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And again this is East Midlands Today.


We are alive at De Montford University, the first stop-off on


today's historic tour of Leicester by the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh


and the Duchess a Cambridge for the Diamond Jubilee. Hundreds greeted


the royal party, the first time the Queen has been there. Some of these


people have been waiting for six hours, but the party did not


disappoint. In other news, hundreds of hospital operations are


cancelled. A shortage of beds leaves patients suffering pain and


frustration. It grinds you down. It is bone on bone, it is really


painful. Give us a signer. Why some drivers are running on empty on the


new A46. Good evening. A day that the city


of Leicester will not forget a day reflecting Leicester's


multicultural environment. It was a day a complete joy.


It was all summed up a song. -- summed up in a song. A day our


faith, fashion and fondness. Every journey begins with a single step,


and her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee began as she stepped out of


Leicester railway station. By her side was the Duchess of Cambridge,


on her first official engagement on a rain of the Queen. -- on how our


own with the Queen. They moved onto magazine Square. -- Magazine Square.


They were greeted by a crowd of 3,000 people. It was really


exciting to see. It was brilliant. You are waiting for Kate?


definitely. We saw a blaze of pink. I was so glad I waited. It was


wonderful to see just a tiny glimpse. It is my first year here.


Wonderful to have the Queen come and visit. It is great for


Leicester. When you have one of the world's top style icons, it is time


to put on a show. Page revealed which one of the designs she wanted


to wear. It was a 19th century number. It is incredible. I am


shocked. I was really surprised. Then a site are not seen before,


the Queen at Leicester Cathedral, the first visit in 60 years. The


special service was a part to a multicultural ceremony. -- part of


a multicultural ceremony. Everybody believes in the law should not harm


his neighbour. Our new neighbours are totally British, and have


enriched and enhance our communities. -- enhance to our


communities. To build peace we need understanding. To build


understanding we need friends. this big day, two small hands of


friendship. Flowers given to a delighted Duchess and they humbled


Queen. It was absolutely lovely, it was super. You might have seen a


lady who is he would be now, you may this year. -- you made it this


issue. We did it with Our technician, we brought them in


today. The Duchess cavemen, and we were told who won. It is beatable.


Where did you get the inspiration. It comes from her engagement ring.


Of course. I love that nineteenth- century shoes, I thought there are


quite elegant. The issue might even hit the high street? May be.


not bad for your first commission. I wanted to come I their hair, and


meet a gentleman who had a very important role today. You accompany


the Duchess? I did. Probably about three hours. A wonderful privilege.


What was she like? Very friendly. I was struck by a the aura that she


had, the way that she engaged with the crowds. A very popular figure.


She was so easy to work with, to speak with, and all in all a


fantastic day. Any insights that you can share? She mentioned the


sikh drummers. Sh she said she would give the -- she said she


would love to do that ago. She said she loved Africa, and would like to


visit India. She is incredibly slim! She is a really good asset to


the Royal Family. The lunch was very good? It certainly was. I had


the vegetarian option, it was very nice. We were very well looked


after. Thank you very much were sharing that with us. You are


coming back a -- coming back a bit later on.


Thank you Anne, for the moment. Managers at one of our biggest


hospital trusts have apologised after having to cancel hundreds of


operations this year. The NHS in Nottingham says one of the reasons


is an unforseen increase in frail elderly people needing emergency


surgery. But, as Our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons reports,


its not the only place under pressure.


And Maj-Gen get yourself ready for operation, only to be told it is


put off. At Nottingham's NHS hospitals, 300 top operations were


cancelled this year. In Leicester, it was 257. In Derby, their only


cancelled six procedures, they say that is down to planning. Behind


the figures are the real lives. One lady Mel asked to describe how she


has been left to waiting in pain. For Hillary, climbing the front


steps to her front door in Nottingham is very painful. She is


facing an uphill struggle to get the care she needs. It was bows to


be done last year, but was postponed. It was due to be carried


out on Wednesday this week, but she got a phone call saying it was not


happening. She relies on morphine as she is waiting for the date.


They grinds you down. It is bone on bone, it is really painful. She is


not alone, Nottingham's two or hospitals have cancelled over 300


operations this year. They simply haven't been enough beds. We have


had to prioritise the use of our beds. We are at capacity.


Regrettably, we have had to cancel several operations. In many ways,


this situation is baffling. Last winter there was a huge number of


swine flu cases, the weather was terrible. This winter has been


relatively mild. The management of the hospitals is very complex, they


say it is not about money, the Department of Health has said they


want to get patients who are ready home quicker. They are making sure


that they are doing their rounds early, trying to make more


efficient decisions. I want to see them improving their management, so


that they can get their medicine and go home and not have to hang


around. That is inefficient management. With the first signs of


spring, they hope the pressure will now he's. -- will now he's on the


system. Members of a teaching union have


voted to take strike action over plans to introduce a five term year


in Nottingham. The City Council wants to move from the traditional


three terms in September. It says it'll improve pupils' education.


The majority of members of the National Union of teachers in


Nottingham, who took part in the ballot, voted in favour of striking.


A company which brought seven hundred jobs to Derby four months


ago says it now wants to double its workforce. The Hero TSC call centre


moved into the former Egg building on Pride Park at the end of last


year. The company's confirmed that it has had interest from firms in


China and the US, and is now looking to increase the workforce


to 1,500. Police in Nottingham are using


smart water to tackle crime in metal theft hotspots. Officers are


spraying the water on lead flashing and copper pipes at homes in areas


like Bestwood park and Top Valley. The liquid can only be detected


under ultraviolet light and includes a unique code that links


the stolen metal back to the homeowner. There are particular


areas of Nottingham that have received a lot of metal theft. We


are targeting those areas, because the thieves are also targeting them.


We are making it less attractive to steal a product that is forensic


remarked. -- frenziedly marked A petrol station owner says the new


A46 in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire is causing problems


for him - and for drivers. Tarlochan Pabla says takings at his


fuel station on the old A46 have dropped drastically. And since


there are no service areas - or even fuel signs - on the new dual


carriageway, some motorists have been running out of fuel. James


Roberson reports. This road used to have about 27,000


vehicles passing down it. Now look at it. With the opening of the new


A46, it is not good for business is here. This man says the new road


has made it business drop. We were getting quite busy, but there is


nothing happening at all now. Locals say there is away 30 miles


stretch with no direct access to feel. The A46 goes around the town,


and that the new road begins, as you progress southwards, there is


no sign of a filling station. Finally after around the 27 miles


you reach a petrol station. Drivers have been running out of fuel on


the A46, and walking to service stations. You have to come off to


find or petrol. A doesn't help. I would like to get caught on there.


The Highways Agency told us there is no proposal for a service area


on the new stretch of road. Safety of road users is our top priority.


We have provided for signs. We may be entitled to a sign, at a cost of


around 45,000 to �85,000. This news section should bring the car's back,


Scientists in the East Midlands have made a major breakthrough in


the way kidneys are transplanted. A patient from Grantham is one of the


first in the world to undergo a new procedure. It means recipients


should get healthier organs, as Nigel Parker from cramp them had


his first kidney transplant in 1982. Now he has had another using a new


technique which involves using oxygenated blood. He is now feeling


full of life again. You are just normal, what an everyday person


takes for granted. A fantastic opportunity and I am lucky I have


been given two opportunities. Kidney Feydeau can happen at any


time to anybody of any age. human trials have been funded by


Kidney Research UK and carried out at Leicester General Hospital. This


pig's kidney demonstrates the process of repairing the organ.


we reintroduce oxygen, the metabolism starts again and it can


replenish its stores, so when it is transplanted, it can get going


immediately. It is hoped Nigel will be the first of many who will


benefit from longer-lasting and healthier kidneys.


The it's not just the Queen's Diamond Jubilee making this such a


big year for Britain. There's the small matter of the Olympics as


well. And many of the vital qualifying events are now well


underway. With news on that, and the rest of the sport, here's Colin


Hazelden. The star tonight at the British


swimming Jan bishops could be young Molly Renshaw. The 15-year-old from


Ripley won her heat in Star yesterday. Top two in today's final


will make her baby in the Olympic team.


The stunning and the home team Giants, the last coming right on


the hooter. The home were is this Tuesday.


In rugby, there will be no Toby Flood in tomorrow's semi-final with


Bath. He was released by England this week. It is a gamble, you


don't send your strongest side down to Bath at the weekend. But you


take the risk on have read your guys fresh for the Premiership.


Back to the Olympics, badminton space between Chris Adcock and


Nathan Robertson is heating up. They both won their first round


games. With a shock for the world champions.


He Colin Hazelden reporting. That's about it from those of us in the


studio. It's time to return to Leicester, a city that today kicked


off the Queen's Jubilee Tour with huge style and enthusiasm. Anne's


there for us now. Enthusiasm was off the scale. One


thing I am sad I missed was the fashion show. You worried graduate


from the University. In fashion design. Their big day for you?


It's not every day you exhibit your designs before the Royal Family.


Four you were chosen to put your collections on the cat walk. Where


were you? We were backstage, prepping our models. Did the Queen


enjoy it? We kept getting tweets saying she looked like she was


enjoying it. Let us look at your outfit. What are you up to? You


designed a jacket and skirt. After graduation, I was selected to show


in London Fashion Week. After that, I had a keen interest in my


collection so I am hoping to open my own business. Thank you, good


luck. One of the places the Queen went to was the clock tower.


They crowd started arriving early, some people arriving at 6am.


have been here since 9:30am. excited are you? Very excited.


brought my daughter to the Goulding wedding when she was six. Now she


is 16. She is bringing flowers again to give to Kate and to the


Queen. I can't wait to see what she is wearing. I'm so glad she came to


Leicester. As time ticked by, excitement mounted. I can't wait.


Very excited. You have come prepared. Food, hot drinks, we're


here for the day. In some places, crowds were a dozen deep. People


were waiting at windows, anything to get a glimpse of the royal party.


For some it has been a long time since they saw the Queen. 1952, in


Kenya. The last time? Yes. When she became Queen. In 1952 in Kenya, I


was 10 years old. I am a proud here, being British. But for others, it


was their first time seeing Her Majesty. For Henry, he may not


remember it. It is a piece of history, it has been years since


she has been here. I don't know how old Henry will be next time she


comes. Then, the royal party, the crowds cheered, flags were waved,


photographers from around the world clicked away, smiles all round as


the Queen, Prince Philip and the Duchess of Cambridge arrived at the


clock tower. They were met by the Mayor of Leicester, and a troupe of


Some of these people have been here for six hours, but the royal party


were worth the wait. You gave Kate your tulips. What did she say?


she loved to lips. We went over to the cathedral and waited there and


saw them going in. But never thought that they would actually


stopped just here. It has been absolutely amazing. I think we have


all lived this dream, to see Kate and the Queen, this will go down in


the history of Coventry. So, an epic day for the city, as the Queen


started her Jubilee Tour of the country, a day many here simply


will not forget. No one is going to forget. The Vice


Chancellor of De Montfort University, what a day. We served


2000 free breakfasts before the afternoon came. Her Majesty loved


the show. You could see the way Her Majesty and Kate were talking to


each other, they were relaxed in each other's company. That came


over, their friendliness. One of the items, Her Majesty said, am not


sure I could wear that. Kate said she could. The highlight?


Majesty looking at the show. There are a couple of other people over


here. Chelsea who presented her painting to the Queen. The Queen's


Dock. It took me one-hour to draw it. -- dog. The Queen said it was


very good. Can we actually see it, can you hold it up. It is beautiful.


Do you think you will be an artist? The first commission, to the Queen,


not bad. For over here. Professor Martin


Richardson. That was presented to the Duke of Edinburgh, a hologram.


It is a lenticular. Quite different to a hologram. We specialise in


both. This particular image is of the Duke, 15 years ago. He still


looks fantastic. This is what you are working on? We are leading the


way in three-dimensional research for television and film. I think I


might be out of a job! We can sort something out for you! It has been


a tremendous day. A huge day for Leicester and I am very proud to be


Now it's time for the weather. Her Majesty should be very happy


with me for making sure her beautiful hat did not get wet today.


This evening, staying dry, but cloudy and mild. This was the


sunset this evening. Thank you for the photo.


You have probably heard there is a chance of seeing the Northern


Lights tonight, due to this Serna stomp around the Earth at the


moment. Unfortunately it looks like there will be a fair amount of


cloud over the UK. The most prone to spot for seeing the northern


light will be in the north of the UK. They may be some breaks in the


cloud for us. You may be lucky. Take a photo it if you possibly can.


The cloud will build in tomorrow morning. Temperatures on the lower


side. Friday, a pretty cloudy day over all. If you were sunny spells


compared to today. Mainly dry. A week weather front will bring some


drizzly outbreaks. At times, feeling wet. 12 Celsius. This is


the theme over the coming days as high pressure builds in over the UK.


Saturday it is looking like another dry day. Fairly cloudy, brighter


spells. The best of the sunshine will be on Sunday. High-pressure


taking a hold over the UK. A decent amount of sunshine, temperatures up


The weather shone on Leicester today in every sense. If you could


have bottled the atmosphere in the city, it would have sold right


round the world. It was a day no- one there will ever forget. From


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