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This is East Midlands Today, with Anne Davies, and me, Dominic Heale.


Our top story tonight, the ex- soldier who's been told he's not a


housing priority in his own home city.


No council house for Dale. Born and raised in Nottingham and with 22


years in the RAF. It's wrong. And you're ever had the audacity to say


it to him... I would like to meet them.


Also tonight, the leisure activity that has landed a disabled benefits


claimant in jail. He had been playing regularly, once a week over


an 18-hole golf course. Plus the Government's controversial


NHS changes. How will patients notice the difference?


And the big day is almost here. The final preparations are being made


Good evening. First tonight, homes fit for heroes. For some military


veterans, it's nothing but an empty phrase. This evening, we can report


on the housing inequalities suffered by servicemen and women


when they hang up their uniform for good. A man who was born and raised


in Nottingham before embarking on a long career in the military has


been told he doesn't have a strong enough connection to the city to


qualify for a council house because he's currently living outside the


city. But other local councils in the region are giving their


returning servicemen a boost up the waiting list. Simon Hare has this


exclusive report. Dale Williamson was brought up in


his parents' home here in Nottingham. It is a household full


of childhood memories. He went on to swap the marching band uniform


for a military one. He spent the last 22 years as an intelligence


analyst for the RAF, stationed at home and abroad. There has been a


promise to consult on changes to the law to put servicemen up the


wedding is... Despite warm words from political leaders, he is now


struggling to get a council house in his knitting -- native


Nottingham. He has been told he does not have a strong enough


connection to the local area. has been a huge kick in the teeth


to be told I have no association with the city I love. You don't


call where you are posted your home because it is only temporary.


soldier was given priority by his local house a lot fraud you on his


return from Afghanistan. council were spot on, helped me


everywhere I could. Otherwise I would have been stuck. On the


street. Mansfield District Council has signed a special veteran


charter promising help for ex- military personnel. A lot of


regiments have been given freedom to the city of Nottingham and I


find it kind of ironic that it is OK for a publicity exercise to give


a group of individuals the freedom of the city but then not honour


that on the back end. I think it speaks volumes. Dale Williamson


says he cannot afford private rent in Nottingham and you will soon be


moving to Ashfield. -- he will soon be moving. You commit to fighting


in other nations around the world but you are forgotten about around


the country. Simon is with us now. What response


has there been? They say they feel sympathy with Dale Williamson but


at the moment they give priority to those who are homeless, those


already living the city boundary and those affected by domestic


violence. What's the situation elsewhere? It is a real mixed


picture. In Derby, they have no a priority for service personnel. In


Leicester, they do, and Dale Williamson would be in Band 2, not


band 5, as he is in Nottingham. Thank you.


A judge has described a benefits fraudster who regularly played golf


as a thorough and utter liar and cheat. Nottingham Crown Court heard


Robert Cave from Mansfield cheated the public purse out of more than


�12,000. Today, he was jailed for four months, as James Roberson


reports. Nottingham Crown Court today heard


Robert Cave, a former miner, has a genuine degenerative bone


collection -- bone disease, but despite an improvement in his


condition in recent years, he still claimed he could barely walk. In


2009, benefit fraud investigators secretly filmed and at home in


Mansfield easily moving heavy fence panels to his car. But they also


follow it into this golf course in Nottinghamshire, where he was


filled practising on the driving range, apparently without any


physical problems, and then playing a whole round of golf on football


stop before investigators discovered that not only had he


been coming here regularly, but he had achieved a handicap of 15,


which is a mark of an accomplished golfer. He had claimed over �6,000


up to 2010. The court was told, he could not have got a handicap of 15


overnight. He must have been playing for some time. I cannot


think of worse breaches. I cannot imagine the public annoyance at


this man's disgusting behaviour. A clear message was sent to other


benefit fraudsters, they said. would be scared if I was doing that


and I found out what had happened today and they think it gives a


reassuring message to members of the public or on his stun working


and wondering what on earth is going on here. -- the public who


are honest and working. Still to come, all of last night's


goal action, in the sport. Also, the scaffolding is down at


Chatsworth House. Renovation work is over at the ancestral seat of


the Dukes of Devonshire. Experts say this is the best it's looked


for 300 years and we'll take a peek. And all eyes are on Leicester


tomorrow, but what will the weather be like for the visit? I will have


the details shortly. Next, big changes are on their way


that could transform the way health services are run here in the East


Midlands. The Government's controversial Health and Social


Care Bill will give local GPs greater control over NHS budgets.


But our MPs are still divided over whether patients will actually


benefit from the changes. From Westminster, here's our political


editor, John Hess. So who is best at deciding the


spending priorities for local health care? Is it your GP, or, in


the case of Derby and Derbyshire, the Primary Care Trust, with its


annual budget of �1 billion to surveyed population of one million


people. In the future, it will be the GPs who decide but there are


critics who say the Government's changes under its Health and Social


Care Bill will allow it a much greater role for the private sector


in the NHS, and that is a very much at the heart of its long-running


political drama. It will be a lot better, because frankly,


constituents come to me and say, the only person who understands my


medical needs is my GP. They now have the power to commission the


services that patients' needs. will those structural changes


improve things? I think so. It will make things much smoother and give


power to the patient. I think we will get the services people do


need. My worry is that this Health Bill will set different parts of


the system against one another and it has also been a huge waste of


money, this big reorganisation. Billions of extra pounds have been


spent on it we should have been going into frontline patient care.


This controversial bill is almost writs last parliamentary hurdle but


at Westminster tonight, there is a big rally organised and among the


speakers, Sue Johnson, a hospital worker from Derby. She is a great


geographer who works in the X-ray department at the Royal Derby


Hospital. -- she is a radio opera. If things go ahead as we believe,


we might see closures and hospitals will not be able to plan for their


care because alternative providers will be coming in. Quality. Well,


we talk about quality but there is no evidence that competition


improves quality. The Primary Care Trust which shape local an edge as


funding of being wound down. are setting out their local


consortium in anticipation of the new legislation. David Cameron once


the GPs very much in the driving seat of the future direction of the


NHS and tonight, it looks as though those changes are heading into Top


Gear. The job agency Remploy has


announced plans to close its Leicester factory. The city site


employs 23 people who assemble mechanical products. It's one of 36


factories earmarked for closure after the Government announced it's


cutting funding. 1,700 jobs could go in total. However, Remploy says


it hopes to keep its Derby operation.


More than 1,000 cannabis plants have been found in a disused garage


shelter in Nottinghamshire. The bunker is on a former airfield in


the village of Whixley. The find is one of two large seized -- seizures


in the last month. Eight people have been arrested and


Leicestershire and Derbyshire at the start off a regional crackdown


on metal theft. Forces across the East Midlands have been working


together to tackle the problem. Thieves have stolen lead from train


lines and war memorials, as well as churches. A new unit has been set


up to deal with the crime specifically.


Now, final preparations are being made for the visit of Her Majesty,


the Queen to the City of Leicester tomorrow. It is the first stop on


her Jubilee tour of the country. She will be accompanied by the Duke


of Edinburgh and the Duchess of Cambridge. We go overtook where


they are making the finishing touches. Excitement is building


ahead of tomorrow. Technicians have been here all days setting up


things for the special service. Why is the biz is so important?


Leicester has been chosen as the first prize the Queen will come on


her tour, arcing 60 years of her reign. It will also be the first


official visit of the Dodgers of Cambridge to the East Midlands. So


where can you see the action? -- of the Duchess of Cambridge.


12:30pm, there will party moves to the cathedral. There is limited


space for spectators outside. -- will meet the Mayor of Leicester


and go on a walkabout before The Queen will also unveil a plaque


eight St Nicholas Place. It is currently being used as a car-park.


It will have gardens and places to walk through. Join me again later,


when we will have a chat with the Bishop of Leicester.


Thank you. Before then, more than a quarter of taxis stop in Derby last


month failed on the spot safety checks. Licensing officers


inspected 26 vehicles. Eight of them were ordered off the road and


two were given warnings. The Czechs are part of a continuing operation


between the police and the city council.


The council says business waste could be included in some of the


worst recent cases of fly-tipping. Trouble was dumped outside a farm


in Derby. It was one of three big incidents cleared up by the council


in a week. Tyres also found in Long Eaton.


A huge operation is underway in the Peak District to spread heather


seeds over the moors. It is hoped it will improve water quality in


rivers and reduce the risk of flooding. So far, 5,000 bags have


been edited -- airlifted to the Derbyshire moors.


You are watching BBC Newsline, and a day centre which closed recently


after more than 25 years has reopened in a local park. In a


host's a group of over 70s more than once a week, hosting games and


food. Up with councils and charities


being forced to tighten their belts, they send -- centres across the


East Midlands are having to close their doors. But this pub has


started a day centre of its own. speak to one another and it makes


you happy. The staff of very jovial and include you in what they are


doing. Very nice indeed. I was a bit dubious at first but now I am


chatting as bad as them! So it was nice! The group used to make us a


day centre run by the Red Cross but when that closed down after more


than two decades, they were left with no way to go. The County


Council then approached this pub and ask them if they would provide


this centre instead. A few drinks and a few exercises they can do. It


just makes them happy and that makes me happy. I would be lost


without it because it is the only place I get out to. Other than


going to the supermarket or shopping. This is my day out.


some way to go. Each day... Otherwise I would be sitting at


home on my own. A day here costs �6 but the copses it is doing it to


make a difference rather than to make a profit. -- but the pub says.


They now want to open it for a third day in the week and the


council wants more pubs to follow Before sport, it is the wash up


that has cost �15 million. Renovation work at Chatsworth House


is complete after years of work. The last of the scaffolding which


has cocooned the building for 12 months has come down, Anthony parts


have been opened up for the first time. We take a look in the company


of the Duke of Devonshire. It is the jewel in the Peak, now


with added sparkle. Where there was baffled and tarpaulin, now there is


claiming stonework. Chatsworth House has not been seen this way


since it was built a 300 years ago. All we needed to do what we do if a


few things and clean it. Some bits have had to be carved again.


Every generation of the Devonshire family has made their mark. The


current Duke is no exception. He has revealed a few secrets.


It was not for the visitors, we would not be able to do this. It is


just because we get so many visitors as they are so


enthusiastic, and their support means we can do this work.


But the master plan has not just been about cleaning and repairing


the fabric of this Grade 1 listed building. In total, �15 million has


been spent in -- spent to open up new rooms. This is not a war, it is


a door into way guest bedroom. You see how filthy it is up there.


The nasty, black flame. There is the small matter of the


east face still to clean. But this house has not stood still in 300


years. The garage will be full of paint


cans! It is sport now. Plenty of football action from last


night. Certainly not good for Forest or Leicester. Let's start


with the cheery news. Derby County Peter Black Bull. -- Derby County


beat Blackpool. They conceded in the opening two


and equipped -- minutes, letting in Tom Ince.


I thought, here we go. But we came back on Saturday and knew we could


do it. At the start of the second half, we fully deserved it for


stopper Derby Guardian, and feel Robinson's squandered a good chance.


-- v Robinson. In the second half, Derby where a different team. Steve


Davies scored the equaliser. The goalkeeper was needed again. Derby


push hard, and it was Stephen Davies who scored the winner.


Pre-performance from him. That retrograde performance. Again, to


excellent finishes. Next up, it is Watford and forest.


-- Forest. That was the winner of the night. It did not go so well


for Leicester City or Nottingham Forest, who both lost.


Leicester City's season can be summed up in one word, inconsistent.


Things were going to plan at Bristol City when Lloyd Dyer put


them ahead. They could not hang on to the lead for long at all. After


the break they fell behind. Leicester thought they had rescued


a point through Neil Danns, but the home side had other ideas, to leave


the Foxes seven points behind the play-offs.


Nottingham Forest's recent revival came to a costly end against


Doncaster. They fell behind to a scream that. The visitors then


doubled their lead, hopes were raised when Dexter Blackstock


pulled one back for Forest, but the equaliser would not come, and the


beds are now three points off the relegation zone.


Notts County looks like they were on course to make it five wins in a


row against a Tranmere when Damion Stewart fired in. But the keeper


was in great form. They finally succumbed in stoppage time and


space tip in League One. -- state six vol stop Leicester City will


play Chelsea in the FA Cup quarter- finals.


The Londoners beat Birmingham in last night's replay.


Ice hockey, and there is a big night in store for the Nottingham


Panthers, they have got the first leg of their Challenge Cup final


away in Belfast, a repeat of last year's final. The Panthers won on


that occasion to pick up the trophy for the second time. They will have


to be at their best to make it three times running, as Belfast are


the league leaders. We will be looking to be the best.


We can get a result in their place to bring back here for next Tuesday.


Pick congratulations to Grantham's Sophie Allen, she has made the


British Olympic team after this win of her life at the National


Championships. Four more places went to Loughborough University


competitors, including Caitlin McLatchey. Salafi qualified in the


butterfly, pipping Leicester's Sophie Smith. -- Sophie.


It is amazing. I cannot wait, it is so long since we have got the


Olympics, and to be a member of the team is amazing.


Well done to her boss Bob more swimming to come later this week. -


Flowers arranged, Pepsi's practice to -- Paksi is practised, speeches


written. No one can say Leicester is not properly prepared for


tomorrow's's huge royal occasion. The there will be global interest


in the event, it is the first engagement of her Majesty's Diamond


Jubilee tour. Let go back to the cathedral and


rejoin the Simon Ward. What are they up to now?


Rehearsals are still going on at the cathedral. The Bishop of


Leicester joins us. How you feeling?


We are all very excited. The Queen will never forget this day. She is


held in such affection here, and everyone wants to show it.


It will be a Christian service, but also multicultural?


Yes, our Christian faith leads us to reach out to people of other


faiths and people of no faith. This cathedral is common ground, and


that all be here for everyone to see tomorrow, as young people read


from the Holy scriptures as -- of their faiths.


How important is it to be multicultural?


It is part of the character of our city, and we did well as somewhere


where different people from different cultures come together


harmoniously. The Queen wants her kingdom to look like that, I think


that is why she has chosen to come here for her first visit.


Thank you for joining us. It will be an exciting day for the City of


Leicester. I was down their earlier, and it


was amazing. It was buzzing! Fingers crossed.


Thank you for that! De weather is looking fine, so if you are heading


down to the Royal celebration, temperatures are what they should


be for this time of year. The wind will not be as severe as recently.


Tonight will be mostly dry up with some clear spells. Thank you for


this absolutely beautiful photo taken yesterday morning. This cold


front moved its way south-east through the morning and into the


afternoon, behind it we have seen some lovely sunshine. Just the odd


isolated showers. As we go through this evening, there is a chance of


one or two showers. On the whole, a dry night. For the rest of us, a


dry night, they could be some rain over the Peak District. It might


get cold enough in rural spot for a touch of frost. Plenty of sunshine


around in the morning, it is just as we going to be after that we


will start to see the cloud increasing a bit. But there will


still be plenty of sunshine. It will still feel fairly breezy, so


you might need to hold onto your hat! Looking further ahead, high


pressure is firmly with us on Friday, and will be by this


throughout the weekend. There's a lot of cloud associated with the


high pressure, but on the whole, Friday is looking like a dry day,


still fairly breezy. The outlook for Saturday, we are staying with


the cloud, but still high pressure, as a way dry day. Both the


temperatures are getting higher, so it will feel fairly mild. Still


quite cloudy on Sunday, but there Thank you, Anna!


Would have full coverage of the Queen and Duchess of Cambridge in


Leicester tomorrow. You can follow the whole day on BBC


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