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This is East Midlands Today with Quentin Rayner and me, Kylie


Pentelow. Tonight, beating cancer together. A mother and daughter


overcome breast and skin cancer. She cried. I cried. Literally


passing the tissues from one to the other. Also, a four-year-old boy is


recovering after being stabbed. There was blood all over his head.


He had stab wounds to his back. It's ridiculous. The water trade -


pumping millions of litres to drought-hit areas. Has the council


lost the plot? These protesters fear banning a pensioner with a


disability from his allotment could Good evening. Welcome to Tuesday's


programme. First tonight, a mother and her teenage daughter have both


battled cancer together and are now celebrating being given the all-


clear. Bridget Whelan had extensive treatment to beat breast cancer


while her 17-year-old daughter, Laura, had surgery to remove skin


cancer. They say the fight has made them closer. Sarah Teale reports


from Derby. It's been a tough year for Bridget and her 17-year-old


daughter, Laura. First, 50-year-old Bridget from Derby, received


devastating news after finding a lump in her breast. I sort of knew


straightaway when you walked in the room what was going to be said.


That was it. I was told that's me and they would operate straightaway.


Therapy followed, but then came the news that Laura had skin cancer.


She had to have surgery to remove the mole and the cells from her


thigh. It was the biggest shock. You don't expect it to happen to


you. She cried. I cried. Literally passing the tissues from one to the


other. Gobsmacked. Couldn't believe it. It was hard for both of us at


the same time. You are meant to be there for one person, not both of


you, split down the middle. What do you do? You need to be there and


your family as well. It's even harder for them. It was horrible.


What is worse, you having to battle cancer or watching your daughter go


through it? My daughter. Without a doubt. I think when it's your child


it's a totally different story. You do worry more. Laura and her mum


now both have reason to celebrate. When we both went for our results


on the same day and they said all- clear and I've been for one more


checkup and that was all good. The same with mum. She got her results


and everything is OK. Now both of them are looking to the future.


and Laura are going to do the Race for Life this year and looking


forward to that, dressing up and having fun and dance through the


line at the end. They deserve a bit of fun. All the best to Bridget and


Laura. In a moment we'll be reporting on plans to pump millions


of litres of water to drought-hit areas. And Anna will be along to


tell us if more of it will be falling from the heavens. More on


the way as we continue to dodge shower, but it is just typical


April weather. All the details shortly. A four-year-old boy has


been seriously injured in a stabbing. He was found in a street


at Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, and a man's been arrested. Here's


our social affairs correspondent, Jeremy Ball. The aftermath of a


shocking Easter Monday Bank Holiday that turned this street into a


crime scene and left a four-year- old victim with serious injuries.


The police believe the boy was stabbed with some kind of weapon.


He was lying down there. There were blood everywhere. This neighbour


called the ambulance. It really upset me. I'm shocked. Blood all


over his head. He had stab wounds to his back. It's ridiculous.


lucky he's alive. Touch wood. If he had been dead all sorts could have


gone off. Although he was found outside here, detectives believe he


was attacked indoors and they've spent today trying to piece


together exactly what happened and why he was so seriously injured.


The boy's been treated at the queens Medical Centre where his


parents are at his bedside. The police say he's talking and his


condition's stable. Detectives have spent the day questioning a 51-


year-old man, who was arrested at the scene. It's understood that he


lives at the house and knows the boys' -- boy's family and the


police say they're not treating this as a random attack. Next, an


emergency plan to tackle the water shortage hitting part of our region.


Severn Trent wants to sell millions of litres per day to neighbouring


Anglian Water. The water would be pumped into the River Trent and


sent 80 miles across the region. Mike O'Sullivan has this report.


Dazzling in the spring sun, the waters of the River Trent seem a


thing of beauty and may about to become even more highly prized. The


river could now be used to help gret water supplies right across


our region -- get water supplies right across our region, where a


hosepipe ban has been introduced. Severn Trent wants to sell 30


million litres of water a day, enough to fill 375,000 badges, to


neighbouring Anglian Water. Sending the water along the River Trent.


can absolutely reassure customers that our own customers have the


priority. We make sure we have enough water for their needs first.


We are at the position now where we'll be able to make a definite


season about -- decision whether we can part with the water or not.


It's likely we can. The water would come from boreholes in the


Birmingham area. It would go into the river tame and that would flow


into the River Trent. 80 miles across the region, ending up in


Gainsborough in Lincolnshire. Anglian Water is facing a shortage.


Grantham is one of the areas affected by Anglian Water's


hosepipe ban. Mixed views here on whether the company should have to


buy the water. They need to find some way around it to put a system


in place to last, rather than getting water from someone else for


a little while and needing to do it again. We are a privatised company


so logically we are in a market so yes, they should be able to sell it.


You shouldn't have to buy water really. It should be going where


it's needed. The costs of this sort of scheme are actually quite small.


There are pumping costs but they'll not be transferred through to


customers. Severn Trent says the influx of water won't harm the


river. And selling it off should keep customers' water bills down.


If the Environment Agency agrees, the water could be sold down the


river from June. A man's been charged with murder after a 24-


year-old man was found injured in Derby city centre yesterday morning.


Ashley Finlay, who lived in Spondon, died in hospital after being


attacked in Sadler Gate. A 29-year- old will appear in court tomorrow.


A 45-year-old man's been released on police bail while detectives


continue their inquiries. Police have started an investigation after


the body of a Loughborough University student was found under


a motorway flyover. The death of 19-year-old Thomas Healy is being


treated as unexplained. It's thought he was in a minibus on his


way to Birmingham for a night out late on Friday. The minibus stopped


on the hard shoulder and he got out between junctions five and six of


the M6. Next tonight, it started as the simple tale of Arthur and his


allotment, but now it's escalated into a full-scale protest about


discrimination. Arthur Martin was devastated when his local council


said they wouldn't let him rent an allotment, because, they said, his


bad hip was a safety hazard. That decision has sparked a big backlash


in the Nottinghamshire town of Eastwood and tonight they're


showing their anger at a meeting of the Town Council. Jo Healey is


there. Yes, they are not happy here and as they say, the plot thickens.


Now, Arthur can't face returning here. He's too disheartened, but


people here say it's something much bigger now. Take a look at the


placard. They are saying that they fear Arthur's case could lead to


discrimination genction pensioners and people with -- against


pensioners and people with physical disabilities. Arthur has worked


here for seven years. Since the town council told him his bad hip


was too much of a health hazard, he's lost heart and doesn't feel


comfortable here any more. The people are preparing for this


evening's protest. They fear the council could discriminate against


others. I believe on these allotments there is quite a lot of


senior citizens and we don't want them treated the same as Arthur's


been treated. This is why we've got to let the council know we are not


going to let this happen. I think it's terrible. I think it's really


terrible. I think they should let them have what they want and give


them the respect that they deserve. Let them decide for themselves what


they can't do it any more. It's not right that disabled people should


be discriminated against and older people either. And Arthur agrees.


He's backing the campaign that started because of what happened to


him. There are people on these allotments in a lot worse condition.


Where is it going to end? Will they ban the chap here who's had a heart


attack? There's a chap up there, one leg. I thought he was going to


go. Here's how the council explained the letter to Arthur last


week. We are taking it away because we don't wish to see him wheel-


chair bound. He will be house bound if he's not careful the way he's


carrying on. We decided that it would be in Arthur's best interests


to give up the allotment. Arthur's now taken up the offer of using a


friend's private allotment. It's unlikely he'll be back here. Now,


as we said, this is about more than Arthur's case. Everybody here's


going to be heading into the meeting in one moment, but first


Danielle, what would you like to achieve tonight? I would like to go


in there and get our voices heard, because there's plenty of people on


that allotment with Arthur, with disabilities and we want something


doing about it, because we don't want it to happen to anyone else.


Thank you very much. Iris, how strongly do you feel? Very strong.


I think it's despicable what the council's doing. It's about time


they gave them something, not taken away. Dave you have come from


Matlock tonight. How strongly do you feel? I was shocked when I saw


the report on television and I came so see if honourable behaviour in


public office exists, because they are there for people to enjoy and I


can't see why the council are interfering and poking their nose


in and coming up with all sorts of reasons to deal with Arthur in this


terrible way. There should be a place for quiet relaxation and


enjoyment, not bureaucracy and interfering. They don't seem to


know what they're doing. Dave, everybody here, thank you very much


for joining us tonight. They are all heading into the meeting. I


don't know what's going to happen, but I do know their voices will be


heard. Back to you. Thank you. Strong feelings there in the


village there. A protestor has been assaulted and tents and barricades


owned by the Occupy Nottingham group have been damaged. The


campaigners say that since they set up camp in Old Market Square,


almost six months ago, it's often been vandalised. According to the


protestors, they were targeted three times on Saturday night.


the weekend it was particularly eventful, let's say. Lots of


continual attacks on the camp. Ripping down the barricades and the


tents. We did have a member of our camp physically attacked. We are


very used to it. The police are very aware of it. Work has started


today to construct a new bridge over Nottingham railway station.


When it's finished trams will be able to cross above the mainline


rail track. The new bridge will connect the current Line One


terminus with the extension out to Clifton. The project will take 21


months to complete. Five towns in Leicestershire are hoping to become


part of a Government project backed by the retail expert, Mary Portas.


Places like Lutterworth, Coalville and Market Harborough all want to


share �1 million of Government investment. As part of Our Streets


series, Victoria Hicks has been to Market Harborough to find out why


this prosperous market town is looking for help. It's a


distinctive market town in south Leicestershire and it wants to stay


that way, so it's bid for a share of Government funding. Lots of


independent shops and we ought to get the message out that this is


the place to come to. Duncan knows a thing or two about fine wines.


Now, he wants to share his passion for the town too. It's just going


to create the lovely buzz about town and spreading the gossip. It's


what I do with wine. I've got this lovely wine, we do a little tasting


here and I want you to appreciate it. I want you to close your eyes


and imagine where you could be and what we wanted to do is through the


social medium is get people to see the stuff on-line and their phones


and think this place is a bit of all right. What's different about


Market Harborough? Well, it looks different for a start. If you


dropped an alien into any high street they wouldn't know where


they are. The brands are all the same, but we're different and we


want to keep it that day. We come regularly. It's nice and it's a


friendly atmosphere. It's got so much going for it, but not so many


people know. This bid could change all that, with extra money and help


from the Mary Portas. Now the town has to see if it cuts through the


competition to put this place on the map. We like it. We do. I used


to Christmas shop there with my brother. Very nice. They must miss


you. You're watching East Midlands Today and sport's on its way with


four wins for all four of our football sides. Find out a Derby


student has managed to get two well-known actors to star in his


first movie. We're on the last lap. The Championship football season


will be over in three weeks' time - unless your team makes the play


offs. The star billing goes to Leicester. Two wins out of two over


Easter. Can this up and down season end yet in promotion to the Premier


League? Paul Bradshaw reports. It looked like another episode of this


see-saw season. Leicester rarely win back-to-back, but they seized


their opportunity at the right time. Ben Marshal is the top one at the


moment and that free kick is another on his list of great


strikes. Leicester began the second half looking like a team sensing a


win. They got it thanks to this finish. They are all very important


games, but we're hanging in there, giving ourselves an awful lot to do,


but six points over the last three days doesn't do us any harm.


have got to believe. It's been such an odd season. Obviously got some


big games left. I think Millwall is massive. Got to try to win that,


but if we hit form now I think if we get into the play-offs we'll be


the form team. You have the three other teams to lose. Cardiff and


Brighton, but if they all lose then we got a chance if we beat Millwall.


With four games left the Foxes find themselves three points off the


places. If Derby had won their home game with Ipswich on Saturday


they'd have been level on points with Leicester. So despite an


excellent 2-0 win at Leeds yesterday, Derby appear to have too


much to do to make a play-off berth. Leeds and Derby are old rivals, but


Derby were already in command when Michael Brown was sent out for a


high foot, which left Theo Robinson in some pain. The opening goal was


a lovely strike and they were on their way to a great seventh


successive win against Leeds. They might have had a penalty too. Derby


were convinced they deserved one. But when the referee and the


assistant met to talk about it, they gave a free kick to Leeds.


Derby wrapped it up in the second half. Steve Davis found the net.


Great win, but games are running out and their charge up the table


is probably too late. Derby five points off the play-offs, but


they've had their best season for five years. Now, Nottingham Forest


fans had a nervy weekend after being beaten at home by Bristol


City on Saturday night. But they swept aside Peterborough yesterday.


Their relegation fears could be over by the weekend. BBC Radio


Nottingham's Forest correspondent, Colin Fray, give us this analysis.


Saturday's home defeat by Bristol City was not a great start to


Easter. The Reds played well, but the defeat just underlined the fact


that Forest have the worst home record in the championship. Their


recent revival has been built on away results and performances, but


there was a fair amount of pressure yesterday. It didn't show. It was a


fluent away performance. There were chances in the first half. Forest


dominated. The winning goal was set up here and finished by Blackstock


to make it three wins in a row. With this red card, it was a blow.


I thought it was a very harsh decision and so did Steve Cotterill


who expects to win an appeal. Forest are in a better position


than they were before Easter and seven points clear with only four


games to go and although they can be caught, it's a result that


secure's their place in the championship for next season. Now,


could we have another East Midlands' team in the Championship


next season. Notts County are flying. Three wins in a row have


put them in the final play-off spot. The charge is on. Two wins over


Easter, three in a row, four games left and luck is on their side.


Even the players seem to think this was offside. With a casual flick


before the goal and then the surprise that the referee didn't


blow the whistle. It had them dancing out of their seats. The end


of the game had them on the edge, especially when a clearance gave


Yeovil their equaliser, but there were to be more turns. A suspect


nudge and push went unpunished and Lloyd Sams scored a second. The


hattrick came in a 90th minute. A fascinating run-in to anticipate.


Nottinghamshire and England cricketer, Stuart Broad, has been


ruled out of playing in the Indian Premier League. He'll be out for at


least three weeks as he recovers from a calf injury. He's likely to


play for Notts early next month and hopes to be fully fit ready to play


for England in the summer. If you missed it over the weekend, there


were great scenes at the National Ice Centre as the Nottingham


Panthers completed a double double. This goal, seven minutes from time,


broke the deadlock in the play-off final against Cardiff. And the Ice


Centre went crazy. Panthers went on to win 2-0 and Government minister,


Ken Clarke, was there not to hand out justice, but to present the


play-off trophy, which will sit alongside the Challenge Cup in the


Panthers' cabinet for the second year running. The British


Superbikes season started this weekend and Derby's John Kirkham


got his first-ever win. It was a dramatic day at Brands Hatch in


Kent as Kirkham made a move on the final bend to take the win for his


new Honda team, but he was denied a chance to score a second win.


Racing had to be abandoned, because, as you can see, the weather


conditions were poor and got worse. Nottinghamshire swimming brothers


Sam and Ollie Hynd should both make the paralympics in London. 17-year-


old Ollie was named in the team today and his brother Sam, who won


gold in Beijing, is selected subject to confirmation by the


International Paralympic Committee. Charlotte hen Shaw made the team


also. Thank you very much. Now, film directors at the top of their


game can demand the highest fees and attract the best actors, but


when you're just starting off, getting big names in your movie


isn't that easy. But, there's a new director in Derby who's managed to


strike gold. Danny Gold is in fact a film student, but he's convinced


two television actors to star in his first movie and it's all being


shot in the city. Geeta Pendse went along for the filming. This looks


like any professional film set, but this one is being directed by a 21-


year-old, as part of his final year project. He sent off the script to


Jeff Stewart and Matt Healey, who played Matthew King in emDale, but


never expected them to say yes. Jeff, literally, he read the script


and called me the next day. I didn't know who it was, because it


was a private number. He said, "Hi, this is Jeff. I would love to be


part of the movie." I was playing it cool. After he hung up I was oh,


my goodness. You never get anywhere in this life without a bit of cheek.


All you have to do is ask. I was free this week so why not?


short film tells the story of the dilemma faced when two gangsters


fall out over a girl and the crew have shot it in several locations


across the city, including the silk mill and the cathedral quarter. All


on a budget of just �3,000. The crew are made up entirely of


students and being a small-scale budget also brings with it a number


of challenges. Danny only has a certain amount of film to shoot on,


which means every single take really counts. Both actors say


they've been blown away by the young director. We would say nice


things whatever what was happening. In this case we relish telling you


he's a visiony. He's worth keeping an eye out for. It's like he's


blossoming now. When they go home and the set is emptied and it is


cleared then it will hit me. situation will be premiered in June.


If this is just his first film, who knows where the next could take


him? Great shot. Get it. Yes. Brilliant. Hiem here all week. Now,


-- I'm here all week. Now, April -- I'm here all week. Now, April


showers? More rain? Yes, spot on. That's what we're getting for much


of this week. We started yesterday, Easter Monday, on an unsettled note.


Significant rainfall. Over the next few days, we are looking at


sunshine and those lovely April showers. Dry overnight. David's


photograph was taken earlier today. Thank you for this. This sky is how


it's pretty much going to be for much of the week. It's low pressure


and it's dominating us. Fairly windy conditions for the day. The


isobars will become further apart through the night and tomorrow.


They will be easing gradually. Overnight, this evening, we have a


few showers still around for a time. Gradually they will die out to give


us a dry night and then generally clear skies across much of the East


Midlands. It will allow temperatures to fall quickly. We


are expecting lows of around about freezing in rural spots, but one or


two in towns and cities. A chilly start to Wednesday and then quite


quickly you will start to see those showers developing through the


morning. Then they will become quite widespread tomorrow. You will


need your brolly, because more in the way of showers. Quite heavy.


You might notice hail and even hear some thunder. The highs of 11. The


wind just that little lighter tomorrow. The showers won't move on


as quickly as they have done today. Looking further ahead, another day


of sunshine and showers. Guess what, by Friday, yes, it's sunshine and


showers and generally light winds on Friday. One thing you will


notice temperatures are starting to come down. Wednesday and Thursday


ten degrees, just below the norm. Down on Friday, but by the weekend


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