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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Our top story tonight, the bars and pubs facing a law and order levy.


Some bars could be charged thousands to help cover the cost of


late night policing. In it is a step in the right direction and a


reasonable thing for us to ask. And the giant distribution depot


which is likely to change the face of online shopping. And Toyota


unveils its new car at the Paris Motor Show, a model bringing 1500


jobs to the region. And happy first birthday James, but


the day of his birth a year ago was a shock because Jane did not even


Welcome to Thursday's programme. First tonight, bars and clubs will


soon be charged for late-night policing. A new "levy" of up to


�4,500 has been agreed by local politicians in Nottingham.


It's coming in because there's been so much violence around bars that


stay open late in the city centre. As a result more than 20 extra


police officers have had to be deployed. But publicans say the


extra charges could put some out of business. Our Social Affairs


Correspondent, Jeremy Ball, can tell us more.


It is all quiet now, but come here late at night, at the weekend, it's


buzzing. But soon bars and clubs that don't close by midnight are


going to face a policing bill. And as you can imagine, they're not


happy about it. Nottingham has a thriving pub and


club scene making the city centre a magnet for miles around. But it can


bring problems. Almost one-third of violent crime takes place around


the city centre with a sharp rise at weekends and in the early hours.


So now the Police Authority has agreed that the council can


introduce a late night levy. should council tax payers be paying


for the additional policing costs generated by a licensed premises


staying open the a midnight? levy will help pay for 24 police


officers focusing on the night time the economy. But is the charge


their? Most people have had enough. If you're going to give out cheap


drinks then someone has to pick up for that.


For the busy places that is all right but the ones were not so busy


could struggle. It will be more difficult for us to


pay on a student budget. We pay for the policing in our taxes so that


buyers should not be charged for DUP the late-night venues could be


charged between �200 and almost �4,500 per year from next summer.


Well councillors of course reckoned this new charge is the way to do it.


But publicans do not see it that way. What impact do is think this


will have? It will have a detrimental effect. A lot of


farmers are already closing in Nottingham. And that affects


everybody. A lot of people would say, why should you not pay? The


Bar's other places making the profits. Why should council


taxpayers pay? Will we bring millions of pounds to the city


centre and we already give the council over �400,000 in business


development funds. And we heard comments St it is a drop in the


ocean and the fee would be around the equivalent of one night's


takings. That is not true. To make �1,000 you have to take between


5007 �1,000 and a lot of bars do not even make that in a week.


The new levy is still needs to be rubber-stamped by the licensing


committee of the council. They will decide who is going to pay what and


how that will work exactly. But the council reckons it could raise


several hundred �1,000 per year here in Nottingham.


Still to come tonight: What doctors here think of the biggest shake-up


of the NHS in its 60 year history. And find out why a Bollywood acting


dynasty have chosen at Leicester as the location for their latest movie.


The hunt is underway to find 1,000 people to work at the country's


biggest distribution centre. The Marks and Spencer depot has been


built at Castle Donington and will open next spring. The firm has


adopted a new approach in its search for staff. It's particularly


keen to recruit people who've had problems getting work in the past,


as James Roberson explains. It may looked like just another


warehouse from a distance but closer in and then inside the


massive scale of the new depot begins to hit you. Over 80 ft high,


it is divided into three enormous areas. In this one there are


already practising of selecting items automatically. The second


warehouse will eventually have my 200 Packers and the third is there


for expansion. The building is designed to hold around 20 million


items. This vast space will hold millions more in future. We will


hold 150,000 different types of product here. At Christmas we


reckon we can ship 1 million in any one day. We can keep -- can fit


billions of packets of sweets in here any one time! The depot there


also has its own two mile-long railway link and is close to


freight hubs at East Midlands airport. But the company staffing


plans are equally radical. It will include amongst the 900 staff still


needed, a high percentage of people with disabilities or other barriers


that have stopped them previously finding work. A we have an employer


making a really public commitment about their desire to employ


disabled people as part of their diverse workforce and their


willingness to make some changes to make sure disabled people get the


same chances and choices as everyone else. The scheme has


enabled Adrian to get back into work after an 18 year gap. It is


absolutely brilliant. I would not have believed it back in January.


The high-tech equipment and all the systems are currently being worked


on. Staffing will increase and the depot will fill with goods. Full


operation is on the horizon next spring.


That is extraordinary. You can fit 12 jumbo jets in there. I do not


think they sell those! More coverage of that story


including an online photo gallery can be found on our BBC Leicester


website. And there's some more positive news


on jobs tonight. The Japanese car manufacturer Toyota has unveiled a


new model, one which is bringing 1,500 jobs to its Derbyshire


factory. The revamped Auris was shown for the first time today at


the world's biggest motor show in Paris. From the French Capital,


Mike O'Sullivan reports. The razzmatazz and fanfare of the


Paris Motor Show. The new Toyota Auris. Towed it


unveils its revamped Auris. This is the biggest motor show in the world.


Motoring journalists and rivals taking a close look. This is the


new Auris that will be built in Burnaston. It is described as more


sporty with an upmarket interior. And it is said to be a must succeed


carp in a very competitive market. It is must succeed from a sales


point of view. We have to sell significant numbers of cars in the


biggest sector of the European car market. We will make at least


100,000 per year at Burnaston. Toyota is creating 1500 jobs over


two years at Burnaston because of the new model. Some will be hybrid


cars using battery power and conventional fuel. There will be an


estate version being built next year. The business minister came to


Paris braising Toyota's contribution to manufacturing.


have always make things in Britain but it has taken global investors


like Toyota it to remind us of that. They want to be in the east and


then -- in the East Midlands because of the skills that are


there. They have done a huge amount to revive our manufacturing story.


85% of production at Burnaston goes to Europe. So with the Continent in


economic crisis, what are the prospects for the new car? Toyota


or has always had a strong brand. And with this new Auris, it will be


back. Toyota is hoping the launch here in Paris will lead to the car


being a triumph both for the company and the workforce in


Burnaston. Two members of staff at The


Salvation Army in Nottingham have been suspended over allegations


they ignored a rape victim's cries for help. 28-year-old Mawawe Karam


from Carrington raped the teenager near Sneinton Market in March.


He was jailed for ten years. A passer-by told the city's Crown


Court he took the victim to the Salvation Army, but was told they


only helped males. Police are searching a


Nottinghamshire village for a missing 86-year-old woman.


Hilda Pearce was last seen at her house in East Bridgford on Tuesday.


She has dementia. She went out without her medication or her purse.


The police and her family say they're growing increasingly


concerned for her safety. For the third time in 18 months,


Derby City Council is looking for staff to volunteer for redundancy.


The authority says it will have to find �25 million in savings next


year because of government cuts. Two previous moves to reduce the


workforce led to a total of 760 full and part time staff offering


to take redundancy. Next tonight, it's the biggest


shake up of the NHS since it was created more than 60 years ago and


it's gathering pace in the East Midlands. The nine primary care


trusts which control most of the health service budgets here are


being scrapped. From April they're being replaced by twice the number


of GP-led consortia. Our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons reports


from Nottingham, where doctors are already increasingly involved in


making the big decisions. Dr Kalim is a GP in Nottingham. He


has seen countless reorganisations of the NHS but this time he is


getting very involved. People are worried about the Health and Social


Care Bill and the changes coming in. But doctors like myself thought it


was a mob poured and opportunity. It is an opportunity that takes him


to the centre of decision making. There have been plenty of changes


in more than 200 years of this hospital, but this is radical.


The doctors are helping shape services for a third of a million


patients. Control of the purse strings is in TransTec from my old


Primary Care Trust to this, a clinical commissioning group where


doctors have a big say. It is massively different. We have had


the Primary Care Trust with fantastic managers who did a great


job. But they have had difficulty engaging with the specialised


medical workforce. In this brave new world the GPs already claimed


to have innovated. They have cut waiting times for patients to see


podiatrist says. They have set up a crisis response team to help keep


elderly patients out of hospital. And for MRI scans, they can now


book patients in directly without going through a consultant. The


budget is not endless from streets that GPs will not run out of advice.


Waiting lists could be improved. The GPs seem to be over burdened.


It has worked successfully for years. Whatever the doubts there is


one certainty. The clinical commissioning group in Nottingham


has its work cut out. Rob's here now. The reforms have


been controversial, not all doctors are on board?


The British Medical Association told us to date most doctors are


apathetic about these changes. They started off thinking it was not a


bad idea but it has become clear that finances are getting tight and


some are now in doubt about it. Some are said to be enthusiastic


and some dead set against it. There not a bad idea at group field


their railroaded into something that now looks like something less


attractive than they were told at the beginning. They do not have the


freedom to do what they won. Patients will be told they have


more choice when they have less. The amount of money is being cut so


the range of options for patience is not going to be there. It seems


we have been talking about this for a long time. What is the timescale?


When the transition phase, when it ends it should be in place by April


next year. It goes to show that if you tamper with the NHS, it is at


your peril. But they have been proud of what they have achieved in


Nottingham. The GPS there are taking more of a bigger role in


decisions. Still to come, look at you now. A


bundle of fun born on a shopping trip in Belper. His mother did not


even know she was pregnant, now the baby is one year old.


He's considered one of Indian cinema's greatest heroes, so the


presence of the Bollywood actor Dharmendra in Leicester has been


causing quite a stir. He's shooting his latest film alongside his two


sons and hundreds of locals who've been recruited as extras.


Geeta Pendse went to have an exclusive look behind-the-scenes.


When it comes to Bollywood roles, Dharmendra it is high on the list.


As star of the silver screen for five decades, his sons have


followed in his footsteps. They have chosen the University of


Leicester as a location for a movie. And their presence has excited the


fans here. People around here are very cordial


and warm. We are enjoying it. exciting because they do not get to


see us. They ask, what are you doing in Leicester?! One of the


fans is a university worker who was named after the actor. Watching


them grown-up and bent sing them standing right next to you is


unbelievable. It is not unusual for a Bollywood movie to film in a


foreign location but it seems East Midlands universities are proving


popular. This is the third time a Bollywood movie has been filmed at


the University of Leicester. And last year a Alastair's were spotted


at the University of Nottingham. The family also have a strong


connection to the East Midlands. daughter in law, she lives in


Rutland. This weekend 700 local people will be extras in a wedding


sequence. No doubt their presence in Leicester will secured an army


of future fans. He thinks Rutland is a fairy land!


Time for the sports news now. We are starting tonight with an


event at Loughborough that's the first real attempt to get to grips


with eating disorders in the world of sport and especially athletics.


It's a problem that's often been ignored or hidden away. But it


exploded into the open when one of our leading triathletes retired


just before the London Olympics and blamed her problems partly on her


sport Nottingham Forest have confirmed the signing of former


midfielder Jermain Jenas on a one The real shock from the public came


when it athlete colleague said she had suffered real problems with


food because of a careless remark from a coach when she was just 16.


It is not just lack of knowledge but the subject is somewhat to


build. People do not want to approach it. People do not want to


talk to athletes about what is going on. Holly may be the one to


speak out but she is far from alone. Female athletes are around twice as


likely to develop an eating disorder compared to none athletes


of a similar age. And for the males that figure is 16 times more likely


than an on athlete. Perhaps hardly surprising that sport these days


obsessively measures every promoter and closely guides every athlete.


The conference today at Loughborough was trying to educate


and guide coaches. In sport we have a lot of the same risk factors in


the general population but there magnified. Athletes by definition


are driven and they are perfectionists. Onstage with Holly,


a bit of stardust. Dame Kelly Holmes. It is great to speak to


someone who is willing to open up to others and will pass on the


message and hopefully help others. Achieving what Kelly Holmes did


takes this Divis attention to detail. Spotting when that tips


into an unhealthy obsession is a new Challenge for everyone.


On to foot fault and at Leicester City to a big money signings seem


to be out of favour. The manager confirm today there are not


training with the first team but insisted it was just normal squad


management. We have got good competition for


places. I have made the decision that other people are ahead of them


at the moment. If players are not friendly in the team bar on the


bench than they have to work that bit harder.


Nottingham Forest have confirmed the signing of Jermaine Jenas on a


one-month loan from Tottenham Hotspur. Jenas began his career as


a teenager with the Reds before leaving them for Newcastle for �5


million ten years ago. He has found himself on the periphery at White


Hart Lane and so decided to returns to Forest.


Now for Notts County it has been a very good start to the season.


Results and performances they've put in have been pleasing to watch.


For the manager it's all about a long- term plan that's finally


coming to fruition. Angela has been to hear more about the philosophy


in Keith Curle's world. The Magpies are after a flying


start this season, sitting pretty near the top of the table. An


unbeaten away record so plenty of cause for optimism. For the man in


hot seat there is a sense of satisfaction that his plans a


coming together. We tried to introduce a different philosophy


about how we wanted to play and the players have bought into it. The


supporters are starting to enjoy the football that is being served


up. Years spent alongside Neil Warnock have taught him a thing or


two. Mostly, a manager cannot do anything. I do not approach even


though I am a qualified coach. I have got footballing ideas. I can


now manage howl and want to manage the start 11 new signings in the


summer have confirmed that this is truly his team. I have been able to


choose the players to fit into my philosophy. Early days yet, but


room for optimism. The approach we have at this club, the players are


buying into it and enjoying it and that is spreading into the crowd.


They are seeing exciting players. Just an update on the England game,


the first of the Super 8. They needed 180 to beat the West Indies.


England made a horrendous start in batting. England were beaten in the


end just a few minutes ago by 15 runs. Two more games to put it


right. Next tonight, baby James has just


celebrated his first birthday. But his arrival a year ago came as a


bit of a shock to his mum. That's because, not only was she forced to


give birth suddenly on a bench in a busy street in Belper, but she had


no idea she was even pregnant! Jo Healey reports.


He has brought joy and happiness was the up happy birthday to James


but the day of his birth a year ago brought shock and grief and trauma


instead of joy. Jane had no idea she was pregnant. So how is she


clothing, one year on? I'm just getting used to the idea.


Also getting used to him are his brother and sister in their


twenties. I'd love him to bits. I would not turn the clock back now,


he is amazing. A few days ago the family brought James back here to


Belper to the place he was born. One year ago his mother had been


shopping and complained of stomach pains. She went over to the chemist


to get some painkillers, she came out to sit on the bench and gave


birth to James! It does not seem five minutes since he was born. It


has gone so quickly. We would not change him for the world. At 45


Jane thought you were simply going through the menopause. Being


pregnant had not occurred to her, but not any more.


He is the last! No more surprises! But he is a lovely surprise.


Even more valuable for being so unexpected. It will not come as any


surprise, we have been talking about babies and prams all week.


about babies and prams all week. No surprises here, halfway through.


The weather has been kinder to us today. Just a few scattered showers


moving in on that breeze. This morning to you may have noticed


that we had a misty start. And if you have been out and about


with your camera come up we would like to see your pictures. Tonight


we will see a gradual increase in cloud because of his cold front. It


will push south east through the morning bring a little rainfall.


But on a Hull it will be a good afternoon on Friday. -- on a whole.


Sunny spells around at the moment, any showers will die out to give us


a dry night. Then that cloud starting to increase from the


north-west. We are looking at a mild at night than at last night. -


- milder. Just be aware of an area of low pressure for Stobart on


Friday afternoon we have some long spells of sunshine. But we have a


blustery wind as we go into the afternoon. After the settled


conditions we expect on Friday, it remains fine into Saturday. Some


long spells a sunshine. However it is all change because this area of


rainfall is set to move in on Saturday night and will be with us


on Sunday. We also expect the wind to strengthen. What the weather


front will still, it almost stalls over the East Midlands into Monday


giving us a damp and blustery start to Monday. But Friday afternoon and


to Monday. But Friday afternoon and Saturday are looking very pleasant.


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