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This is East Midlands today with Anne Davies and me Dominic Heale.


Tonight, a Bollywood superstar brings part of Leicester to a


standstill. Hundreds turn out to meet India's first Miss Universe


here to talk about diabetes. Also tonight, without a mate for life,


of violence that has left five swans dead. What I think about the


person who has done this cannot be repeated on-camera. It is really


said. Why mechanics are now offering to engraver your car's


catalytic converter. Some interesting themes at this dressing,


the RAF, the Titanic, and even the gruffalo.


Good evening, and welcome to Thursday's programme. First tonight,


Bollywood glamour came to Leicester this evening. Hundreds of people


turned out to see the actress Sushmita Sen who was in Leicester


to raise awareness of diabetes. A lot of people suffer from the


condition in the city and it could be that thousands more remain


undiagnosed. The concern is that not everyone is getting the checks


they need to prevent serious complications.


Let's go live now to our reporter Rob Sissons who's been with the


crowds this afternoon. It be an incredible afternoon


herein Leicester. You would not believe how many people turned out


there. These were the scenes a few hours ago, they turned out in


strength to see the former Miss Universe, and Bollywood actress,


they have made it across town, some very heavy traffic, to publicise


diabetes. There are problems with diabetes in Leicester? There are


problems, people haven't been tested, not been diagnosed. They


continue with their lifestyle, which means they will die younger


as a result. The presence of Sir Sushmita Sen here, not only adds a


bit of glamour, but reminds people about the necessity to go out and


be tested. She has closed the roads here. The eyes of the world were on


you in Leicester, it was incredible? An electrifying. We


were expecting a lot of wonderful people. Diabetes is something you


care about, you have it in your family? It is more than that.


People need to be aware, it is something that is affecting many


lives across the words that the present stage. -- across the world.


Lots of people haven't been tested? I was not aware until I had some


blood taken, that news was given to me, I had diabetes. She had a test


today, she is in perfect health. Tomorrow, people should go to their


GP, and asked to be tested. I got to know that there are 850,000


people who have not been tested. Did your grandmother had it?


maternal grandmother. Do you worry that it is genetic? Whether it is


genetic or not, it doesn't matter. As a former Miss Universe, you have


to we healthy? -- you have to eat healthy. Of course. Beth still be


tested. -- but you still have to be tested. You have brought Bollywood


to Leicester? We are looking to raise money and awareness, it is an


important message. This is a publicity stunt, dear think the


message gets lost? It is not the -- it is not a publicity stunt.


Publicity is important. It may not be a stunt. It is important. It is


not just the message. It is collecting of the funds. Great to


meet you. The red carpet is waiting, and of the drummers. Take it away


guys. -- and of the driers. A tenth person has been arrested by


police investigating the murder of a teenager in Nottingham. 19-year-


old Malakai McKenzie died from a gunshot wound. He was shot in the


car park of The Hubb in Sherwood last month. A 22-year-old man is


being questioned on suspicion of murder. 3 men have already been


charged with murder and 6 other people arrested have been released


on bail. Police say the injunction they


obtained to stop so-called 'drifters' who race their cars late


at night, has worked. Warning notices were handed to drivers as


they gathered to race in the Netherfield area of Nottingham. As


many as 200 met regularly at the Victoria Retail Park. People living


nearby said it was noisy and disruptive. The police feared it


was putting lives at risk. The Newark MP, Patrick Mercer, says


he'll cooperate fully with any investigation by the Parliamentary


Commissioner on Standards into his relationship with a security firm.


It alleged Mr Mercer secured a parliamentary pass for the head of


Clearwater Security, while the Conservative MP was being paid by


the company for consultancy work. The commissioner will now


investigate whether Mr Mercer broke any rules.


Still to come this evening - why aren't we building enough new


houses? And if we did where should we put them?


Also find out how this new medical device invented here in the East


Midlands could help doctors save thousands of lives every year.


An RSPCA inspector says he's been left sickened after a nesting swan


was shot through the head with an air rifle. It's thought the same


person was responsible for shooting four other birds elsewhere in


Nottinghamshire. Quentin Rayner reports.


It's been day since the -- it been days since the Mel swan lost his


partner. The Fe Mel was found with a single air rifle pellet in their


head. The Nesta went cold. Other birds were also found shot. Chris


Shaw from the RSPCA recover the day it's one from the nest after it was


reported by a member of the public. He probably hasn't realised that


those eggs are dead quite yet. He's doing what is instinctive to him.


He's sitting on his dead babies. It is so sad. It is so sickening. I


would absolutely love to prosecute the person responsible. It was this


that a dog walker who raised the alarm with the RSPCA and the police.


She is so disgusted with what has happened she has had posters put up


offering �100 operate money as a reward. You think how can anyone be


so crawl? It is absolutely mindless. -- be so nasty. How could someone


do something so mindless? someone is caught, they could face


a fine of �5,000, or a prison sentence. It is likely to be weeks


before the male swan realises the futility of his vigil.


They're designed to make car emissions cleaner - but instead


thieves in the East Midlands have been converting catalytic


convertors into cash. After a spate of thefts in South Derbyshire,


police today offered drivers the chance to protect their very


expensive exhaust systems - by engraving them. Carolyn Moses


reports. This garage usually makes catalytic


converters, today it is trying to protect them, engraving them so


they can be traced back to their rightful owners. This is your


typical exhaust system, and this is what of the feats have been


targeting. Almost 40 of these have been stolen in Derbyshire in the


last two months. Police warned drivers to take action. It is


predominantly 4x4 owners. Put it up by the garage, by the side of the


house. Make it difficult for them to get underneath. Put obstacles in


the way. It is unlikely to be attacked if it is safe outside.


is not worth a massive amount of value, but it will cost a lot to


replace. We want to try and prevent the this kind of theft. There is


added peace of mind if you mark your exhaust. It is a bit like the


value of scrap-metal, making it the target of thieves. It is a good


idea. As well as the engraving, police are offering advice on other


security measures. There is a regional wider operation, with


prices stay high, they are still monitoring scrap-metal dealerships.


Hundreds of plants - which could be used to fight cancer - have been


stolen from a nature reserve in Derbyshire. The plants which are


commonly known as Lords and Ladies were taken from a Site of Special


Scientific Interest in Dovedale. Police are concerned because the


plants are poisonous. If they're not prepared properly they can kill.


A call centre says it's on track to employ 1000 people in Derby by


August. Hero TSC took over the former Egg building on Pride Park


at the end of last year creating 700 jobs. Its main client is Sky.


The company's now looking for another client, which could mean


hundreds more jobs. A giant incinerator in Nottingham


is set to get final permission to increase - significantly - the


amount of rubbish it burns. The Eastcroft plant would be able to


burn an extra forty thousand tonnes of waste a year - something that's


angered environmental campaigners and people living nearby. For its


part, the Environment Agency says it will carefully monitor emissions.


Simon Ward reports. This is the biggest heat


distribution system in the UK. The energy provides heating for 0.5


4,500 homes. The company who wanted has been given permission to


increase the burning of waste. It is set to go opted to a hundred


thousand tonnes a year. Friends of the Earth say should be recycled


instead of being burned. We say this is not the best available


technology. Most of the waste that is burnt here should be separately


collected. They should be recycled. Even if they are going to use an


incinerator, there are ones that achieve much better admissions.


company has to shut down at times to avoid going over the limit be


allowed to burn. The company allows long operation would be better for


the environment. The household waste is brought in from around


Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. The council wants more recycling, but


says incineration is the practicality. As a nation we are


producing more waste. Much of that can be recycled, but there is an


element that needs to be disposed of. It is far better to get some


energy from that waste rather than put it into a landfill. You can


still contact the Environment Agency with your views. The public


Controversial plans to build more than 6000 new homes on the edge of


Nottingham have been given the go- ahead. Broxtowe Borough Council


says without them, the error -- area faces a looming housing crisis.


They will be built on 97 sites, including green belt land this


Stableford. Councillors backed the plans last night despite protests


from some residents and opposition from leading Conservatives.


A report has warned that the East Midlands is only building half the


number of new homes it needs to meet future demand. The National


Housing Federation and Shelter says the region should be building up an


additional 22,000 new homes each year. Last year, the total was less


than half of that at just under 9000.


The report says 7000 people are now homeless in the region, and


predicts private sector rents will increase by 25% over the next few


years. The average price of a home in the East Midlands is now


�165,000, more than eight times higher than the average wage of


�20,000. With us now is Chris Hobson from


the National had been fed up -- National Housing Federation. The


figures are pretty stark. What are the consequences if we continue and


do not build enough houses? They are pretty bad. We saw some


statistics there into homelessness and overcrowding. There is a


massive mismatch between supply and demand, and it will put a pressure


on prices and means that the average home is going further away


from the average person. What is the answer? The building


industry is in recession. I am sure they would like to build more. It


is more difficult to raise a mortgage.


Investing in new homes is exactly that, investing. You are giving


money to the economy and creating jobs and supporting local


businesses and local enterprise. It is not necessarily throwing money


away at all, it is about keeping money going and building homes


people need to live in. A the other problem is where to


build them. If you start using greenfield site, people get upset


about it. A lot of people recognise the need


for new homes, although they are maybe less vocal. They need


somewhere for their children to live and they want to support local


businesses. Also, there are many sites that can be built on that are


less than contentious, old hospital sites for example. So there are


many options are there. In terms of demographics, we have a


changing population, a huge boom in the number of elderly people is


predicted. Does that change the way be look at housing and houses?


It is important that local authorities recognise that the


housing need will be different in the future and that homes are built


to meet those needs. Sounds like it is a complicated and


difficult issue. Thank you very much.


There is more about housing policy in the East Midlands in the latest


blog from our political editor, The medical gadget which has been


invented hearing the is Midlands and could help doctors saved


thousands of lives right around the world.


It a Nottingham firm has come up with a little digital instrument


that measures the sight of people's pupils. It is essential in


diagnosing a head injury. It is up for a prestigious award.


At the scene of emergency, it is vital for a doctor to assess


straightaway whether their patient has a brain injury, but it is


something really difficult to act - - accurately diagnose. Doctors have


to rely on shining a light into the eye of their patient to see how


their pupils react to light. The problem is that that is just


guesswork, and that is where this New Invention comes in. This is a


telescope which gives a digital measurement of the size of the


people and dilation. That means doctors have a more accurate way of


diagnosing head injuries. It removes the subjectivity, so it


means it is rather like using a digital thermometer. There is now a


measurement that they can track, and with any head injury, you are


looking to prevent potential brain injury, so the faster you can


diagnose that patient, the better it is for the patient, and you are


looking at improving outcomes. It is a finalist in an awards


ceremony in the East Midlands. It is like the Dragon's den for the


health world, where innovative new products are on show. These kind of


inventions will make it real difference to patient care in the


future. You can see things that will really


change lives. I think also, the other thing is it will bring growth


and jobs to this area, and give people a much better and quicker


experience of illness, and we all want that to be as painless as


possible. The inventors believe it will be as


routine for doctors to carry one as it is for them to have a


stethoscope at the moment, and they say thousands of lives could be


saved because of it. That is one amazing gadgets!


Still to come, it is well dressing time in Derbyshire, and this year's


designs are particularly eye- Always topical, always eye-catching,


Colin in sport! You're definitely write! There has


been a lot happening. Leicester City are on the verge of making


another signing, had it could be a record-breaker. Fleetwood Town


striker Jamie Vardy is the man and the deal is being finalised right


now, with the Foxes report to be paying �1 million, the most ever


for a non-League player. We will update due as we get it. Nottingham


Forest are trying to hang on to their players, there are reports


today linking Chris Gunter with a move to Swansea City. Swansea have


tonight they have made an official bid for the Welsh international,


but we understand there has been interest, so watch this space.


And Mansfield manager Paul Cox has signed a new two year deal to stay


at Field Mill. Next, a close look at one of our


Olympic hopefuls. Harry Aiknes- Aryeetey is likely to be part of


the British 4x100 metres team, and that is despite some career-


threatening injuries. I sat my tent and in my hamstring


back in 2010, so it took be the whole year to come back from that.


-- snapped my tendon. Then I had a stress fracture in my back. To come


back again, that is also something in itself.


Reflecting on a remarkable few years which despite injury, have


seen the Harry Aiknes-Aryeetey collect medals at numerous


competitions as well as being named BBC Young Sports personality of the


year. This was ahead of the likes of Theo Walcott. As his training


schedule ramps up, he says the prospect of competing on the


biggest Major-Ball would be the culmination of a childhood dream. -


- biggest stage of all. They're all the 90,000 people


behind it, had it will be difficult to make the final, but I have a


real chance in the relay. The 23-year-old's chances of glory


looked slim when he was recently diagnosed with asthma, but nothing


will slow this sprinter down. I just get on with it, and it


builds character, it builds who you are.


And Harry is one character we hope will make his mark in London this


summer. Do you think he has been working


out? Stuart Broad has been the start for


England today, he has taken six wickets, and his victims have been


the West Indies in the first Test. He had already accounted for the


opener when he got into the middle order for stock Marlon Samuels and


Denesh Ramdin fell in successive overs. He did for Darren Sammy


before this, a caught and bowled, and finally the wicket of Fidel


Edwards pulls off England looking in control.


Derbyshire are in control in the first innings of their County


Championship game, while at Grace Road, the that they are having the


best bet. -- the bat men are having the best of it.


Now too late edition of dating back to the 19th century which probably


started off well before that. We are talking about the village


tradition of well dressing. Well, one of the most popular well


dressing events every year is the one at Tissington, which boasts six


wells. The artwork often portrays religious themes, but they have


gone for something quite diverse It is a time-honoured tradition,


the service to bless the wells of Tissington. Clergy from all


denominations and hundreds of visitors blather to give --


gathered to give the festival a proper send-off.


I bless this well and we pray in Jesus's name.


They are all a delight to the 35,000 visitors who are expected


here over the next seven days. The artwork is really beautiful,


and it shows great imagination. It is a wonderful event even with the


bat weather. We saw one on the coach coming in.


Up until this year, we had a solid line on biblical themes, but we


felt we would open it up and see what creativity would come this


year. The graph below is very similar to the story of David and


Goliath, so it is not too far away from what we are used to.


Those pictures took about 150 people several days to make. The


sea and Titanic to have connections to Tissington.


There are people whose lives were lost on the Titanic. There is a


grave in the graveyard. There is a little bit of importance with the


Titanic and the village as well. We try to do something topical on


some of the Wells, and there is the jubilee this year. We have got an


amazing RAF tributes to our men in the skies.


Eventually, the clay tries and the petals wither. If you want to see


the dressings here because they are only here for another week, until


next Wednesday. Such a beautiful place, Tissington.


Completely out of time, all on its own. She was going on about it all


The weather built fluctuate, but it will be nice to get out and about.


-- the weather will fluctuate. This young fox decided to take a rest in


Adam's gardener when we saw some sunshine. We have had a glimmer of


sunshine through this afternoon, it was very brief and if you blink you


will miss it. But there is still an occasional break out there at the


moment, and it will fill in again. There has been patchy rain around


with further outbreaks taking us through the night-time period. It


will be quite cloudy tonight and mild with a minimum temperature of


seven Celsius. The first thing tomorrow we will start off with


that gradually clearing. There could be sunshine in the middle


part of the day, but it will be quite short-lived, because the next


area of rain pushes up from the south for the afternoon period, and


that will be quite a showery as well. The wind will also pick up


from the north-east, so it will be a call the direction. -- a cold


that direction. It is fragmenting and will be across the north of the


region through Saturday. It will be a windy weekend with the north


easterly wind, as they will be some breaks appearing across the south.


On Sunday, low-pressure is not far away. It is a warm front of working


its way northwards throughout the day, so I a windy day and quite


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