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This is East Midlands Today with Maurice Flynn and me, Anne Davies.


Our top story tonight - horror on an escalator. First tonight, a man


is in hospital this evening after his toe was torn off on an


escalator. He was screaming in agony. Also tonight - murdered by a


man who laughed and licked the knife used to stab him.


Five GP practices to be replaced by a single surgery.


Find out why the Golden Mile in Leicester has been transformed into


a film set. Good evening. Welcome to the


programme. First a man is in hospital tonight after his toe was


torn off on an escalator. It happened in a shopping arcade in


Nottingham. Shopkeepers had described hearing the man screaming


in pain. The escalator is cordoned off as an investigation is underway.


Helen Astle reports. No one knows how it happened but yesterday


afternoon, a man believed to be in his 20s, had his toe ripped off on


an escalator. I was serving customers and I heard a commotion.


This chap was yelling, help me, help me. Before I could react,


someone from the Barbara's ran out and press the button to stop their


escalator. He was just there, saying I want my feet out. We


called an ambulance straightaway. It is understood it to go around 30


minutes to free the man. They were trying to cut his shoe off and


could not get it off. He was screaming in a lot of pain, he


could not move. He was still up right but he could not move, he was


trapped. He could not get his foot out and he wasn't a lot of pain.


Escalators are in the West End Arcade, built in the 1970s. The


city council is now investigating, it is not known what caused the


incident. The escalator is closed while further checks are carried


out. It is well maintained. The men come once a month to lookout it.


it is an old escalator but it is regularly serviced. The men come


along and cordon it off regularly. I am not aware of any problem.


contacted the managing agents of the building but they did not want


to make a comment. I understand that the man involved is being


cared for at the Queen's Medical Centre. He is heavily sedated and


likely to stay in hospital for several weeks.


NHS bosses will decide next week whether to push ahead with


controversial plans to move five GP surgeries to a single site. 30,000


patients in Nottinghamshire would be affected by the change. Most of


the surgeries are in converted houses and are no longer seen many


NHS a suitable places for a GP practices. Our health correspondent


Rob Sissons imports. A converted house, cosy and quaint but the


doctors say it is not fit for twentieth-century health care.


Inside they complain it is too cramped. It is really inappropriate


to practise modern-day medicine in this. The plan is for her four


other practices to move to a single site on the periphery of the suburb.


This woman worries it is too far. On a good day, she says she can


walk but her condition says on a bad day she can hardly get out of


bed. With this proposal I will be required to take two buses. Also,


it economically disadvantaged is those who are already economically


disadvantaged by their condition. We are aware of the concern of


patients about travelling to the new surgery. We're conscious we


need to work with the relevant authorities to solve that. These


campaigners say it is the wrong site. You can divert buses and play


around with local services but there is no direct connection with


the centre and that is the key. latest round of revealing it to the


patients has been a poor exercise in my view. Two consultation


meetings - no public address - no opportunity to ask questions and


hear the answers. 3,000 people have responded to the consultation. Some


people are impressed. I think it will be a benefit with more


facilities. Whether they will get these plans of the drawing board is


uncertain. The GPs who want to get it built here have a fight on their


hands. Still to come - could a Ketton


landmark be joined by two turbines? Not to some of the locals have


anything to do with it. We will be there live later in the show.


A court has heard that one of the men accused of murdering a former


police officer, laughed and licked the blade of the knife afterwards.


Paul Fyfe, who had served with the Leicestershire force, was stabbed


when he asked a drug dealer and another man to leave his


girlfriend's house. Our chief news reporter was in court and can tell


us more. What do we know about Paul Fyfe?


the time of his murder last June, he was 47. He had three daughters


and was also a grandfather. He was working as a legal representative


for defence solicitors in Leicester, often visiting clients in police


stations. Before that he had been a detective constable for


Leicestershire police and left the force in 2005. His wife of 28 years,


pictured with him here, discovered that he had started an affair with


a woman he had met at a club and Leicester and he moved out of the


family home. What were the circumstances that


led to him being murdered at his girlfriend's house? Naomi Reid was


a drug user who lived on the Rowlatts Hill estate in Leicester.


Paul Fyfe wanted her to stop taking drugs and cut her links with


dealers. In the early hours of 10th June she was repeatedly visited by


her supplier, Amin Jogee and his friend Mohammed Hersi. According to


the prosecution, both were drunk and Jogee had also taking cocaine.


When they finally left she texted them not to return but they let


themselves back in, by which time Paul Fyfe had returned from work.


Mr Fyfe challenged Hersi, what are you going to do stab me? And egged


on by his friend he did, straight into his heart with the only knife


in the house. Both men deny murder, what did they


say in their police interviews? Both of them blamed each other for


the stabbing. Amin Jogee said after they had run away to a nearby park


Mohammed Hersi was laughing like was a joke and licked the blade of


the knife. The jury was told the men felt Paul Fyfe had disrespected


them, a fatal error in their book. The trial is expected to last two


weeks. Thank you very much. A man who was at the centre of a


long stand-off with armed police has been charged with a number of


offencesWayne Green was arrested on a houseboat at Sandiacre in the


early hours of yesterday. He appeared before magistrates in


Derby this afternoon charged with assaulting a police officer, and


failing to comply with the terms of a violent offender Order.


Chauffeur-driven journeys made by the leader of Leicestershire County


Council during the last six years have cost the taxpayer more than


�200,000. It is just as the local authority is making �74 million of


cuts to services. David Parsons says he has increased his use of


public transport cut down and council business car journeys.


Schools and businesses in Derbyshire are being warned to be


on the alert for conmen, who say they need to repaint road markings


nearby. The county council says it has received a number of complaints


about men claiming to work on its behalf. The rogue traders then


demand cash for special paint to go outside the properties. Businesses,


GP surgeries and community centres have all been targeted.


Villagers have started a campaign against plans for two and giant


wind turbines. The locals at Ketton in Rutland say that the turbines


will be unsightly and noisy. They also fear they will blow emissions


from a nearby cement works towards their homes. James Roberson has the


details. This farm outside Ketton have a family which looks after


horses and other livestock but in the field next door beside the


cement works, there are plans to build two wind turbines. Clare is


worried about their effects on her health and their health of her


horses. They're very highly strung and I do not know what effect wind


turbines this close will have on them. The company behind the scheme


say that turbines will benefit the area. They will produce enough to


electricity to power over 1,300 homes which means all the


surrounding villages. It is a windy day today and we're confident it


will produce a significant amount of electricity. Local people


against the development are worried that the airflow will be do so --


disturbed and send dust from the cement works to pollute the


countryside. We have undertaken a very detailed study of the


emissions. That categorically shows there will be no increase at ground


level in emissions. Chimneys by their virtue are designed to send


what comes out up and over the turbines, so we are confident there


is no issue there. With me now are two of the people you saw briefly


in that report. The company says there is no evidence that pollution


will come out of this Chenies down to ground level. Know where in


Newark has two wind turbines been located close to a cement works. --


know where in the Europe. Our concern is that the turbines will


take energy out to the atmosphere and deposit what comes out of the


chimney is N S cement works. -- chimneys from the cement works.


have seen images of the turbines, what is the problem? We really


would like Rutland County Council to ask the developers to put up a


balloon at the height of these turbines so residents can visualise


the impact these turbines will have on the village. Surely Rutland


needs renewable energy? We're not against renewable energy - the


country needs it but the specific concern is the location, next door


to a cement works. Thank you very much. The timescale is that


planning permission should be granted in May but there have been


a lot of objections so the timescale could slip back.


Thank you very much. A head teacher says he's going to


take on Ofsted. In a highly unusual step, he is appealing against the


verdict of government inspectors who visited his school. Steve Monks


says he feels it is unfair that Sinfin Community School has been


branded as failing - just months after recording record exam results.


From Derby, Simon Hare reports. A year seven English lesson at the


school. A school which has just been placed in special measures.


The s is a really good school. There is a few things which need


improvement but most things I like here. I do not think this school is


a failure. The head teacher says it is not a description he recognises.


Last year it achieved its best-ever GCSE grades. Also the most improved


exam results in Derby so he is planning on making a formal


complaint. I think the school is the best it has ever been. Also the


ethos, the atmosphere, the teaching, it has never been better. During


the two-day inspection Ofsted said they had seen problems with the


behaviour of some pupils so this school asked for examples. They


complained about a boy bouncing a ball in their chorister, and they


complained about his two students having a fight but that was a play


fight. -- in the corridor or. school has improved a lot of. They


do not take that into consideration. We're not all bad pupils, nor are


the teachers bad, we should not be classed as a failure. Ofsted says


it says complaints seriously and will correct things quickly but it


will not change judgments just because they are unpopular.


Hidden cameras could be installed on the A38 in Derbyshire to catch


drivers dropping litter. Amber Valley Borough Council spent �6,000


last April collecting rubbish from the roadside. Workers picked up


around 10 tonnes of waste. The council is planning to go back


later this year and says it could put up cameras in lay-bys.


Plans for a new 5,000 seater velodrome in Derby have been given


the go-ahead. The �28 million centre will be built at Pride Park.


It will also act as a major concert venue and have facilities for


basketball and badminton. City councillors approved the plans at a


meeting last night. Schoolchildren have been deserting


their classrooms in favour of the great outdoors - with science


lessons taking place at Attenborough nature reserve.


Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust has unveiled a new science project,


designed to be a fun way of teaching children about science,


nature and our impact on the environment. Rebecca Sheehan


reports. Today's class was slightly different for pupils from


Kensington junior school - they are the first to take part in the new


Wild science programme. The children are going to be scientists


for the day, performing experiments to look at the human impact on net


environment at Attenborough. It was hands-on right from the start as


the children got to learn exactly what birds eat. We partnered up and


we got appellate to die sector. found a pelvis. I found a lot of


nice parts. It was revolting. everything was revolting as they


went outside to check the weather. They will be looking at when speed,


direction and temperature and measuring that. All the schools


which do this project, they record the data and we hope we end up with


good detect each year to see trains. We would talk about positive things


that they can do individually to minimise impact on the environment.


The project will benefit 1,500 children in East Midlands and it is


hoped the programme will inspire young scientists of the future.


If you're wondering why this man is here on the sofa tonight - it is


because we have been deserted by Dom. As you about see, it seems he


has been doing a spot of moonlighting. On the Sunday


politics - prisoners are given drugs which amounts to chemical


castration, will it work? And a controversial decision to strip


search pupils at one of our schools. Join me from 12 men. -- 12 noon.


So don't miss Dom are making a guest appearance on the Politics


Show and Sunday. Back here tonight - a touch of Hollywood and highly.


Screenplay that will make stars of hundreds of locals and Leicester.


Filming starts of a movie set on the Golden Mile. Can Leicester City


make it to Wembley? I do not know! The big weekend coming up for


Leicester City. They play at Chelsea on Sunday in the quarter-


finals of the FA Cup. The foxes were given 6000 tickets for the


game. They sold out really quickly last Sunday with the fans hoping to


see their side cause a shock. Can the one club left cause a shock?


Hopefully we can show how we play. It will be a big game for Leicester.


It will cause a shock, who know his? It is 30 years since the Fox's


last reached a semi-final. Chelsea are hot favourites. They have won


three of the last five FA Cup's. Come on Leicester! So it's 1,000


fans are heading in hope. -- 6,000 fans. They are pretty good, yes.


The task is mighty bash Chelsea are six times Cup winners and more used


to mixing it with European neighbours than teams from the


championship but Leicester believes this could be their year.


Chelsea do look to be in goalscoring form all of a sudden.


They got four in their European tie earlier this week. One man who


could be key forget the foxes on Sunday is goalkeeper Kaspar


Schmeichel. He knows all about winning the FA Cup because it is in


his family... He was seven when his dad won it for the first time. He


won it twice more. One of the victories was against Chelsea.


is an awesome competition and I have grown up watching it. I have


been lucky enough to be close to it through my dad. It is an amazing


competition and anything can happen. Yes, I think everyone who is lucky


enough to win it just enjoys it immensely. All these years on, he


is dreaming of his own cup glory. Sunday's upon us had just hit form


with the great European performance this week. -- opponents. I cannot


wait. It is the type of game and opponents you want to play again.


The Foxes worked hard at training this morning but why are their


chances? They did beat Norwich in the last round. It will be a


difficult game. We would just have to be at the top of her game to


match them. We have their capability to do it. -- our again.


For a lot of us, this is the furthest we have got in the


competition and we just want to do the best for the club. We have


6,000 fans coming and you want to make them proud.


One man who knows all about playing for both teams is Leicester City


ambassador Alan Birchenall. He was at Chelsea in the Swinging Sixties,


so needless to say he enjoyed his time there. Earlier today we caught


up with him and asked him about his time there. In it was a brilliant


period. Chelsea where showbiz team then, I remember Sir Richard


Attenborough and I am looking forward to meeting him again. There


were lots of famous stars like Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis and


the legendary Raquel Welch even visited which caused a great stir


in the dressing-room I can tell you. Sir Richard brought her round the


dressing room which was interesting! It really will be a


tough game. Have Leicester got what it takes? We are going down as a


football club with an inconsistent season, to be honest. When we


argued we are very did. Hopefully, if we can play at the top of her


form, we might just shock Chelsea. -- when we are good we are very kid.


-- good. Leicester were due to be playing


Nottingham Forest in the championship tomorrow so that game


is of course off. Derby County are in action however, they play


Doncaster Rovers. And in League One Notts County will look to continue


their amazing for me - at home to Sheffield Wednesday. The rugby now


and Leicester Tigers have club captain Geordan Murphy in the


starting line-up for the final of the LV Cup on Sunday. The Tigers


had been playing mostly squad players in the competition, but


they have made six changes for the game with Northampton. In the past,


finals have been at Twickenham, but this year it is at Worcester.


will be interesting to play a small stadium but it will be a great


place and the fans will make a great atmosphere. You know what is


expected when he put on the shirt. The mind is focused this week on


Sunday. Staying with rugby and Nottingham


are also in action on Sunday - the play Doncaster in their first home


play-off match. And finally from me, speedway returns to Leicester


tomorrow. A star studded testimonial is being held at


Belmont Park for Magnus Karlsson. It is in honour of his ten-year


service to British speedway. Leicester begin their Premier


League campaign in the end of this month. Thank you very much. An


election on Sunday how Leicester City got on. -- I will let you know.


It is one of Leicester's best-known streets and now the hustle and


bustle of the Golden Mile has been captured in a new movie. Written


and directed by Leicester born Amit Gupta - the film is set on Belgrave


Road. And as if that is not enough reason to be excited, hundreds of


local people have also been cast as extras.


One it is not every day you get to see the Golden Mile being


transformed into area sunset. For five weeks it has a starring role


NFL. -- film. The comedy is rooted in the city. The plot revolves


around two feuding brothers who own restaurants near Belgrave Road. One


has a daughter who is getting married and wants to reunite them.


The film crew have transformed two real restaurants for the film. They


have a personal link with their director. That is my mum's


restaurant. We have put a big sign on its saying it is one of the


brother's restaurants. It is not just the streets but also the


people of Belgrade who have been recruited. They cannot get it any


relearn than this. The Golden Mile is very popular and will be even


more popular. It is quite exciting. They had been watching scenes being


shot. The family watching invited the cast into have tea. An Oscar


nominated photographer is also part of the crew. The crew have three


weeks more to shoot the movie. They have caused quite a stir so far


which will hopefully lead to box- office gold.


He looked a bit dull for a Golden Mile. -- it looked. Just a little


brightness out there at times. Nothing like this picture which


shows a lovely day last weekend. Thank you very much. A different


Thank you very much. A different story for this weekend. We have


some rain on the way. This weather front has been moving around and


will continue to do so as it makes its way across the East Midlands.


We will see the crowd increasing. - - clouds. The rain will become


patchy into the early hours of the morning. It will pick up again


early on Saturday. Some persistent rain in the south-east corner. It


could become more widespread in the afternoon. It will be a wet


afternoon for all of us. Daytime temperatures of 12 Celsius. Still


very wet Saturday night into Sunday. This will sit across the south-east


corner of the country. If you are going out for Mother's Day, we will


start out with showers but the skies will brighten behind it and


it will be a cold day. Daytime temperatures of ten Celsius, so


feeling a bit chilly. We do have high pressure starting to build the


back end. For this weekend, we will seek rain for the first time for a


while. This high pressure will push up from the south. This will mean


it will be windy on Monday but a mainly dry day. Be able Mensa crept


-- cloud as well. -- the able amounts of cloud. We will see it


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