09/04/2012 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, Good Evening, I'm Kylie


Pentelow. A brave shopkeeper has described


the moment he beat off an armed robber who shot at him. Kapil


Vaghela said he didn't think about his own safety when the masked


raider burst into the shop. He beat him off with a stick and said his


main concern was making sure his fiancee was safe. Sarah Teale


reports. Dramatic CCTV footage captures the


moment an armed robber burst into Kapil Vaghela's shop on


Loughborough Road in Leicester. The masked raider pointed a gun at the


man and his fiancee and demanded money from the tail. He said "give


me all my money, I will kill you, this is not a joke". I got a stick


and I have to protect my fiancee. As he kept hitting him with a stick,


the robber fired at him three times. He took the shot at me, the first


just missed me. The second and third one definitely would not have


missed me because he was pointed at me. Be done contained plights.


Eventually the robber left empty- handed -- the gun contained a Set


of blank ammunition. It was down to the CCTV TV system that helped.


He has played down his heroics. Every single day, you work hard and


you do not want people to come in and take your money and spend it


would ever they do spend it on. I am not brave, I did whatever I had


to do. It took place last Wednesday and police are appealing for help


Police in Derby have begun a murder investigation. A man died this


afternoon after suffering head injuries in an assault early this


morning. The attack happened near a pub on Sadler Gate at about 3:30.


The 24-year-old was taken to Royal Derby Hospital for treatment but


died later. Two men who are 29 and 45 have been arrested.


Canal enthusiasts who are hoping to build a giant boat-lifting machine


say it could bring millions of pounds to the tourist trade in the


East Midlands. The Derby and Sandiacre Canal Trust wants to


build the so-called Derby Arm, which will transfer boats between


waterways. It would be part of a major canal restoration project,


and cost millions of pounds to build. But the trust says it'll


bring money back into the area. will see half-a-million visitors to


the attraction, into Derby, every year as a result of this one scheme.


That will bring millions of pounds worth of benefit to local business


and the area generally. An unusual private collection in


honour of the Titanic has opened to the public for the first time today.


John Siggins from the Midland Railway Centre in Ripley has spent


20 years collecting items from Titanic's sister ship - the Olympic.


He's recreated the doomed liner's interior and has put the items on


show. This coming Saturday is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of


the Titanic, while it was on its maiden voyage. The idea was just to


preserve Heritage. It was not intended to be opened up for


anybody to look at, I thought it was just me. Then I thought it was


selfish otherwise people would not be able to see what it all meant. I


don't think there is a more interesting shape than the Titanic.


-- boat. Next this evening, the


extraordinary story of a Dad who had to break down a bathroom door


to help his partner give birth. Thankfully, baby Sebastian arrived


without complications at his home in Stapleford in Nottingham. As Jo


Healey explains. A lovely Easter present. He turned up on time.


ahead of time. The mother had gone into labour but she did not know it


would be so quick. I went to the toilet and then I felt my waters


break and then shouted to my partner that my waters had broken,


and he said he had to break the door down. She could not get to the


door so I had to bust the lock open. I found Amy on the floor in a lot


of pain. About to give birth. had the ambulance service on the


phone to talk him through, here's the recording.


How much of the baby is out? Is the baby out? Perfect. The is the baby


crying or breathing? It is crying happily. Weighing a sizable 8lb,


Sebastien made his entrance on the toilet floor.


It was a big surprise. Relatively straight forward, two pushes and


then he was about and my partner passed him on to my stomach while


the ambulance crew provided towels. It was an Easter surprise that the


whole family is now savouring. never thought I would ever be able


to do this, deliver a baby but I would do it again. Let's hope he


does not have too! Football now and all our sides have


been in action this afternoon. In the Championship Leicester boosted


their play-off hopes with a 2-1 win at Ipswich. Derby have been taking


on Leeds. Final score - Leeds 0 Derby 2. And Nottingham Forest


travelled to Peterborough and won 1-0. In League One Notts County's


were at home to Yeovil - a Lloyd Sam hat-trick moving the Magpies


into the play-off places. Here's Thank you for this picture, it has


been dry and chilly. The cold front made it way south-east through the


day-to-day which has brought all the rain and you will notice the


isobars firmly tied together signifying the strong winds we have


been having. Through this evening we have the rain before it starts


to move south and east very slowly this evening and then eventually it


will become dry. The rain pusher slowly away and the skies will


break and Clear skies developing. What chilly overnight tonight. If


you do live somewhere particularly sheltered and out of the wind


overnight you might see a touch of frost tomorrow. Chilly but bright


starts tomorrow and gradually through the day sunny spells and


scatter showers. The showers may be associated with hail and also the


odd rumble of thunder. Fairly breezy through Tuesday with high


temperatures of 12 Celsius and looking at Wednesday, another


typically April day. Expecting sunshine and scattered showers


again with a chant of hail and the odd rumble of thunder on Wednesday.


Your outlook, you will notice this theme stays with us for Thursday


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