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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight: operations are cancelled for a second week at two of our


busiest hospitals. Non-urgent operations are postponed


in at Nottingham as medics as lacy prize in emergencies. I can only


apologise to the patients and their families for the occurrence of an


operation being cancelled. Last summer's disturbances, a man


admits tried to burn down a police station.


Of also denied: at remembering Sam, a teenage victim of cardiac arrest


in the young. He lit his life to the follow and it is so said that


he got -- society didn't get a chance to fulfil his dreams.


Plus where the closure of this chain-store has caused fury among


Welcome to Monday's programme. First tonight: a hospital boss has


apologised for the cancellation of hundreds of operations in


Nottingham. Dr Peter Homa who's in charge of the Queen's Medical


Centre and City Hospital, admits the disruption to patients' lives


is unacceptable. It's a shortage of hospital beds


that's causing many of the cancellations. But for patients


caught up in the delays, the situation can seem baffling.


Third time unlucky, Geoff should have been getting ready for


hospital today but an operation to treat the impact of cancer on her


spine was put off again. It means he is still not walking as tall as


he would like. High hopes dashed. It has not been music to his ears.


He just want to get your life back together. You get yourself all


geared up to have an operation and obviously, you are concerned and


worried as to what that is going to be like. And then it is all


cancelled so you seem to be at a loss. He is not the only one. 541


operations have been cancelled this year. It was bad with 41 last week


put off and 10 put off today. They included routine operations on a


finger, a knee replacement and surgery to remove Lenin plant. The


problem the hospital says is a surge in emergencies, leaving not


enough beds for routine planned surgery. Today, the chief executive


said sorry, admitting it is unacceptable. I can only apologise


to the patients and families that have experienced the distressing


occurrence of an operation being cancelled. All of the staff who


work at the hospital understand intimately how upsetting that is.


But I would like to say that all this within the hospital are


working absolutely flat out to make sure the emergency and non- urgent


cases receive an excellent service. The situation has been going on


since the beginning of the year. When will it be sorted out? We are


in the process of sorting it out. We have put additional beds in


place. With some on the way, they hope things will East and the


situation is being reviewed daily. Nottingham is becoming a major


trauma unit, the most serious injuries in the East Midlands will


be dealt with a. The services being built up gradually. The hospital


stresses that that is not having an impact on others. They say it is


down to the usual emergencies coming through the door and a


shortage of beds. Referred this has been going on for a long time so


there is a lot of pressure to sort it out. -- we have heard.


People who were expecting treatment tomorrow, what should they do?


The latest news tonight is that seven operations, as least seven,


have been cancelled tomorrow. Those patients have been counteracted --


contacted by phone. But the duration could change but the


advice this week is if you got their routine, planned operation


coming up, to expect it to go ahead unless you here otherwise. But with


the situation being reviewed daily, there could be more cancellations


on the way, until this whole thing is sorted out.


Next tonight, a Nottingham man has admitted trying to burn down a


police station with petrol bombs. Curtis De Jean will be sentenced


after 14 other men stand trial for rioting.


Their case is due to begin tomorrow. Jeremy Ball has been at the Crown


Court in Nottingham today. And he joins us from outside the City's


Canning Circus police station which was damaged in the attack. Jeremy,


tell us about Curtis De Jean. What did you hear about him at the court


today? This afternoon, he admitted


basically carrying out an arson attack which could have put lives


in station. He also admitted a separate charge of carrying


explosives of the court heard that involved him coming here with


petrol bombs. This all emerged just as a jury was being sworn in this


afternoon. And what does that Dury have to


decide when the case does get started tomorrow?


They are going to be hearing a case against 14 other men. This is a


case against 14 men and boys who come from estates across the city


of Nottingham. Today, we heard those 14 have all denied a charge


of riot and there have also been accused of violent disorder. We


have also heard that six of those 14 are also accused of involvement


in an arson attack at Cannings circus.


We were told at the time there was not officially any rioting in


Nottingham. You will remember there was huge


political controversy over this. The authorities in Nottingham have


always existed -- insisted the trouble in the cystic -- city was


not serious enough to be described as rioting. What has changed now is


that the Crown Prosecution Service have looked at this case. They have


decided that there could be enough evidence that there was rioting


here. We have heard this is because at least 12 people are alleged to


have been involved in this trouble together. We will get details


tomorrow. Police are investigating the death


of an 80-year-old woman at a Derbyshire care home after reports


that a wardrobe may have fallen on her. Police were called to the


Coach House Nursing Home in Milford near Belper on Easter Monday


morning. A post-mortem examination was inconclusive, and police are


now working with the Health and Safety Executive to investigate the


death. Police are trying to trace party-


goers at a hotel in Nottingham, after two people were injured by


pellets. Officers were called to the Stage Hotel on Gregory


Boulevard on Saturday night. A 17- year-old man and 36-year-old woman


were found with minor leg injuries. Police say it's not yet clear what


weapon fired the pellets. MPs are to discuss the future of


the Midland Mainline tonight. A Commons debate is scheduled for


this evening, with changes such as electrification and longer trains


up for discussion. The leader of Nottinghamshire County Council, Kay


Cutts, has written to eight local MPs asking for their support. The


authority says improving the line would cut journey times to London


and boost the local economy. Still to come on the programme: the


latest in our occasional series on the health of our High Streets.


The Prime Minister has launched the Conservative election campaign in


Amber Valley. Is that a sign of the voters are about to swing against


Next tonight: it's official, the whole of the East Midlands has been


declared a drought zone. There are no hosepipe bans in place


yet because public supplies aren't affected. But rivers, streams and


farms are showing signs of the driest 18 months since records


began. These crops are safe from are


growing at the moment but if the dry spell carries on, farmers could


be in trouble. It means we are very low wall reserve water and crops


are looking OK because they've had a bit of rain. But we know there is


nothing down below at all. If the dry spell continues, there is


nothing down there to feed the crops and it could get very serious.


What is happening here is happening across the East Midlands. In the


last two months alone, there have has just been 40 % of the average


rainfall and in the last 18 months, it has been the driest since


records began. The rain we've had of late is too little, too late.


What we are urging people to do over the summer is be wise with


their water used. It is not just fish that will suffer. Back at the


farm and for John, the drug could be costly. If we don't get the


reins, the other crops suffer and this could be very expensive for us.


We are talking about an environmental drought. It is a risk


to the environment, not the water supply. If we are wise with our


water use, we avoid the possibility of getting one next year.


advice for all of us is save water now in the hope that things will


not get worse in the future. The Prime Minister was in the East


Midlands today to kick-start the Conservatives' local election


campaign. He spoke to activists in Amber Valley, where the Tories face


a strong challenge from Labour. After his Far East tour last week,


to he was an Alfred will. Inside the committee centre, there was a


noticeable lack of the exotica, just a platform of LEA eager --


eager Amber Valley candidates hoping to get elected.


Traditionally, Amber Valley is classic swing territory but for the


last 12 years it has been safely held by the Conservatives has to be


third of seats are being contested here on 3rd May and the Prime


Minister's visit may indicate some party jitters. This is the real


heart of England, because of hard work, independent minds and strong


communities. But the trouble with independently minded voters is they


might not always vote for you. have frozen the council tax as


Labour half oppose that council tax freeze. There are many Conservative


councils I could choose from but here we are, in the heart of the


country, a councillor is giving good value for money. We need to


help them with their family budgets and the council tax freezes a good


way to do that. 25 miles away in Nottingham, Labour were unveiling


their poster campaign to urge voters to reject the Prime


Minister's ambitions for a directly elected mayor. The referendum is


also being held on May 3rd. At the number Valley, that prompted a


further round of bashing of Nottingham Labour. The only council


that will not be transparent, that's right, Labour controlled not


ago. Let's take that argument for transparency out around the country.


Afterwards, the prime minister warmed to his theme. I hope people


in Nottingham will vote for a mayor, someone who can give great


leadership. Mayors are a good way to have proper accountability and


to have real leadership in our cities. The Tory faithful left


feeling upbeat, after all it has not heard -- every day you get a


Prime Minister at your local election launch.


A family says people need to be more aware of the risk of


potentially fatal heart problems in young people.


The parents of Sam Wright from Derby were speaking at a charity


event in memory of the 19-year-old, who died suddenly just before


Christmas. The event was to highlight the


shocking statistic that 12 under- 35s a week die in Britain from


often undiagnosed heart problems. A few moments of enjoyment at a


fundraiser for Elaine Wright, Kevin Wright and their remaining son,


Mark. They helped helps organise the event in Derby it as -- in


memory of their son had died suddenly just before Christmas, on


his return home from a run. Sam's friends remember him as full of


life. He was a lot of fun. I don't know, it's weird not having him


about now because this would have been one of the things he would


have turned up to and would have been running around doing


everything. If there was anyone who lived their life to the fullest, it


was some and it is sad he never got the chance to fulfil his dreams.


During the busy event, a moment of reflection as well for the family.


Some had been a lifeguard and instructor at the Seoul poll and a


keen sportsman. 12 young and fit help the people are dying every


week and it is terrible. The family says the recent case in the


football world highlights how, on these problems are. This has helped


increase awareness and hope it will help save more people. They also


believe greater public access to Diouf liberators could start --


help those like Reece Geoffrey who died last year. If we could get


more people aware of it and hopefully save more lives.


fund-raising event raised over �7,000 for a charity but the rights


hope that if publicity hope -- helps one more family avoid the


pain they've suffered, Sam's death will not be entirely in vain.


Next tonight - more on our occasional series The Street where


we follow the fortunes of three shopping areas in the East Midlands.


Tonight we're back in Beeston which is seeing big changes as


Nottingham's tram network is extended through the town.


The works are forcing the closure of a high street chain store. And


that's provoked a furious response. Removing what's left of Wilkinson's


in Beeston. You may not believe this chain-store could provoke such


strong emotion but its closure has stoked up fury in this town. The


building is being demolished to make way for the extension to


Nottingham's tram network. The stores shut this weekend, despite


2000 residents signing a position demanding that the store remained.


It is going to be like a ghost town here. I cannot imagine life without


it. I can imagine life without the tram. Wilkinson's is a part of


everybody's everyday life. Every time he went in the store, it was


for. Everybody is going to miss this door. Everybody unspoken


doesn't want the tram. Nobody is in favour of the tram. Nobody.


source of support for the tram does exist in the form of councillor,


Steve Barber. It's terrible, a disaster that they are chosen to


close at this stage, when they could have relocated. It had a


number of years to get their act together. It is not the trams fault.


The tram is an easy scapegoat. what of Wilkinson's future? It is


not looking hopeful. The company says it has genuinely been


overwhelmed by the strength of feeling expressed by customers but


it says in spite of best efforts, it hasn't found anywhere that is


suitable, where it can relocate. First tonight, all of our


Championship teams went into the weekends fixtures with something to


play for, but only one of them came out with anything! Leicester City


and Derby were hoping to strengthen their bid for the play-offs, while


Forest were looking to distance themselves from the relegation zone.


Leicester were looking for three points that the new stadium to


bolster their hopes. But things didn't go to plan. Daniel


Drinkwater brought one back but they only have three games left.


We've been playing catch-up for a while so we need a lot to go for us


and we got to win our remaining games. It is a tough call but it


today is disappointing. It was a similar story at Derby, whose own


hopes for making the play-offs were left remote, after this goal.


was a brilliant finish. The lad has come on, put his head down and


smashed the ball and hit the target. It's something I wish one of our


players would have done. We've had similar situations, if not better


ones, and failed to do that. Better news for the Reds who picked up a


potentially vital home. Against Blackpool. Forest are now seven


points clear of the drop zone. Blackpool are a tough nut to crack.


There are good team. The counter- attack very well. We knew it was


going to be a tough game but we thought probably we deserved the


three points. While major issues for our


Championship clubs are all but settled, League One Notts County


will see the drama continue to the end of the season. And hopefully


beyond. The Magpies are in a battle to get the final playoff spot. The


competition is Carlisle, Stevenage Notts have been out of the


championship for 17 years. Their journey back, heavily rests on this


game, against a team who won play- off rivals and breathing down their


necks on a potential road to Wembley. So, Keith, what you


normally do on the bus on the way to the ground? Watch a bit of


football. It is a big day today. A lot of them are coming around to


him and appreciate his style of I was allowed to sit on the bench


with my own, tiny camera, and we The view from the away dug-out is


actually the worst in the house. But the pace of the game looks so


much faster close-up. There are minutes to go now and if not can


come on, this would be a brilliant... As the clock ran down,


Damian Stuart headed a free kick off the line to give them the press


that advantage -- precious advantage.


You can see a longer version of that report on tonight's Late Kick


Off, together with extended highlights from the Championship.


Former Leicester and Forest man Stan Collymore is on the sofa too.


One last bit of football news before we move on. Well done to


Mansfield Town, who have secured their spot in the Blue Square


Premier play-offs. A return to the Football League perhaps just three


games away. Some sporting teams just have the


knack of timing their runs of form perfectly. So it is with Leicester


Tigers. If you want to win Rugby's Premiership, the secret is to


finish strongly. Tigers are going so well, they're setting records.


The game at Northampton Saints could have been really tough.


Usually a feisty local derby between teams close in the


standings. Instead, Tigers maul at With all of that in mind, they were


not going to leave Franklins Gardens without getting on the


scoreboard. The try was quality. Five bonus wins on the trot, a new


record, as was the scoreline. And Nottingham Rugby did all they


could do by posting a bonus point win at Doncaster. But it wasn't


enough and they're out of the Championship playoffs race with a


game left to play. Nottingham Canoist and Olympic


Silver Medal winner David Florence has qualified for the London


Olympics in two events. Some time back Florence set himself the


target of making history by winning Olympic medals both on his own and


as a pair with partner Richard Hounslow. Some brilliant racing in


the qualification event at Lee Valley means that he's still on


track to do it. Not so great in the Kayak for Campbell Walsh, though.


Distressed and angry with himself for missing out.


The pressure was on the former Nottingham Doctor Tim Brabants at


the weekend. He won gold in Beijing but has struggled with form after


injury and still has to qualify for London. So it's down to a best of


three race-off and Brabants, in the blue, held off his rival Paul


Wycherley by three one hundreths of a second in the first contest at


Holme Pierrepont and become national champion. The pressure is


on. It is unimportant here, an Olympic year. I'm feeling strong


now and looking forward to the Olympics. Have been watching people


qualify in the other sports and I want to be one of those people


wearing the GB kit. And the next race-off is in May.


Couple of final things to mention: In cricket there's been a flying


start to the County Championship for both Nottinghamshire, who are


on top of Division One, and Derbyshire, on top of Division two.


Both two games, two wins. And in Hockey, Leicester Ladies are


national outdoor Champions after beating Reading this weekend. Sadly


Beeston's men couldn't match them. They went out in the semi-finals.


But that's a brilliant performance by Leicester's women. Outdoor and


indoor champs this season. Continuing with a sporting theme


really and a look ahead to the London Marathon next weekend and a


remarkable woman who's going to be breaking a few records. Yes, Karen


Hodgson from Derbyshire needed a new heart in 2006 after suffering


from cardiomyopathy. Now she's on track to become the first woman


heart transplant patient to ever run in the big event as Tom Brown


reports. Today, she is looking forward to


her first marathon but looking back, Carole Hodgson knows this they may


never have come. I was told I had about a year to live. One year to


18 months. I went on to the transplant waiting list. That was a


very nerve-racking time because I knew that a lot of people don't


make it but I was very lucky. And here I am now, a week away from the


big day. I cannot believe it. lived with cardiomyopathy for more


than 15 years. She doesn't know who donated her new hardback in 2006


but they remain her biggest motivation. I feel I owe it to the


person now as well, but as well of the big reasons why a exercise and


from, because that kind person signed up so I could have this


chance. I want to make the most of it. It has been a long journeys is


the day of the transplant but now for Karen and her husband, the


finishing line is inside. She is running it for the donor and for


her family so it is going to be quite overwhelming. I think there


are going to be lots of shoulders to cry on at the end. A mixture of


relief and exhaustion and gratitude. It is something I never thought I


would be able to do. Things are changing tonight and


we've got a wet week in store. It might be a band of rain or it could


also be showers as well, on and off towards the end of the week. We


will keep a close eye on the area of clothes -- I pressure coming in.


This was the shot first thing and thank you to Geoff for sending the


sin. We have got wet and windy weather on the way tonight. There


is an area of low pressure starting to move towards the country and it


will produce a band of rain and some very strong winds across the


East Midlands as it comes towards the east. But the moment, we still


got the broken cloud with us but it will gradually start to increase


during the latter part of the evening. Then you'll start to see


that rain coming through into the early hours of the morning. That is


when the wind will also start to strengthen. A strong and gusty


south-westerly wind. Gusts of up to 40 mph as that rain band works its


way eastwards. A minimum temperature tonight of four Celsius.


We are still around during the rush hour period tomorrow morning so a


lot of surface water and spray and gusty winds as well. As it clears


the way eastwards, it leaves us with Sky's stars into Brighton but


there will be further blustery showers coming through. It will be


one of those wet and windy days with a little bit of sunshine. A


maximum daytime temperature of 12 Celsius. There is another wet day


on Wednesday. A band of rain pushing its way northwards


throughout the daytime. The wind is not quite a strong on Wednesday so


that rain band a little bit slow moving but it is much needed. We


are going to stay quiet and subtle as well as we get closer to the


weekend. The temperatures what they should be for the time of year.


Once the rain band clears on Wednesday leaving us with a showery


theme again for Thursday and Friday, a little bit nippy at night time


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