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Chancellor banged the drum for business on another pre-election


visit to Derbyshire. Talking to the business owner here, he tells me


that the government economic policies are helping his business


and helping him employ people. We are with Leon Haslam in hospital


as he recovers from his crash at the weekend.


And could the success of musicians like Jake Aga be a sign of a rapidly


growing music industry in First tonight - a murder trial opens


with grisly claims that a former boxer was murdered and cut up by his


own carer. Shaun Cummins' body was dismembered


and put in the freezer at his home. Our reporter Luke Hanrahan was at


Leicester Crown Court for the start of Thomas Dunkley's murder trial.


In his heyday in the 1990s, Shaun Cummins was at the top of his game,


WBA light middleweight champion in 1994. He retired from the


competitive ring the following year but in 2004 he was involved in a


motorcycle accident. He was left paralysed from the chest down and


virtually bed-ridden. After that, he needed care at home. And it was that


home that became a crime scene last year. The former boxer was last seen


alive by community nurses on September first. 11 days later they


still hadn't heard from him. That triggered a search. Police


discovered Shaun Cummins' body had been cut up into ten pieces and put


into freezers. �25,000 had been taken from his bank accounts and the


trust fund set up to pay for his care. In the early morning, on the


northbound carriageway of the M1 near Wakefield, Sean Cummins's


informal carer Thomas Dunkley was arrested. The prosecution QC said in


court today that having killed Shaun Cummins, he left the body where it


was for a few days before it again to decompose. Dunkley embarked on a


plan to try and cover up what he had done in a callous and deliberate


way. The court heard that, using the ex-boxer's money, he went out and


bought a chainsaw, gloves, overalls, mask and goggles. It was claimed he


also used a bin incinerator to burn evidence. Thomas Dunkley denies


murder. But he had admitted admits preventing the lawful burial of a


body and four counts of fraud. The trial continues.


The Chancellor paid another visit to the region today ahead of the local


elections on Thursday - and denied the Conservatives are running scared


of UKIP. George Osborne also defended the


coalition's record on the amount of regional growth fund aid handed out


here - the lowest in the country. Mike O'Sullivan reports.


From 4x4 to Formula one. The Chancellor, arriving at a


manufacturing form in tray card that supplies Carbon fibre parts for F1


cars. UKIP are fielding many candidates in the elections. Are you


running scared of them? When local people focus on the choice on


Thursday, they will say that actually it is the conservatives


that have frozen the council tax, invested in apprenticeships which


you see here. The Chancellor was keen to promote the coalition's


track record on jobs and growth, but the East Midlands hasn't done well


when it comes to the government's regional growth fund. The West


Midlands has done best, with �427 million, that our region is bottom


of the pile. �117 million awarded. This company is doing well. It is


hoping to expand to a new factory with the help of some of the


regional growth fund money that has come our way. We need to get these


politicians up to Derby, up to the region, so they can see things for


real. And then we have got to be brave enough to ask for money.


George Osborne defended the government's record on spending in


the East Midlands. The coalition has invested hugely in the region in


many factoring, apprenticeships, in small and large businesses like


Rolls-Royce in Derby, we are absolutely committed to the future


of what the East Midlands is good at, high-tech manufacturing.


applicants have applied for around 40 jobs in this factory, a sign that


some parts of the economy motoring ahead.


Coming up - a look back at a stunning weekend of football. For


Forest - it goes down to the wire. Our cameras were in the dressing


room as Billy Davies praised the Reds' performance against Milwall.


Also, I will be finding out why top designers are making our region


their home. spectacular crash during a practice


race in Holland at the weekend. The Derbyshire rider had pioneering


surgery to repair two breaks in his leg. But he told our reporter Sarah


Teale he hopes to be back racing within just a few weeks.


Reliving the horror crash which landed him in hospital. Leon Haslam


came off his bike during a practice lap in Holland on Saturday.


should have been an easy walk away crash, it ended up being a disaster.


He was flown by air ambulance to Nottingham. Trauma surgeons operated


on his double leg fracture last night. The last few days have


definitely been hard work. I have been airlifted back from Holland,


the trauma of the crash, but so far so good, back on the mend now.


surgeons used a row to be new technique, screwing a long nail


inside his bone from need to ankle. He has got a clean break through his


tibia, but it is quite close to the joint, which makes surgery for this


fracture difficult. He wants to get out as soon as possible, just like


anyone, but a nail is so much stronger than a plate and the


incisions are so much smaller, you can get back to his normal function


of not quicker. Leon will be back on his feet again straightaway but


should be back on his bike within three to four weeks. In fact he is


hoping to recover in time for his homecoming race at Donington at the


end of May. It is less than four weeks from now, a bit of a tall


order but a lot of physio treatment to get back on the bike. If all goes


well he hopes to be discharged from hospital tomorrow.


A man has been jailed for life for killing his friend in the grounds of


a library in Derbyshire. Michael Wayne Carroll denied the


manslaughter of Alexander Blick, from Matlock Bath, but was found


guilty following a seven-day trial at Nottingham Crown Court. Mr


Blick's body was found by a local resident in the grounds of Matlock


library in October 2011. He'd suffered a severe head injury.


�129 million will be spent on improving school buildings in


Leicester. The money is part of the plans to rebuild every secondary


school in the city by 2015. Funding for the redevelopment now stands at


�350 million and was approved by the government. Babbington College is


one of the schools to benefit. It's getting a new building in Beaumont


Leys. Next tonight, a council's been told


it failed to safeguard the welfare of two young sisters in its care


over a four year period. An investigation by the local


government ombudsman found the children suffered significant


neglect. Nottingham City Council's been asked to review its policies.


Jo Healey has more. The council allowed the girls to


live with their mother but she had severe learning difficulties. The


report told how the eldest girl wore the same close to nursery every day


and smelt of urine. The youngest suffered pressure sores on her feet


from being left in her cot. Girls grandmother wanted to look after


them and complained to the ombudsman about the council. The ombudsman


found Nottingham City Council failed to safeguard the children. They


suffered significant neglect and physical injuries, and the council


needed to review its policies for handling complex neglect cases.


recognise that councils across the country conduct very difficult cases


in difficult circumstances and I appreciate that it is important for


children to stay with their mother as long as possible but also it is


important that councils recognise the needs of the torture and come


first. Earlier I spoke to the man in charge of children's services.


apologised to the girls and they grandmother but said they tried to


keep girls with their mothers. need to see what support can be put


in. The children did suffer in this case, that is true, and at the end


we had to take the action we did and eventually they were placed with


their grandparents. They are with them now. So you accept they were


failings? They were, and we have improved significantly since 2005.


He confirmed they will be paying the recommended compensation of �5,000


to each child and �1000 to the grandmother. She now finally looks


after the girls and they are thriving.


It's emerged this afternoon that the owner of one of the Peak District's


leading hotel's has started the process of putting the business into


liquidation. Last week, we reported that a couple's �5,000 wedding faced


ruin because the Izaak Walton Hotel at Dovedale remained closed. Now a


businessman's confirmed the hotel owes him nearly �10,000. James


the famous Izaak Walton Hotel would normally be open. But so far this


year, it has remained closed. Jeff told us he had paid �5,000 up front


to get married there this weekend and had to change the venue at the


last minute. The Izaak Walton Hotel is a far cry from last year when its


owner was telling the local paper that he was also going to reopen the


Green man hotel in Ashbourne. were told he was 99% certain the


keys would be in his hand within a matter of days and next week he


expect everybody that wasn't the case, the sale had fallen through at


the 11th hour and it was pretty much it, we didn't get much more


communication from him. businessman says he is owed nearly


�10,000 will stop in 2011 Thomas stated on the tenancy of a third


hotel. But the Melbourne hotel's owner says he failed to pay his


rent. His promises were never forthcoming, and eventually we had


to take him to court and secure judgement on him for a date which is


around the figure of �10,000. It is now secured as a charge on the Izaak


Walton Hotel. I went to a residential address in the team


shirt, but there was no answer. I went to the Izaak Walton Hotel, get


no answer. This afternoon, and Nottingham -based insolvency


practitioner confirmed his firm has been called in to advise on


liquidating the business. A meeting for shareholders and creditors has


been provisionally set up for next month. On a note, Jeff and his bride


did get married this weekend. -- on a good note.


Now, as we've seen recently, the location of the East Midlands makes


us an attractive location for distribution companies. But now it


seems our region is also attracting another rather more stylish group.


The heritage of the textile industry is encouraging fashion brands to


base themselves here. The latest has just opened in Leicestershire. Kylie


Pentelow found out. From intricate lace to expensive knitwear. The East


Midlands is known around the world for its textiles and clothing. And


it is that amazing heritage that is now attracting fashion companies


back to the East Midlands. Like this one, part of the Morrisons


supermarket group. They decided to put children's wear in their stores


and chose to share as their base. you go back to the industrial


revolution, and more recently clothing manufacturing, it plays a


large part in this area, but more recently there are some major


successful retailers in this area. So there is a pool of talent and


expertise that exists in this area. Table ready created 50 jobs here


with more to come. I have a vacancy at the moment assembly, I am looking


to recruit locally from college. Just up the road there is a pool of


talent. Here at Montfort University they are aware of how important


region is to the University. It is definitely because of the magnet --


track record, we have some important companies here, they attract


manufacturing and design houses to the East Midlands. It really is the


heart of the country as well, it is easily accessible from all parts of


the country and also from overseas, I think it is really important we


keep that manufacturing and design base here. The students here are now


completing their final pieces for the catwalk and it is hoped with


more companies turning the area into their home, it will give the East


Midlands at the cutting-edge of fashion. -- keep the East Midlands.


Sport now - and - for some of our football teams, the season's going


right to the wire. It's all set for a Nottingham Forest versus Leicester


decider on Saturday lunchtime. If results elsewhere go their way then


Forest or City will make the play offs. We begin our sport tonight


with exclusive access at Nottingham Forest, including Billy Davies's


dressing room rallying call. Natalie Jackson travelled with Forest to


Millwall. Down to business in the business


district. This is the most important game. We have got to make sure we


silenced the crowd and make sure we are in the good position. This is


crunch position, I guess. All we can do is do what we can, I am a great


believer in fate. A dream start really steadied nerves. It has taken


Forest only seven minutes to break through against Millwall! They were


back in the promotion picture. There was a tense finish, and if you heart


in mouth is. But how the's early winner was all that was needed to


take it to a nail-biting, dramatic showdown next weekend at home


against East Midlands rivals Leicester. You showed tremendous


spirit, your application was excellent, your energy was


excellent, your workrate was superb, and as a collective group, you have


got to be proud of that, it is a massive three points. It takes us


right into this last game. Now we are going into the last game,


everything to play for. I have got to say, you have been top-class,


absolutely top-class, well done. And if you want to see more of that,


go to the BBC iPlayer and you'll find it on last night's Late Kick


Off programme. They had two positives in the


championship team of the year, they have an awards night tonight but


don't want the campaign to end just yet. They know nothing short of


victory will do next week. Here at Leicester they are still


clinging onto their dreams of making the play-offs. The defeat to Watford


was a big blow, they found themselves two to zero down in the


first half. Both goals came in quick succession just before the break.


The second of which was pure class, and unstoppable thunderbolt of a


strike. To concede two goals before half-time really did psychologically


he does the six. But they did not go down without a fight, they pulled a


goal back in the second half. were left praying for an equaliser


was not to be. We have got to hope for a miracle, but football is weird


sometimes. All we can do now is try and go to Nottingham Forest and get


a win. If nothing else, for the fans and for professional pride. It truly


has been a roller-coaster season. The question is, will it end on a


high? At Derby County they've started


talks with midfielder Ben Davies about a new contract. His current


deal expires in the summer. But loanee Craig Forsyth is back at his


parent club Watford. They've recalled him for a possible play-off


campaign. Nothing like that sort of end of season excitement for the


Rams. They were disappointed with defeat at Blackpool - going behind


in the 18th minute. Ben Davies has been disappointed with finding


himself on the bench quite a bit this season - and made his point in


the best way midway through the second half. But in injury time,


just when the point seemed safe, Blackpool grabbed a goal - and


secured their place in the Championship too.


As expected Alan Judge is leaving Notts County. The midfielder can go


for free after three years with the Magpies. He signed off by playing 90


minutes in the home draw with Coventry. Notts went in front


through Tyrell Waite, but Coventry pulled level early in the second


half. The response from the the Magpies was swift - Krystian Pearce


restoring the lead, only to see the visitors get a late equaliser.


Mansfield Town will use Conference glory to push on in the Football


League - according to their Chairman John Radford. Yesterday, hundreds of


fans gathered outside the Stags stadium as the team kicked off an


open-top bus tour to celebrate their promotion to League Two. Fans were


there to cheer the team - and the club say the support's been amazing.


A big thank you to the fans who have supported us while we have been out


of league football. They have done a fantastic job getting is into the


league, hopefully brings Mansfield town out of the doldrums a bit.


Also celebrating, the Leicester Riders basketball team. They


finished their season by winning the Play Off Final at Wembley -


completing a remarkable treble of trophies. Even this early in the


game against their big rivals Newcastle, they were totally in


charge. Leicester never let go. They defended fiercely and scoring just


when they needed to. The final moments, an explosion of joy capping


the most wonderful season they have ever had. It is the third time this


year IM struggling for words, it is a long time coming, it is well


deserved for this team. All clubs need to build on success, they want


to build a new arena and grow their band of fans, all of that is for


tomorrow. Right now, they are still celebrating.


I hope they're winding the celebrations down a little because


tomorrow evening we'll have all the Riders' trophies - and their coach -


right here in the studio. Finally from me, some cricket.


Meanwhile Derbyshire have had an In recent years, Nottingham


musicians like Jake Bugg and the band 'Dog is Dead' have shot to


fame, winning both critical and commercial success. Now music


experts say they've noticed the city is attracting national attention as


a place to produce world talent. Our arts reporter Geeta Pendse has been


exploring Nottingham's rapidly changing music scene.


He has put Nottingham on the map with his lyrics and talent, but as


Jake Bugg also a product of a city gaining momentum as a music


producer. There are five band signed up to the record label set up three


years ago in the city. The head of label also runs his recording studio


and says it has never been busier. We now have acts coming from around


the country to make records here. Nottingham certainly, as a studio


owner, I have never known things to be so busy as they are. Nottingham


already has a number of established record labels who have achieved


success in their field, but what seems to be different is the sheer


bullying of artists making music in the city and what some experts say


is that local success is that local successes also feeding into career


aspirations. Nottingham is one of those places which is or has been a


hot pot of people doing what they want because they love it. I suppose


that attention proved of people doing what they want because they


love it. I suppose that attention proved to be bothered if support


seems key from local promoters. have been champions of new music.


have people sending in music, claiming to be from Nottingham, even


though they happen to be from Camden. So there is a feeling that


Nottingham is a real distinct music credibility? Absolutely, it is


definitely one of the places in the UK to be making music in an hailed


as a success. The music now appears to have a music kudos. -- the city


now appears to have a music kudos. Fashion, music, you name it, we do


it better than anyone else! Time for over the next few days, starting


tonight try and bright. Taking a look at the East Midlands, it is


largely clear. In the main, it will be a largely clear night, that means


that temperatures are going to drop as well. Down to about four Celsius,


that is your low overnight. We are talking cooler than that in all


sports. Tomorrow, it starts bright enough, when we see the cloud


sticking up, we might see the odd bit of rain. In the main, largely


bright day, largely dry day as well. The winds are dropping off as well.


As far as the radar goes, high pressure still very much the


dominant force as we go from Tuesday into Wednesday. Wednesday, a bit of


a sparkling day at times, Lindsay of sunshine. -- plenty of sunshine. The


temperatures will start to recover, dry and bright, into Thursday or


Friday. We will still see Singin unites to that point. Reflected in


the temperatures, it looks like it will be bright and sunny for the


next couple of days and some cloud creeping in but the temperatures


And finally, Nottingham's resident pair of peregrine falcons have


welcomed two brand new members into the family. The birds are nesting at


the top of Nottingham Trent University's Newton building in the


city centre. Staff from the environmental projects at the


university were fearing the worst due to the long, harsh winter. But


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