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Dominic Heale and me, Kylie Pentelow.


Tonight, panic at 35,000 feet. A Ryanair pilot takes emergency


action after a sudden loss of cabin pressure. "Mayday, Ryanair! Mayday,


Mayday!", and he was saying it rapidly as we were going down. I


thought my number was up. Also tonight, retail park by day,


race track by night. Now the police get tough.


And the pressure's on for some, as the hosepipe ban kicks in.


And what will the Time Team dig up Good evening. First tonight, a


couple say they're grateful to be alive after their Ryanair flight to


the East Midlands suddenly lost cabin pressure over the Alps and


headed downwards. Jacqueline and Melvin Frater were on their way


home from a surprise break in northern Italy. Their plane made an


emergency landing in Germany. The German authorities say 13 people


were injured in the incident, three of them seriously. The Fraters say


they're concerned because this is the second incident of this kind on


a Ryanair flight in two months, as James Roberson reports. A safely


home at Bakers Field in Nottingham, Jacqueline and Melvin Frater


reviewed the holiday that should have been a treat.


Jackie had surprised Melvin with a short break in northern Italy, but


their flight home tending to fear. You could see the whites of the


eyes of the people next to you. People weren't panicking but they


were not screaming or shouting. minutes into the journey the plane


had reached 5,000 feet. Just north of Nagano, is suddenly lost cabin


pressure. Boxed remarks -- oxygen masks were released. The plane


rapidly descended, at four miles every few merits. The crew turned


north and headed for Frankfurt airport in Germany. We overheard


the captain saying, Mayday, Mayday! And he was saying it rapidly as we


were going down. I thought my number.. I don't know how long we


were actually falling. You could tell it was rapidly because of the


pressure in your ears. Then the children and babies started crying.


It did level out. After several hours, Ryanair flu the passengers


home to East Midlands on another plane. -- Ryanair flew. 13


passengers were injured in the incident, three seriously. An


investigation has started. The Fraters has stop -- are concerned


because another aeroplane suffered a similar decompression in February.


Apparently, it had happened to other planes of that make but I


would like to know exactly what caused it. In a statement tonight,


Ryanair said that the captain identified a pressurise social


morning and deployed oxygen masks and went down as recommended.


Passengers disembarked as normally to be provided with refreshments.


The company also apologised to pressures affected by this


experience and by the delay. Next tonight, it's here. After


months of drought warnings, a hosepipe ban officially began in


parts of our region today. Anglian Water is asking people to conserve


as much water as they can. But what about the millions of litres they


lose through leakage? Simon Ward is at Rutland Water. What's the


situation like there this evening, Simon? Anglian Water say it has


been the driest 18 months for a century and that is despite the


rain we have had in the past couple of days. It has not been enough to


prevent the hosepipe ban coming into force. Normally here, we would


be knee-deep in water. You can probably see the fishermen behind


me. Earlier today, I was out with a leak prevention team to find out


how they carry out their work. Listening for leaks. Here in this


village, 80 my using traditional and modern techniques. This metal


rod is used to listen for water seeping out of underground pipes.


At electronic devices are also used to pinpoint leaks. This calculates


the time it takes for the League sound to which either sensor and


convert that into a distance. -- to reach. Last month, the detection


target was Mr, meaning of the loss of 2 million litres each day.


have doubled our investment and another 60 people are out on the


ground looking for leaks and finding them. But we need a lot


customers to help us, so if they spot a leak, we will be out to be


sorted out. We frequently go to Rutland Water for sailing. For many


people, it is really good. So we are not surprised it has come a


long and we are quite ready. don't think it is right. A lot of


water is wasted. We don't have baths, we have showers. And I think


if people consider how they are using their water, it would make a


great deal of difference. James Williams is a keen gardener. He


uses rainwater to top up the pond and more to his plants. I think the


key issue is adapting how you use water. Being more specific with


using it in a spot bases rather than spring it everywhere.


Hosepipes are useful. Let's not beat around the bush! But they are


not necessary. While efforts are being made to save water, the


length of the hosepipe ban will be down to nature in the end.


Rutland Water is a source of water for Anglian customers, in Stamford


and the surrounding areas, and Anglian Water said to us today the


ban is expected to last through the summer, possibly for the rest of


the year. That is the bad news. It would take about two months of


persistent rain to have sorted out. Other customers served by Severn


Trent Water will be happy to know that Severn Trent Water have said


they have no plans to bring in a ban this summer.


You're watching East Midlands Today. Still to come, the big Easter


getaway begins but the airport says passengers won't be held up by


border checks. Getting tough on so-called drifters


- gangs of youths who race cars at night. It's happening in the


Colwick area of Nottingham and police say it's putting lives at


risk. Today a sign has gone up warning the drivers that if they


carry on, they could be speeding their way to a prison sentence, as


Jo Healey reports. It is incredibly noisy...


residents, for us at the back, it is a horrific problems. For them,


it is a thrill. But many fear it could kill. And they say it is a


nuisance. It disturbs us a great deal and the sleep of the children.


Every night, it is relentless. is what this is about. There is now


a court injunction in place and penalties for so-called drifters


will be much tougher. It means we can take positive action against


the real anti-social behaviour taking place. The ultimate outcome


being, if you have reached the injunction, you can go to prison.


And that threat is what this warning letter is all about. From


this weekend, it will be handed out to the so-called drifters. If they


speed and raise their cars, if they create excessive noise, they could


be guilty of contempt of court. Dash Olympic Park Run -- race. They


often come out on a Sunday night. We have put in CCTV cameras so we


are doing everything possible to try to disperse this. They are


concerned it will simply shift the Drifters to another area, so now


they are calling for a county-wide injunction.


Police have released an image of a man they want to trace in


connection with an armed robbery. It happened at a shop on


Loughborough Road in Leicester yesterday evening. A man threatened


a member of staff with a firearm and demanded money. He left empty-


handed. The man was wearing grey overalls with a hood and sunglasses.


A man's been charged following an attempted armed robbery at a post


office in Leicestershire. The postmaster was approached in


Nottingham in February before being driven to his post office in


Barrow-upon-Soar. A 30-year-old man has been charged with kidnap,


carrying a firearm in public and attempted robbery.


Protestors camped on Old Market Square in Nottingham won't be


evicted for at least another three weeks. A judge has ruled there


should be a trial so that human rights issues can be considered.


Occupy Nottingham started their protest almost six months ago. The


City Council says it owns the land and that the camp is an


unacceptable nuisance, as Quentin Rayner reports.


Who's square? ALL: Our square! Who's square? ALL: Our square! A


county court judge has agreed to hold a trial, postponing the


eviction for several makes. -- several weeks. The camp has been


here longer than any other in the city. The protesters claim ancient


rights dating back to Edward the First entitle them to protest on a


land. Today the judge ruled that a trial was needed to look at the


balance of human rights issues. Human rights is a fundamental --


fundamental issue. In fact, it is a key point. The right to assembly


and a protest. We need to look at this for Occupy Nottingham and the


movement as a whole and these rights need to be upheld. At the


heart of the matter is that he public highway cannot be used as a


campsite in definitely, say the city council. They also say there


is a pressing need to remove the camp because of the nuisance from


odour and urination issues, which have increased. The council says it


has given the protesters countless opportunity to leave and they could


still go and avoid the need for a trial.


Managers at East Midlands Airport say they're confident there won't


be any delays at passport control this Easter, as thousands of people


jet off for their holidays. Concerns had been expressed by a


number of airlines. They fear UK airports won't have enough Border


Agency staff to carry out full security checks, as Tom Brown


reports. Luggage, check. Sunhats, check. And


don't forget the company toy. It is that time of year regain when


thousands flocked to the airport, stopping East Midlands rain and


snow for some continental sun. are going to Barcelona. Malabar.


The two Sharm El-Sheikh. Because it is nice weather. Better than here!


Egypt. We are going for a break and to celebrate my husband's 40th


birthday. We're going to Egypt. It would be really nice if I could


lead England for a bit and come back in two weeks. Is that OK?


it could be a bumper Easter for the airport. The number of flying is


expected to rise by more than 1,000. It is the 4th consecutive Easter


the airport has seen a rise in passengers. But more flying means


more strain on border controls and there were fears that a lack of


staff could lead to major delays. But here at East Midlands Airport,


they say there will be no hold-ups for passengers. We checked


yesterday and at the beginning of the week and they are absolutely


certain there will be no problems for people coming back over the


Easter holidays. But the message to passengers is also not to get


complacent. Arrive two hours before and you won't be left hanging


around. Two Church of England bishops have


been offering a free shoe-shining service. Today it's Maundy Thursday,


when the Church remembers how Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.


The Bishop of Sherwood and the Bishop of Southwell & Nottingham


joined local clergy to shine shoes in Mansfield. This is my new friend,


Alan, and what we are doing, we are cleaning his shoes for him! The


reason is, it is what we call Maundy Thursday and we are


remembering when Jesus washed feet. We prefer to clean shoes! This is


the second deal we have done it. Last year, Nottingham, this year


Mansfield. Next year, who knows? Next, to a pile of old stones not


far from the former mining town of Clipstone in Nottinghamshire. The


ruin barely merits a mention in the history books but its true place in


history is about to be revealed. It's an old hunting lodge and is


about to star in its own TV show. John Holmes has been to take a look.


King John's Palace in a Clipstone. We are told and the Middle Ages it


was a hunting lodge fit for a king. What do we know about it? Henry the


second had it built when Richard -- Richard the lion heart would not


have a meeting. This is the place he chose. Edward the First help


Parliament he and Robin Hood popped up a few times. But that is all we


understand. There may be more to learn... We have done loads of


archaeology on that side of this wall and none on this... Today, the


land is owned by two farmers. For Mickey, the arrival of a television


crew is not a day too soon. Time Team's visit was a real life-


saver. What did you feel when the biggest turned up? Oh, excited! And


severely! It was a dream come true! With the archaeology close to the


win so badly trashed, the net is spread wider. Two more trenches are


added, based on the physics results. The first pegs and a strong radar


feature on the southern edge of the site. The second transcends what


could be a boundary ditch to the West. Maybe, just maybe, the


archaeology will be better preserved at the site edges. Do you


know what they found? everything. I am sure I was not


allowed to see everything they found. And you are very keen to get


what it -- visitors here? This is Nottingham's history and should be


shared by everybody. And we have the most iconic forest anywhere in


the world. Everybody knows Sherwood Forest. And if this adds to its


glory, then that is all the better. A English Heritage and Notts County


Council has spent over �100,000 making the ruin save for us to


visit. Meanwhile, if like me, your appetite has been whetted, on


Sunday, you will be eager to see what the 20 has unearthed.


Her intriguing! We are very keen. - - what What's On has unearthed.


Have -- what Time Team has unearthed.


This is East Midlands Today. Coming up later... I'll be learning how to


survive in the forest with just the basics.


First tonight, devastating news for Derby County's skipper, Shaun


Barker. The club has confirmed he'll be out for the whole of next


season. Barker suffered a serious knee injury during the game with


Nottingham Forest and underwent surgery last week. It revealed the


damage is worse than originally feared and will mean the Rams


skipper will play no part in the next season. The club has promised


their full support for his rehabilitation and we wish him well.


Onto Forest, and a massive game for them this weekend. Victory against


Bristol City would lift them well clear of the drop zone. Anything


else could see them dragged back into a relegation battle. So little


wonder it's being billed as the biggest game of their season so far.


He first arrived here as a fresh- faced teenager, turning down


Arsenal and Manchester United to join the reds. He said he felt


wanted then, so when the call came for Steve McClaren, he returned to


where his career first began. quite emotional. I don't want to


sound like I am going to cry, but I learned so much. I learned the


basics of the game and I had a great education here coming up


through the academy. It felt really right. The right situation and


scenario for me to come back. I was more than happy to sign. High hopes


faded when the clarinet and a new manager took over. Big ambitions


instead turn to a battle against relegation. Forest in front again


at the City Ground! It is not ability. That is not the issue. It


has got to be me. When things aren't going too well, when you are


1-0 down and a crowd of getting on your back... What do you do? Do you


shrink and disappear out of the game or do you stick your chest out


and go, I am going to keep doing the same thing. But the fortunes of


Forest have changed in the last few weeks. They have been lifted six


points clear of the drop zone. Next up, Bristol City. For me, this is


the biggest game of the season and we can't afford to be complacent.


We need better results than we have had all season because this game


could be the difference between, you know, enjoying the run-in and


may be playing some good football and picking up some good results,


or also looking over our shoulder the whole time. So a massive,


massive game for us. At Leicester City, manager Nigel


Pearson has played down suggestions there's been a fallout with star


striker Jermaine Beckford. He said he would be included in the squad


for their game against Doncaster. have got no control over what gets


into the national media. And how I worked... I think things are dealt


with in-house for pretty obvious reasons and it is as simple as that.


Notts County play Leyton Orient tomorrow, still with a chance of


making the play-offs. And manager Keith Curle says his team should


play their remaining games without fear. Do we think we can win? Yes,


could do. If I am proved wrong, I know we will have had a go.


Despite the chilly temperatures, it is the start of the cricket season


today. The Woolies were out at Trent Bridge as Notts began their


campaign against Worcestershire. The game won't have cheered them up


much, Notts all out for 118, Worcestershire currently 127-9 in


reply. At Grace Road, Leicestershire


managed 249 in their first innings in their game against Glamorgan.


And Derbyshire off to a good start against Northants, 286 for their


first innings. The visitors 28-3 at close of play.


Onto ice-hockey now, and it's play- off finals weekend in Nottingham


and Panthers are in the mix once again. After securing their first


piece of silverware, the Challenge Cup, last month, the question is,


can they do it again? Here's Paul. Lifting the trophy and lifting the


roof at the National Ice Centre last season. And now Panthers'


captain is hoping to do it or loathe regain this weekend. It is


just a wonderful feeling for any player, no matter whether it is


your first year or your last. You play ice hockey to win


championships and to do it with these guys is great. This is by far


the most professional team I have been a part of. They booked their


place in the semi-final with a dramatic win and a player coach,


Corey Neilsen, says his players have earned their place on the big


stage. When we do what we do, we can score goals, and that is the


message to the players. 30 times this season, we have won by three


or more goals. So I told them, it is possible. This is the most


successful tenure in Panthers' history. It would be nice to win


the League. We have not won it for years and for many of us, it is the


only championship we have not won. To finish a championship is always


a great way to take this season and go into the summer. They will feel


confident going into their game on Saturday having won at all meeting


against the sting rays. The winners will play in the final on Sunday.


So a busy weekend of Easter sport. Thank you.


Next tonight, is your ideal weekend under the stars, just you and


nature? If it is, you're not alone. It seems many people are learning


how to survive with just the basics. In fact, bushcraft is now so


popular, they're running courses on it in Nottinghamshire. So for this


month's What's On guide, I went along to Sherwood Pines Forest Park


So, Mike bushcraft challenge begins with good work. I have already


split you're locked but what we're going to do is cut a slice off


using this. Wow! It is perfectly safe. It is a keeping tool rather


than a splitting tool. Give it a good whack! Yeah! Yeah! Perfect!


There are courses like this through the year learning shelter-building


and fire-lighting. If you want to put your hand on there, please, and


your right hand on the Boa... No weight on the bearing block.


Just get the feel of it. Keep it going. Another 300! At Bosworth


Battlefield, there is a day devoted to the countryside, with owl


encounters and ferret racing. And why not let Sherwood Forest legend


of Robin Hood take you on a tour of Nottingham? He will explain how he


became a legend. OK, let's have a go at that... Just roll it round


above your head and below. It is not as easy as it looks. It has


gone, I'm afraid. So when the bow and drill doesn't work, time to


bring in the flint and steel. On there... It is Easter weekend, so


there are plenty of egg hunts. A chance to solve Easter clues and


spot a few new arrivals on the wave. Explore your creative side as there


is free Easter fun at The Nottingham Contemporary. Or head to


the Festival of road, rail and steam at the Central Railway in


that -- in Loughborough. Just Kraft it like that... Just like that!


Kraft. This is what I have made for you, Dominic! I have hidden it for


you all there! I have been waiting all week for this! It is a spatula


for Dr King! It is truly unique! I shall treasure that. -- for cooking.


I don't believe him! Now for the Things really brightened up nicely


during the day today but I don't think there will be an awful lot of


brightness as we go through this Easter bank holiday weekend. For


much of the time, it will be quite cloudy, and that will be thick


enough to bring us some rain at times. So not too many pictures as


lovely as this one. That cloud, which has been breaking up through


the day, will continue to break up through this evening and things


will turn willy chilly with his blue shading, showing a widespread


frost, with temperatures in towns and cities down to freezing. The


clear conditions tonight are because of his nose of high


pressure which has been dominating. It starts to slip away to the West


and weather fronts come in from the North instead. That introduces more


cloud and even a few light showers, particularly into the Peak District


and down into parts of Lincolnshire and Leicestershire. Temperatures


are at 11 degrees which will not feel too bad if you get into some


sunshine. On Saturday, some light and patchy rain, probably drying up


a bit in the afternoon. The odd brighter spell at 10, 11 degrees.


It is a game of spot the difference with the odd dribble of rain and


cloud from time to time. But then, as we had to the end of the weekend,


another change. These weather fronts pylon from the Atlantic and


will gang up on top of us, bringing quite happy rain at times. --


piling in. It will Turnberry unsettled by Easter Monday.


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