27/08/2012 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now for the news for the East Midlands. Good evening, I'm Kylie


Pentelow. It is now just two days until the


start of the Paralympic Games in London. More than 2 million tickets


have been sold and the profile of disability sport has never been


higher. In Leicestershire, people with lower limb injuries are being


offered the chance to take to the skies. Geoff Maskell reports. An


this is the power of Paralympic sport. Over the weekend, thousands


of people came out to welcome the Paralympic flame and try out new


sports. Clubs across the region are looking to capitalise on the


enthusiasm of London 2012. This gliding club is looking to set up a


disabled flying section. We have had lots of people that are going


to be disabled and this is a golden opportunity to give them an


interest in life. They probably think they cannot play sports but


we can adapt at later for them and they can be the same as anyone else.


The club has brought in hand controlled blinder -- wider. This


offers people with the law Len difficulties to try flying. This


man has been flying for more than 20 years. I have found it


frustrating some signs that she cannot go to a place with a glider


adapted for people with disabilities. You have to travel


hundreds of miles to get to a club of were this very simple facility


could be made available. Local disabled groups are being invited


to visit the club for a trial lesson.


Derby City Council could have to pay legal costs of more than


�100,000 to the NHS over a planning dispute. The council refused


planning permission for the local health trust to redevelop the


former Derbyshire Royal Infirmary site. But that decision was


overturned by a planning inspector on appeal. Now, the council has


been told to pay the Trust's legal costs.


Soldiers from the Mercian Regiment will feature in a BBC documentary


tonight looking at the reality of life on the front line in


Afghanistan. Since it was founded in 2007, the regiment has been


deployed to Afghanistan five times. The Mercians recruit from across


Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. The story of their latest tour of


Helmand Province is on BBC three at 9:00pm.


A team of volunteers from across Europe have descended on one of the


region's most important church buildings to do urgent maintenance


work. The young volunteers have been living and working at


Southwell Minister in Nottinghamshire. 15 students from


across Europe are using their summer break to help clean the


Southwell Minister. This is part of a ball and chain jammed it --


charity and the camp out on site. everyone has a job list and


everyone has a different job and you swap would people to do


something different. It is only for a one-week, there is gardening work


outside and there is stuff like this, cleaning the roof. There is


cleaning in the cathedral and cleaning windows. Had charity has


been conserving churches and cathedrals for their tears. This is


the first one I have done, so far it has been great fun. This


morning's job was to clear pigeon droppings from the roof. It is not


the nicest job but it needs doing and she gets and reviews. Some


students are volunteering as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award


but others are just doing it to meet new people. I am enjoying


making some friends. My English is better than before. I had been have


been camping, but I have never done anything like this before. It is a


nice experience and we get to make new friends. At the end of the Dane,


they need feeding, new skills for some of the volunteers. -- at the


end of the day. They hope to make the cathedral a better place at the


end of the week. We will have the full forecast in a


moment. Despite the poor weather, hundreds of people took a step back


in time at Sherwood Forest over the bank holiday weekend. That's


because the medieval Knight Hospitallers had set up camp by the


Major Oak. Visitors were able to find out what sort of food was


eaten around 1250, at the end of the Crusades. There were also


demonstrations of weaponry, chain mail making and archery. Hundreds


of people have been coming this weekend and we do it because it is


educational, but it is a fund education. They get to try things


for real. It is a nice way to educate them about the 13th century.


It is living history, it is a fabulous we to find out about


history, by trying things without history, by trying things without


reading them in a book. Now for the weather.


Good evening. We are starting to see that band of rain moving across


the East Midlands and it is also windy. The winds are strengthening


through the afternoon. As we head towards teatime, it is starting to


peak and it will gust at times, up to 36 miles an hour. The rain is


starting to peter out. Overnight temperatures dropped to 14 Celsius.


It does mean that more morning will start to drive. We may get the odd


shower tomorrow, but for most of us it will be a rather nice day. Now


that the bank holiday is over! With the winds lighter as well, it will


feel quite warm in the sunshine. A pleasant day in store for Tuesday.


We also have a showery day in store for a Wednesday. There is rain


moving up which will produce showers on Wednesday. By Thursday,


we also have in area of rain which will be more showery. We had this


lovely air of high pressure sitting out in the Atlantic which is


working towards this. This will reach us by Thursday night. Cloudy


by Friday but it will try to break as the day goes on. Temperatures


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