24/12/2012 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands. Good evening, I'm Kylie


Pentelow. More than 30 flood warnings remain in place across the


East Midlands tonight. The main focus for the Environment Agency's


has been monitoring the River Trent. As you can see, there 24 warnings


in place in Nottinghamshire out of a total of 34 across the region.


This report from Rob Sissons. As the Christmas bells were ringing


out, some were getting out at the sandbags. This garden is already


ruined. Now she is worried about the house. We are moving out what


we can and standing the furniture on beer crates. I do not know what


to do about Christmas this year. I think we will give it a miss.


is too much water at the National watersports centre. The river water


is overflowing. The canoe slalom at his unrecognisable. All you can see


is the tops of the polls. The boat houses are flooding and people are


being warned it is dangerous to stay out. Some roads have been


closed. Here, the river came over but it is this is as usual in the


restaurant. Tonight, the Environment Agency said they did


not expect widespread flooding of homes but pleaded with people not


to mess with a flood defences. have had some problems with people


opening the floodgates. It will not be a white Christmas, but it will


be a wet one. A 27-year-old man has appeared in


court after two people suffered knife injuries at a house in


Beeston at the weekend. It happened on Alexandra Crescent on Saturday


morning. Luke Nicholson, who lives on Meadow Road in the town, was


remanded in custody. He is accused of trying to murder a 25-year-old


man and causing grievous bodily harm to a 23-year-old woman.


A Labour MP wants more to be done to ensure those who hunt with dogs


don't break the law. Chris Williamson, who represents Derby


North, is also a trustee for the League Against Cruel Sports. Mr


Williamson claims many hunts are still using hounds to kill foxes.


But the local Countryside Alliance disputes that. They say the


majority of those who take part make sure they stay well within the


law. A family firm in Nottinghamshire


that's Europe's biggest independent supplier of catalytic converters is


hoping to create more jobs next year thanks to its exports. BM


Catalysts, which is based in Mansfield and Huthwaite, handled


around 30 orders a week in the late 1990s. Now it ships up to 2,000


orders a day. The company says it's now hoping to expand into even more


countries. A Nottingham jewellers has closed


its doors for the final time today after more than 150 years of


trading. Its current owners say parking charges in the area have


forced them out, but as Tom Brown reports, it isn't quite the end for


the business. Back in 1854, Britain had just


declared war on Russia to enter the Crimean War, Charles Dickens had


just written his 10th novel and here in Nottingham, a man called


William Taylor had just opened a jewellery shop. 158 years later, it


is still going, or at least it was until today. After a downturn in


high street trade, the current owners, Andrew Bates and Terry


Marshall, decided to close it down. The economic situation is not


brilliant. Various things, alterations to traffic flow,


parking, that kind of thing, have caused problems. Customers don't


like it. They have difficulty getting into town, getting to us.


The city council says parking charges are now cheaper and simpler.


Customers say the shop will be missed.


Very sorry to see it shut, I've been coming years since I was about


seven with my father and grandfather, and my mother. It is a


family tradition. It is not all bad news, Andrew and Kenny now plan to


run the business from antiques fairs.


But soon the photos will be all that remains of a shop that opened


Good evening. It has been a damp day. The trend now is that things


are drying out for a time, but after all that moisture through the


day, as the temperatures drop, we are likely to see some mist and fog


patches forming across the East Midlands. This is the rain that has


been crossing over us doing the course of the day, brought some


patchy outbreaks of rain on and off through the day. But for now, it is


quite dry with cloudy skies. But that is where the mist and fog will


start to develop. Temperatures around five Celsius. These showers


just hanging around behind me here will be pushing in from the West


through the course of early Christmas morning. Pushing in


during the morning, some sharper ones during the morning, but less


frequent in the afternoon. We might see the odd glimpse of sunshine in


between the showers. Temperatures of eight Celsius tomorrow. An


unsettled picture for the coming week. The best of the dry weather


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