It means security here at Wootton Hall is in experienced


hands, because the soldiers have a fearsome reputation. They served in


the Falklands for the British Army. They are very polite and they are


not afraid of her thing. We can put them on a contract -- construction


site to deter a cable theft. People will think twice if they see


Gurkhas there. People have asked us if we have any we can offer. It is


all the result of this - a high- profile battle by Joanna Lumley


whose campaign gave Gurkhas the right to campaign -- to settle here


if they had been in the army. future is very good here in England.


I have bought my whole family in England. There is a lot of


corruption in Nepal. England is very quiet. It is a good, nice


place. A good life here. Former soldiers from Nepal are becoming a


familiar sight on patrol. With more cuts in the pipeline, this company


will be looking for more Gurkha recruits.


Coming up later, some blue-sky thinking, from Anna.


But time now for the sport. Over to Colin.


On the way, Forest and Notts. But before we get to them, last night's


action, because here should be plenty of smiling faces in


Leicestershire and a few despondent ones over the border in Derby.


That's because it was the Foxes who came out on top in the big East


Midlands clash at Pride Park, and Angela was there, too.


Come on, Leicester! Come on, Derby! It should be a good game because


there is such rivalry. Beating Derby is the ultimate goal of the


season! We need to win today. If we don't, I don't think the play-offs


will be hours. The opening at Pride Park of a game about so much more


than rivalry. Derby are in dire need of a goal and a change in


fortunes. The first half was all about Leicester. Tremendous


pressure on the Derby goal finally paid dividends. It could have been


three or four. The second half, though, was a different story.


Derby did their best to stop Leicester's domination. But a goal


proved a bit elusive. It was down to the Frank Fielding to keep


things going. It is all we asked the players, to do everything they


did it the second half. Lots of endeavour. For the foxes, a double


over their East Midlands rivals. Eight points off the play-offs,


this was Leicester's night. Although we made it a bit difficult


for ourselves at times, we still showed a resilience and a mental


strength that I am very pleased So, with those two sides meeting


last night, that just leaves us with Nottingham Forest playing in


the Championship tomorrow. They've got a tough game away at Birmingham.


But things suddenly look much more positive for the Reds, as Kirsty


Edwards reports. There's been plenty of doom and


gloom at Nottingham Forest lately. But now, just lately, maybe that is


starting to lift. It has been pretty amazing for this lot. Last


week, six points from safety. This week, three points above the


relegation zone. Yes, the Reds have been helped by a bit of luck. The


10-point deduction from Portsmouth. But also a bit of magic. That win


against Coventry. A long time coming -- coming, we know that. But


huge pressure on our lads last week. I thought at half-time we made the


changes and settle them down a bit. I thought in the second half we


were by far the better team. flag! It is 2-0! It is very big


psychologically to go into the bottom three. We are looking to


build on the performance we had on Saturday. Tomorrow, the Reds face


Birmingham. This time they are facing a team at the other end of


the table. They are doing really well in the Cup so we know it will


be a tough game. We will go there and tried to get something from the


game because we have everything to do for every game. We know we have


lots of games to go with plenty of twists and turns. We have trained


just as hard this week as every other week and we just have to make


sure we stay focused and be determined. It has been such a


relief for everybody involved with Nottingham Forest to get out of the


bottom three. How they would love to stay there.


Amid all the change at turmoil at Notts County, easy to overlook that


tomorrow's game is actually with near-neighbours Chesterfield. The


Spirits have struggled, while Notts are still realistic play-off


contenders. And new manager Keith Curle has been hugely impressed


with his players. Fair play to them. Good application,


but desire, but willingness. And under very difficult circumstances.


It has been a very emotional time. I am aware of that and am very


respectful of it. But at the end of the day, they use football to


express themselves. BBC Radio Nottingham is the place


to be for full coverage of both Forest and Notts County tomorrow.


Your first chance to see the goals is, of course, right here on BBC


One. Other sport, and Leicester Tigers'


pursuit of a top-two Premiership spot continues tomorrow afternoon


at Welford Road. Newcastle are the visitors. Captain Geordan Murphy


plays his 300th game for the Tigers. Also tomorrow, Nottingham have


their final game before the play- offs away at Bedford Blues.


Nottingham Panthers are home to Cardiff tomorrow night and away in


Fife on Sunday. Derbyshire's Superbike star Leon Haslam will


find out in just a few hours if he can compete in Sunday's season


opening race in Australia. Haslam broke his leg in a crash on Monday.


Astonishingly, he thinks surgery yesterday may mean he can be on the


grid. And wishing all the best to the


Derby Trailblazers basketball team. They're in the EBL Trophy Final


against Bristol on Sunday. If you fancy going, it's in Leicester at


the Braunstone Leisure Centre. Now, we're going to see millions of


pictures of the Queen this year, what with the Jubilee. But the ones


we're about to show, you've probably never seen before. It's


because they've been stored away in a box for decades. They were taken


by Brian Mitchell, who worked at Heathrow Airport some 60 years ago.


They ended up in Long Eaton and Kylie Pentelow's been to see them.


It was a farewell to... It was also, as events turned out, goodbye.


last time Princess Elizabeth would see her father King George VI alive.


He waved her off to Kenya. And standing watching this momentous


occasion, Brian Mitchell, who worked in the Met Office just next


to the airstrip. These are the pictures he took. Not professional.


Just snapped he and his family would be proud of for the rest of


his life and beyond. I think they are incredible. He wasn't a


photographer or anything. These were amateur shots that he had


developed and he has captured quite a significant point in this


country's history. Amazingly, Brian was also there with his camera when


Elizabeth returned from Kenya. Her father had died. She was now Queen.


Acceding to her father's throne immediately. There is no a break in


the continuity of the British monarchy. Until now, these pictures


have been hidden away. In the album in a box. We have occasionally got


them out and looked at them but probably only a couple of times in


the last few years. They were just many of the boxes we packed up


after we lost bro. I was unsure what they were. Years ago, I saw


them. I am glad they have properly serviced and people can take an


interest in them. In the album, Brian has written captions beneath


the pictures. The last reeds, and what of the future? Could he


imagine that with a click of the few -- the shutter, he captured the


I love that footage. Such elegant dresses. What you mean "to those


We have had a lovely end to Friday, with the sunshine coming out just


before it got dark, and we will continue to have plenty of sunshine


over the weekend. Tonight, dry with clear skies. And this picture shows


them at their best. Thank you for that. If you have any weather


pictures, do send them in to this address. Today, we reached a high


of 15 degrees Celsius in these middens. A couple of degrees cooler


than yesterday but still great temperatures of this time of year.


We have kept hold of the milder air coming in from the North. But as


that sinks south through the night, we have much cooler a behind it and


we will return to what is normal for this time of year over the


weekend. -- cooler at Ayr. We have had the skies clearing and that has


allowed for the early sunshine this afternoon and then we have clear


skies overnight. A bit of cloud filtering in overnight. A low of


two degrees, which is more likely over the Derbyshire Peak District.


If you live in a rural spot, you could get a bit of frost. But for


most, we wake up tomorrow morning with a glorious start and looking


like a pleasant day. Temperatures are expected to reach a high of


nine degrees, maybe 10. Cooler than what we have been used to but


fairing quite nicely for February. The good news is, we are in for


another nice day on Sunday. A high of nine to 10 degrees. We get a bit


cooler over the weekend but as we go into Monday and Tuesday, but


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