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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Fury as the cost of diesel edges towards 1750 a litre.


We speak to a haulier who already spends �2 million a year at the


pumps. Probably 60% of that is duty and VAT. That's �1.2 million if my


figures are right. A heck of a lot of cash.


Also tonight, found here with shocking injuries, now questions


are raised over the death of a baby. We feel totally let down by the


professionals entrusted to protect the lives of the vulnerable.


Plus our spending cuts behind rising sickness rates in the


police? And running for Sport Relief. The


man who lost his limbs to meningitis. I've not got back to


the stage after a decade where I can make a contribution back and to


show that you can recover and you Good evening. Welcome to Thursday's


programme. Amid the talk of a granny tax, a


mansion tax and cuts in the 50p tax rate for top earners, the plans for


3p on fuel passed almost without notice.


It was hoped George Osborne would delay or scrap the rise due in


August as prices on the pumps edge closer to �1.50 a litre. Last week,


the Prime Minister told students UK fuel prices would make them faint.


Quentin is joining us now. More financial strain for drivers?


certainly looking that way. With potential unrest in the middle East,


prices will not get any better by the looks of it. Tonight, we're


here in Derbyshire where the County's police force announced it


will cost them an extra �40,000 a year to fill up. They intend to


send their fleet of cars to supermarkets where they hope prices


will be cheaper. My colleague Simon Hare spent the day at a hauliers.


They've calculated they will spend over �1 million in fuel duty and


VAT every year. This is a service station with a


difference. Its owners know how the average motorist feels when fuel


rices rise. That is because K & H which operates this garage in the


Peak District also run as haulage business next door. When the extra


3p in fuel duty kicks in this summer, the price here for a litre


of diesel will break the �1.50 barrier. People have had enough.


You go to these other countries and it's a lot cheaper. It should be


capped. They are paying enough tax. I wouldn't like to pick the fuel


bill in, what this firm's paying out or what heavy goods vehicles on


the road pay. We are buying about �2 million of fuel. About 60% of


that is fuel duty and VAT. A heck of a lot of cash. Just going


straight to the Government? Going to the Government from us alone.


Diesel used to be a third of your costs. Now we are way over 50%.


Money that should have gone towards investing in the business for


things like replacing lorries has had to cover the extra fuel costs.


We are in a continual challenge to keep people employed. On a weekly


bases somebody goes out of business. It is a very serious situation. It


needs to be taken account of. the mean tile, this firm warns


customers it will have to put up haulage rates. That means higher


prices for other goods also being passed on to the public.


So, big bills at that hauliers. No doubt big bills here at Trent


Barton. Let's talk to the commercial director, Alex Hornby.


How much will it cost you? literally translates as an extra


�100,000-to-our fuel bill. Coupled with changes coming to the fuel tax


rebate rules to bus operators in the UK, that translates as an extra


�1.1 million in over heads to our company. You have seen a


opportunity in this? There has to be a opportunity. Everyone will


face these increases. Not least the motorists. Our aim is, we will not


stop investing, improving our quality in order to attract the


motorist to our services. So you're hoping to attract the Moat ris --


motorist driven out of their cars to hop on to a bus. Certainly.


will the impact be on the bus companies, smaller companies?


will be companies in similar situations to ours. Some companies,


this will seriously damage their business. This is a huge impact.


There are people who may not have the opportunities we have.


Particularly those operating school services or more rural services. We


are trying to meet the challenge head-on. I hope the Government


lends support to those who need the extra support. Alex, thank you.


That's the impact on a big transport company. What about the


impact on you, the ordinary motorist? Well, cast your mind back


almost 12 years ago to September 2000, and the height of the fuel


protests when oil refineries and fuel depots were brocadeed by


furious lorries drivers and convoys of vehicles deliberately drove up


moat ways slowly to cause tailbacks. That was when the average cost of


unleaded fuel was only 80p a litre. Now look at how things have changed


for a typical journey through the heart of the East Midlands. We've


chosen a trip from Mansfield in Nottinghamshire down to Leicester.


A drive of some 47 miles. If you were driving a car that did 35


miles to the gallon, in 2000, that journey would have cost you �4.88


in unleaded fuel at 80p a litre. From August this year, that same


journey will cost you �8 .97 at 17p a litre after the hike in fuel duty


which comes into effect in August. There is now an e-petition Jon


Leyne which is calling to scrap this fuel hike. So far, it has


attracted almost 14 2000 signatures. The Conservative MP behind it says


with many motorists now paying a tenth of their entire income


filling the family car, there now is an urgent need for a


parliamentary debate on all this. Quentin, thank you.


Incredible figures. You've been getting in touch with us over the


coming price rises. A flavour of your views.


Lindsey says what next, a window tax?. Trish says she's thinking of


staying on in Tenerife. Everything is cheaper and we've the sun too!


Steve Fletcher says diesel is already close to �150 a litre in


the Giltbrook and Kimberley area. Susan tweet the us to say she's


just paid �1.44 a litre for diesel and thought that was expensive.


Ouch! Thanks for all of your tweets and emails. Still to come: You can


forget the price of fuel. At least the sunshine is free.


It is a good job. We've had some lovely sunshine again across the


East Midlands and those warm temperatures. Will they last for


the weekend? I'll tell you towards the end of the programme.


Next, the family of a baby boy who died from head injuries say they


feel totally let down by professionals who are entrusted to


protect the lives of the vulnerable. Tyler Redhead died in 2007. His


inquest has only just been held. Todays the coroner recorded a


narrative verdict saying there was shortfalls in the service provided.


Disciplinary action has been taken against those involved.


Inquests normally answer questions. But in this case, some still remain.


This inquest was about a child of whom publicly, at least, there are


no known photographs. A child who had shocking injuries, including


those from being sexually abused. A baby, Tyler, who is dead, aged just


14 weeks. Heavily pregnant, Tyler's mum Zoe Harris, seen with the pink


handbag, arrived at the coroner's court this morning to hear how her


son died. In accept 2007, Tyler was rushed to the Leicester Royal


Infirmary. He died the next day of head injuries. Tyler's father,


Craig was looking after the son and told the police he shook Tyler


after finding him unconscious. The postmortem examination revealed


some of Tyler's injuries were non- accidental and were four weeks old.


The court was told at the time of Tyler's death, his parents were


heroin addicts with a history of domestic violence. They were well


known to social services. A serious case review's been carried out. It


found more could have been done to help Tyler. No words or statements


can bring Tyler back to us. We feel totally let down by the


professionals entrusted to protect the lives of the vulnerable.


the All the agencies who work with children in Leicestershire have


taken action, improved quality of service. It would be less likely


this would happen today than it would have done in 2007. So what


happened here at the family's home in Earl Shilton will probably never


be known. The police originally charged Craig Redhead with the


murder of his son but the case was dropped as there wasn't enough


evidence to secure the conviction. Mr Redhead was called to give


evidence but he didn't show up. The police say the case is still open.


In other news tonight: Work to widen the A453 has been brought


forward. The news was revealed in yesterday's Budget papers.


Nottinghamshire County Council says the work is likely to start this


winner it. It was due to begin in 2015. You cook driving on the new


dual carriageway now before that date. The council's welcomed the


announcement. Controversial plans to relocate


five GP surgeries in Nottinghamshire on to a single site


have been approved in principle today. The Primary Care Trust board


agreed the clinical and financial case for the supersurgery planned


for Wilford Lane in West Bridgford but they have deferred a final


decision for two months while more research into transport links is


carried out. The Leicestershire based fashion


retailer Next says its profits rose by 5%. The company says the success


was largely down to the rapid growth of its Jon Leyne business.


The group warned the outlook for the year ahead remains uncertain.


It is probably fair to say it is a stressful enough job fighting crime


but now it seems the pressure on our police is rising still further.


Figures obtained by the BBC show the number of sick days taken by


officers in Nottinghamshire has risen by more than a quarter. The


force says it is tackling the problem. But rang and file officers


blamed cutbacks and the fact many experienced staff have been forced


to leave. It was never going to be a popular


police tactic. Last year, Nottinghamshire decided to get rid


of experienced officers with more than 30 years service. It was


facing some of the biggest cuts in the country though, �42 million


over four years. But those on the frontline say the cracks are now


showing. We've lost 200 officers since the start of last year alone.


Way over 300 civilian staff that were supporting those officers. We


work in a stressful environment where people set out to attack and


abuse us on a daily bases. If officers haven't the knowledge that


backup is coming it can only exacerbate injuries picked up in


the line of duty. Injuries and illnesses have gone up. 23,000 sick


days were seen last year, up by 5,000. In Derbyshire and Leicester


shire rates are falling. Managers insist they are tackling the


problem and in the last few months are making prose rest -- progress.


We are trying not to pile work on to people. We are trying to make


ourselves much more efficient. We are reducing crime figures. We are


down 7.2 were from this time last year. Our sickness rates are coming


down. There could be a new challenges ahead with sweeping


changes planned by Government tor pay and promotion, the federation


says there will soon be even fewer laughing policemen. A lot of


officers will rethink their career choices. I stand to lose a number


of thousands of pounds from my pay. The force will have serious issues


with retention and recruitment if this comes in.


A nightclub owner's been given a criminal ASBO only the second in


the country for persistently fly- posting. In January, Tim Sturgess


was ordered to pay over �5,000 for putting up hundreds of posters


advertising his nightclub all over the city. Magistrates imposed the


CRASBO after hearing evidence Sturgess continued fly-posting,


even after his conviction. He was convicted on 16th January. He still


continued until the end of February. There have been numerous fly


posters glued to people's private properties, windows, businesses and


BT telephone boxes. It is a cost to them and the council to remove.


is claimed a new system to make people's basic medical history


available across the NHS will help to avoid mistakes and improve


emergency cares. Patients are being invited to have part of their GP


medical records made more widely available on computer. Our Health


Correspondent reports. One of the first surgeries in Derbyshire to


take part in the new idea. It is to make a summary of a patient's


medical history available across the NHS so long as the patient


agrees. We get the basic information about medication,


druggal erpblgies and have the ability to share that information


amongst the relevant parties. thinks it is a great idea. He has


chronic breathing problems. If he was rushed into hospital, he knows


he would not be able to recall the medication he's on. Some of the


names are Latin. I can hardly pronounce them. I have them in the


cupboard in the kitchen. If you asked me what I was taking, I'd


have to get the boxes. His wife only has one wor ji are they


secure? As long as only the medical profession know what's going off in


our lives. It is not just an open access to everybody. Clinicians


would have to have a smartcard inserted into the computer and a


PIN code to access information. Emergency departments see huge


advantages. They are getting busier. Hospitals can struggle to get hold


of key information from GPs out of normal surgery hours. We have to


give quite a few medications at short notice to people who are


sometimes conscious and sometimes not. If we give it to them and they


are allergic you can makes things worse. After billions was spent on


the ill fated NHS computer, this is a less ambitious project but those


behind it see big benefits. In.$$TRANSMIT Still to come: Tom


Ray prepares to pass a special milestone.


12 years ago, he lost his limb to meningitis. On Sunday, he'll run


the Sport Relief Mile. Don't miss that. He's inspirational.


He certainly is. Tile for sport.


I'll start with someone who will need inner reserves. A big blow for


Derby County captain Shaun Barker. He will be out of action for a year


following his serious knee injury. Barker dislocated his kneecap and


ruptured three key ligaments during the Rams match against Nottingham


Forest. He'll undergo a major operation next week. Today he was


offered support from someone who knows how tough his recovery will


be. Forest's Dexter Blackstock. know where he is at the moment and


what it takes to get back. It is definitely a long road but you can


do it. I'm sure he's a determined character. And he'll be back.


Elsewhere, he scored seven goals in seven games, now Forest boss Steve


Cotterill is keen to get Gareth McCleary signed up to awe in


contract. McCleary who scored four against Leeds md week is out of


consider this week. Something the boss feels needs to be resolved.


was one player I wanted to nail down. A few are out of contract.


We've had a habit of letting players run out of contract here.


We can't do that anymore. We cant aafford to do it. It is counter-


productive if we do. That we need to do something about that. It is


one in and one out on loan in notice county. Daniel Bogdanovic


arrived from Blackpool and Ben Burgess heads for Cheltenham. After


all those goals we showed you yesterday, Leicester shi got in on


the act last night. There were six goals at their game against


Blackpool. It was a 3-3 draw. It would have been a fair old trip


back from Blackpool last night but the players were back here today to


train and no doubt try and take their minds off the last few


moments of the game. It certainly finished on a bit of a low for the


Foxes. The whole match was a real rollercoaster of emotions. They


were in Blackpool after all! First, Nugent went down in the box for the


referee to book him for diving rather than award a penalty. Then,


Leicester found themselves behind when Kevin Phillips headed past


defender and goalkeeper from a corner. While Leicester' defence is


looking dodgy. Up front, it's a different story. Five minutes later,


Beckford made it all square. He and fellow striker Nugent are in good


form at the moment. It was Nugent who found himself on the score


sheet as the Foxes took the lead. They could only hold on to that


lead for 15 mins as Blackpool grabbed another to make it 2-2.


Leicester again took the lead, Beckford grabbing his second of the


night. As full-time fast approached, the Foxes like rb looked like


coming home with all three points but up popped Blackpool with a late


equaliser. Feels like a defeat. At the last minute it was a bit of a


killer. That's football for you. Having played so well, we deserved


to win the game. It shows you at this level that you have to be


switched on for the whole of the game. They may have scored three


goals but it was a frustrating night for the Foxes and they are


eight points off the play-offs. Complete goal-fest this week. Let's


hope for more at the weekend. Let's hope for tries too. Nottingham


Rubgy Club have a crunch game against Bristol at the weekend.


They've prepared with the help of some young children. The boys and


girls from Stepping Stones nursery have been getting behind


Nottingham's promotion push. We don't normally get blokes this


big coming to nursery. The children had a rugby theme day decorating


eggs to look like rugby balls, dressing up and meeting players.


Giving us the run-around. Good to come out and spread rugby around.


We could have the next Jonny Wilkinson here! It is pretty hard


with two big football teams in the town. If we can push the word and


get out there with the community, get a bit more involvement with the


kids in the rugby and push it through the schools, that would be


good. The club mascot, Archie, was shown know mercy.


It's always nice to get out and get the Nottingham rugby out in


Nottingham. Especially with the kids and grown ups. To get rugby


with them as well. Nottingham play Bristol who are top of the table at


Meadow Lane on Sunday. They are pushing for promotion but they are


already winning the next generation of fans.


They were setting up quite a good ruck there. I sent Simon Ward to


report rather than me after last time!


Yes, you were taken out last time. We loved that one!


Thank you, This Sunday, it's Sport Relief Mile


where people all round the country can run one, three or six miles to


raise money for charity. Tom Ray is one of the runners. But 12 years


ago, he contracted pneumococcal septicaemia or meningitis as it is


also called. He was 38 and this one-mile run will be extremely


challenging as our reporter found out.


This is Tom Ray, 12 years ago, he ran a successful company and had a


nice house in the country. One night just before Christmas, he


caught meningitis. Within hours, he was in a coma. He'd lost both his


legs and arms and half hi face. was very, very sudden. And very,


very severe. It was almost like, well it really was like dying and


coming back to life again. Slowly, over time, Tom started to recover


and was eventually allowed home. was a different person. I won't lie.


He wasn't same man who came back. His head was in a very different


place. Everything about him was different. It was just a case of


rebuilding it minute by minute. Just being around him as a family.


I've not got back to the stage after a decade where I can make a


contribution back and to show that you can recover and you can help


others. So, this Sunday, he's helping others by walking the Sport


Relief Mile with his son Freddie. Dad's always saying you how am I


going to do it? I said, like, I'll going to finish it with him.


Doesn't matter. If he's crawling, I'll finish it with him. It is not


about the distance as Tomas already walking a mile to work. It is about


raising money to help others. about confidence. I've had to


overcome that going back to work and doing things in society. I


guess a lot of people are facing that now. Especially the youngsters.


I wanted to be part of something that shows people that there's a


positive side. If you just really get yourself together and really


try, you can do something and turn it around.


What can you say after that. How brilliant.


If you see Tom, give him a wave. Time now for the weather.


Made me quite emotional, that did. A good day, Tom, decent weather on


Sunday. Hopefully a little sunshine Sunday. Hopefully a little sunshine


as well. Maybe not as warm as today. More bearable for those taking part.


This shot really says it all. Last night as the sun was setting this


is along the embankment. Looks amazing, the lovely colours as the


sun was going down. We've another cold night tonight.


For the early part of the evening, clear skies. The chance of a frost


starting to develop. We see it changing. There's a weak weather


front across the south-west of the country. It will gradually cloud us


over. Misty and murky again tonight. Further fog patches starting to


develop. A minimum temperatures of around 4 or 5 Celsius. It means


we'll start off very misty and murky again first thing tomorrow


morning. A slow process but the cloud will gradually break up. We


see the return of some sunshine into the afternoon. Again, in land,


it will be a very warm day. The winds remaining light coming from


the south-east. A maximum temperature of 16 Celsius. The


further to the west you go, the temperatures held down. Low cloud


and mist around there through the day time. I think we'll see things


changing over the weekend. A lot still wanting to cling to the


coastline on Saturday. I think the further west you go, that's where


the sunshine will remain. Temperatures not doing too badly.


For Saturday, around 14 Celsius. Sunday, too, still have high


pressure with us. It could give variable amounts of cloud at times.


An interesting weekend to see what really does happen. We will get to


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