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This is East Midlands Today. Tonight, police say they're


treating a rush-hour shooting as attempted murder. Two shots were


fired at this car as it stopped at traffic lights on a Nottingham


Street. Howard tiny water filled jacket helped to save the life of


this baby girl. -- how a tiny water-filled. We just can't believe


And the giant Lions taking pride of place at Chatsworth. At Bombardier,


Labour's leaders urged the company to make an edge indecision on new


contracts. Good evening and welcome to the


programme. First tonight, the police are treating the latest


shooting in Nottingham as attempted murder. Two shots were fired into a


car as it stopped at traffic lights in Hyson Green yesterday evening. A


man has been arrested. The gunmen opened fire at the


height of the evening rush-hour. You can see where two windows were


blasted just behind the driver. The police don't think anyone was


injured, but looking at the damage, that seems more like luck than


judgment. The guy got out of the car with a gun. I heard two bigger


bangs. I was crying on the phone to the police. I was crying like a


baby. The shooting happened close to several other recent attacks.


Nine days earlier, the teenager was shot dead outside a pub in share


would. Another teenager and a woman were injured when a pellet gun was


fired on Gregory but reviled. At the end of March, several gunship -


- gunshots were reported in base for it. We are investigating


potential links. The people of Nottingham are sick and tired of


the sort of criminal behaviour. I appeal to everyone to make sure


this does not return and we staggered out as soon as possible.


Today, a 20-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the


murder of another man. The police are pitting hide his ability


patrols on the street to reassure people. -- high-visibility patrols.


Jeremy, we have heard a lot about how gun crime is being tackled in


Nottingham, but how much of a problem is it? We had just been


given some interesting to us -- statistics for Nottinghamshire


police. These show that last year the force recorded 87 crimes


involving real guns. A lot of those would have been threats at gunpoint,


but there were up least 18 incidents where criminals opened


fire. -- at least. It has also emerged that five people were


seriously injured from shootings in 2011. The good news is that no one


was shot dead last year. What kind of guns are we talking about here?


These figures only count a lethal weapons, things like shot guns and


handguns. They don't include their guns. They show that


Nottinghamshire is still dealing with a lot of gun crime. Derby


police dealt with one man who killed several farm animals. In


Leicestershire, several people received minor injuries from


imitation weapons and they also dealt with the kidnapping, where


someone was should -- threatened with a shotgun.


Three pupils at a secondary school in Leicester have been diagnosed


with tuberculosis. More than 200 teenagers are now being tested.


Good evening. The Health Protection Agency is not treating these three


cases as a map -- and a break at this stage, which means they don't


think the students passed at between themselves, but they are in


fact three separate cases. They plan to screen more than 200 people


that the school next week. Once largely consigned to history with


the use of antibiotics and the treatment of patients in


sanatoriums. TB is a bacterial infection that has spread through


the air, usually through coughing. They found it at this college back


in 2001. More than 300 pupils have various stages of the disease,


making it the biggest outbreak of TB in a school in the UK. Two years


later there was a cluster at this Community College. It does not


support these three cases at Hamilton are linked. -- it is not


thought. It is good that they know their children are being tested and


they will be treated. They need have no concerns whatsoever, there


is no chance of the spreading just because a couple of the students in


school are unwell with TB. those three students are now well


and back at college. 220 pupils in year 10 will be screened next week.


Victoria, when did these cases come to light? The first Kes was


diagnosed in December, but it wasn't until the second and third


Kes came to him light in March that the Health Protection Agency got


involved -- case. It has an incubation period, which is why the


blood tests had been carried out two months later, to give have --


to give the help they did see the best chance of preventing further


infection. -- the health agency. Still to come on the programme: Big


cats on tour. They're on their way to the Olympics. But first, a


stopover in the Derbyshire Savannah. Train passengers have had their


journeys disrupted today because of strike action. It will go on until


midnight and is the first in a series of strikes by the train


drivers' union, ASLEF. They say it is put it -- to protect their


pensions, but the train companies as they had nothing to worry about.


Got to catch that train. It is on a day when East Midlands drivers are


on strike. They're trying to protect their pensions. The train


company says there is no risk to the pensions. Passengers at Derby


station are left trying to cope. it is for a good reason, fair


enough. I think everybody should fight for their rights, but it


affects and penalises those who are paying their wages. I meant to be


teaching children this afternoon, it means I won't get there and I


will let them down. East Midlands train said the strike action and


there was a limited service on the London line. Here in Derby, but has


had to be laid on to propose some local train services. -- buses.


ASLEF says East Midlands trains wants to cut the amount of money


going into their pension fund. It is claimed by ASLEF that that would


save the company �2 million over to my ideas. Drivers would save around


�500 a year as well. But the union said the amount of money going into


the pension pot shouldn't be reduced. It will leave a big hole


to be filled come the next valuation, in which case we will


have to look at what we can do to make the pension fund viable. They


are going to be in a mess if we accept these changes. Our members


and the company can reduce their contribution rate for the scheme to


remain well-funded. Today's strike goes on till midnight, the first of


six strikes planned for Tuesdays and Thursdays over the next three


weeks. Leicestershire Police have released


the name of a man whose body was found in (Raul two weeks ago. He


has been identified as Shah Tyung Di Wang -- in Loughborough can now.


They say at this stage they still can't confirm whether the death as


suspicious. One of Derby's most famous pubs has


lost its alcohol licence. The Old Bell Hotel dates back to the 17th


century. Three weeks ago, Ashley Finlay, 24, died a -- died after an


incident outside the pub. The city council says it is suspending the


licence for three months. A mother says her baby daughter can


look forward to a brighter future all because of a special cooling


unit. Medical research has shown cooling the brain of babies who


were deprived of oxygen at birth can lessen the risk of damage.


Sarah Tomlinson believes her daughter Rosie could have died


without the treatment at Nottingham City Hospital. Rosie had a very


tough start in life. Her twin brother was delivered naturally,


but complications meant she was starved of oxygen at birth. From


Derby, she was transferred to Nottingham for could link to


minimise the risk of brain damage. It was a nightmare for Sarah and


her husband Simon. We spent days crying. Simon came back to tell me


how she was doing and we just spent that evening weeping. She was so


poorly that you couldn't believe it was your baby that with there,


lying there. It is a small, water- filled a jacket that has been shown


to make a big difference. The reason is not understood, but


reducing the brain temperature seemed to switch off the reactions


that can lead to brain damage. The normal body temperature is 37


degrees. After about 24 hours, there is further damage that can


occur and we can prevent some of that by calling babies'


temperatures down. The twins are five months or today and the latest


scan is good news. There is no haemorrhage, no bleeding and she is


doing well. Rosie is a determined little madam with a cheeky edge!


The family is now raising money towards it to say thanks.


The Labour Party leader Ed Miliband had urged the government to speed


up the warding off the multi- million pound Crossrail contract to


Derby-based Bombardier. He said the government needed to end the


uncertainty over the future of Britain's last remaining train


makers. The Labour leader under cover. If


only Bombardier manufactured umbrella as, they wouldn't be quite


so worried over future contracts. The demand for Bombardier umbrella


as almost out did supply. On the production line, Ed Miliband was


there, accompanied by his shadow chancellor Ed Balls. They met some


of the Bombardier's 1,100 strong workforce. They sought some of the


new carriages destined for the London Underground. But it is the


Crossrail contract that Bombardier are holding out for. It will be


several months until the government announces who has won the deal.


should be done in the right way and it should take account of all the


right things to do. Some of the young people who were up here, they


are on apprenticeships. They said their mates on the door. We need


more companies like Bombardier. There was the contract at Siemens


that resulted in big redundancies at Bombardier. The Crossrail is


like the be all and end all. It is key. We want to be part of the


solution, not part of the problem. A Labour leader's visit was


significant. With just 48 hours to go until the crucial elections in


Derby, Ed Miliband might well be back to drawing him with the party


celebrations. Plans to relocate an indoor market in the Leicestershire


town have been scrapped after public protest. East Riding Council


had planned to redevelop the Market Hall site but 18,000 people signed


a petition against the idea. Traders are now claiming victory


after the council decided not to go ahead with the project. It is the


greatest news that we could have wished for. Now we want to forget


about it and look forward to the future. I didn't think it would


stay open, but I'm very pleased it is. I have still got my job. We had


a get -- a great response to the petition. 18,000 is brilliant.


Couldn't ask for any better from It's not uncommon on a trip to the


Chatsworth estate to spot a variety of wildlife. But now, three giant


lions have moved in. But far from being wild in tooth and claw these


are over-sized pussycats. They're nine metres long and made out of


wool. They've been sculpted, or should we say crocheted by


Leicestershire artist Shauna Richardson. As Geeta Pendse reports


getting them to this stage has been quite a journey.


A labour of love. Two years, she has been working away in her last


ship studio to create these manners creatures. Inspired by Richard


Klein heart, each has been hand- knitted by the artist. The aim is


to talk them across the region. After months behind closed doors,


she got them out of the warehouse in preparation for the first stop


on her tour. Before we get to Chatsworth, we are going through


Chesterfield and see people on the streets there. Are you going to


drive it? By Anne! I am going to be driving it into Chatsworth. It is


predicted the Lyness -- as predicted, the Lionesses got plenty


of attraction from passers-by. 24 hours later, and despite the rain,


the new inhabitants appear to be a talking point. They are very big. I


like them, but it would be better if they were out of the box. That


is really wonderful. I think they are going to eat me! All of the


port that has been used as come from Derbyshire. She has gone


through 36 miles of war, roughly the distance between Nottingham and


Oakham. It started off as a cardboard cut-out, and it is now


three Sujit Three Lions in the cage. It is everything that I had hoped


it to be. The Lions will make their way across the region, eventually


landing in London in time for the Olympics. But for now, they will


take pride of place in Chatsworth. Still to come - when hamsters go


bad. Houdini wreaks a trail of destruction - within hours of being


picked up from the pet shop. have changed the month, but we are


struggling to change the weather. Time for the sport. Who is this Mr


Hodgson person? You will get very used to his name! Interesting times,


considering that the new centre in Burton is in our region. We're


going to start with Leicester - and the Foxes vision of the future. I


hope you saw Nigel Pearson on Late Kick Off last night. If not, its


still on the iPlayer for you. But much of what he can achieve will


depend on the club's Thai owners who have already spent so much


money for very little reward. The club's vice-chairman Aiyawatt "Top"


Raksriaksorn has been giving one of What we want in the league is that


we try to get promoted. I believe last season was quite good for us,


not quite what we wanted, but we Actually, I do not want to talk


about money every time! But I would like to see us try, and we do


The first time that I came here, I saw much passion to bring success,


and because of my dad, he wanted to bring the team. I believe, I don't


I support Nigel 100 %. But we have to work harder to manage and to


It is our dream, not just mine. I had seen. I hope they be seen


Next tonight, a heartwarming tale from one of our lower league clubs.


Ilkeston Town went into liquidation in 2010. Forced to reform as


Ilkeston FC and start again lower down the pyramid it looked a hard


road back. They watched local rivals Grantham win their division


comfortably, but after a fight through the playoffs, found


themselves on the brink of promotion. Paul Bradshaw reports.


Fans pour into the new man the ground for a play-off final that


could see Ilkeston FC promoted. It has been a long, hard road to get


to this point. The fans they are better than most just how far the


club has come. We would have been - - settled to have not been


relegated. Here we are on the verge of being promoted into the next


week. A lot of people have come to see us today. This club has done


fantastically well over the year, and we want to finish it off with


something to reward the fans. Ilkeston FC was rescued from


oblivion two years ago. The club was reborn, and the future of the


club's youth system was saved. The supporters played a major factor in


the club's survival. We have tried to listen and understand how they


feel, and work together with them to grow the club. Even the biggest


fan, Robert Lindsey, joined the fans. The match got under way


against Leek Town. Buxton were on against Leek Town. Buxton were on


top three the first half, but had to wait until half-an-hour to take


The home fans were sent into ecstasy. I am delighted for


everyone here. Ilkeston deserves something like this, and I hope


this is the first year of many good years. From the brink of extinction


to at the chance of success on the pitch. A distant FC is already


making history of its own. Well done to grant them a 1 that


division as well, of course. -- Quick bit of cricket news. If it


ever stops raining, England stars Stuart Broad and Graeme Swann will


both be turning out for Nottinghamshire over the next


couple of weeks. They'll play away at Lancashire this week and then at


Trent Bridge against Middlesex next week. And the Notts and England


women's star Jenny Gunn has been told her bowling action IS legal.


She'd been reported by the umpires at a match in New Zealand - but


experts say the unusual look of how Gunn bowls is down to a natural


hyperextension. No, me neither! Do you know the link between now


Rigidly her third was hunting deer here when he had to rally and army


in the Midlands. It is here that we discover the the interesting story


She dropped a handkerchief every few miles as a marker. Charles was


true to her word -- his word. He was given the title of the Duke of


St Albans. James's brother was true to his word. The mainstay for


generations. Unfortunately, this was not the original loss -- lodger.


This is a far grander place, so nearly would not have recognised


this room. In this room, they entertain many famous people, and


Edward, future Prince of Wales. If you are looking for the legacy left


behind other than oranges, you need look no four -- further forward


The weather is not too good. surprises there we have one of the


wettest April is on record. It was colder than average. Colder than


March. We have broken one or two records in one or two spot. Not him


reached 145 mm of rain, almost three times what we can expect for


April. With all this talk of flooding, it is not surprising, and


we will have some more rain. We have had more again, with heavy


rain passing through. It is now moving its way to the north. A dry


night to come. They will keep quite a lot of cloud. Temperatures


getting down to six or seven degrees. Three tomorrow, at least


we will be starting the day dry, and there will be a lot of cloud


around, so not much brightness, but not much to trouble us through


tomorrow. We will be seeing this band of rain working his way


towards the south, so that will not be the rain that we saw today.


Temperatures again at 13 or 14 degrees. The rain is going to give


us a few headaches as we go through the latter part of the week. It


cannot quite make its mind up where it wants to be. It is passing very


close to us, such a lot of uncertainty in the forecast for


Thursday and Friday. There could be seen some outbreaks of rain. Into


the weekend, a bank holiday weekend. It will be mostly dry up. I think


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