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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight: The Olympic flame, coming to a


village or high street near you. It is one sport's most striking


images. Now we know the route the torch will take this summer.


Also tonight, another new arrival - but a baby boom restricting or


maternity units. Plus the latest survey that shows


where and what will drive the region's future economic growth.


And the prize-winning hat that is Good evening and welcome to


Monday's programme. First tonight, it'll be a five day carnival, and


it's happening in a street near you. Dozens of towns and villages have


discovered today just how close they'll be to the Olympic Torch


Relay. The detailed route has been revealed along with the names of


the 400 inspirational local people who'll carry the flame. Dominic has


the details. The celebrations begin on Thursday


28th June when the torch leaves Lincoln Cathedral and heads into


Nottinghamshire. It will go through Sherwood Forest and the Major Oak,


to Edwinstowe and then Mansfield, passing the Rebecca Adlington Baths.


Next stop, Newark. Then it'll go to Belton House and Grantham before


arriving for an evening celebration in Nottingham. Mark Shardlow is in


Nottingham at the National Ice Arena. Mark, what'll be happening


there? The torch will be carried across


the ice. A gala performance is being planned but under wraps at


the moment. The fact is the Olympic flame is coming to a street near


you. Celebrations are being planned in towns and villages, schools and


stately homes as the symbol of the It is one of the most famous


rituals in sport. The Olympic flame is lit at the ancient Greek home of


the Olympics and then taken on a three-month journey to London.


Among those honoured to carry the torch, some top sportspeople like


Torvill and Dean, but mostly ordinary people chosen for their


work in the community. Few will have a story like this man.


Beaten up after noting here as a refugee, a budding athlete and


volunteer in schools and youth groups, he can't believe he will be


carrying the torch. Wow. That is a surprise. It is


amazing. There was a relay before the 1948


London games, but this will be a landmark moment, the first time the


torch has been to the East Midlands. And it'll be in a boat in the East


Midlands at the National Water Sports Centre and Rutland Water.


When it comes to a street near you, it's not just the torch but a whole


convoy of vehicles with plans for street parties and school


celebrations along the route. The torch leaves Nottingham Castle


on Friday 29th June and heads to Derbyshire via Bolsover Castle, on


to Matlock, then Chatsworth House, Bakewell, Buxton and Ashbourne,


before arriving in Derby for an evening celebration. As James


Roberson reports, the torch even manages to squeeze in a trip on a


Symmetric generations of torch carriers today rehearsing a novel


form of transport for the torch. -- two generations. The torch will be


rushed it to Matlock Bath and go up the Heights of Abraham. One problem


- how to carry a lighted torch on a cable car.


The engineers are going to cut one of the main windows so the torch


can be held outside. Here for the publicity shots today,


swanning to do France's will carry the real torch through Bakewell.


I can't believe it. I have been out of the world since Tuesday, when I


heard. Eleanor has already competed at the


Vancouver Olympics, so is not a bit -- isn't it a bit tame to be


carrying the torch? Absolutely not. I am delighted, and


it is fantastic. It is hoped that tourism will


benefit from the torch's progress through the town's.


It raises the profile of the whole area. Our objective is to maximise


the benefit. This was the 1948 torch. Now they


can't worry -- weight to carry this year's won.


The torch leaves Derby on Saturday 30th June but returns to our area


on Monday 2nd July, passing through Foxton Locks, and then into


Leicester along Belgrave Road. It'll travel from the National


Space Centre to Rutland Water, where the bearer will board a boat,


then to Burghley House near Stamford. With more details, here's


Helen Astle, who's in Leicester Excitement is certainly mounting


hair in Leicester. Come a bit closer - that is better. There are


just 105 days to go until the torch relay comes here, and people really


can't wait. This morning, school children in


Loughborough were getting to grips with the past while looking forward


to the future. They celebrated the Olympic torch relay coming to the


town by holding the original 1948 torch.


It makes me feel really special, to be holding it.


I felt famous a bit. It is good because it once I see it on the TV


I will say to my parents, I held that.


The route will weave through towns across Leicestershire. In this


village, population just 1,000, locals can't believe they are


playing such a part in the Olympics. The Olympic torch coming here, to


the back of nowhere? It is going to be special.


I have heard people talking in the pub that they are looking forward


to it. We found out a few months ago that they were coming through


the village, and it brings you into the Olympics atmosphere. We are


going to put a barbecue on and do the bunting thing and make a


British day of it. In Loughborough, which will play a


pivotal role, and the student Rebecca Addington recalls a phone


call went -- that she will never forget.


I ran out of my lecture. I got it and came back in, and I thought why


have I just left a lecture? I was just shaking. I was so pleased and


excited. The children can't wait for the


Joining me is Adrian, from the city council. This must be a logistical


nightmare for you. How is it going to work?


It is challenging. It is a two-day event over 70 miles, and we wanted


to go smoothly. We have got lots of road junctions that it will be


crossing, so we are looking for the minimum disruption.


And how big is the torch onto Raj? It is surprising. Something like


100 cars. It is not just the people involved directly. It is all the


sponsors and the people there to make it a truly wonderful event.


Leicester is the only city where there's going to be a rehearsal. Is


it a headache? We have got to get our plans ready, but we are up to


the challenge. Thank you very much. I have spent


the day in the city and the reality is dawning. London 2012 really is


coming to a street near you. And If you want to see just how


close the torch will be getting to you look at bbc.co.uk/2012 for all


the details. Still to come on the programme:


Sound and vision - the videos helping the parents of deaf


The Department for Transport has confirmed that a major road scheme


won't be included in government plans for more road tolls. Last


November the go-ahead was given for the A453 between Nottingham and the


M1 to be widened into a dual carriageway. Today the Prime


Minister said the government was considering using private finance


for other such schemes, which may involve motorists paying to use the


road. A group of doctors has pledged to


unseat the Nottinghamshire MP Anna Soubry over her backing for the


Health and Social Care Bill. 250 doctors from across the country


have threatened to put up candidates to oppose coalition MPs


at the next election over the NHS changes. Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry


has been named as one of those the group plans to target.


Next tonight, our growing population - two maternity units in


Leicester became so full recently they had to shut and two women in


labour were treated at hospitals outside the county.


Well, they're now recruiting more midwives and planning to use more


hospital space to try to cope with demand.


This girl was born this morning. Her mother said she did not want to


give birth anywhere else. I had my first baby here and I am happy to


have my second here as well. Hopefully my third as well!


This is a mum in Waiting and feels the same force of Leicester, for me,


-- feels the same. Leicester, which has been added


place of confidence for me. Nearly 11,000 babies were delivered


here last year. Between the Royal Infirmary here and the general


hospital, they have 84 maternity beds and 24 delivery suites. For a


three hour period this year, they were all completely full. Two


mothers had to be cared for outside the county.


It is rare, but what we had was a bit of a baby boom. Everybody came


in at the same time. So what can you do to stop it happening again?


We are looking to expand, increase our bed base and our delivery space.


They are also recruiting more with wives. They have 334 at the moment.


They are encouraging more nurses to train admits -- as midwives.


No other job could be so varied. you like it was mac I love it.


The were to expand facilities should be completed this year. --


the work. With two days to go until the


Budget, a new national survey has posted an upbeat assessment of the


region's ability to recover from the economic downturn. It


highlights parts of Derbyshire, South Leicester and Nottingham as


places where businesses could flourish in the future. Here's our


Jodie is running her own business in a region that a new survey


reveals is at the cutting edge of huge potential for small business


growth. She is based in Sutton in Ashfield, a town with one of the


highest levels of youth unemployment.


Fortunately for myself, I am doing well in business. But a lot of


hairdressers and salons are closing in the area. It is a deep recession,


but again you have to take the risk to move forward.


This company carried out a survey for the BBC. It reveals that the


East Midlands is ranked third for business champions. The firms with


high growth potential, especially his -- days -- specially these


Although some of these areas may face challenges, or there are some


positive and there are some potential for growth within these


areas. This company, a so-called incubator


for developing this size based businesses. It is also part of the


region's economic future. We have a fantastic opportunity in


the East Midlands to nurture high tech and in particular life science


high tech. We have some stunning, world-class universities, in fact


more than our fair share. Tonight, the future shape of the


East Midlands economy is discussed in a special TV debate from 11 no


5pm. The survey illustrates that part of the East Midlands are well-


placed for any economic upturn. But it also shows how fragile any


And that East Midlands debate, called "Our Economy" is presented


by Marie Ashby from 11:05pm here on BBC One.


Next tonight, breaking down the barriers between profoundly deaf


children and their parents. Two years after the NHS set up a


research lab in Nottingham to film children's interaction with their


mums and dads, the experts say it's had a big impact. In a nutshell,


it's helped parents focus on how they interact with their children


Our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons reports.


They say that the camera never lies. There are three of them in his lab


of. The cameras are hidden in cuddly toys. They focus on body


language and expressions taken for granted. Ryan is profoundly deaf.


He struggles to get his message across. Today, he was broadcasting


loud in care how much this lad has helped. I used to have problems


with Brian's behaviour. -- Ryan's. His communication was limited.


is taking a lead. Child's play, but serious work. 21 families had been


coached by the speech therapist. Parents carry around their failure


rather more than their success. We are able to show how the child is


copying their speech, it's a real revelation to the families. This


work, involving the University of Nottingham and NHS hospitals has


attracted the film director Ken Loach. The camera can read behind


you rise. Ryan has started to say a few words. His mother says all of


this analysis is helping keeping them on the same wavelength.


What a great idea. The sport now.


Around 600 Leicester fans were hoping that Chelsea would not


prevent them getting to semi-finals. It will be 2-1 to Leicester.


could spring a surprise. optimism was short-lived as the tie


optimism was short-lived as the tie was effectively over after just 80


minutes. Leicester looked to her back. They had an impressive


afternoon. It was Fernando Torres who stole the headlines. He finally


found the net. Leicester kept going, and got their reward. Jermaine


Beckford with a smart finish. It was to be Fernando Torres's day. A


deft header. Leicester did not stop working. They scored a screamer.


They were exposed at the back. Chelsea completing a 5-2 victory.


Chelsea completing a 5-2 victory. They are a very good side. They


could have scored more goals. I'm the first to acknowledge that. We


had some good moments ourselves, but ultimately, we didn't defend


well enough today to keep ourselves in the game. The focus shift back


to the championship after a to the championship after a


fantastic FA Cup run. No idea what the keeper was thinking here.


Pierre Robinson, a very Goole finish. Derby were controlling


things. A goal by Gareth Roberts. It has definitely been Derby's week.


It has definitely been Derby's week. To get these two wins, it was a big


To get these two wins, it was a big effort. As for Notts County, they


match of the Wednesday. The visitors had another gear, and use


it after the break to put themselves two head. There were


some bright spots, notably the performance of their new loan


signing. Every game we play, the mindset of the players will be


mindset of the players will be keeping in the match.


Leicester Tigers picked up a cup yesterday, they beat the other team


up by 21 points. They were doing some team bonding today.


They were having a well and the day off today. They were enjoying a


spot of off-road driving. I was driving with a blindfold, and


getting directions from the rest of the lads. It was an eye-opener.


Spirits are high after yesterday's victory. The final was that was


victory. The final was that was the's ground. They took a 16-9 lead


into the break. Into the second half, Scott Hamilton intercepted a


pass and ran almost the entire length of the pitch. Northampton


then scored one of their own towards the end, but it was the


Tigers who lifted the first silverware of the season, and with


it a guaranteed place in Europe next season. The boys are obviously


very pleased. We got our rewards for hard work and effort. A great


win yesterday, and a bit of a fund day-to-day. They will be focused on


day-to-day. They will be focused on finishing their campaign on a high.


Nottingham have kept themselves in the play-off hunt. Three second-


half tries to them away. Nottingham Panthers needed overtime


to claim their victory. Coming up, 26th May could be a massive


Saturday for East Midlands board. In the next is a world title fight


for calf Raj. He came face-to-face with Lucien -- Lucien Bute. The man


whose title he wants to take away. Carl Froch versus to win this title


to replace the one he lost. I Earth fought a lot of top level fighters.


I'm still standing. I'm looking pretty enough to fight for the IBF


world title. As Paul Lucien Bute, he holds the IBF belt, there


doesn't hold the world's respect. That's why we get to see this fight


on home ground. He is a beatable fighter. He is fighting me in my


home town. It is sink or swim. are hoping that the Nottingham


arena will sell out in a hurry. Carl Froch should become a three-


time world champion. We will leave at the last word with Lucien Bute,


he doesn't speak much English. Don't miss this fight.


They are talking about selling out by the end of the week.


She only took it up as a hobby, but now this woman is winning prizes


for her striking at creations. Last week, the mother of one beat off


tough competition to win the title for the Best hat on Ladies' Day at


the Cheltenham Festival. Now she's hoping to get a head start in


opening up their own business. -- opening up have our own business.


They get the horses, this is what Ladies' Day is all about. Fashion


and hats. Michelle Fairley is no stranger to them. She started


making hats are a few years ago. was going to race meet a few years


ago, I couldn't find they had a light. I decided that I would have


a go at doing one myself. It all started from there. Last week,


Michelle and her sister attended Cheltenham Festival wearing her


designs. I really wanted to wear orange, it is quite a beautiful


colourful spring and summer. I had a dress in mind to wear. It was


this hat that was head and shoulders above the rest. It has


been great. I've had quite a lot of customers on the back of it.


Hopefully, it'll take me further. I think with the royal wedding, Kate


Middleton, hats are the forefront, a lot more people are wanting to


wear a hat, whether it be to a wedding or the races. That is great


for myself. She's taping a shower room to display and sell the


collection. -- she is opening a shower room.


shower room. shower room.


Those were beautiful hats. The BBC have announced the song for


the Eurovision Song contest. the Eurovision Song contest.


It is a grower. Let's hope we win this year.


We have a lovely picture of some daffodils. Thank you very much for


that. It feels like spring today, a glorious afternoon. Some breeze, we


will continue to hold on to that. The cloud will thicken up. It will


come across the west of the region. A small amount of rain, maybe some


light showers. Further south, we hold on to those breaks in the


cloud. Temperatures dropping to a minimum of three Celsius. The cloud


then starts to come in again overnight. Tomorrow morning, the


cloud gradually starting to break. It might not be as good as today,


but still a reasonable afternoon. The wind will remain fairly light.


Topped temperatures of 14 Celsius along the Lincolnshire coast line.


A cloudy start to Wednesday. That is due to the high-pressure. The


winter will remain light. Daytime temperatures around 14-15 degrees.


That high pressure will gradually start to pull away a little bit,


and what it will start to do is change the wind direction. That


will come in from the south-east. That will mean we will see more


cloud cover. It should remain fairly light. That will affect the


temperatures a little bit. The Best of the sunshine is on Thursday.


When we get to Friday, that cloud is likely to come in. Temperatures


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