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This is East Midlands Today. Our top story tonight:


The bond between siblings that just got even more special.


Yes, tonight a sister has given the pressures in gift of a kidney to


her brother, all because of a desperate shortage of donors.


And the moments tonight that a man attacked an antiques dealer.


attacked me with a screwdriver and told me to get on the ground.


Nottingham Forest's magnificent You could call it the ultimate


present. A sister has given her brother the gift of life by


donating her kidney today. Kalvender Khuman has spent years


having dialysis, waiting for a transplant. And as someone from the


Asian community, he knew only too well that a shortage of kidney


donors might mean he never got a transplant. The operation is being


carried out this evening at Leicester General Hospital. Let's


go live to our Health Correspondent. This is a major kidney transplant


centre in the East Midlands and what a difference a day makes. This


is the day that Kalvender has been waiting for for so long after being


on dialysis and fearing that he would not get another chance. That


operation is still continuing and we will have the latest for you a


bit later. It has been an emotional day for his relatives.


A kidney transplant, one of the miracles of modern minute --


miracles. For this man, it is a new lease of life. He can go out


without having to think about the dialysis and things like that. It


will be just amazing once it is all done. A successful transfer at


should bring end end to years of dialysis. The headline news in


Leicester tonight seemed to say it all. A we were just talking about


it a few weeks ago and that all of a sudden, before you know it the


day is here. It has taken months to get this far. But I am so amazed


and overwhelmed. I cannot describe how I am feeling. The family


discovered the sister was a perfect match only two weeks ago. Today,


the sunshine only seemed to match the joy of the family.


The latest from the hospital is that the donor is doing very well.


She is recovering at her kidney has been taken out. Her family is very


pleased that the operation has Commonwealth -- has gone well. The


family are hoping to speak to Kalvender later on. There are lots


of people on the kidney waiting list.


Yes, there are. Just in the East Midlands, 573 people as of


yesterday are way -- are waiting for a transplant. 20 % of those are


from the Asian communities. That should not really come as a


surprise because there are a shortage of kidney donors from the


Asian communities. There is no way that the man will take this Ginnie


for granted. He had -- will take this kidney for granted. He had a


prior chairs play at that did not work. -- trends play at that did


It was one of the worst kept political secrets in many years.


When the Chancellor rose to his feet at 12:31pm to present his


third Budget, most of us already had a good idea of what was in his


red box. But Mr Osborne still managed to spring one or two


surprises. Here is our political editor John Hess with his view of


Budget Day. Yes, it was a widely leaked budget.


If you've just got in, here are the main points:


The Chancellor cut the top rate of income tax from 50p in the pound to


45p. And he has raised the threshold at which people start


paying tax to more than �9,200. There is an immediate rise in stamp


duty. It is now 7 % on homes costing more than �2 million.


Smokers will be hit hard by an increased tax on tobacco. It means


a packet of 20 cigarettes will now cost an extra 37p.


And a pint of beer is to go up by 5p a pint. Business leaders have


been calling on the Government to put pressure on the banks to lend


more. Today, one bank manager from Leicester decided to find out for


herself about the problems facing small businesses. She went to work


at a hairdressers, as Helen Astle reports.


Jenny is the manager of this hairdresser in Leicester. Today it


is a busy salon and many customers are expected. But business has been


tough recently. There has been a struggle. The client tell you would


have expected to carry on having colours and treatments have not


been having them. They are coming to get their hair cut but they are


not getting the extras, so you tend to lose a little bit. As well as


the clients, Jenny has a new recruit. Just for today, she has


the business manager of her local Nat West Bank. It is interesting to


see what she does on a day-to-day basis and I cannot wait for her to


shampoo someone's hair. This is a chance for her the baker to see how


different -- the Bangor to see how different it is. I can see that


Jenny is a very busy and time is precious for her at it is odd about


making sure customers get the right service. I hope that she will get a


better understanding and I hope to get to know her more and hopefully


she will look at the salon and see that we are trying really hard.


the Chancellor unveiled his Budget today, Jenny is hoping that her


Salam will keep growing. -- that her salon will keep going.


-- growing. So what has been the reaction to


the Budget? There was much talk from the


Chancellor's about more help for manufacturing, especially aerospace


and pharmaceutics. Both important sectors in the East Midlands. And


there's help too for the small businesses. The Chancellor is


talking about creating jobs. talked about reducing unemployment.


Men and women who run businesses create jobs. Anything that is being


done to help small businesses has to be welcomed.


The Chancellor had good news for the video games industry, didn't


he? Yes, and remember that Derby and Nottingham are thriving centres


for this industry. Both Nottingham City Council and the Nottingham


East MP Chris Leslie have called for more support for companies like


Crytek in Nottingham which develops video games. Its managing director


today welcomed the Chancellor's decision to introduce tax breaks.


Tax breaks for the video games industry is great news for us. We


have suffered from unfair competition from places like Canada


where there have been generous tax breaks for development. This gives


us a chance to re- invest in this industry.


Political reaction? Sherwood's Conservative MP Mark Spencer was


smiling tonight. He says it's a budget to get Britain moving again.


As for Labour, Leiceseter South's Jon Ashworth says there are many


stealth taxes in this Budget that'll hit pensioners and the


squeezed middle. We will hear more about the squeeze Middle in weeks


to come. I bet we will! Still to come:


The sport, including all the goals from Elland Road. And Sara has the


weather. It has been another lovely day across the East Midlands. It is


turning a little bit chilly under the clearer skies but tomorrow will


bring even warmer temperatures. More towards the end of the


programme. An antiques expert has described


how he was held at knifepoint in his home during an attempted


robbery. James Cartland, from Ashbourne in Derbyshire, believes


he was targeted after he was featured in a TV documentary. The


raiders fled empty-handed after he managed to escape. He's been


telling our reporter how the events unfolded. There was a man suddenly


leapt out leaving a big screwdriver and he was swearing at me and


telling me to get down on the ground. Then at two others came in


through the dining room window. He marched me up here and tied my arms


behind my back and tied me to the column. He went away after about 40


minutes. I was able to wriggle myself free. You expect to lock


your front door and not worry about someone waving a knife at you. I am


absolutely sure that it is through a programme I did in my no -- old


home that was on a television programme last year, of various


things that he said suggested that they had watched the programme.


James does not think anything is missing. Several items were


recovered from the garden. He is now having extra security fencing


installed. I am determined that we should catch these people and that


is why I have offered �80,000 reward to words catching the. --


offered a �2,000 reward for catching them. This is not the


first time they have been involved in something like this. Anyone who


has any information about the robbery that happen on Saturday


night is asked to contact Derbyshire police.


A skier from Leicester who died after crashing into a machine that


makes snow has been named. 22-year- old Thomas Lynch was working as a


rep on the French resort of Val d'Isere. He was skiing with


colleagues on a day off when the accident happened. The company he


worked for says it's making arrangements for his family to fly


to France. Two men have been jailed for


plotting to smuggle nearly 24 million counterfeit cigarettes into


the country. Undercover investigators watched as more than


5 million fakes were delivered to an industrial unit in Leicester.


Andreas Apostolides and Costas Georgiou were each sentenced to


five years in prison after being found guilty of conspiracy to evade


duty worth nearly �4 million. 40 jobs have been created as part


of construction work on Nottingham's two new tramlines.


Work has already begun on the multi-million pound project to


build tramlines to Clifton and Chilwell. Now 40 new labouring jobs


are being advertised. The new routes should open by the end of


2014. He was just a baby when his mother


was killed and he was shot by gunmen hunting for bush meat in


Cameroon. With shotgun pellets left in his arm Shufai's pain continued,


until now. Yes, eight years on, and Shufai is fighting fit thanks to


the work of three vets from the East Midlands.


This is a Shufai. He lives in a century in Cameron where he has


been ever since he was rescued as a baby. He suffered severe injuries


to his arm in the first few months of his life. He was clinging on to


his mother when Hunter has opened fire. His movement had become


limited and tell a charity got involved and brought in specialists


from the East Midlands. Last November they said they had


something for me to look at. They said they had a little gorilla. We


spent the next few months trying to get a team of good surgeons to,


work in the forest. There was still an uncertainty until Shufai was on


the operating table. We had a variety of plants that we might use


end we decided that we would go with the simplest option. A piece


of bone was removed to stop the problem getting worse. Now A is


getting better at getting lots of attention from his keeper. -- now A.


-- are now Shufai is getting better at getting lots of attention from


his keeper. Joining us in the studio now is


Sharon Redrobe from Twycross Zoo who you saw in that report and


Sandra Corr from the Pride Veterinary Centre in Derby and


University of Nottingham. First of all have you ever been asked to do


something like this before and how does is differ from say treating a


domestic animal? It has been my career to work with these animals


and I have been privileged to go to Africa. I love being able to help


out. He looks so human. You are the expert surgeon! I am much more used


to dealing with cats and dogs. I spoke with lots of human surgeons


who helped us come up with ideas. Gorillas are not as obedient as


some teenage boys! May be! They have a different skin structure


that people do. How is he doing now? Is he doing OK? So far he


seems to be. The surgery seems to have taken away a lot of the pain.


We took out some knuckle Rock, which was quite scary. But he seems


to be more comfortable. conditions over there must be quite


challenging. Very different than what we are used to. It is hot and


very humid. There are infects flying around. You have to be


careful. Do they have the facilities there? We had to take


everything with us, times two. When I asked Sondra if she would come to


Africa she said yes but that we needed to sterilise everything at


bring this and this because we would have nothing. She had to


break two of everything. shooting -- she had to bring in two


of everything. The shooting happened eight years ago. Is there


still a problem with poachers? There are still babies being


brought in to several charities. I did some X rays last February and


there was another baby chimp brought in. Every time we have


another baby brought in it means a family has been killed so they can


take the baby. They are taking it for the meat, or is it something


else? It is high-value meet. It is an international trade. There is


some local consumption. Mostly, the gorilla meat will travel throughout


Africa, and even into Europe. has to be an awareness. Yes,


clearly. They are going extinct. People think they are not part of


the crisis. But these guerrillas are fast going extinct. In 50 years


there may not be any more in the wild, so we have to stop cutting


down their forest and taking their would. We have to start looking


after the animals over their. Fascinating account. Thank you both


so much work coming in. Time for the sport.


So, quite a night up in Leeds last night Colin. Well I hope you're in


the mood for some goals because we've got a real feast for you.


Nottingham Forest had an unbelievable win away at Leeds last


night in a ten goal thriller. The Reds scored a magnificent seven to


This game had all of the ingredients of a Hollywood


blockbuster. It was not a happy beginning for Forest. A penalty was


conceded after just five minutes. Just a couple of minutes later,


there was the perfect way to make amends. A spectacular 25 yard shot


put the Reds back in the game. At half-time there was a 21 lead and


as the second half started, no one could know what was to come. Forest


took a 3 - 1 lead. A minute later, Leeds took one back. Another two


minutes later, it was all square. It was head in hands time for the


travelling fans. Seconds later, Forest was leading with the 4th


goal of the night. They never looked back. Gareth McCleary went


for a hat-trick. But he and Forest were not done yet. He grabbed


himself yet another goal. Amazing stuff. He then came many lives and


No. 7, as Dexter Black's dark racked up an incredible light for


the Reds. They will not be forgetting that for a while. It is


an unbelievable night at Elland Road. Yes, unbelievable. Forest's


next opponents are Brighton on Saturday. But last night Derby


headed down there to play the promotion-chasing team. They came


back with a 2 - 0l defeat. Collins was high. -- 82 in - nil defeat.


Confidence was high. Derby did create half chances through the


game. But they cannot find a cutting edge. As well as Brighton


played, they were rarely threatened. They had to keep Derby firmly mid-


table. More goals now in League One where Notts County found themselves


4-nil down at half-time at home to Sheffield United. They ended up


losing 5-2. Mark Shardlow reports. The topsy-turvy world of Notts


County, who were reeling in the first half. Just 10 days ago they


had a lead against league leaders Charlton. Last night was very


different. Sheffield United are now second in the league. They went


into the break with a full goal advantage. At least Notts County


one of the second half. This free kick was pinpoint. Another error


gave Sheffield a boost just before the end. But this one brought the


score line to 5 - 2 in the closing moments. Not a great moment. The


result sees Notts County slip out of the play-offs positions. And not


to be outdone there were seven goals in the first half in the game


between Alfreton and Mansfield in the Conference. Mansfield led 4 - 3,


and in a quieter second half made the final score 6 - 3. So, what can


Leicester do tonight! They're playing up at Blackpool. We'll have


the goals here tomorrow night and there's commentary tonight on BBC


Radio Leicester 104.9 FM, plus of course you can catch the result in


our late news. Now, it's been a very noisy day in one part of the


East Midlands. Nearly 1,000 children have been involved in the


first ever Winter School Games. The event in Derbyshire paves the way


for a summer of school sport linked to 2012. Helen Barnes has been to


Moorways in Derby to investigate. These are some of the fastest


runner as a Derbyshire! I am really proud of myself. Just like at the


Olympics, there is lots of sport as well as lots of student volunteers


and organisers. This is part of a legacy programmes -- programme for


the Olympics and Paralympic Games. It is getting so difficult to have


these competitions and it is really important in developing an interest


in sport. It is important in this country. The organisers in


Derbyshire are looking to find stars of the future, and also get


more young people taking part and succeeding in sport. We have got


over 700 people taking part in their peer group and it is a


fantastic experience for them to come and compete and experience


many sporting events. It is not just one event. There are five


different sports. Less than half of these kids regularly take part in


sport, but it is hoped that these events will change this. The best


athletes will be hoping for medals and others will look to use their


skills in volunteering, appreciating or even reporting.


They hope to carry their skills on with them. We said it was noisy and


we were not wrong. It looked fun though. I understand you have a


little picture of a squirrel. Yes, little picture of a squirrel. Yes,


I thought it was quite funny. I but he might be doing squirrel


exercises. -- I thought he might be doing squirrel exercises. It has


been a lovely day today. Clear skies tonight, but it is still


giving us an opportunity to see a slight frost at this time of year.


It will be quite chilly and we could see some mist developing in


some areas. The minimum temperature will be around three Celsius. A


chilly and bright start to Tamara with plenty of early morning


sunshine around. -- to tomorrow. If you were thinking of heading to the


Lincolnshire coast line, look at the difference am temperatures. We


will see quite low cloud remain the as well. We could easily see a


daytime temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. The wind continues to come


from a south-easterly direction and we have a weather front pushing him


from Friday. There could be a small amount of rain on Friday. The cloud


could then thinned and break again. Daytime temperatures will be about


14 Celsius on Friday. Low-pressure is not very far away. We will start


to see a bit more clout coming in for the weekend. It will have an


impact on the temperatures. -- bit more cloud. Daytime temperatures of


Saturday and Sunday will probably be in the region of about 10 to 12


Celsius. It could still be turning quite cold at night but it will be


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