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This is East Midlands Today. Our top story tonight: The boy, barely


14, who killed his mother with a hammer. He liked to watch violent


films and he killed his mother after that fight over a pair of


trainers. Any normal thinking person would not have done what he


did, unless he had something imprinted on his brain from what he


watched. Afterwards he said the House alight and police found the


murder weapon in his bedroom. has planned this murder, then


carried it out, earned his mother's body and then told a lie, concocted


a story to the police about an intruder breaking into the House.


Also: The small firms tapping into a huge and growing economy.


I will report on how East Midlands firms could benefit from a billion


pound export market. And the police explain why they


smashed the car window to rescue this toy dog! De police had broken


end because of concerns for this little dog. I think it was terrible.


Welcome to the programme. First tonight, a teenager who murdered


his mother with a hammer has been locked up for at least 16 years.


Daniel Bartlam was only 14 years old at the time. He carried out the


attack in front of his six year-old brother. Then he set their home on


fire to destroy the evidence. The judge described the privately


educated boy as extremely dangerous and said the killing was grotesque


and senseless. Tonight his victim's partner tells us there had been


concerns about his obsession with violent horror films.


Daniel Bartlam looked like a typical teenager. He put this clip


on line to show off his 14th but the present. The it has finally


happened! I now have this. He used his computer to plan his mother's


murder. She was a lovely person, she had no enemies. She went to


work and lived for her boys. This was Jackie's partner who got to


know Daniel well. He was intelligent, bright, a fund that


Gary to be with when on form but there are things underlying that I


thought was disturbing. He would destroy things and he wrote stories


that were a bit of a cover-up. They were about fighting and killing and


he would draw pictures of blood dripping from a knife. I don't


think he was mad, I think he was bad. He was the most vulnerable


person and he thought by making up the web of lies, he could get away


with murder. His mother's body was found in the wreck of her bedroom


after Dan will set it alight. This photo shows how ferocious the fire


was. It was an horrific end to an Easter Sunday that began so


routinely. Daniel had cut the grass, eaten some Easter eggs, argued that


his mum about it because a computer game and then later they had a


furious fight about where she had left his new trainers. He beat her


to death in a fit of rage then tried to cover his tracks. He had


stuffed and newspaper down the side of her body, poured petrol over it


and then set fire to it. What has impressed on me more than anything,


when we interviewed and seven hours after he killed his mother, he was


very convincing in what we now know to be a complete lie about an


intruder. Who was Daniel Bartlam and what drove him to commit such


an unimaginable crime? He was privately educated at the school


and he resented having to leave when his parents got divorced and


he withdrew into a violent fantasy world. He had been fantasising


about horror films since eight years old. He watched the brittle


saw movie just hours before the movie. He was obsessed with the


Coronation Street character who murdered a woman with O'Hara. -


like a hammer. This hammer was found hidden in his bedroom along


with evidence on his computer. What he called his biography, a sub-plot


of his life and it is a shopping list of murders, rapes and on this


page, he talks about how he was going to kill his mother. He says,


he made it look like an intruder had broken in and then murdered his


mother and set up the home a light. That is exactly what happened in


real life. This is a criminologist at the University of Leicester.


This is truly shocking because the offender is so young. Whether or


not a violent media influence or whether individuals are predisposed


to violent media. Often those who have a predisposition to violence


are also engaged by violent forms of media so they will seek it out.


Any normal person would not have done what he did at less he got


something imprinted on his brain from what he watched. He used to


going to high-street stores and by the songs. There must be something


that can be done to stop you buying them. I believe somewhere along the


line there was a mental block between what was real and what was


not. We have lots of questions for him, the main one, why did you do


it? Somebody who loved you and looked after you.


There's more on this on BBC Radio Nottingham tomorrow morning and on


the BBC Nottingham website. The Queen's Medical Centre in


Nottingham has officially become a major trauma centre for the whole


of the East Midlands. From today it will treat people with very serious,


multiple injuries, like those involved in car accidents or


suffering gun or knife wounds. It means patients from across the


region who have at least a one in 10 chance of dying from their


injuries will go to Nottingham instead of their local hospital.


The Queen's Medical Centre will be dealing with more of this. It took


firefighters 90 minutes to cut the driver from this wreckage. Five


years and six major operations later, she knows the value of


specialist care. I just feel lucky to be alive. I was brought here and


they gave me the best treatment that I could have received. Now the


plan is for Nottingham Queen's Medical Centre to handle more cases


like that, eventually all major trauma injury cases from across the


East Midlands. The service is being phased in from today, covering at


Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire to begin with. There has been a huge


amount of work done over the last year to reinforce to your patient


to the place with the expertise, the doctors and nurses used to


dealing with the more serious cases, then the chances of it -- surviving


as far greater. They have cancelled a large number of services this


year but it's insists it can't cope with the new demands. We don't want


anyone to be cancelled because of trauma coming to Nottingham and


that is why we have held out, got extra money from the commissioners


to put more resources end. This area is being turned into an eight


bed at Ward, dedicated for trauma patients and should open at the end


of May. By 2015 when it is relief is done, they should be dealing


with 800 major trauma patients, double the current number every


year. Concentrating expertise which will hope to save an extra 60 lives


a year. Still to come on the programme:


Three goals, three points, another step towards safety for Nottingham


Forest. The jury in the case of two union leaders accused of stealing


thousands of pounds from a miners care home is considering its


verdict. Neil Greatrex, the former President of the UDM and the


general secretary, Mick Stevens, are accused of taking the money


while they were trustees of the Nottinghamshire Miners Home in


Lincolnshire. The pair deny 14 charges of theft and using the


money to make improvements to their own homes.


A man who received a kidney from his sister has now left hospital.


Kalvender Khuman from Leicester spent years on dialysis waiting for


transplant. His sister was a perfect match. The operation was


carried out at Leicester's general hospital two weeks ago. Both he and


his sister have now left hospital and are recovering well at home.


Next tonight, exports from the East Midlands to China are on the up


with the potential to double to a billion pounds in the next few


years. But there's a long way to go. Consider this: Last year we sold


more to Belgium, about �1.7 billion, than we did to the world's second


largest economy. But there's a warning to firms thinking of


getting on board the export bandwagon, protect your brand names.


Let's join Mike O'Sullivan in Nottingham to tell us more. I'm at


Nottingham Castle where an exhibition is taking place of


Chinese silk, some of which are on loan from China National Silk


Museum. These materials are coming here temporarily on loan of course


but in terms of our export trade of goods and services to China, there


are now said to be huge opportunities even for small firms.


Shanghai, China's commercial centre will stop exports from here to


China went up by more than 20% last year. Huge potential. UK trade


officials say the region's exports could double to �1 billion in three


or five years. As small Leicestershire firm is sending


experts out here, cashing in on the beauty business. Downtown Shanghai


shopping area. Hot on sale in his department store, exports from


Melton Mowbray. This beauty product was originally a treatment for some


light in the UK but Chinese women apply it as a facial mask a their


complexions. City people are looking for a natural stuff. This


product could send - like cent - would sell very well and the


Chinese market. Back here, this is the production line for what has


been an unexpected hit in China. Initial internet orders bend. Then


their own brand name based formula was registered in China by a


Chinese national, all legal. There was a demand for 100,000 euros to


buy it back. This formula refused, they had to set up another trading


name in China instead. If you don't know, you will learn the hard way,


you will pay a price for your mistakes. I think it is fortunate


for us but we found it early on in the growth we are experiencing in


China. Shanghai is so important that the UK has a trade Consul out


here. I showed him one of the products. He said a brand name and


other intellectual property rights problems are widespread. Strange as


it may seem, if they managed to successfully register your


intellectual property and then you challenge that in a bid to try and


get it back, they could, in theory, actually sue you for infringing the


intellectual property rights that the store for you. Strange, but


true, it happens. In Elton, the company had to spend �10 bars and


on its new trading name in China. They have been on a Chinese


shopping channel, thanks to their distribution agent in China and the


names which is going well. We have been able to convince those


customers that are new trading name is the old company so we've got a


lot of people with us so that has been really great. The forecast is


now that we will be doubling the Business and the next lap months in


China so it is a huge success story. The UK government export agency in


East Midlands admits that exports from our region to China are a drop


in the ocean to what they potentially could be. As exports


grow out here, the Milton at firm hopes others will learn from what


they've been through to succeed in China.


Exporting to a big place like China is said to be good for our own


economy because it will create jobs here, according to the government's


export agency in East Midlands. So, what are the top exports to China


from the East Midlands? The top export last year was power-


generating equipment, value of �195 million. Second was pulp and


wastepaper. Then machinery. The Chinese economy will be growing by


around 7.5% next year while some say our economy will grow by less


than 1%. More than �2 million is to be


invested in new services in Derby to help people recover from alcohol


and drug addiction. The aim is to put more emphasis on rehabilitation


and to empower people to rebuild their lives.


Once upon a time, I would have taken drugs but now that I don't


have that, the days seem a lot longer. Being able to talk about


his addiction is a big step for this man. After a decade of drug


abuse, he has been of heroin for six months. Determined to break the


cycle, he now attends regular sessions at the new after care


centre in Derby. He says it is a vital lifeline. That structure in


my life, because even though I am clean at the moment and I am


confident about doing well, I still need that extra bit of help to keep


me going because at the moment, I cannot do it by myself. Alongside


practical help, this also offers complimentary there is an it is


this need to support people like Dave that has prompted NHS Derby


City to invest money in 60 services that focus on the process of


recovery. And if that has been welcomed by care workers. It is the


whole picture, we run various other groups about creative writing,


craft groups but 99.9% of our clients come here because they want


to and they are looking for that final push in the recovery process.


For this man is a new beginning, he is planning to go to university and


hopes to become an addiction counsellor himself. It is a cliche


but it is something I never thought I would be doing. It'll help me to


help other people. He says focusing on his recovery has meant he now


sees a positive future that isn't clouded by addiction.


New measures to deal with metal theft have been introduced in


Leicestershire and Rutland today. All five police forces in the East


Midlands are taking part in Operation Tornado to try to


restrict the movement of stolen metal and regulates scrap-metal


dealers. Under the scheme, anyone selling metal to a dealer will need


to produce photographic proof of identity.


A long legged creature has been officially recorded at Sherwood


Forest for the first time since World War One. The Tipula Rufina


crane fly was spotted on the wall of the visitor centre at Sherwood


Forest National Nature Reserve last weekend. The distinctive


identification mark was a black stripe.


Still to come on the programme: That shaggy-dog story that you


definitely don't want to miss. Just when you thought it was OK to


put the winter woollies, temperatures are dropping once


again with a chance of snow tomorrow night.


All the goals are coming up but we start with some great behind-the-


scenes access at Notts County. The Magpies are still very much in with


a shot of making the League One play-offs. They left it late to


beat Oldham and are four points off the top six. We spent the day with


Mike Edwards, the club's longest serving player.


Mike Edwards is well used to this match-day routine, he is in his 8th


season at Notts County. On Saturday he was preparing for a game that


could it be make or break for their play-off ambitions. It is two hours


before kick-off and it think it is a vital game today for getting


three points to close that gap. They are four points ahead of us.


Fans were arriving, still dreaming of a place in the top six. He has


done a good job with the players he has brought in and as a possibility


we could do it. Good support, good team, good manager, good club!


Amazingly, this is now a the 14th manager Mike Edwards has played


under. After two defeats and a draw, they are desperate to get back to


winning ways. It has a physical game and chances were limited.


There was a scare when Oldham hit the post but luckily the defence


cleared the rebound away. D Hughes had a header comfortably saved and


his appeals were a little hopeful. This thunderbolt of a strike


secured a dramatic 89th minute winner. A great three � is the best


way to win again, keeping a clean sheet and ticking ago right at the


game end. We deserved the full three pounds there. With a hard


work over, it didn't end at full- time. Back at home, he had an even


tougher match to get through! Let's round up our championship


teams. There was a huge step towards safety for Forest, a good


performance but only a draw for Derby County and a bitter defeat


for Leicester City. Forest at Crystal Palace was more


even than the scoreline eventually it suggested that the day belonged


to to this man. He followed it with a more traditional ever to from the


edge of the area. He polished things off with another improbable


choice of shot. A fine way to embellish a good performance.


was a tough game so to get a clean sheet and three � three goals, we


played very well. Derby had one of those afternoons which deserved


better. They played their game through out, demonstrated by this


smart opener. It took a piece of individual brilliance by Bristol to


put it back. Oh only a minor criticism of the whole performance


was that little bit of quality in the final third. Some of the


previous play was exceptionally good. As for Leicester, only the


most hardened optimist will suggest they might yet make the play-offs.


You don't get the feeling that Nigel Pearson is in the hardened


optimist can. It dampens people's enthusiasm for what should be a


very exciting part of the season but we will be getting back to work,


we have a big game next week and we need to win it. Other players still


up for it? They had better be! Ice hockey - Nottingham Panthers


produced a cracking display to reach the play-off finals. It keeps


them on course to make it a cup double. Panthers were trailing


Braehead Clan 3-0 going into the home leg but they hit four goals to


take the lead. The visitors pulled one back though to take the tie


into overtime with Nottingham grabbing a dramatic sudden-death


winner. They will play Hull in Saturday's semi-final with the


final taking place the next day. Both those games taking place in


Nottingham at the National Ice Centre.


Rugby, another bonus point win for Leicester Tigers gives a very


interesting look to the Premiership table. Tigers are now comfortably


lodged in the play-off top four but what they really want is to finish


in the top two and get a home semi- final. More bonus points for big


wins could be crucial. We ought to mention a great performance for


Nottingham rugby on Friday to draw with Bristol. Fighting to the end.


It was a good weekend for Derbyshire's World Superbike star


Leon Haslam. He finished third in both races


yesterday. Those podium finishes are all the more impressive,


considering he is still recovering from a broken leg.


To not miss the Late Kick Off tonight at 11:05pm.


We all hear the warnings about not leaving your dog in the car on a


hot day but what about a toy dog? 80 year-old Gordon Williams from


Nottinghamshire left a toy King Charles Spaniel in his car during


the hot weather last week. It was realistic enough to fool the public


and the police who broke the window to rescue it. Now the police have


agreed to compensate Gordon but they say it's wiser not to leave


anything on show inside cars. Today Gordon Williams returns home


in one of his pride and joy is, his Mercedes car. On the back seat,


another of his favourite objects, a lifelike King Charles spaniel that


cost him less than a fiver and reminds them of the spaniels he and


his wife used to own. This one has cost him much more than a fiver


recently. Last week in hot weather, he parked the car in this car park


in Mansfield with the toy dog on the back seat. Concerned people


called police officers who, unable to be sure the dog was not real,


smashed the window. Court and found the car with the seats covered with


glass. I cleaned the car out and as I went, I saw this little note here


to say that the police had broken because of concerns for the little


dog. I think it was terrible. the dogs, he has to, or looking so


realistic, the police had little option. The windows were slightly


tinted and looking through, they believed it was a real dog. Any


called we get to dogs in distress in cars, we will take positive


action and if that means breaking windows to see if the dog's life,


we will do it. Gordon contacted and national paper but now accepts why


the police acted. Oh, definitely, if they weren't sure, we don't want


any more dogs lying in the heat of the car. Police are paying cordon


�one and and 80 compensation. Gordon, who has acquired a


collection of Dogs, says he will be keeping his dog in the House in


future. How do you follow that? A look now


When we were doubling the temperatures last week, we are


having them by Wednesday. These were the skies yesterday and a real


bonus day as we are only going to see if you breaks in the cloud on


Sunday. Tonight we still have a few showers with us. They are going to


continue now throughout the evening and overnight. There might be the


occasional break in the cloud as well. For most of us, we are


retaining that cloud and the shares continuing into the early hours of


the morning. Minimum temperatures of around five Celsius. Tomorrow,


the wind will freshen up and we will see the shires and the moment


cold. It will be quite a wet day tomorrow. We have a band of rain


but will work its way down from the north. It will feel quite cold at


times. With all the cloud and rain, it will feel quite cold. It is that


banned, as it works its way south words, that is likely to meet with


the colder air and start to converge to hell snow for a time


overnight. We could see a lighter dusting at lower levels but it will


give us a cold, windy day on Wednesday. We will see further snow


showers on and off throughout the day on Wednesday and with the


strength of that went as well, it will feel quite cold. Quite a


contrast to a week ago. We will see the temperature is recovering again


gradually. There's too, the winds easing off. By Good Friday, we


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