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This is East Midlands Today with This is East Midlands Today with


Anne Davies, and me, Quentin Rayner. Tonight, the parents living with


knowing their children will die early. Callum died last week. His


brothers and sisters place the same fate. It is like a nightmare from


which we can't wait up. The circus animals on the move because of the


floods. The river has burst its bank. Clare is halfway round the


marathon of all marathons. He is -- she is wowing them with every step.


So on breaking news. Police have sealed off St in Nottingham because


of a shooting. can you tell us what is happening so far? It is early


days. The police have just sealed off the main bowler Bard, where


this appears to have happened. We have tried to find out what has


been going on. There is at helicopter overhead. There is a man


-- by witnesses said there was a man with black close carrying a gun.


She had a massive bang. She thinks the car sped off, but details are


still coming in. We're still trying to establish what has happened.


would leave it there for now, but if we have an update, we will they


The parents of a 12-year-old boy who has just died from an incurable


disease have spoken of their pain. Callum Smith from Leicester passed


away on Thursday. But for his parents Nicola and Scott the


nightmare of the last few years continues. Their two remaining sons


suffer from the same condition. They've been speaking to our


reporter Helen Astle. He was just a cheeky, boisterous boy it. Callum


died in hospital surrounded by his family. In 2006, he was diagnosed


with ALD, in incurable brain disease. His brothers also suffer


the same condition. I cannot describe what it does to you to


watch your child deteriorate... suffer in pain. A dot will never


leave us, because of the other two boys. You understand everything


about the illness, don't you? In the weeks before his death, Callum


had problems breathing. His parents have made the agonising decision to


switch off:'s life-support machine. It is something that we agonised


over the days. I knew that day it was right for him. Once we knew


what was happening, we called our boys down, and they came down to


the hospital, and they had a few minutes with him, and said their


goodbyes, and then they went. That was heartbreaking. Absolutely


heartbreaking. It is heartbreaking. Next, who should pay the workplace


parking levy - the workers or the highly profitable company they work


for? Two unions are taking industrial action insisting that


Imperial Tobacco can afford to pay for it outright rather than passing


on part of the cost to their members. Mike O'Sullivan has this


The company car park that is that the centre of an industrial dispute.


600 ship-workers Park here at Imperial Tobacco in Nottingham.


They have started a week long overtime ban and work to rule. They


claimed the company, making a big profit, should be paying the whole


parking levy instead of passing it on to staff. As a consequence, 55


minutes of production profit will cover the cost of this whole


parking levy. Imperial Tobacco's profit was down 6% in 2011, but it


still made �507 million in the UK. The unions say that the cost of the


parking levy will be �120,000 per year. They are asking the workers


to pay �120 towards the levy. In a The city council introduced the


parking levy to help with building two more tramlines. Employers are


liable. The overall -- the overtime ban is due to end on Sunday. The


company and the two unions involved all agree on one thing though. They


all say that workplace parking levy is unfair to car commuters using


Plenty more on its way here on East Midlands Today. Including - should


it be yes or no to a Mayor? We will be live at the Nottingham Playhouse,


where opponents will be having their say ahead of the big vote on


Thursday. Two people found shot dead at a house near Nottingham


have been named by the police. The bodies of Archie McKelvie, who was


64, and his daughter Corrin Barker were found in the property at West


Bridgford on Thursday. A shotgun was recovered and police say


they're not looking for anyone else. The bodies were discovered by


officers investigating the death of Pauline Barker, who was Corrin's


mother. Her body was pulled from the River Trent earlier this month.


The teachers' strike has been called off. The dispute had been


taken to the arbitration service. Teachers have stayed at a number of


stoppages. The union has said that will be no more stoppages during


the exam period, but they will take further action if the talks fail.


There are just three days to go until voters decide whether


Nottingham should have a directly elected mayor. As we speak,


opponents have taken to the stage to make their case for and against


it. So far the issue has sparked a mixed response within the city. Our


reporter Geeta Pendse is at the Nottingham Playhouse where the


debate is taking place. Yes, so far the campaign for and against a city


mayor in Nottingham has been a colorful one. In the last few days


this leaflet in particular has raised the temperature. The Labour


party who are against a mayor highlighted the fact the BNP & EDL


are supporting a yes vote - opponents say using the racist card


is scaremongering. But the Labour party have defended it. As I speak,


some key players are taking part in a debate here at the Playhouse.


They're hoping to win over voters and answer their questions. Well,


earlier I spoke to two of speakers who are for and against, and I


asked members of the audience what they wanted to hear about. This is


about the yes campaign. This is not about individuals, it is but the


principle of what do it is right or wrong for the city. Rather than


wait for a mayor to be imposed on the city, the people have the last


not to say dramatic -- democratic accountability is right for us.


They are trying to thrust upon Nottingham eight failed system. It


has failed in Doncaster or, Stoke, Tower Hamlets and a number of other


places. It has been very costly and we could do without it. I am here


to find out whether it will influence the county and the people


who live there when they visit the city. What is the advantage of


having a mayor? What are the disadvantages? It will be


interesting to see what the debates are for and against this. They are


asking us to vote for something we are not certain about, so it is a


disadvantage to be doing that. They should have printed what the role


of the net would be. Then they should have had a referendum.


Tonight's event is a chance for the audience to reflect on the


arguments for and against. And we'll have a considered look and


all the reaction to the debate in our late bulletin at 10:25pm. I


liked what she did there! A woman from Leicestershire has reached the


half-way point in her mission to complete the London Marathon.


Claire Lomas from Melton Mowbray was paralysed from the chest down


in a riding accident five years ago. Yesterday, in her special bionic


suit she reached something of a landmark in her incredible journey


and Paul Bradshaw was with her. Battling wind and rain as she


crosses the Thames at Tower Bridge, Clare Lomas has been buoyed by the


support that has been with their every step of the way. We have had


a lot of kind people, and it does give me that drive to keep going.


Eight days into her epic trek, Clare had inspired a familiar face.


Everything about her life has been positive, and she says she is


getting out there. I am having a baby. You can do anything. They are


so many people here supporting her today -- today. It is not just


celebrities who have been inspired. I wasn't sure if I was going to


take part because of the weather, and then I saw her. I am really


proud that she is doing it. It is really good. Wearing the buyer


might suit that has given her the opportunity to undertake this feat


of endurance, she is satisfied with their progress. It is pretty


amazing. It would be nice to get to the finish line, but we are getting


there! We will keep marching on. Passing the infamous Tower of


London, she knows that she has more of this in -- more of this


Extraordinary. She is amazing. It was raining in London, and no


work was spared the deluge over the weekend. A school closed today


after a tree fell in the playground. It is having to ensure a


neighbouring trees are now safe as well.


The Vries and wet weather has forced one business to up sticks. -


- the recent wet weather. The circus had to move after its pitch


was flooded. What A difference a day makes. This


circus is like Noah's Ark, horses, Tigers, camels and separate stock


in trade -- trailers. -- stuck in trailers. When the circus moved


here yesterday conditions were good but overnight the river burst its


banks. We are with the end of the circus. This has caused this


tremendous problems. He was a nice green fields about 330 this morning


all this happened. Suddenly we were in a lake so the animals had to be


loaded, moved to higher ground so we have been up all night moving


them. That has left this circus high and dry. They have been coming


to this site since the late 80s. is a chance to earn some money


instead of losing it every week, and it is a big problem that we


cannot find somewhere else. We have got everything to contend with this


year with the Olympics so each holiday is a milestone that we


don't want to lose out on. But cost of the animals the circus decided


to move to higher ground owned by the same farmer. Stuck with no


alternative they are now facing fresh problems. Whilst the circus


had a licence for the flooded site it doesn't have one for this site.


Martin Lacey says the council has told him they cannot operate here


because it is a contaminated site, but he says the show has to go on


because they cannot afford for it not to and they are open to foreign


night. -- Open tomorrow night. Blaby District Council has told are


still working with partners to a good fight sides in the local area


that might provide a more appropriate area. Sport now and it


is flooded with goals. All the goals from the final day of


this season's action in the Championship to come, but first


Notts County. Their playoff dream is still alive after an


extraordinary win at the weekend which saw their fans first crushed,


then utterly jubilant. It was a potential Nyman, going to


a Wycombe Wanderers side he needed to win to avoid being relegated.


First blood went to Wycombe in the first minute. As if that wasn't a


bizarre enough to minutes later this shot levelled up. If they were


going down, they were going down fighting. A penalty, their


opportunity, an opportunity it took. The Magpies need to a response and


they found it five minutes before half-time. This, the first of two


rockets which can be a so important. 2-2, half-time, everything riding


on 45 minutes of football. Wycombe's top scorer seemed to have


come up with something special. The clock ticked down, one minute to go,


not that Keith Kyle was watching it. A 10 to not look at the clock, and


at look at the players' reactions. You have got to know the areas you


want to put the ball in. The he was staying cool, but so did his plays.


They headed to level things up. But they needed more. In injury-time, Q


Alan Judge, Notts delirium. Great finish. He hit the woodwork eight


or nine times, trying to do a conscious effort in training to get


him closer to the goal with the emphasis on shooting.


Results elsewhere mean that Notts County's fate is not completely in


their own hands. But the equation is simple enough. Notts must simply


get a better result than both Stevenage and Carlisle do in the


final games of the season next Saturday. Tension packed.


So, onto our final goals round-up of the Championship season. Our


three teams were going into the last weekend of the campaign with


really only pride to play for. Paul Bradshaw starts his look back with


Leicester City who travelled to Elland Road. The Foxes secured a


top-ten finish with victory at Elland Road. Martin where corn post


-- Pan's honesty put City ahead. Leeds drew level late in the second


half. The winner came from the teenage debutante. The Rams were


denied a final day victory despite a decent display. Derby had a goal


ruled out for offside, David Bull grabbed a point for Peterborough.


Derby finished off than a leak. The Reds were looking to send their


fans home happy after a miserable season, and that is just what


happened. Steve Cotterill's former side had no answer as Forest


enjoyed a rare home win. The finished 10 points above the drop


zone. So then, Derby finish 12th, Forest


19th and Leicester City in 9th spot. It's onto the future now, and


Leicester manager Nigel Pearson has given his first in-depth interview


about his plans for the summer to Late Kick Off. He talks about


reducing the size of the squad and bringing in the right types of


players. How we strengthen and the types of


plays that common, -- that come in, they have got to be hungry enough


to make next season successful. Catch more of that interview on


Late Kick Off later tonight night. While Former Derby and Notts


defender Michael Johnson is in the studio to talk about County's big


game next weekend, their last chance to make the play-offs.


That's 11.05pm here on BBC1. That's what's happening in the


League. And could Mansfield Town be about to rejoin the football


league? A 3-0 win at the weekend sets them up nicely for this week's


two-legged play-off semi-final against York. Whatever happens, a


good year for the Stags. We are chuffed with what we have done. The


squad was chucked together at the start of the season, we have


exceeded expectations. We are confident in our ability but we


know she's a really tough test against York, they are a very


strong and fit. There are good at what they do.


Perhaps Mansfield can be inspired by Ilkeston FC? They won their


play-off promotion at the weekend, just 18 months after the clubs


predecessor, Ilkeston Town, went into liquidation. We were there,


witnessing some great scenes. And we'll have a full report tomorrow.


Finally, no play off slip-ups from basketball's Leicester Riders


either. They thrilled a sold-out crowd at Loughborough University in


the second leg of their quarter final yesterday. A fine display of


shooting and driving to the net helping them to demolish Sheffield


Sharks. Now the band will play at Loughborough again this Sunday for


the semi-final against Glasgow. noise and energy is fantastic. The


fans have been great for my four years here. It seems that we are


building. Now we are in the semi- finals. Second place in the regular


season, and now we want when the whole thing. I reckon they stand a


pretty good chance. It is getting up and coming in


England, basketball. Now, a question for you. What have


a vintage Rolls Royce, a caravan and a jamboree got in common?


Lord Baden-Powell, of course. Yes, he was presented with a caravan,


and a Roller to pull it, in the 1920s as a thank you by


appreciative Scouts for founding the worldwide movement. Well,


Jamroll and Eccles, as the car and caravan are known, are now rarely


together. But they've been recently re-united in Derby so Rolls-Royce


heritage engineers can restore them. Here's James Roberson.


At a jamboree at Chatsworth, what could be more appropriate than the


sight of the car himself, his very all -- his very own at Rolls-Royce.


In 1929 at a similar jamboree in Birkenhead he was first presented


with her to celebrate scouting global 21st birthday. All the


Scouts were asked to donate one penny each to buy gifts for the


founder. He was a carp, and a caravan. -- it was a car. Although


they that survive in recent years they have hard the been together


until now. At a Rolls-Royce facility in Derby engineers are


taking a rare opportunity to restore jam roll alongside Eccles,


named after the maker which normally now lives in Essex. The


car and caravan are still almost exactly as he would have received


them, right down to his writing desk and narrow couch bed. Eccles


does have some would what did to the Russian. Former coach builder


and lifelong scout is helping bring it back up to scratch. It is a


challenge but for a good cause. amazing man. The Derbyshire


enthusiast who owns it says Baden- Powell's wanted some braces, not a


car or a caravan. When it was given to him at Birkenhead, a great shock,


he didn't get one thing he wanted but that was put right by the Irish


as he presented him with a pair of braces. Eccles will soon return to


the National Scout Centre and jam roll will be out and about in the


summer at scatting events. This has ignited the interest of scouting in


young and old, taking the past into the future.


I would love one like that. You need so Shen for that. The --


You either love it or hate us. I will take you back did yesterday in


a moment but we have got more rain to come in the next 24 hours. If


you're concerned about any flooding There is the number for you. Here


is yesterday's radar image, in moved in from the early hours, was


with us all day, but what you can't see is how strong the wind was. He


did finally do this alone but if you are stuck underwrote it was


very cold. -- under it. What a contrast for today. With the


sunshine, some able sunshine, temperatures rocketing. 10 degrees


above yesterday. We can see the temperatures starting to bubble up.


It is back to the drawing board tomorrow. We will see some heavy


rain through the night once again. He looks as though most of the rain


will be across southern areas. Northern areas may just escape and


have a dry night. Rain moving in once again. The temperatures will


not fall very far. Tomorrow morning we start with that rain, it looks


as though it will be with us for much of the day. Some heavier


outbreaks. We could see gusts up to 50 mph. Another word, breezy day.


Temperatures suppressed again. Forward and state the rains are


also courses, it will be quite cloudy and damp. Hopefully things


should dry up a little bit was the end of the week. Dashed towards.


A search is under way in Nottingham after reports of the shooting. What


is the latest? The main police cordon has been


expanded and we can see a section where every window is shot out.


Investigators have just arrived on the scene. Just a month ago a 22


rolled was shot and injured. Very much in the early stages this


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