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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Our top story tonight: the PM pressures Nottingham to have an


elected mayor. The cities that do have a mayor are


promised more influence in Westminster. Ray Mears can


galvanise economic... Back on her feet, this woman is the first


person in England to have a heart valve.


Is the council playing fair with this market? Nothing has been


decided, they say, and then for us to find out that they have been


advertising this place for sale, it is disgusting.


How a very English designer tailors his close to suit Japan, like this


Good evening. Welcome to Tuesday's programme. The Prime Minister today


offered the leadership of Nottingham City Council the chance


to sit at the cabinet table in Number 10.


However, that tempting offer depends on Nottingham's voters


backing plans, in a referendum, for a directly-elected city mayor.


That's something Labour in Nottingham is against. David


Cameron says he wants to chair a cabinet of elected mayors to speak


up for our big English cities. One campaigner for a "yes" vote says


Nottingham is in danger of missing out. From Downing Street, here's


our Political Editor John Hess. Should Nottingham opt for an all


powerful City mayor decided by the people of Nottingham? That's the


question that'll be put in a referendum on May 3rd. Nottingham


City Council's ruling Labour leadership wants its citizens to


vote no and a resounding no. But today inside Number 10, the Prime


Minister gave his personal endorsement to a cross-party


campaign to secure a yes vote. Arriving in Downing Street, the


former Labour insider, now feeling the political till in his own city.


He wants Nottingham to have a directly elected city mayor, but


that is political heresy in labour at Nottingham. I think it is about


giving people the choice. People want to choose who their leaders


are. It is not right in this day and age. Whereby someone gets to


leave the council by 0.1 % of the population. A cross-party reception


inside Number Ten. This is to pariah to a referendum in early


make on having City Meyers in our big English cities, including


Nottingham. Meyer's can galvanise economic action to make our cities


dynamos. -- mayors. I was elected by the people. That is what makes a


difference because they are the ones to whom I am a Cant sock --


accountable. But Labour Nottingham is the sticking to its guns. They


are telling us they want to waste hundreds of thousands of pounds on


a mayor that nobody wants. creating voter interest is what


today's Downing Street reception was about.


And, John, the mayor of Leicester, finally knows what his pay packet


is going to be in future? It was an issue that was not raised


in public at this reception, but it has been a hugely controversial


issue. The new pay deal for the city mayor of Leicester has been


set at �65,000. There was a huge row when an independent panel


suggested a salary in excess of �100,000. The whole controversy


over salary was used in Nottingham as a reason not to have a city


mayor there. Sir Peter told me the new agreed salary was fair and in


line with the salary of a backbench Thank you very much.


There were denials from the dock from the former UDM president, Neil


Greatrex. He, along with fellow union leader Mick Stevens, is


accused of stealing almost �150,000 from a charity for sick and elderly


miners and using it to improve their own homes. This afternoon,


the defence started at Nottingham Crown court. Jo Healey was there.


In court, two of Nottinghamshire mining's most familiar faces facing


14 counts of theft, charged with Sealink -- stealing from a charity


set up to help sick miners and their families. Trustees of the


Nottinghamshire miners Home charity which ran at this home called the


Phoenix on the Lincolnshire coast. They control the money and they are


accused of stealing it, nearly �150,000 of it to improve their own


homes. Neil Greatrex told the court he did


use the funds to install a kitchen at his house at a cost of �11,750.


But he said he was owed remuneration as the director and


company secretary. When he was asked, did you at any time other


than the kitchen ask anybody to supply invoices for work done at


your house but picked up by the Phoenix, he replied, no, I did not.


He was also asked about cash payments for work done on his


properties. Neil Greatrex explained to the court how he paid for work


on his house in cash. Every peak months or so, he would meet the


bill they in a hotel off the M1 and hand over the cash payments. --


every three months or so. The trial continues tomorrow.


Still to come on the programme: Two of the day's big talking points.


The football. And the weather. Everyone is talking about this


glorious weather, but guess what? It is set to get even warmer


tomorrow. How high will be tempered to get? I will tell you shortly.


And it was not wrong about today, look at the lingering sunshine


behind me. It must mean we are at the end of the Football season,


adding spice to the end of a local derby.


Next tonight, the first person in England to have a new type of heart


valve fitted and it was doctors here in the East Midlands who did


it Experts at Leicester's Glenfield Hospital have been leading the way


with minimally invasive techniques for replacing aortic valves for


years. The latest development involves a valve that is easier to


position in the best place. Our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons


has been to meet the patient from Lincolnshire whose benefiting.


This woman is 89, but also a number one, the first patient to have a


new type of heart valve fitted in England. It was all smiles who --


as she met the doctor who fitted it. I am very well, I hope the check-up


will be excellent. The latest valve build on this


design, allowing surgeons to repay it -- the reposition it using


keyhole techniques, something that was impossible in the past. It was


limited and now we have this option to reposition it. Edna was feeling


breathless before the procedure. With ageing, the aortic valve was


not functioning well because of calcium deposits. Three weeks later


and she feels on the mend. A I have not had any pain at since I had it.


Just a little discomfort. Otherwise I am feeling that I am on the mend.


This portrait shows Edna's procedure. It is very clear to see


the metal framework around here. That is sad now, positioned across


the patient's old valve, which is narrowed and not working properly.


She has more of a spring in her step and hopes to return to one of


her passions. I hope to pick up the reins and do a little more. I used


to go dancing quite a bit. I don't know whether I will manage that


again! Egg that is following this woman, who five years ago, was the


first patient to have another procedure. Ed that is hoping for


A body has been found under a boat in the River Trent. Officers were


called out this afternoon after the body was spotted by a boat owner in


a stretch of the river at West Bridgford. The dead man is white


and thought to be in his 40s. The police are investigating the


circumstances of his death. Wildlife groups say they're worried


a local nature reserve in Derby could be ruined by a cycle track. A


map produced by the City Council suggests it wants the outdoor


circuit to go through The Sanctuary on Pride Park. It's home to several


endangered species. The council says the plan is "indicative" and


You start! Traders in Market Harborough have


reacted angrily about the district council's decision to advertise its


indoor market for lease before a final decision's made about its


future. The council says the Market Hall isn't making enough money and


it can no longer afford to keep it as it is.


So as part of our series on three streets in the East Midlands,


Victoria Hicks reports now on the controversy gripping the indoor


market in Market Harborough. Market day, people are shopping here while


they can. That is because harbour district council says the indoor


market is not making enough money. Traders have to move out and a big


brand needs to move in that so it has advertised the police have.


Despite the council saying it was willing to listen to what people


wanted to happen here, it is already gone ahead and advertised


this place on a 15 year lease. are supposed to be going to a


meeting on 13th April to this client -- decide whether the market


stays or not and they have already got the property up for sale. It is


an absolute kick in the gut. Instead of asking what we would


like first, they have gone and pulled the rug from under our feet.


To tell us that nothing has been decided and then for us to find out


that they have already been advertising this place for sale, it


is disgusting. But the council insists the decision to advertise


the lease does not undermine the consultation process. We are


looking at to might move in their at the time -- as the same time we


are doing the consultation. If the two do not come together, it will


not happen, but we cannot wait until we finish the consultation.


We have a year to make �1 million of savings. This has gone way


beyond the gauging of interest, it has put the whole market up for


least complete with the details of square footage, the potential


income requirements, development potential, even down to details


about a planning for planning permission to extend. Trade is plan


to me with the council next week to see if they can cut a deal and take


on the East of themselves. -- take on the police themselves.


Supporters of a care service for younger people with dementia have


mounted a last ditch campaign to try to save it. Nottinghamshire


county council wants to close the New Outlook centre in Sutton in


Ashfield and send those using it into general day care. But their


families say vulnerable patients will suffer. Carolyn Moses reports.


This man's maimed -- memory may be fading but he can still remember


his time at the New Outlook centre. He spent five years using the


dementia Service after day-care became difficult. They took him out


for lunch is, because he is into aeroplanes, they took him to Newark.


The staff know each person individually. They cater what they


do for them, what they are interested in. It is not like a day


centre where they sit in a chair. We have not been allowed to film


inside to show the work he does, but the county council says it is


planning to transfer the services here to general day centres across


the county. It is spending �7 million up grading 14 centres, but


campaigners say they will not offer the specialist services that are


here. People like Phil who has been using


it for months. He is worried about sharing his care. I could not cope


with that. It is not because I dislike other people, but it can


make you be overwhelmed. But the council says the fears are


unfounded and the new centres will mean dementia care is expanding.


They will be changing from the all- day services of tea and biscuits.


We are not bring people together and leaving them to mix. We are


still improving services. We will have its specialist services in


each centre which we do not at the moment. Overall the move to mixed


centres should save �4 million a year. Families want it may backfire,


with some patients simply unwilling to try them.


The health service says two Nottinghamshire hospitals haven't


had any cases of MRSA for the past two years. Newark Hospital and the


Kingsmill Hospital haven't had a single outbreak of the infection


since March 2010. Health bosses say the success is due to strict


cleaning and hygiene, and because patients are screened for MRSA when


they're admitted. Four fire fighters are to receive


the Queen's Gallantry Medal which is awarded for acts of exemplary


bravery. They were nominated after responding to a major gas explosion


at a house in June 2010 that left two people with life-changing


injuries and destroyed the property. When people's lives at risk -- at


risk, that is when you this cures, it is part of the job. He has


exploded behind the point I was shocked at first, almost thought it


was a prank. It has not sunk in yet. It is the third highest civilian


medal you can get and I am very proud of it.


They should be. Two East Midlands fashion companies


are enjoying huge success in Japan. Yesterday we told you about the


Derbyshire knitwear firm John Smedley which is making huge


inroads in the Far East. Well, it's not just John Smedley. The designer


Sir Paul Smith from Nottingham has more than 60 shops in Japan. Kylie


Pentelow reports from Tokyo on what it is about the East Midlands that


It feels a long way from the East Midlands, but people in this city


love wearing our brand. Hello! This is the Paul Smith shop. The


designer from Nottingham has made it feel like home.


It seems the Japanese cannot get enough of his English style. More


than 40 % of his worldwide business is in Japan.


He likes the accessory collection which is simple but queued.


TRANSLATION: She likes English a lot. She likes the way they dress


in a nice way which which -- which we do not have in Japan. In the


shop, you can feel that. For the first time, Paul Smith is


designing specific clothing just for the Japanese.


Like this three-dimensional womenswear. You do not need glasses


to see that it is worth adapting their brand to this market. Back in


Derbyshire, John Smedley is also tailoring its knitwear for Tokyo,


and sizing is a particular issue. The sleeves are up slightly shorter


and the chest with is more-or-less the same, but the sleeve and the


body length change. We probably do about six or seven different


colours per style. They seem to work very well for their market.


It is not just the finished product, but the history, the Heritage, that


is making the East Midlands so popular in the Far East.


A little closer to home now! Visitors to a stately home get a �6


million a welcome. Apparently Bess of Hardwick would approve, we have


been told. Another day, another local derby.


They've come thick and fast. This time its Nottingham Forest's trip


to Leicester City. Forest looking to get three points nearer to


safety, the Foxes, three points nearer the play-offs. The world of


football is a small one and former team-mates usually end up facing


each other at some point. There are some prime examples of that tonight,


notably Leicester defender Wes Morgan. He's set to line up against


his old side for the very first time. Kirsty Edwards has more.


It may be the strange before Forest fans to see where small then in a


Leicestershire at. But as far as his former manager is concerned,


there will be no hard feelings. is gone, he went with our best


wishes. Probably without selling him, we might have been in trouble.


Enough has been said about us being able to bring players in and


strengthen the team. We have a lot to thank him for.


He is not the only Leicester player to move about. Top lad, I have a


lot of time thin, good player. It would be nice if we could have him


here, but I don't think we could afford him. It will be good to see


him again. Respect is definitely mutual, although Nugent all be


looking to put one over his old boss. He is a good manager and it


will be tough, but it will be a good test. Hopefully we can get the


three points. Over the years, you could barely


separate them. They have played each other won a one times together.


The foxes were ahead by one win. -- 101 times. How will that statistic


look after tonight? We got a great result last time. Beat them last


season with Portsmouth 6-1. I suppose it had to even out


somewhere along the line. Hopefully if I can get back to the record I


had before their game, or we will be delighted. All friendships will


be forgotten come kick-off tonight with both sides desperate for all


Let's talk to the former Leicester captain now. Everyone kept


mentioning that FA Cup game, but that was a long time ago, in


January. A season will go quickly now. It was only five weeks ago but


it does seem like a long time ago. It was a massive game for be teams


tonight. Is it that they? Are Leicester serious about the play-


offs? I have not given up. Have you? Now permit -- mathematically


there are points available. Five points adrift now. People have been


saying to me that the season is over, but I do not see it that way.


Lest they have got to take each game as it comes. Every game is a


cup final. Briefly, how much pressure is wares more than under?


He will handle the situation. He is a good player, very reliable and


has a lot of respect. Not just from the Leicester fans. It is a big


game in and I am sure he will enjoy it. Thank you for joining us. The


game's all know that tonight. Nottingham Panthers play off


quarter final first leg is tonight against Braehead in Glasgow. It's


come round quick! Result in our late bulletin tonight.


And in cricket, England were bowled out for just 193 in Sri Lanka but


Nottinghamshire's bowlers are leading the fightback. Stuart Broad


took an early wicket before his Notts team-mate Graeme Swann took


the next four. The marvellous spell from Swanee has Sri Lanka all in a


spin at 84 for five. And with Jayawardene out, who knows who'll


win the game now? The game here at the King Power is


also completely up for grabs. Two teams who've started scoring goals


and entertaining. Lets see what the fans think. Paul Bradshaw's been


finding out. It has been an inconsistent season


so far, but tonight it is all about the local passion. What will these


Corby? 2-0 to it City. It has been a long month of games, but I think


we will keep going. A good win at the weekend so it 2-0. Good stuff.


Forest put seven past Leeds. would not put a bet on another


seven, but I think a revenge of 4-0 would be good. That is quite


important to get a bit of pride back after that. That was


embarrassing to say the least. I am going for a Forest win. To do zero


would be nice. -- a 2-0. We are hoping for an entertaining game


tonight. So, Leicester City versus


Nottingham Forest. Foxes still harbouring faint play-off hopes.


Forest nearly safe but not quite. BBC Radio Leicester and BBC Radio


Nottingham both with full commentary.


Don't worry about me sitting here, I am thus keeping it warm for the


people who are waiting to be entertained. A real prospect


tonight. Thank you very much indeed.


Exciting stuff! Visitors to one of our finest


stately homes will get a whole new experience when they arrive -


thanks to a � 6 million makeover. The stable-yard at Hardwick hall


will not only house new restaurants and shops, but will also act as a


gateway to the estate in Derbyshire. As James Roberson reports, the Duke


of Devonshire says his ancestor, Bess of Hardwick, would have been


proud. It is a way of arriving he ate


never before favoured by Dukes, but the Duke of Devonshire came this


way to the stately home in north Derbyshire to see the radical


changes that have been brought in the stable yard. They are the


culmination of a seven-year project to redevelop the visitors' entrance.


These buildings have been on the at-risk register for some time and


we wanted to do the basic repairs. But then it was to get them into a


good use. You are going to come up the drive as you have done for


years, but then go left and go around the back so people will see


ague they have never seen before. For more than two years, the stable


yard has been a building site, but now it is almost complete thanks to


the �6.5 million that has been found to renovate the buildings


into shops and restaurants. Visitors can hire the cottages and


enjoy a new vistas. This is an investment that not Ali looks after


this important historical building, but gives Hardwick a viable


financial future by ensuring that people who come they can have the


facilities that of fantastic quality, but have access to one of


the best houses in the country. There are at least six new things


that have been invented false stop opening the development, the Duke


said that his ancestor, Bess of Hardwick, would have been pleased


by the renovation. I think she would have been


thrilled because she loved value- for-money, so to see these


buildings, which were falling into dereliction, she would have been


thrilled with that. While the House will only be open from February to


October and during early December, the new stable yard will be open


all year round and bring you access to the estate as well.


Doesn't it look gorgeous in the sunshine?


It looks lovely. Alan was saying What a glorious day, as it has been


over the East Midlands, it will be continuing until the temperature


cools towards the end of the week. Overnight it will be quite chilly


under the clear skies. First photo of tonight now. The next one,


beautifully backed by the blue skies. A final photo, thank you for


sending it in. The reason for the settled conditions is the high


pressure which is sitting right across the UK now and will continue


to dominate for at least the next 24 hours before things start to


change. It means overnight, we are dry, settled, we have clear skies.


Underneath these guys, temperatures will suddenly fall very quickly so


a chilly night ahead. Temperatures down to two or three degrees. The


coldest temperatures will be in north Derbyshire way you could see


a frost and some patches of mist and fog. That will quickly left in


the morning and we are in for another stunning day tomorrow.


Clear, blue, sunny skies and a high temperature of 23 degrees. Tamara


is going to be the hottest day of the week. Looking further ahead, on


Thursday the high-pressure starts to slip away so you will notice


things being cooler on Thursday. The temperatures will continue to


come down torts the weekend. Still sunny.


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