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This is East Midlands Today. Our top story: a mother's anger over


the police's treatment of schoolchildren. The students strip-


searched by police without parental permission. One mother has told me


she is appalled. Also tonight, the victim a fly-tipping who took


matters into his own hands. Pass here comes a hosepipe ban. Anglian


Water warns of restrictions ahead. After 120 years, the final act for


Good evening. The exclusive story of how police strip-searched


teenagers at the school. Parents were told, and what asked for their


permission. Derbyshire Police are defending their decision to search


the boys at John Port School at Etwall. They said they were acting


on information about drugs and made two a rest. One mother has said


she's furious, and that her son was innocent.


I am with the mother of one of the boys he was at strip-searched at


school. We have agreed to protect their identity. Can you tell me


what your son told you? When my son came home, he informed me he had


been strip-searched. He was very distraught. Very embarrassed.


did you feel about this as his mother? I feel my child has been


victimised. For police to go into the school and strip-searched your


child without permission, I am outraged. Under the misuse of drugs


Act, the police can do just that. This is why they did it. We had


very specific intelligence about how the drugs were being brought


into the school, and the fact they were being brought in in underwear.


We have a duty to investigate a criminality, and particularly with


drugs. We did arrest 115, and 116- year-old boy. They found nothing on


the other eight boys that they searched. We do everything that we


can at this school to keep people safe. Part of that policy is a


zero-tolerance attitude on drugs. Was stripped -- was stripped


searching than justified? I want to take every step to keep children


safe. I understand are the mother being upset. -- I understand about


mother being upset. She is very upset. She says her son can't go


back to school, he cannot face said. A row is raging over rubbish, after


a landowner was hit by fly-tippers. He has taken matters into his own


hands, after a huge mound of the staff was dumped in his field.


Rubbish been dumped on private land. The difference is that this


perpetrator is keen to publicise his actions. Why are? Because this


rubbish was found on his land, and he wants to highlight the crime.


It's an absolute mess. You have never seen anything like it before.


Huge piles of rotting plastic, cardboard, cakes, it was absolutely


shocking. There were rats, we have to clean it all up. We sifted


through the rubbish, and rediscovered communication from


their head office. The we decided that the best course of action


would be to clear away land, loaded on to our trailer, and turn it up


to their head office. We dumped it outside their front doors. That


where we found employees clearing it up. Charles White acknowledges


he could face prosecution, but has no regrets. I realise that there


was a possibility of that. I will stand in my head up high, with the


principle that what I did was completely apical and right.


company says that all of this rubbish was being stored inside a


horsebox trailer which was empty. The bakery says that trailer was


stolen on Thursday night. That was the night that the rubbish was


dumped. We spoke to the company, they would not be to last on-camera


but, -- they would not be too was on camera, but said they had


nothing to do with the dumping. The district council and the police are


investigating. Still to come: finding a home for


travellers. Councillors prepare to vote on the read travellers' site.


I stripped my coat off this afternoon, it is going to get even


The first hosepipe bans have been authorised in our region, and they


will come into force on April 5th. Anglian Water has announced the ban.


The rest of the region could follow. Let's go to the Saltersford water


treatment works, we can speak to Chris Paterson. Good evening. Can


you remind us what will be the penalty for using -- for using a


hosepipe? We cannot and force a final �1,000. -- we can end forced


a fine of �1,000. We know that we can get through this drought very


well. Have you ever seen of this bad, this dry, this early in the


year? No. These are exceptional circumstances. They remind, this is


the lowest rate for we have had for over 100 years. We have not be able


to recharge our reservoirs, as the usually word. -- as we usually


would. These are exceptional circumstances. Where could be a


send-up? -- where could have this end up? We are imposing


restrictions early, so we don't have to take further measures later


on India. At the moment we feel confident it will not come to that.


What about businesses? This could be very distressing. At the moment


the hosepipe ban will only affect domestic customers. We will be


working a commercial -- working with commercial customers, we


understand their problems. Thank you very much.


You are watching East Midlands Today. Nottinghamshire County


Council said they had saved over �90,000. They may be savings by


getting more -- they made it the savings by getting rid of more than


a 30 of their vehicles. They have taught drivers to drive more


economic lead. -- economic lead. Police are concerned for the safety


of a man who has gone missing from hospital. Farooq Sabir went missing


on Saturday, police say he previously lived in Birmingham and


Manchester, and has connections with London and Glasgow.


Detectives say they need help from the public after a man was pulled


from the River Derwent in Derby. The body of Michael Gibson was


found yesterday told hours after he was reported missing. -- 12 hours.


Police were called in after a manner was reported missing in the


early hours of Sunday morning. They spent 12 hours searching be water,


after finding -- later finding the body at Michael Gibson. Police know


that he was seen by the river, one of the men tried in vain to rescue


him. Police say they are keeping an open mind exactly how he died here.


They say they need information from witnesses to help them establish


exactly what happened. It was quite a key day, it was the Derby County


verses what the game. -- what for the game. Lots of people were used


in this area. They would have been very busy. His family, including a


teenage daughter, are said to be distraught. Police are waiting


parade postmortem -- waiting for a postmortem examination.


Next tonight, hundreds of people are expected to attend a public


meeting in the next hour to discuss gypsy and travellers' site in


Leicester. The district council wants to create a more permanent


sites. Some residents are not happy. This is one of the proposed sites.


They will be up to 10 a family pictures here. -- pitches here. The


site backs on to a supermarket and football pitches. The other side


sits between a dual-carriageway, a bowling club, and they -- and a


housing estate. There are already travellers on the other side, the


plans is to -- the plan is to make it permanent. The travelling


committee says having official site would help to defuse tensions with


the local residents. The locals feel their not being listened to by


the council. -- they are not being listened to by the local council.


It will affect the local schools. It is cut and dried. It will happen.


To recite in this area, that is going too far. One side, and others


elsewhere, fine. We have a 19 unauthorised camps in that area the


city. Batty's not on for the local people. We have to find a solution.


The next few weeks will be full of decisions, whose knees will come


first, city or county, residents or travellers?


In other news, 20 people have been arrested during a week of action to


tackle metal theft. Nottingham police say that dealers were


visited and stolen metal was recovered. It was a co-ordinated


campaign against metal thieves among all East Midlands police


forces. A decision will be made for plans


for a Velodrome in Derby. The planning committee will boater on


Thursday about the project for pride Park. If approved, there will


also be a 5,000 seater concert venue with basketball, and


gymnastics facilities. A family from Leicester have taken


part in a film about cancer to help families suffering from bereavement.


This child died at the age of six because of a brain tumour. The


charity hopes it'll help others to get through the situation. With the


DVD, you have got it on hand. You can use it when you want to. If I


had that, I would have benefited at the time. If anybody can get any


kind of comfort, or encouragement to know that you can carry on, you


The rise of the big supermarkets and our increasing use of the


internet is putting more pressure than ever on small shops. It's


estimated around 400 rural shops close down each year in the UK.


The Leicestershire village of Thrussington hasn't had a shop for


the past six years, but now that's all changed after one family


decided to swap the rat race in London for life in the country.


Simon Ward reports. Birdsong and blue skies. It seems a


world away from the hustle and bustle of the capital. After six


years of being disused, the village shop in Forth Bridge has come back


to life with the arrival of this family. -- the village shop in


Thrussington. We looked into it, and that kind of brought the two


together, leaving London, coming up here to start a new life and


business. If you wanted to buy a newspaper in Thrussington in the


last six years, you couldn't. But you can now. Yes, a massive need.


There are about four villages in the area and not one of them has a


village store. So a real big need for it. Bradley's store is well


established in another Leicestershire village. People in


the industry say it is vital that small shops to survive. I think


people are more concerned about the environment, so do look at things


like for us -- a fresh food and veg, if you buy exported vegetables from


the supermarket, chances are it has travelled about 1800 miles before


you buy it. Whereas if you buy it local, it is have produced locally,


it is only troubled about 20 miles, so in terms of carbon footprint, it


is much better. Back in Thrussington, the tea room part of


the new shop is proving popular. wasn't nice seeing an empty place


either. It used to be the hub of all activity and village gossip, of


course! There are no shops in any of the villages around here like


this, it is great to have it back. For the family, it is the start of


a new adventure. For the village, it is the return of something that


has been missing. It looks lovely! We wish them well.


Still to come - the final act in a long-running amateur drama.


The Derby Opera company was founded to perform comic opera - but now


Plenty of drama in sport, no doubt. All unscripted, as well!


We've got two wins and two defeats to talk about from the weekend's


football. Both wins coming from our Nottingham sides. More on an


amazing victory for Notts County in a moment, but first to Forest.


Things are certainly looking a lot brighter for them at the moment.


Kirsty Edwards reports. It is a cliche, but this was a real


six-pointer for Forest. There was an early scare, first the post and


then these legs saved the day. But then a forest sparked into life,


with midfielder Andy Reed at the centre of everything. His cross


found the weight -- he was again the creator as he floated in a


free-kick for Danny Higginbotham to volley in. It was his first goal


for a year. I will be happy for that! I went into the fans,


shouting, it was a good day, not just for him, but Andy, he has been


out of the team, he has won -- he has done a job. Things got a bit


nervy when Millwall pulled a goal back in the second half, but no


need to worry, Andy Reed was there with a fine goal of his own to


insure a vital win. We cannot get sloppy and think we are safe, we


are nowhere near, we have to keep our feet on the ground and keep


doing what we have been doing, I think it will take care of itself.


Forest are now five points off the relegation zone. Next up, the small


matter of for a trip to Derby tomorrow night.


Not so great elsewhere in the Championship. Leicester were


crushed in a game they had to win. And Derby prepared for tomorrow's


big match with Forest with a home defeat.


Their failure was straightforward enough, as a manager Nigel Clough


pointed out, they seemed to start the match at 3:15pm rather than 3pm,


and they were already 2-0 down by then. Although Davies scored a


free-kick to pull one back, and Derby pressed in the second half,


you cannot give up two goals in this level. -- at this level.


Leicester and Reading were also behind -- Leicester at Reading.


contributed massively to our own downfall, the first half


performance wasn't good enough. After half-time changes, Leicester


were better, but still made crucial areas to let at Reading extend


their lead to 3-0. This goal was no more than a poor consolation.


Now, with all due respect to Forest, performance of the weekend


definitely belongs to Notts County. They went to runaway League One


leaders Charlton and gave them a football lesson. It means manager


Keith Curle is unbeaten since he took over - winning five out of six


games. Tonight he's a guest on our Late Kick Off programme and joined


me a bit earlier from their studio. I have had a fantastic start, not


only the result, three performances, but the reaction of the players,


they have been asked to go out and express themselves, and everyone,


to Amman, has done that. Did you expect a first half of the likes


you got at Charlton? I think it was fantastic, but when you give


players the responsibility to go out and enjoy themselves, express


themselves, there is different factors within the game, a lot of


hard work, people have to be brave, put themselves on the line, that is


part and parcel of football. But when you can get the ball down, be


productive, excellent to watch. Your record is extraordinary so far.


Do you think this is a platform for more of the same? It is something


to build on. We put on a thrilling performance in the first half, that


was absolutely breathtaking. Walking into the tunnel at half-


time, 4-0 up at Charlton, I think, what am I going to say to the


players? I had a cup of tea, and I said, excellent, more of the same.


How have you found the club overall? They have won some awards,


pretty good? It is fantastic. It really is a community club, that is


one of the things that was brought out in my interview, it is the


importance of the football club that plays within the community,


there is a fantastic backroom staff. The foundation is there to be


successful. As well as Keith's appearance on


Late Kick Off, there's an extended report from Derby's match and a


really interesting and wide-ranging interview with Sven Goran Eriksson.


Not to be missed. Other sport now - Leicester Tigers


players were at the heart of England's stirring Six Nations win


in France yesterday. Rampaging centre Manu Tuilangi


scored the first try - providing England with a platform they never


gave up. And the eventual match winner was a terrific solo effort


from Tom Croft. The first time England have won three away matches


in this competition. It means they still have a mathematical chance of


winning the Six Nations. Speaking of rugby, first chance for


me to say well done to Leicester Tigers. Squad players really


stepping up to carry them to next weekend's LV Cup Final with a win


over Bath on Friday. In case you missed it over the


weekend, confirmation that Nottingham Rugby lost their playoff


opener at London Welsh, but that Nottingham Panthers won four one in


Hull on Saturday. A good warm-up for tomorrow.


Finally from me, we can't go without marking the stunning


performance of our swimmers at the British Championships last week. 13


of them from the East Midlands qualified for this summer's Olympic


Games. Loughborough's Dan Fogg became the last - smashing his


1,500 metre personal best on Saturday. Well done to all of them.


We will be talking more about derby against Forest tomorrow.


He certainly was fantastic on Friday.


A leading member of the amateur theatre scene says he fears for the


future of "am-dram" in the East Midlands.


It's been announced that one of the region's oldest amateur companies -


the Derby Opera Company - is closing after 120 years.


Its chairman says it's an ominous sign for all amateur theatre when


even well-established groups are unable to continue. James Roberson


For Steve and and, it is good buy from them and the whole of the


Derby Opera Company. After 120 years, it is closing down. Despite


winning awards, their last production lost �14,000. At the


last 11 shows, seven have made a last, and only four have made a


profit. We are also having trouble getting volunteers, so that has


made it really impossible for us to continue. The company started in


1891, primarily to perform Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, but over


the years it has diversified into any kind of light opera or musical.


It gave voice to hundreds of amateur performers. I joined in


1967 because I wanted to have an interest away from my professional


life. I met people, I went to events I would never otherwise have


experienced. And it has been very enjoyable, and I'm very sorry it is


coming to an end. And a church was a member for six years. We put so


much work into rehearsal, sometimes it was harder than coming to work


for the day, because they wanted it so perfect, it was a real challenge.


The second you stood on the stage here, it was just magic. I do know


of other companies that are struggling, both in Derby and


Nottingham. I am worried that the future of all professional theatre,


only one or two shows seem to do well, the rest of them struggle,


and there is nothing like live theatre. The company is hoping to


have a final reunion dinner for past and present members this


That is sad! Poignant. That lady was a director's headmistress. He


says he is still scared of her! Time for the weather. Venus,


Have you spotted it in the last couple of night? Of Venus and


Jupiter or, you can spot it. Unfortunately, the cloud is going


to increase to all areas of the East Midlands this evening. A


lovely shot of a bleated enjoying the sunshine in Nottingham. Thank


you for the photo. We have got to thank this high-pressure, sitting


over the UK. It is not helping with the rain factor, but plenty of


decent dry and settled weather to come over the next couple of days.


Some good clear skies for the first part of the evening, and gradually,


to all areas, that cloud will start to build. Turning a little murky


through the early hours, with some drizzle. Tuesday morning starts on


a cloudy night, misty and murky first thing, that will lift fairly


quickly, but cloud looks like it it will be a bit more stubborn.


Certainly not the all-out sunshine that many areas got this afternoon.


If you get plenty of sunshine, it could well peak at 14 Celsius


tomorrow. The same is true of Wednesday, more in the way at


sunshine. The high pressure continues to dominate. Thursday,


you can see under pressure chart, the high pressure starting to pull


away to the south. Thursday does have the potential to be one of the


warmest days of the year so far. You could see temperatures up to 18,


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