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Both police say this is how they would let now and she is still


hoping they will find her. On the evidence, we believe there is a


possibility that she is alive. Also tonight, rescue crews call off


the search for a Derbyshire councillor last of the French coast.


Plus, a man who has set up a track is now wild birds escapes jail.


Standards on the rise at this year's British Pie Awards. We have


had in the first year some problems were soggy bottoms. Now a lot of


pie makers have learned from that and we have got some really good


pie is in there now. A very good evening to you and welcome to


Wednesday's programme. Tonight, a fresh look at the disappearance of


Madeleine McCann. An updated image was released by detectives. It is


how they think Madeleine may lead now. The man leading the British


investigation says he is confident his team will solve the mystery.


Our reporter was at the special press conference at New Scotland


Yard this morning. An age enhanced picture of


Madeleine McCann as she could look today. Her 9th birthday is on May


12th. Her parents from Leicestershire are said to be


pleased with the image made with the help of a UK expert. They are


pleased with the new image. They feel there is a strong family


resemblance been it. Kate herself can see not only madder men in the


picture but also her brother and sister. It is always difficult to


see these things, of course. They are feeling very positive when they


look at it, given the family resemblance. It is five years since


she disappeared from her parent's holiday apartment in Portugal. The


police reviewing the case believe she could still be alive. Taken by


a stranger, the police gave an update today. The briefing on the


case was held here at New Scotland Yard. A team of around 40


Metropolitan Police officers have been working on a review for around


a year. What we are seeking to do in a unique position this draw


three key strands of information together. UK law enforcement


material, Portuguese material and private investigator material that


is largely being gathered through companies employed by Kate and


Gerry McCann. They have always said there is the possibility she is


still alive. Lots of people have wrong way we feel said that she


must be dead. They say, prove it. The Metropolitan Police want the


case reopened in Portugal. They have identified 195 leads from


material they have examined up until now.


Mike joins us in the studio. How does this review by the Met work?


They are sifting through all of the material and they pass anything


they think significant on to the Portuguese review team. That is a


team based in the north-west of Portugal. That is a different team


to the initial investigation down in the Algarve that were looking


for Madeleine after she disappeared in Praia da Luz. Apparently there


are 40,000 documents to look through. The Metropolitan Police


say there are about -- say they are about a quarter of a way through it.


They say the whole investigation has cost about �2 million and some


of these documents have to be translated before they can pass on


the information. The police team in Portugal is keen on having the case


reopened. It's his five years ago but they still want any possible...


Anyone who has seen anything to come forward. The police say they


would still like to speak to police -- to people who were missed out


during the initial investigation at the holiday complex in Praia da Luz.


It seems incredible that five years on that should be the case but that


is what they are asking for. They are also asking for people to


contact them. They have released telephone numbers which I will give


Anyone who does not want to speak directly to the police can contact


Crimestoppers. Her parents are saying that the case has got


momentum again. Thank you very much. Still to come on the programme: A


striking way for learner drivers to save money. If you want cheaper


driving lessons, it might help to have one of these. Or one of these.


Next, the shock and grief felt by friends and family after a tragic


accident at sea. Two men were saved when a tug boat sank off France on


Monday. But Jeff Clare from Derbyshire is still missing. His


family has thanked the rescue teams and friends have spoken to Jo


Healey about the loss of a highly- respected local councillor.


Utter shock, sadness, disbelief that this could happen. It happened


on Monday. Two other men on the boat with Jeff Clare were taken to


safety by helicopter. It is understood the three men were


bringing the boat from Spain to Plymouth but got into difficulty


when the coast guard got a distress call. There was a French navy


commercial ship and helicopter, we got them to search. The search had


to be called off that night. In a statement from their home in


Draycott, his wife told us that the trunking -- tragic sinking of the


vessel has been a great rock to the crew and families involved. We are


very great fault for all of the efforts and subsequent search, she


said. This has been his home for 30 years. He worked for Rolls-Royce


for 39 years and was a parish councillor, as it is his wife.


much a respected couple here. They represented the people very well


and worked hard for the village. I have nothing but admiration for


them. Jeff Clare will be sadly missed. It is a terrible shock to


all of us. French investigators are now looking into the sinking.


Derbyshire police are liaising with the French are authorities.


Meanwhile, his family say they are trying to come to terms with their


loss. A pensioner has been given a


suspended prison sentence after admitting a string of animal


welfare offences involving wild birds. Although he escaped jail,


67-year-old Malcolm Spencer from Derbyshire will be tagged and


confined to his house in Bolsover for the next four months. Spencer


was caught with more than 60 British wild birds as well African


and South American parrots, all kept in filthy conditions. James


Roberson was in court. Some of the dozens of birds the


RSPCA found in the possession of Malcolm Spencer in Bolsover. Some


were kept in cages outside and inside the house. Many were in a


filthy condition when the charity discovered them last year. Some


were dead. We have a skeleton of a bird with a ring that still on it.


Today, Spencer, a grandfather, arrived at the court to be


sentenced after pleading guilty to 34 offences. The inspectors found


not only parrots like African grey parrots but also British birds like


finches, skylarks and wheat beers. The RSPCA inspector told me no


birds can be taken from the wild. They can only be and if raised from


wild -- raised from eggs in captivity. The RSPCA found evidence


that brings had been forced on to bird's legs to make them look as if


they had been raised by breeders. That is part of what he claimed but


that was rubbish. It was obvious that he had taken the birds from


the wild and put the rings on himself. At his allotment, they


also found next and traps to capture wild birds. That line is


taught where it can be pulled from there closing the lid of this trap


which effectively traps any birds. The magistrates sentenced Spencer


to four months' jail suspended for two years. He will also be


electronically tagged and have to stay inside his house overnight or


four months. He has been banned from owning and dealing in birds


bought 10 years. He will have to repay �1,800 for the RSPCA towards


the cost of their investigation. Two men have been arrested over the


murder of a teenager from Nottingham. Malakai Mackenzie who


was 19 died in hospital from a gunshot wound. Detectives believe


he was injured in a pub car park in Sherwood at the weekend. A 17 and


19-year-old were detained early this morning.


There has been another surge in charitable donations in memory of a


Leicestershire woman who died while taking part in the London marathon.


30-year-old Claire Squires was raising money for the Samaritans


when she collapsed on the final stretch of the course. Since her


death, people have pledged �680,000 to the charity. Over 60,000 people


pledged money. Lawyers for a Nottingham couple who


were on a Ryanair flight that plunged 20,000 ft due to cabin


pressure problems say they want answers from the airline, the


aircraft maker and aviation authorities. It comes after reports


of a similar incident just two months earlier. Melvin and


Jacqueline Frater were flying from Milan to East Midlands Airport when


cabin pressure dropped on the Boeing 737. Oxygen masks were used


as the captain declared a mayday. 13 passengers were injured.


Police have discovered what they describe as a very professional


cannabis factory in a semi-detached house near Nottingham. Plants worth


tens of thousands of pounds were found when officers broke into the


property in West Bridgford today. The raid followed a tip-off from a


member of the public. Simon Ward reports.


The smell of cannabis plants hit you as you look into this room.


Then the intense heat generated by the likes used to grow them hits


you. This is in a semi-detached house in West Bridgford. Officers


ended met -- estimate that there are 100 plants in total. The drugs


were not only being grown on the second floor. There was another


find below ground level. In the cellar you can see where the police


have discovered a false wall. They have broken through and found young


plants. And into another room, there is more intense light and


more mature plants. Scenes of crime are here so that we can try and get


some forensic evidence together. When that has been completed, we


will be dismantling it and the drugs will be destroyed. This


activity today it -- it has prevented thousands of pounds of


cannabis getting onto the streets. It is suspected that they tapped


into the mains electricity to power the lights. No arrests have been


made yet. The owner of the rented property is thought to live


overseas. The plants are well- established and some of the better


plants but I have seen. It has clearly been done by people who


know what they're doing. investigation will now focus on


finding the people who set up the drugs growing operation.


Job cuts in the armed forces have made headlines over recent months.


But here in the East Midlands thousands of teenagers have been


finding out about job opportunities with the military. A careers day


was held at the Chetwynd Barracks in Chilwell near Nottingham.


Jonathan Cecil explains. The armed forces have hundreds of


trade positions to fill, even when that there are large job cuts.


army definitely is reducing but you can only join the Army at the


bottom. We need quality young people to come in as officers and


soldiers, regular and reserve, to join the Derby. -- to join the Army.


The people we are losing our people going out in the middle and at the


end of their careers. This week over 3000 teenagers from many


schools in the region have had the opportunity to meet soldiers,


marines and airmen. I am coming here today to see what sort of


things the army offer. It has been really good. I have spoken to


pilots. I have some information from them to go home and do some


research, basically. It gives you an idea of what you want to do.


is a day out that is interactive and no matter what the level of


interest gives a flavour of the skills and opportunities available.


The best thing is seeing the reaction from the young people.


They can see what we have got to offer and realise exactly what we


are about and meet real soldiers, sailors and airmen and explain what


qualifications they get and what experiences they have. That is the


best part of it. Out of the 3000 students attending, it is expected


300 well of them at the start a career somewhere in the armed


forces. -- 300 of them. Still to come tonight: More rain.


More rain to come. All of the details shortly.


Bakers are making news at the moment. Tomorrow, hundreds are


expected to march on Downing Street in protest at the so-called pasty


tax. But a little closer to home, the fourth British Pie Awards took


place today in Melton Mowbray. It is a hugely important event for the


industry and I was there. Nobody likes a soggy bottom!


chicken was a little bit dry. or just perfect, today was all


about the pyre. A record 900 were being judged by some 90 judges


including a few well-known faces. came here about four years ago now.


It was tiny, this year, look around, the standard is fantastic. Every


year, the standard has got higher and higher. It is a billion pounds


industry so these awards are the creme de the creme of the industry.


Not everything is as nice as pie at the moment. There are concerns


among many of the pie makers about the pasty tax. For the smaller


producers who rely on their pastis and pious sold hot from their


bakeries, it is going to be a significant tax. For today, at this


church in Melton Mowbray, been only real concern was who had the best


buy and how does one judge that. is cunning, like a wine taster. He


will spit it out. I could never spit out by! We have Parvaiz from


all over. -- we have pies. What is next for the British Pie Awards?


would far rather have less of them than do it well. The feedback from


the judges for the entrance is taken on board so that we see


people coming back next year with better produce. It is like chutney!


I love this. Can I do this job instead of mind?! You can try all


68 pie is that we are trying! you very much indeed. I only tried


a tiny bit. Congratulations to the champion. I think it was a chicken


pie. Now the sport. I am feeling hungry!


News today that affects all of our Championship sides. The division


has voted for the financial fair- play system to come into force next


season so clubs will have to reduce their outgoings. The rules are


pretty sketchy but they are basically designed to stop clubs


living beyond their means and getting into lots of debt chasing


success. Derby and Forest are both in favour. No word yet from big


spenders Leicester about how they voted. Manager Nigel Pearson though


has been quoted as saying they will have to alter their approach


because of the rules. With this season drawing to a close


for our Championship clubs, we have been taking a look this week at how


have things have turned out for them. Today it is the turn of Derby.


I have been down to see the chief executive Tom Glick as they


continue to work for success that does not break the bank.


We have had an up-and-down season with some peaks and troughs. The


best news is that we are ending on a high. We have pulled solidly at


of the second trough which happened in January, February. While we have


shawl and fought of the play-offs, we have a chance to finish in the


top 10 with a win on Saturday. Progress is good, even better would


be promotion. Will the Rams the ones to watch next season? We hope


to be challenging for the play-offs. We know we need to find more goals.


We are looking at how we will get more goals into the team.


trouble with that is that it tends to be the goalscorers at that cost


the money, doesn't it? It will probably be a matter of moving a


couple out. We think we have the right depth and number of positions


to be able to do that. Just how can the Rams compete with other clubs


financially? Their impressive record at producing good young


players from their academy will help. As will the financial fair-


play system coming in four Championship clubs next season. It


will mean greater control over what clubs can spans. Almost every club


will have to come down substantially on wage bills. We are


already there and ready to not just be competing but a thriving. Next


season's aim is simple. Make the club's debts as low as possible,


finish in the lead as high as possible. -- finish in the league.


We are excited to see if we can take it a step further.


It has hardly been the weather for cricket, but some England stars


were at a rainy Trent Bridge today. They were there to promote next


month's Test series against the West Indies and to meet fans. They


will be hoping to see an end to the rain by then. In fact,


Nottinghamshire will be hoping for better weather tomorrow. Fingers


crossed their latest County Championship match should get under


way and they are looking to make an early impact on the title race.


Andy Pearson is a driving instructor from Derbyshire. He has


dreamt up an eye-watering way of promoting his services.


A driving lesson in a deserted car park. Nothing unusual about that.


Do you want to set the seat up so it is ready for you to drive?


Andy Pearson does not look like your usual driving instructor.


After initially conforming to the shirt and tie image that is


expected, he has realised that his regular appearance is actually a


good way of drumming up trade. came from the music scene and my


friends not knowing what I was doing for a living. They would say


to me, you are a driving instructor?! Just because I have


tattoos and piercings, I can be a good driver. He has decided to


offer people a discount if they have got a body piercings. He has


been promoting his offer at a local tattoo and body piercing parlour.


Most of them on young. They need to learn to drive. I could not


recommend anyone better. He says he wants to put his pupils at ease.


The more bits of metal you decide to have put in the while learning


to drive with me, the bigger the discount that I will give.


Hopefully, people will be able to see that I am focusing more on the


people being comfortable and building their confidence.


lesson seems to be that if you support a piercing, you're driving


lesson need not cost you a princely sum.


We have just been told we have 25 seconds! I think it could be


dangerous. Can I say that he has a very


appropriate name. Here is our butt. Do you think that really is his


name? I am sure he is.


Perhaps if we asked nicely, she will show us her tattoos?


Heavy rain and a strong winds at times. More heavy showers to come


this evening. The wet conditions played havoc with this umbrella


earlier today. She knelt need to say that she thinks she needs to


buy a new one. -- she emailed me. Do send me your pictures. A weather


warning in place for rain for tomorrow. We are expecting some


slow-moving heavy, thundery showers. Before all that, we have a low


pressure still with us. It has been dominating the weather and bringing


in unsettled conditions. It was slowly start to move further north


and east tomorrow. With it, we will get heavy thundery showers. At the


moment, the area of rain has moved its way to the north-east, bringing


all of the rainfall this morning. Behind it, we have had showers


developing. They are heavy this evening and overnight. They will


become lighter but they were still be some around. The showers will


increase in intensity tomorrow. Hail possible and the odd rumble of


thunder. Quite unsettled and because we are sitting in the


centre of the low-pressure. That means that Billy showers will be


slow moving at times. Temperatures a little better. -- that means that


those showers will be slow-moving. Some showers on Friday but they


should be lighter in nature. The good news sense that we are in for


some drier weather on Saturday. Then another area of rain will move


in on Sunday turning it wet and windy to end the weekend.


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