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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me Quentin Rayner.


Tonight BMI Baby will stop flying from September.


As a buyer is sought 80 writs will close from East Midlands Airport.


Also tonight, after a spate of shootings, Danielle Beccan's mother


pleads for them to stop. All power to your elbow, the bad booze put to


good use. We have been scratching our heads to find a safe way of


getting rid of it. They raise the 900 bottles here. You can't just


porridge down the drain. And it is a Dr feel-good, a new take on


teaching and medicine. Good evening, welcome to Thursdays


programme. More airline jobs are under threat tonight - this time at


BMI Baby. The company has been trying to find a buyer for several


months. But today staff were told that some flights from the East


Midlands will be chopped next month and - unless a new owner is found -


the airline would close completely in September.James Roberson has


been following the story this afternoon - it sounds pretty grim


news from Castle Donington again. It was only last month that the


parent company announced it was cutting 1200 jobs, that is a total


of 550 at Castle Donington. This followed the takeover of BMI, and


BMI Baby, by the parent company British Airways. They have


announced that this afternoon that consultation is starting this


afternoon with the unions. So far a buyer has not been found for BMI


Baby, so BMI is saying that many flights will end by a be ended June


-- by it at the end of June. These flights.: not good news for


passengers. The Unite union is saying they won't be -- there will


be no immediate job losses, but the staff will all go up if no buyer is


found by September. The union spokesman says he is not very


hopeful of a saviour being found. It is not all bad news, we are


thinking of the travellers. Absolutely right. Even as BMI Baby


made this announcement, And Mark said they would be expanding their


flights from East Midlands Airport. -- More. There are a lot of


expansions going on in the East Midlands. They could be alternative


flight. -- there could be. Next, tonight "stop the shootings".


A heartfelt plea from a mother whose daughter was gunned down on a


Nottingham street. It's almost eight years since Danielle Beccan's


murder prompted a huge backlash against gun crime in the city. But


after several more shootings in the last few weeks Danielle's mother


agreed to speak exclusively to our Social Affairs Correspondent,


Jeremy Ball. Nottingham has made huge progress


since the days when Danielle Beccan was murdered when she walked home


with her friends. She was only 14, she was killed by a bullet that was


fired up from a car and ricocheted off the street. Her mother is


worried that it is happening again. It is not a badge of honour. It


should be a badge of shame. They should be ashamed. I am concerned


about the amount of retaliation. Please don't do it, but the guns


and denied his down. It causes so much heartache. It's got to stop.


Today detectives investigating a murder revealed it might be linked


to another shooting on March 30th. More shots were fired days ago


through the windows of this car. They were also two recent shootings


that for the victims into hospital. We are very concerned, the number


of firearms offences had gone down over the years, there are a number


of incidents, we are concerned about it. We need to work with


young people, to stop them getting involved in gang activity. That is


something they tried in Derby, when she things became a problem there.


The authorities acted quickly to be put in the bulb. There was a


dedicated team targeting gangs with guns. Nottingham is going to use a


similar approach. The violence just breeds more violence. It's got to


stop somewhere. Why can't you be the one who stops it? Why do other


families have to suffer? Here in Sherwood, floral tributes are being


left to the victim of the latest shooting. Detectives asking for the


information -- asking for information, and to stop the


censors violence. A taxi driver has described how he


was viciously assaulted by three passengers. Raja Khan says the two


women and a man punched him repeatedly leaving him with cuts


and bruises. The private hire association says the number of


attacks on taxi drivers is increasing. Mr Khan says he's been


left so traumatised by the attack he's not sure he'll be able to work


nights again. Taxi driver Raja Khan is slowly


recovering from his injuries. They were inflicted by two women and a


man who jumped into the -- into his car in the early hours of Sunday


morning. When he explained he couldn't drive them because they


had not been booked, they attacked him. One of them are grabbed me,


they started hitting me on my back and face. I managed to get out of


the car, and I started running. They followed me, and they hit me


on the pavement. They left me lying on the floor. He suffered severe


cuts and bruises to his head, his hands, and his legs. I was shocked.


It was a brutal attack. It is difficult for me to work at night,


especially, because I feel insecure. Taxi drivers are vulnerable to


being attacked. Yesterday, we reported on this actress he was


given a suspended jail sentence after attacking a taxi driver in


Derby. The number of attacks on drivers is increasing. In the whole


of last year 170 drivers reported being assaulted, already this year


230 drivers say they have been attacked. We do the best to improve


the situation. All of our cars are fitted with CCTV. There are still


situations where a man and a woman is alone in a car. The police say


investigations are ongoing, but no arrests have been made.


Plenty more on its way here on BBC East Midlands Today. Later we


really put you in the picture in Leicester with a fifty foot image


of the city centre. The body of a soldier who grew up


in Nottinghamshire has been returned to the UK. Guardsman


Michael Roland was shot in Afghanistan on Friday. The


headteacher of his former school paid tribute to Michael today. He'd


been in Afghanistan for less than Carefully, and with respect, the


body of guardsmen Michael Rowland was brought to it Brize Norton. He


served with the Grenadier Guards. He lived in Worthing, but grew up


in Tollerton. He was shot while on patrol in Helmand province. Today,


the headteacher of his school paid tribute to him. He joined us in


2000, and left in 2005 with a great set of GCSE results. Teachers


remember him, a conscientious, hard-working student with a strong


work ethic. He had strong academic ability, determined to get the job


done. Current pupils will be thinking about what happened to him.


Myself, and the rest of the staff will take the opportunity to


discuss it with students in assemblies. We will talk about the


sacrifice he made, and what that means for the community. His family


said he was a caring and loving son, who always wanted to join the Army.


A demand has been made for a judicial inquiry into what happened


to thousands of children who were sent to Australia in a child


migration scheme. Many were dispatched without their parents


knowledge and were terribly abused in a scandal uncovered by a


Nottinghamshire social worker twenty five years ago. Tony Roe


reports. Two years ago former migrants were


here in large numbers to hear an apology from the British government.


This time a handful are in the same room. The apology from Britain and


Australia was long awaited, those who witnessed it made that clear.


Money was taken from the health budget to mark the second year of


the apology. The abuse we suffered at the hands of those who had set


out to destroy the lives of young children is now documented. Still


there is no judicial inquiry. government's decision is


restitution, not an inquiry. What I think we need to do, and we are


focusing on that, is to accept the responsibilities that flow from


that as a government and a country, just as the Australian government


does, and through that restoration fund, recognise we can do some one


-- something as a consequence of that. Those who lied and abused


children remain unpunished, there will be something missing. It is


about understanding what happened and who did it. But those to suffer


the abuse, they often say to me, perpetrators three walk free.


the apology, the government has helped 300 families in Australia


and here, but there are still more the need support. -- that need


support. A leisure complex in Nottingham has


been sold for �50m. Land Securities has bought the Cornerhouse from the


BP Pension Fund. The complex includes a multiplex cinema, 11


restaurants and a casino. The Cornerhouse opened 12 years ago. It


attracts more than four and a half million visitors each year and


employs about 750 staff. Train drivers have denied that


their industrial action is politically motivated. Members of


the ASLEF union went on strike again today, disrupting East


Midlands Train services across the region and to London. The company


has claimed that the action, which will continue next week, is not


just about pension issues.. As for being politically motivated, I


don't think it is politically motivated, but the government's


involvement by propping up East Midlands trains with their revenue,


makes the strike political. Hundreds of litres of fake alcohol


are being used to generate electricity. The counterfeit whisky,


vodka and gin was all seized by trading standards officers in Derby


just before Christmas. The problem was how to dispose of it safely.


And as Geoff Maskell explains, it was Severn Trent Water that came up


A trading standards officer examining a van load of hundreds of


bottles of fake alcohol. The legal bottles or all seized by officers


in raids in Derby last December. Because they all contain dangerous


industrial chemicals, it was a problem how to get rid of them.


were trying to find a safe way to get rid of it. Three could not just


pour it down the drain. Severn Trent have stepped in to help but


their sewage and treatment works have anaerobic Digest does return


waste into methane gas this can then be used to generate


electricity. Any industrial products need to have care for


treatment to make sure they are treated safety. Essentially pouring


it down the sewer could cause damage. The real bonus is we can


use this product to produce renewable energy. Severn Trent uses


a huge amount of renewable energy to provide our water services so if


we can take these alternative Wace and generate electricity, that has


to be good for the environment. Trading standards and Severn Trent


of bad the alcohol is being disposed of safely.


Amazing! Next tonight, the singing talent that has emerged at


Glenfield Hospital. Tapas Mukherjee is a specialist doctor in


respiratory medicine and he has a whole new way of training medical


students about asthma. It is a video filmed on his smartphone


where he sings his way through advice. It is a big hit on YouTube


and Rob Sissons has been to meet him.


He is the singing doctor. Breakfast For their posters, lectures, retain


staff, Tapas is hitting the right note getting the latest asthma


guidelines over two medical students. Putting them to music, a


challenge. We got most of the lyrics in about an hour. The


hardest part was co-ordinating everyone to BA in the same place at


the same time. -- be in. The phone has been everything for this video.


It was filmed on it and I have put it on Facebook and Twitter.


thought he was a professional singer not a doctor. It is very


catchy, all the staff and patients enjoy it. We are not making light


of asthma but drawing more attention to the fact we could be


managing it better. Where will this lead? A talent show? Who knows?


Tapas Mukherjee! And he is not short of advice from the patients.


Like his voice? Yes, I do. You sing a bit? Yes I do. That his horrible!


Did he say horrible? He did. Now the sport. No, it is just


around the corner! With a shock for the Stags. And the Bank Holiday


weather, we will have a bit of a surprise. We say goodbye to the


rain but it is a cold wind with a widespread frost. More weather


towards the end of the programme. It is now the sport. Football first.


Mansfield Town were in play-off action last night. The Stags came


away with a draw in the semi-final first leg but the football was


overshadowed by goings-on off the pitch.


The action did not just kick-off on the pitch last night. In fact, it


events were getting pretty heated elsewhere in the stadium.


Mansfield's chief executive was arrested and cautioned for using


threatening words and behaviour during the game. A statement from


the Mansfield chairman claims it is all being blown out of proportion


and it was a light hearted, hot- headed quip. On the pitch, things


were event for also. Mansfield went into this type on the back of six


straight wins and were looking to take a result to the one called


Stadium next Monday. After a nervy start, the stacks took the lead. --


Stags. It was not to be. The only contribution. Diverting this cross


past his own keeper. It was to be the last goal of the night but not


the last talking point as striker Matt Green were shown a second


yellow for this hand ball. referee said he handled it. The


cameras show he did not. But you need referees in big games to make


big decisions and he made quite a few of them wrong last night.


Saying that, it is a tough job and we hope the one we get on Monday


will make the big decisions, the correct ones. We have not played


grade. We have had a debrief and realised where we went from. We


have to put that to bed and get back here in front of a full house


and go about our business and our game plan. All to play for in the


second leg on Monday. Notts County are hoping to follow


in Mansell's footsteps and to make the play-offs in League One. They


need a point against Colchester. But whatever happens, they say it


is a big achievement just to be challenging. A few months back we


were 10 points of the play-offs so it has been a great run of results


to get us to this position. If you give us the opportunity to take it


to the last game, to be end up with a shout of the play-offs is


brilliant for us. Cricket and what a performance it has been from


Notts bowler Andre Adams. He took seven wickets at Lancashire and


Notts are looking to build a healthy lead their. In Division Two,


Derbyshire are boiled in their command in their match against


Leicestershire. But just to cheer Leicestershire fans up there has


been good news. Captain Matthew Hoggard has signed a one-year


extension to keep him at Grace Road and till next year. He is not


playing at the moment because of a dislocated finger. Now he H for


hockey which is appropriate because this is the week the first games


were being played at the Olympic parks riverbank arena. We have been


enjoying the test event action. Just watched this for the freak


goals the German men's score after That is a brilliant goal! She makes


the goalkeeper do something. It is massive having the Games here in


this country. Great Britain hockey are doing so many things. They are


trying to inspire the nation to pick up the sticks and go out and


play hockey. We are aiming to try to get 30,000 new participants in


The Germans already very quick. We were about 10 or 15 seconds late


for the start. The ball get so fast in hockey. A very finely taken goal.


People cheered us on all the way through the game. 1-0 Great Britain.


Richardson again. Finally! Playing the Olympics is the pinnacle of our


sport and to see those the screaming children in the stadium,


it will be fantastic. How fantastic to those pictures Look? If you


fancy getting out there again? Playing hockey? Let's move on. A


unique photograph of Leicester has gone on show. You cannot call it a


snapshot because it is 50 ft long. The street view of the city centre


is probably the stand-out feature of the show at a newly opened


gallery. It is the work of Keith Cooper who explained just how he


produced the image from loads of different angles. It is actually a


collection of smaller images assembled together taken over three


successive nights. It is at the same time on each night so the


lighting level is the same. The production of it is such that the


picture is you could not stand in one place and see all of what to


see in the picture, but the idea is as you walk along the picture you


get the presence of moving through First time I saw the picture


complete his when it was up on the wall and up until that time, I was


not sure it would actually work. I love it! Even though I spent


several weeks working on it, it is great. I love things like you can


see the moon and the nurse. It is so different. You walk round


Leicester, you don't really see it. You - from one shop to the other,


you don't get time to take it in. It is the sheer detail in it and I


liked the way when people look at it, they see things they had never


seen before. I want people to realise Leicester is quite a pretty


place. I like it, I like living here.


Amazing. You love that, don't you? Yes. Keith's photos along with the


other works of other contributors can be seen at the Leicester


People's Photographic Gallery on Wellington Street. Now the weather.


A nice picture on the weather as well when we had the brighter skies


earlier on in the week. I think it was Monday. Thank you for that


Keep them coming in. We are quite cloudy and damp at the moment. A


band of rain that has been working its way northwards. It is starting


to produce heavy bursts across parts of the region and it will sit


there for quite a while in the evening before plodding northwards


and it weakens slightly as we go into the morning. It will keep a


sweat overnight with a minimum temperature of six Celsius. That


rain band working its way southwards through tomorrow. More


of a showery theme to the day and a lot of cloud remaining with us and


a cold wind starting to come in. Temperatures around nine, maybe ten


Celsius. Making it feel that colder if you are outside. The band of


rain sitting across the south for the weekend, that will keep us


cloudy through the early part of Saturday but each skies should


brighten and we have that cold when continuing but it is Saturday night


into Sunday we start to see the skies clearing and the temperatures


really will drop. Minus two Celsius, so a widespread frost developing


and a cold and frosty start to the day on Sunday but light winds


remaining on Sunday. Feeding chilly but a many bright day and then for


the Bank Holiday Monday, cloud developing as we get closer to Bank


Holiday Monday. It will keep us quite cool and temperatures just


quite cool and temperatures just recovering a little bit more at


night time. Before we go, don't forget there is full coverage of


the local elections and the referendum on Nottingham's the


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