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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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This is East Midlands today. Live from Burghley House near Stamford


on the day that the Olympic torch relay passed right through the East


Midlands. Everything made way for the Olympic


procession, a test run for the real thing in a few weeks' time. It was


amazing. I am so proud to be part of it. We have to choreograph a


routine incorporating the torch. There will be three of us on their.


We will never see this again in our lifetime.


In today's other news: rewriting the rules on breast cancer.


Scientists say it should be treated as 10 distinct disease is.


And a 4th at 10 pensioner falls victim to road rage. The force he


pushed me over, I think about it and I think I was let off lightly.


Hello, good evening. Welcome to the programme. We are live here at


Burghley House in Lincolnshire or just outside Stamford. It is


looking beautiful tonight. We have been very lucky with the weather


because this was the day that the Olympic torch relay passed through


our region. It arrives just about an hour ago here. If you look at


these pictures, this was the scene when it appeared. The Olympic torch


was handed over right outside the front door of this stately home.


The torch was not let but it was a chance to test drive the


celebrations and it is clear the Olympic bug has already hit.


It was a dress rehearsal on the grandest scale as the Olympic torch


relay wound its way across Leicester, Leicestershire and


Rutland. Today but a practice run designed to put transport, security


and logistics to the Test and one of the biggest test was at Rutland


Water where the torch was taken across the reservoir by boat and


then handed to a new torch-bearer in front of the Church. Today there


was no flame and no torches were actually... But everything was done


just as well as it will be on the real torch relay days. Fantastic


day. Apart from the rain, but really great. All gone according to


plan. A few things to tweak but nothing major. For the production


staff were checking every detail to make sure that everything goes to


plan. Today for the dress rehearsal we have around 450 individuals,


some observers. The core team is around 300, all here to practise


their skills. It was also a chance to catch a glimpse of the torch


that will be carried the length and breadth of Britain and for a lucky


few, a chance to get their hands on the torch itself. It was amazing


and I am so proud to be part of it. Everybody was so encouraging and it


was so exciting. Roads were closed as the 15 vehicle convoy made its


way across the region. Part of an 80 mile trip that took the torch


over land, rail and water. Keeping a speedy eye on his progress, the


Olympic supremo Lord Sebastian Coe. We need to make sure that come


games time, torch relay time, every moment we are tested, that we have


been testing ourselves and it is important for our teams to know


that we meet the challenges. After setting off from the National Space


Centre, the torture joined a steam train for a journey along the track


to corn. I felt quite important holding the torch. There were 122


stand in torch-bearer is taking part and they were chosen from


universities and colleges around the country. Even though the day


was not designed for spectators, the crowds did turn out


particularly when the convoy made its way through Oakham. The


spectacle creating quite a stir in the market town. The organisers


will now look in detail at every aspect of this rehearsal so that


they are fully prepared when the torch finally takes to the road


before the Games and this all happens in May.


There is a real air of celebration today. It was lovely here earlier.


There were not that many people because it is only a dress


rehearsal but with all the entourage, it is a egotistical, not


nightmare, because it has gone well. Police did warn drivers to expect


delays but when it happens for real, they are expecting thousands to


turn out on the streets so they could be quite a different story.


Mike O'Sullivan reports on the reaction to the organisation of


today's dress rehearsal. The a Olympic torch Kester band arrived


with a wave and smile in Loughborough. It was only a


rehearsal but a beaks crowd still turned out to see it. Not everyone


was impressed. Some drivers and bus passengers held up. The amount of


traffic going through the town, the customers are not happy when the


meter is running. We are waiting for our past now and it is late. I


think it is ridiculous, a waste of time. It has been fine. It is worth


doing? Quite exciting. It has been brilliant the wave it has all been


awarded correctly and the way that everyone seems enthusiastic.


15th vehicle convoy started at the Space Centre in Leicester. Then


travelled on for Leicestershire and Rutland. The main idea was to test


the convoy crew and the communications rather than


encourage people to line the streets. It has taken nine months


of planning at the County Council just to get to this stage. 200 road


marshals provided in the county to help keep things moving. Backing up


the police. A system of rolling road closures, so what should


drivers do when the torch arrives for real? Avoid travelling on those


routes on the days. If they can't, they have to allow extra time for


delays for the journey and if they do get stuck in traffic, we would


ask people to be patient and enjoy the spectacle. Some drivers had


delays of around 40 minutes today. A much bigger crowd is expected


when the relay arrives at the end of June and beginning of July.


It is so peaceful here you would never think that had been going on


earlier, but the house is live den by the family. Let me introduce you


to Miranda. You're outside the front door when the torch arrived.


It was tremendously exciting, I had no idea how emotional it would be.


There were only a key people here but with all the police, there was


a sense of occasion. The first convoy of vehicles helps build


excitement and then use the lights and people in uniform, it was


fantastic. When does it come here? The third of to live. Are you


expecting a lot of people? We hope so. Anyone can come and watch. We


will not charge for it, the park is always open. There are particular


connections with Burghley House and the Olympics because your


grandfather. That is wide. He was the chairman of the Organisation


Committee for the 1940 games. Immortalised in Chariots of Fire.


The yes he was. There is a big exhibition over there. When you


come back to us later, we can have a look at that and the Olympic


medals there. Back to Dominic for the rest of today's news.


The analysis of hundreds of samples from breast cancer patients in


Nottingham has led to a major new discovery. An international study


has revealed their Iraq 10 types of breast cancer. The University of


Nottingham says until now only four main forms of the disease were


known about. Close-up we now know a lot more


about breast cancer. Nottingham City Hospital home to a major


tissue bank on this blog part of a breast cancer tumour. The cells can


be put onto slides and given to research projects. Specimens from


the 1990s we used for the latest research. This is opening a new


book for us. It is allowing us to delve deeper into the understanding


of breast cancer and opens new avenues to identify new drugs, we


find treatments. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in


women. Nearly 3,700 new cases are diagnosed in 2009 in the East


Midlands. Survival rates have improved for 30 years. In Derby,


Sandra knows that. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and


feared the worst. Each type has to be treated differently. They


obviously progress differently. Mine was not aggressive but it was


caught early. I had two lots of surgery, 30 sessions of


radiotherapy. I have lived life to the full sense. We now know their


rut at least 10 types of the disease. Scientists want to know


now how each response to different treatments. It is these sorts of in


-- improvements that allow us to improve survival. Other work is


that you to look at how each subtype is caused and one day look


at how to prevent the disease. A man has denied murdering his wife


at their home in Nottingham on Christmas Day. Gillian Woodward,


who was 56, died from stab would at the house in Bosden Close. Stephen


Woodward, who is also 56, will reappear at Nottingham Crown Court


for trial later this year. Passengers were evacuated from a


railway station this morning because of a train fire. Nottingham


station was closed at around 9 o'clock after staff noticed smoke


coming out of the train as it arrived. Fire crews were called and


all passengers got off safely. East Midlands trains says it has begun


an investigation. Union members at a company in


Nottingham have voted to take industrial action over the city's


new workplace parking levy. Workers at Imperial Tobacco are angry at


the company's decision to pass on the cost of the levy to its


employees. Members of the GMB union have voted for a week-long overtime


ban from April 30th. Imperial Tobacco says it does not envisage


any disruption. The family of a woman who died in


Goa two years ago say they still do not know how she met her death. The


Indian authorities had previously claimed Denyse Sweeney had suffered


a drugs overdose, but an inquest in Derby this week heard that was not


true. Denyse's sisters look back on


photos of happier times. She did love the culture there. Among them,


pictures of her first trip to Goa in India. When did you last hear


from her? I had text messages from Denys just asking what gives she


could bring back for the children. She was happy. Ready to come home.


But less than a week after she was due back, they were told she had


died. She had been found collapsed in the toilet of a bar and


restaurant in the resort. A post- mortem examination found several


cuts and bruises on her body, including a large head wind. But


the pathologist concluded there was a different cause of death. We were


originally told that it was a suspected drugs overdose. We


straightaway thought that was wrong. We did not find out until last week


when we got the toxicology reports that there was nothing in her


system. You can feel like you're stuck in the dark. You are here


trying to find the answers and it is recalled after a brick wall.


toxicology tests were only carried out after pressure from the British


authorities. This week, the Derby coroner recorded an open verdict at


an inquest into her death. The we want answers now. It is two years


down the line and we have not got any.


A pensioner who was the victim of a road rage attack fears the man who


did it could strike again. The Derbyshire woman who is only 4 ft


10 is still too scared to be identified. She says she fills


lucky she was not hurt more badly or even killed in the violent


incident became without warning. It may have taken her some time to


come forward, but now Helen, not her real name, has revealed that


this is where the incident began. Helen now in her sixties used to be


a bus driving instructor despite being only 4 ft 10. While driving


recently, she came across a range Rover going fairly slowly on the


inside lane. I decided to mirror, signal over to the other lane to


overtake him but he decided to come with me. Helen accelerated past the


Range Rover. On the other side of the roundabout, she stopped to let


the Range Rover pass but the driver pulled up behind. She got out to


ask what the problem was. I was about to take a step forward and he


came running towards me. I was knocked completely off my feet. I


was so scared I just jumped back in the car. The police are now trying


to find the rage Rover similar to this one and the driver. It could


have been so different. I could have died because my head could


have banged on the ground. Police now say they are looking for a


white man in his early 30s he was between 5 ft 1 and 5 ft 5 inches


tall and driving a dark green Range A mother from Leicestershire who


has lost the use of her legs will be taking part in the London


Marathon this weekend thanks to a state-of-the-art bionic suit.


Claire Lomas from Melton was paralysed in a freak riding


accident in 2007. On Sunday she intends to walk the full 26 miles.


Claire Lomas has been in a wheelchair for the past five years


but has -- but as her 14 month old daughter takes her first steps, she


is also on her way to getting back on her feet. She can walk about 11


steps on heroin. I always said it would be a race at to see who


walked first! We will see what happens during the marathon. Claire


will be walking the route in a specially designed suit which helps


people with spinal injuries get mobile again.


I have always wanted to get walking again it and I thought this was a


good opportunity for me. The suit came into the UK in generate so I


have been training since then and on Sunday I start the London


Marathon which I am doing for Spinal Research. I am trying to


raise as much as I can for them and I'd appreciate all of the


sponsorship to get up to my target of �50,000. It is typical of a


woman who has faced so much adversity to take on such an


inspirational journey. A I have got Tim Henman and other celebrities,


gabby Logan, hopefully a lot more joining me. It should be helpful to


keep me going. She said softly on her walk this Sunday morning and it


will take between two and three weeks far had to complete her epic


Challenge. -- for her to complete her epic Challenge.


We will have a full report on that on Monday's programme.


Time now for sport. Starting with the football, for our


championship teams, the end of the season looks like being a damp


squib. It is a very different story in League One. Notts County are in


the play-off places and no doubt the man who transformed their


fortunes. Football management is a funny old


game, just ask this man what he has changed since tea arrived.


-- since he arrived. The game plan was to get the players believing in


themselves and in need and their response I have had from them is


fantastic. No matter how good a manager you want to be or you are,


it is down to the players. If you have got good players, you are a


good manager. Check out police statistics. Two defeats in 13 games


and a sense of confidence sadly lacking before he came -- checkout


at the statistics. I wanted to create an atmosphere and vibrancy


around the football club. I wanted to come to work and enjoy the work


and get the players to enjoy it and be successful. With three weeks


left, they are masters of their own destiny now. Exciting times. This


is an opportunity to bring the exciting times here and now. A


fantastic anniversary year as well. It could be a fantastic end to the


season. In rugby, things are looking good for Leicester Tigers.


A real turnaround in fortunes which means they are now going for a top


to finish in the Premiership. A huge game tomorrow at Harlequins.


At times this season the Leicester Tigers have come in for criticism.


They are coming good at the right time. With just two games to go,


they are in with a chance of finishing top of the league.


There are no prizes for finishing top but what really matters is


finishing in the top two to get a home tie in the play-offs. It is


important to get a home semi-. Only two teams have won again away semi-


final. It is difficult to win away from home. It is great to be


talking about a top two finished. Many would have counted them out


earlier in the season after a dreadful start. Proving some of the


doubters wrong and annoying the rest of the sides by keeping them


there and pushing at the end of the season is important farce. It is


going to be a tough game but the form of the Leicester Tigers RN,


you would not bet against them. The cricket continues to struggle


on between the showers. At Trent Bridge, a proper captain's innings


from Chris Read. His century the only good thing about their batting.


Leicestershire are pretty firmly in charge but they have lost a lot of


overs to wear the. The Olympics story, the dry run for


the torch relay. Two of the East Midlands most famous sports stars


Torvill and Dean will be carrying the Olympic torch across the ice at


Nottingham's National Ice Centre. Jayne and Chris are back in the


city tonight. They have got some very exciting


news about the torch relay. What can you tell us? We have been


chosen to be torch-bearers so we are very honoured and excited. We


have to choreograph a routine incorporating the torch so it will


not just be the two of us, it will be the three of us. What does the


Olympics mean to you? It is such a special event and to do not realise


in the skating world that everyone gets involved and gets to follow


all of the different sports in the Olympics. We have got such


recognition after winning the Olympics that it open doors for our


futures. What do you think is the key to get kids active and engaged


in sport? It is getting them into the ice rink to begin with and


enjoying it and seeing my excitement of it and being involved


with other people. We have both been involved in the centre since


the beginning and we have seen the progress they have made in at


drawing people in and particularly young children. I think it is


fantastic. The show has been a huge success and it has done great


things to get people skating? the first series of dancing on ice,


we heard how much more interest there was in people going to the


eyes rings. We see the temporary ice rinks going up over the winter


that gives everyone the opportunity to have a go. It is going to be


28th June that you will be back here back in Nottingham. Very


exciting news. It will be wonderful. Thank you for talking to us.


I will be among the fans for not Sark game tomorrow. Back To


We have come across it to the house as promised because here is a


fantastic display, dedicated not just to the Olympics but also took


Lord Burghley who took part. There was a huge part of putting together


the 1948 Olympics -- he was a huge part. He was Miranda Rock's


grandfather. Do you remember him? do. He was a force to be reckoned


with. He was an enormous character. This is a fantastic display


dedicated to him and the Olympics. What do you think is the most


iconic thing in it? It has to be the torch. A let us have a look.


This is the torch from 1948. Yes. You were within touching of the new


torch. How does it compare? It is different in every way. They are


both fantastic. How on earth did your grandfather end up with this


one? As chairman of the organising


committee he was presented with one. One last thing, have a quick look


at risk. The Olympic medals that your grandfather one. The gold from


Amsterdam in it... 1938. The silver was from Los Angeles.


I escaped most of the showers today. What does the weather have in


store? We have had quite a few heavy


showers. They all started late afternoon after the temperatures


increased. This is proof. Thank you for that. Nice to see you in a


hailstorm looking pretty in your school uniform. We are starting to


see the showers working eastwards. They are with us through a good


period of time through the early part of the evening becoming heavy


and persistent over the eastern side with hail and thunder likely


for a time. It will merge together into the early hours of the morning.


It will gradually start to die away across the south. Temperatures


there dropping to two degrees. Further north, for five degrees. It


will turn misty where the showers Dyer wave. They will develop again


in the early morning. A little sunshine. -- they will die away.


Hail and thunder also likely with the chance of flash flooding as


well. A very wet afternoon for Saturday. Sunday too is going to be


quite a showery day. Again there will be some sunshine. Starting dry


and quite mist before the showers are rife. If you're travelling to


London for the marathon, the temperature in the daytime will be


around 14 degrees. Like South westerly winds. A further showers


across the south. I think the wish of rain will be granted for the


beginning of next week. As one area of low pressure goes away, another


one replaces it. More wet and windy weather in store next week.


Who cares about that one we are looking at shiny medals. This is


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