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This is East Midlands Today, with Dominic Heale. And me, Anne Davies.


Our top story tonight: A fighting chance for train maker Bombardier.


Will the effect on jobs be taken into account?


Also tonight: The brain scanners helping researchers target multiple


sclerosis. Hope is the only thing that is for


certain, the one thing we hang on Also, could the future of theatre


in Derby be in jeopardy? We look at the state of the arts in the city.


And, I will be meeting Dean Pallet, officially the world's top Ferrari


Good evening. Welcome to Tuesday's programme.


First tonight, Bombardier has entered a crucial part of the race


to win a huge rail order that could bring back hundreds of jobs to the


Derby train maker. The tendering process for the �1bn Crossrail


contract began today, with the Transport Secretary promising to


look at the wider economic impact of each bid. Critics of the


government say they've learned their lesson, after the outcry over


Bombardier's lost contract last year. Mike O'Sullivan's at


Bombardier. Who's Bombardier up against for this contract?


For Crossrail, Bombardier's got three to beat. Siemens again. Plus


Hitachi of Japan. And CAF from Spain. Crossrail is described as a


very different contract from Thameslink. This time, with a


significant amount underwritten by the government, which could help


Bombardier. It won't have to raise so much money itself. Crossrail is


a �1bn order for 60 trains, for an east-west link, going right across


central London. It's the order Bombardier desperately needs. It


announced 1,400 job losses. Last week, the workforce here had a


morale-boosting visit from Prince Charles, keen to show his support


for British manufacturing. The tender documents were given to the


four Crossrail bidders today. And they have to be back in by August


for round one. The game has changed. The government is now taking the


wider social impact of each bid into account, for the benefit to


the UK economy. It has absolutely got to be fair,


open and transparent, we are determined we get best value for


taxpayers. There is a debate to say, as a government, we have a broader


agenda around apprenticeships, Skills Development, what can we do


to make sure we don't just get the trains, ideally if we can, what can


we do in addition there? What are supporters of Bombardier saying?


The Shadow Transport Secretary Maria Eagle claims the government


has learned its lesson. It shows absolutely that the


government could have done this for the Thames link contract a year ago.


What that means his Bombardier would not have needed to lose 1,400


jobs. The government at the time said they couldn't do this. Today's


news shows they could have done this for the previous train


contract. There's a long way to go. Some of


the four bidders will be eliminated in 2013. The contract is awarded


the year after. Bombardier didn't want to comment, as it's in a


competitive process. Here we go again, will there be a


different Arab come for Bombardier this time? -- outcome. Next


tonight: Experts are using one of the world's most advanced MRI


scanners, to investigate multiple sclerosis.


Across the East Midlands, more than 5,000 people are thought to have


the degenerative nerve condition. The latest research is being done


at the University of Nottingham. They're looking at areas of the


brain that haven't been focused on before. Our health correspondent


Rob Sissons reports. Marion from Derby has multiple


sclerosis. She is going into the scanner at the University of


Nottingham to help expose understand more about the impact of


the neurological condition on the brain. It has turned her life


upside down. I used to be a very keen sportswoman, skiing, tennis,


squash. And I couldn't do that really from the moment I was did


noes to -- diagnosed. This is one of the most powerful scanners


giving detailed images of abnormalities in the brain. We knew


for many years these regions, abnormalities caused by MS in the


middle of the brain. What we haven't appreciated is that there


are a lot of abnormalities in the brain matter. The doctors hope the


new investigation will help them learn more. It is truly fitting


this research into the brain is being done here in Nottingham. It


is the birthplace of the MRI scanner. This was invented at the


University of Nottingham. Truly a breakthrough in medicine. You'll


find one of these machines in virtually every major hospital in


the world. The dot relies on a drug to help her slow down the


progression of M S. She does voluntary work for the MS


Society which is paying for the study. Hope is the one thing we


hang on to. Just to keep going. I hope one day they find something


which I think this might do, to relieve symptoms. One day it is


hoped this sort of research will make a world of difference,


providing new treatments. Still to come on the programme: The hockey


players who make a habit of diving. They call it Octopush. And it's one


of the strangest sports we've ever Private sector rents for housing in


the East Midlands are set to increase by 25% over the next five


years. The National Housing Federation blames a chronic


shortage of new homes. Last year, almost 9,000 houses were built.


That's less than half the government's annual target for the


region. The federation also says there are now 124,000 families on


waiting lists, with the average house in the region costing


�165,000. It's been described as the


Cinderella of Britain's rail network. Today, a price tag was put


on a complete transformation of the Midland Main Line into one of the


best railways in Britain. The cost? Half a billion pounds to electrify


the line to London St Pancras. The figure emerged after talks that


senior politicians from Leicester, held at the Department for


Transport. Leicester South MP Jon Ashworth was among those at that


meeting. I asked him what the Transport Minister Theresa Villiers


had to say. More obviously she does want to see


electrification go ahead. She has to weigh up the different


costs. And MPs lobbying for other schemes. Last night was a positive


reading which is why I will speak in the Commons and make the case


again for electrification of the Midlands Main Line. There are many


marginal constituencies along the Midland Main Line. Is that the


reason why the them that is showing more interest? Perhaps. I'm a


Labour MP, this is a Conservative government. You could point out


there are many Conservative marginal seats along the line. My


priority is getting a good deal for Leicester commuters and the wider


economy. Can the economic benefits for this region be justified at a


time when the government's priorities are deficit-reduction?


This would lead to still rests in the economy, economic growth, --


would lead to stimulus. It makes economic sense to invest in the


Midland Main Line. I am calling on the minister to get on with it.


possible timescale? The minister last night and in the Commons said


there would be a statement later this year. Today is an opportunity


for MPs like myself to make the case for this investment. The


economic argument is overwhelming, it is vital we get a lecture


vacation because it is so important to the wider East Midlands economy.


The Next tonight, the dog owner told by the Royal Mail his post


would be suspended immediately, because his pet went for a


postman's leg. Peter Jordan, who's disabled, runs his local


neighbourhood watch group. He says he was so frightened by the


accusation, he planned to have the dog destroyed Now, the Royal Mail


has accepted the letter they sent was heavy-handed and has apologised


to Mr Jordan. Jo Healey reports. This is a Pep, and the postman


reckoned she went for him. Her rowan care reckoned she didn't.


Either way, the Royal Mail has apologised for being heavy-handed.


Is she aggressive? No, she is a young pup, or she likes to do is


play. Has she ever attacked post men? I have never known horror


attack anybody. I wouldn't allow it anyway. According to this letter,


he did, it refers to the instant and it warns Peter his post will be


suspended because of it. How did you feel when you read this letter?


It was very upsetting. And quite threatening I believe. To the point


we would be frightened, I was frightened. So much so, he said he


almost had his dog destroyed immediately. Peter is disabled, he


relies on his post for regular hospital appointments. What does


the Royal Mail say? A postman says he is short a dog went for him here,


he reported it as a near-miss at work. They say they were wrong


however to send out such a heavy handed letter, that was a mistake,


and a manager has been here to apologise. They also say they did


not suspend his deliveries. Peter accept their apology but is anxious


other people aren't put through a similar ordeal. They're probably


best known for the detailed maps they make. But now we're in the


21st century, the good folk at Ordnance Survey also help gather


information for sat navs. And the teams which take to the skies to


capture how things have changed on the ground have just moved to East


Midlands Airport. Simon Hare reports.


I am off for a trip on board a true I in this guide but this is no


called War spy plane, it is one or two aircraft used by Ordnance


Survey. As well as an army of surveyors on the ground, it uses


aerial imagery to chart changes in our landscape. We are here at 3,000


feet. A nice, bright sunny day with plenty of cloud so no chance of


photos. This would have covered the new work area if the weather had


been clearer. The team's aims to map one-third of the country every


After several years in the north- west, the OAS is running this


flights from East Midlands Airport. Ordnance Survey makes 5,000 changes


per day to the master map of Great Britain because everybody needs


that information. It is used by central government, local


government, there is not a single refuse collection that does not use


our mapping. It is used by the NHS and so collecting their data


accurately and maintaining it is the vitals work. The cameras on


board can pinpoint a new building or road to within 40 centimetres of


his true vocation. Where is this? This is the University of


Nottingham. The images are now being used for 3D maps. Making that


a virtual stroll down your way just that little bit more lifelike.


It has been a turbulent time for the arts in Derby. Last year Derby


theatre lost �1 million of funding putting the future of home grown


theatre in question. At the same time, many have praised the success


of the city's bid all arts and annual feste celebrations. In the


second of our series on the State of the Arts, we have been to Derby


The road is open, sir. There lies your way. Deep in rehearsal for a


recent production of taming Of the Shrew. Over the last three years,


30 plays have been produced in the city all backed by Derby live a


wing of the council set-up to cultivate home-grown shows. But as


a Babel, Derby live there will not be doing this. Derby live has be


done really well picking up theatre from an all-time low in the city


because it was non-existent, to helping build audiences again and


do some vibrant innovative shows. We do not know when the next one


will be because there is no funding. It has been a terrible and time for


the former Playhouse which was rescued from the administration by


the University of Derby. A bid for �700,000 was unsuccessful. Funding


has been a key issue for arts venues in Derby. In October the


council announced it would phase out funding over four years and the


dance into two. While it is part of cars, many have seen it as a blow


to their news that appear to be Here many students took part in


protests over the cuts. Both venues have been given a year's grace to


look at their finances. But critics are keen to stress the city's


recent success stories. The form our art photography festival, that


is the now been foremost exhibition in Britain. Derby is doing better


than anyone else in the country and feste, that is an outdoor


spectacular and People in Derby love that. The Arts Council has set


aside �900,000 for theatre in the city. Where that will go is yet to


be known but there is hope Derby's reputation for home-grown work will


continue. Tomorrow we will look at the Arts


in Nottingham. The River Trent became a disaster scene this


afternoon. All part of an exercise for specialist fire-fighters.


Nottinghamshire Fire and rescue teams staged a rescue from a boat


using their new Pioneer multi- rescue boat.


Abode is blazing on the River Trent. -- about. The engine is on fire and


there were multiple people on board. Fire crews from three stations have


attended, but this is just an exercise. Hectic. A number of


people still on board and we are slowly getting them off. Tony has


been put in charge of the incident. He quickly needs to court made the


rescue of panicked passengers that have jumped overboard as well as


arranging cruised to fight a fire in the engine room. It is not a


situation we would normally encounter. The final person to


leave the boat was the captain. He has injured his back. A very tricky


operation because what we need to do is transport the casualty with a


potential spinal injury. As crews thought they were near the end of


the exercise, suddenly there were 14 passengers missing. Is it is


vital for us to make sure all persons are accounted for so no one


is left behind. Can fusing numbers were all part of the scenario and


the teams were confident they got every one of the boat. This


experience is vital to the fire services training. The hope is they


never have to put it into practice. Still to come: looking for a good


car mechanic? If your thing is high-spec horse power we may have


found just the man. We found just the man to deliver


the sport! A bit of a thoroughbred himself. Thank you. The great sport


of underwater Hocking coming up but first the football and quite a week


for Nottingham's Derek black stop. He will play for Antigua and


Barbuda. Black stocks scored his first goal at the weekend after


recovering from a career- threatening injury.


Notts County could back in the play-offs as they play it at


Rochdale. A change in manager has brought them a change in luck.


Keith Curle is going for a hat- trick of wins.


Two games and two wins for the new man at Meadow Lane. I do not think


it has -- could have gone any better. Fantastic reaction from the


players. The supporters are starting to come on board. He seems


to have brought a calmness to county. The last manager it was


very animated and vocal. This one is the complete opposite and it


comes out on the pitch where you can see players relaxing, not


rushing things. Not go into tonight's games three points of the


play-offs. Normally buries one team that sneaks into the play-offs and


then gives a good account of themselves. That is our aim. Can we


get in and stay in the play-off positions? If any fans remain


unconvinced, Keith Curle will be hoping to change their minds at


Rochdale tonight. You can get the result in our late


bulletin. Nottinghamshire's Samit Patel has his first England Test


call-up. The all rounder started a battle with fitness after being


dropped because he was out of condition. Now he has proved


himself and has been rewarded with a place in the squad to tour Sri


Lanka. One of the strangest thought we


have ever featured. Underwater hockey. It is known as Octopush and


they are on the lookout for new players. We have been to Beechdale


Baths to see why it is making such a splash.


It was invented in the 50s and called Octopush because there were


eight players on the team and to pressure the park with a stick.


Nowadays they -- There are six players so the name is not nearly


as funny. You just need a costume, hat, Gogol, flippers, Stich and


park. You pull the park around on the bottom of the poor and fitted


to other players. The game starts with the pack in the centre and the


swimmer - my team swimming towards it. It can look quite complicated


from a bath but down below it is far more organised. You are


rotating activities and players. The real skill is picking a moment


to swoop down from the surface and take control of the park. You spot


the play, make the move and you can come up and have a fresh breath of


air. Like most sports, other countries now lead the way. It is


now big in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa but its chances of


becoming an Olympic sport are limited because it is only viewable


from the water. Three number one problem is it is not spectator


friendly. If you fancy ago, the British Octopush Association would


love to hear from year. -- from year.


I do not care how difficult it is to watch, if you put an Olympic


badge on it, people will apply for tickets.


It is well known in the newsroom that Dominic is not much impressed


by flash motors. His own car is built for comfort not speed. It is


true but I have to confirm that even my head was turned when I got


a call from Ferrari asking me to pop into then Nottingham dealership.


What, I wondered, could be in store? I have not slept all weekend.


On Friday I got an e-mail saying, get yourself down to Ferrari in


Nottingham. Can you imagine that? Hello, I have been told to ask for


Dean. This is the exciting news. Not the car but the guy a working


on it because the Dean Pallett is officially Ferrari's top technician


in the world. Congratulations to you. How did you win the title?


won a competition for North Europe, which put me through to the round


of Italy where you can be to beat the world technician. He went to


the home of Ferrari and beat all the opposition? Yes. The top 10 man


in the world go to compete and I managed to win. I am guessing is


that way you put the oil in? Yes. Not like checking the oil on a


normal car. Where is the dip stick? There is a dipstick. That is


reassuring! A fantastic award for him. Truly deserved. He is a great


team member. All I need to ask is can I have a spin? You certainly


can. It is a lovely car but I know my place. The old visual gags are


the best! Or are they just the oldest? You would not want to take


a Ferrari out in ghastly wet- weather or anywhere in Nottingham.


Definitely not Ferrari driving weather. Things will be getting


cooler as we head towards the weekend. Overnight the staying


cloudy and mild. They keep to John for sending in this picture. --


for sending in this picture. -- thank you. It is high pressure that


a sitting down towards the south- east of the UK. It is bringing in a


milder air and keeping the weather fronts at bay but we are seeing a


lot of cloud associated with this high pressure. Overnight we keep


hold of that ploughed back. Light winds so the chance of mist and fog


forming in places. The cloud holding temperatures up to nine


Celsius. Tomorrow morning, a lot of club back around but we are hopeful


as the get into the afternoon that cloud should start to break,


especially across the West. Just a gentle south-westerly breeze,


another mild day with a high temperature of 13 Celsius. Further


ahead into Thursday, we have that area of high pressure sitting down


to was the south, so another fairly cloudy day. Some sunshine.


Temperatures slowly starting to come down. On Friday, a dry day but


this area of rain is associated with an area of low pressure that


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